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Saturday, March 31, 2007


quarby dropped the what what a couple weeks ago about the new el-p album. i finally gave it a listen and figured out that cat power was on the last track. i will spare the critique on the verbal content since we all know that his dense lyrics are packed with emotion and commentary--those thin on thought might throw out the word "emo." whatever. it is a fun listen and robust. i had to take it back to '99 with the latyrx and el-p combo . for the distraught duo of chan marshall and el-p listen to .


Friday, March 30, 2007

whos invited to the hells angels 50th birthday party?

not you!! the oakland chapter of the hells angels turn 50 and are having a 3 day starting tonight. so lock up your daughters, sisters and mother and raise your glasses.

"heavy metal" summer

the worst and possibly greatest festival is happening this july. it's called . ugh. it features not some of the awful hair metal bands of the 80's, but all of them. poison, ratt, winger, quiet riot, dokken, warrant, y & t, bang tango, bullet boys, l.a. guns, vince neil, tesla, faster pussycat and firehouse! yes, firehouse! this festival is scheduled for 3 grueling days in pryor, oklahoma. yeah, i've never heard of that city either. i have a feeling this festival is just an excuse by the u.s. government to corral thousands of complete losers with horrible hair into one small area and make them disappear, if you know what i mean. i also love how warrant are listed twice on the flyer . all this bad mouthing aside, gary tijuana and i are probably renting an rv and driving out there if anyone is interested.

more crazy diy papercraft projects

if you feel like staying in and being creative this sunny weekend, try your luck making this crazy , print and fold style. or perhaps you might want to try something to start... tons of fun projects on this paperkraft blog.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

diy $10 photography light tent

you can find dirt cheap light-tents online these days buy why buy more crap when you can use stuff from around your house to make one yourself, cheaply or even free? , and the example photos look real sharp.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

young galaxy is a great new band

there aren't too many pictures of the actual band, so i used my imagination.
are a super new band from montreal on the label, home of other great canadian artists like broken social scene and feist. their sound is a kaleidoscope of shoegaze, melody, and hook after wonderful hook.

listen: swing your heartache

scribd - youtube for text docs?

my pal showed me a very interesting website yesterday. doesn't appear to be brand new, but it's new to me. it is described like so: " is a free online library where anyone can upload. use our embeddable pdf player to publish and view documents right in your web browser." so, you post your essay, story, article, or whatever there and it can be embedded in a blog, downloaded as a pdf or word doc, and even listened to as an .mp3. i like.
(thanks, .)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

calla in s.f. wednesday night

the excellent nyc band is playing tomorrow night at the in san francisco. calla makes great subtle rock music. they're a good live band too, so the show is a definite checker-outer. here's a track from their new record, strength in numbers.

calla "bronson"

*by the way, this is the 2000th post on sneakmove!

let snoop rap

we let the beatles in america, so why won't the uk let

winehouse and weller

and the great singing - don't talk to strangers.

boardpusher- design your own custom deck

there is quite a bit of controversy in the skate industry over decks, i'm not sure where this falls in that controversy but lets you put your own graphics on a blank deck. you upload the image, configure it on their site, then order it. price $49.99

(thanks, pammy.)

time traveller wanted

turn on your speakers and answer the .

more .

(thanks, frank.)

ballin + rappin = vomit in french too

doesn't look half as bad as all the other ballers who have made attempts at the rap game. he sounds good too...although i have no idea what he is saying. you see, i don't speak french.

Monday, March 26, 2007

bomarr monk and quarterbar. thursday in s.f.

this thursday the 29th, there's a fun dj and art show happening at in san francisco. 1141 polk street. right next to the hemlock tavern. sneakmove regulars and will be playing records. art by adriana sparkuhl will be showing too.

it's official, nickelback really does suck

read this painful today about the world's worst band: nickelback. at first i thought i was reading an article in the onion but alas it was cnn. canada really gives us a frighteningly wide spectrum of bands. from arcade fire and wolf parade to nickelback and loverboy, canada never ceases to amaze.

the wildweeds

stumbled and fell over this song i heard today. the band is called . they released a handful of singles in the late sixties on the cadet label and featured lead singer al anderson who would later go on to start the under appreciated blues-rock band nrbq. the song is called 'ain't no good to cry' and gnarls barkley wish they sounded this good.

aint no good to cry

photo pizzazz tips

cool list of various ways to .

Sunday, March 25, 2007

the sneakmove dashboard widget

the easiest way to track the latest action on sneakmove: the sm dashboard widget. mac users can install this and check the feed all day long with a quick click of the f12 button. (thanks, sizod!)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

friday means rap music, 266 style

listen to the

aceyalone - headaches and woes
kool g. rap & dj polo - ill street blues
mf doom - dead bent
souls of mischief - 93 'til infinity remix
j live - braggin writes remix
jon sublet - sign off

so the audio quality isn't boss by any means, and some of the levels are hot--so, still working that out...hence the beta status. still, give it a listen, enjoy, and make sure you stick around for the sign off.

(song choice by jon sublet and the king of hoagies.)


Friday, March 23, 2007

gallant magic: a leftfield otis redding tribute

our new penpal wrote to tell us about his project, , "a leftfield tribute to Otis Redding," which uses some beats from sneakmove's rock drum breaks cd. we checked it and highly approve. thanks ugo!

sneakmove officially endorses sanjaya for american idol champion

(ok i apologize)

(fine, one more photo)

on her way to the letterman show...

don't forget! to keep up with all the awesome posts we put online all the time. awesome like this one.


(prounounced "wah-lay") is a rapper out of d.c. i'm definitely feelin' the raps he's recorded. you might have heard him on the mark ronson remix of lily allen's "smile". genius.
completely coincidentally, our best pal has a new remix of the wale song "good girls". check em'!!

lily allen "smile (mark ronson dc remix feat. wale)"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

now they're projecting ads on the bart tunnel walls

this target advertisement caught my eye on the morning commute. visible on the left side tunnel wall between montgomery and embarcadero bart stations. appears to use a effect. youtube has conveniently slowed the video down for us to see better.

wii loop machine

a cool mod/hack to the wii controller that will let you manipulate, control and sync loops in real time just using the wii controller thus freeing you from your keyboard and mouse. the software was written by and is available for download , more info about the software is on yann's site

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

new from sneakmove: minicomp2 f/ electric president, fog, meanest man contest, bonde do role, controller 7, subtitle, newageynofriends, fm3 and more!

sneakmove is thrilled to announce the release of minicomp2! the second volume of our limited-edition series of 7inches is a red vinyl compilation with short songs (about a minute long each) by eleven acts. check out the track listing and audio snippets below. pre-order here. records will ship in early April!

Side One (snippets: mp3)
1) - I Never Thought That the End of the World Would Look So Nice
2) - Retirement
3) - Sexy Rap Proposition!
4) - Demons Got Me
5) - The Virgin

Side Two (snippets: mp3)
1) - Montagem Do Cabra
2) - Rope on a Dope
3) - Supersub Sunday
4) - Promise Recommended This
5) - Video Flesh
6) - Monoqin

hot new records out this week

the new and records are . total picker-uppers. enjoy a track and considering .

lcd soundsystem "get innocuous"
el-p "up all night"

300 on film vs 300 on paper

i was into the 300. it was a bit thin on story, only because there is so much more that could be told, but i dig comic book movies and don't expect much from them. it must always be remembered that a comic book, and even a graphic novel, is a short-form medium. still, checkout this cool site that has done some work to show the comparisons between paper and film.

(thanks, szumski.)

hot newish band

i came across a good band this morning called . some of the members of archives apparently include members of other great bands such as and . this is great news for people who like music like i do

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

meanest man contest on latest xlr8r cd

's "i was only kidding" is featured on the latest "incite" cd, included with the new issue of magazine. there are actually two copies of the cd included with every issue - one to keep and one to give to a friend - because sharing is awesome. woo hoo! and speaking of awesome sharing, we're serving up "i was only kidding" in downloadable mp3 format.

meanest man contest - "i was only kidding"
from meanest man contest/languis: split (buy here)

1973 bowie & faithful - i got you babe

this is a perfect and odd duet/cover of & - , sung by and in december of 1973. i love the outfit.

how lotr should have ended

a simple solution was under their noses all along. from (see their vids via too).

(via )

fantastic fantasy-esque art by rob gonsalves

list of . fun stuff!

Monday, March 19, 2007

life after poincare 2: a dutiful mind

is, in a lot of ways, the coolest dude of all time. we sure loved his last video adventure, so were incredibly excited to receive the following note from a counsellor friend of ours over the weekend.
I happen to have had the honor of meeting the mathematical hero Grigori Perelman on a recent flight from Los Angeles to Saint Petersberg. (I do not need to explain to you Dr. Perelman's accomplishments in the realm of topology.)

We exchanged few words (barf-bag, lightning) on the long journey. Dr. Perelman seemed withdrawn and preoccupied -- more than even I, adistant but dedicated disciple of his self-muted genius, might have expected.

Mid-flight, however, an opportunity for an entree presented itself. Just as I became most engrossed with my fourth whiskey -- and Dr. Perelman his fifth Sudoko-Origami puzzle -- I spied a curious decal on the spine of a video cassette poking from the satchel Dr. Perelman clutched beneath his gnarled fists.

Thank goodness I can still recognize Cyrilic characters. The phrase on the cassette read: "Life After Poincare."

(Haha, Mother: Dr. Ludovico's Etonian lashings were not for naught!).

You can understand then, my friends, why I distracted Dr. Perelman with the impromptu fire (courtesy of a matchbook still in my pocket from my ill-fated evening, the night before, at the Magic Castle Pub) that I ignited in the footwell of the seat between us.

Naturally, I took advantage of the situation -- amidst Perelman's pyrophobic hysterics -- to snatch the video tape and tuck it into the belly pocket of my newly acquired Wrangler coveralls.

Upon landing, and after a most spirited but diplomatic conversation with a Russian constable ("Sir, I can assure you that I am not a journalist!"), I of course proceeded posthaste to my preferred fence in Old Leningrad, who loaned me his most newly pawned video transcoders for the evening.

You can imagine my astonishment as I viddied this pictures.

dj vadim remix contest @ ccmixter!

and are hosting the at . the winner will have his/her mix included as the b-side to an upcoming dj vadim single. awesome! visit ccmixter and enter, you remixy son of a gun!

(don't forget to) subscribe to the sneakmove feed

in case you're wondering what those icons on the right side mean, they are data feeds that let you subscribe to sneakmove via a multitude of page choices like your or , blog aggregator, or even embedded into firefox as a . add yours and you can get the latest sneakmove updates on the fly anywhere you are.

we're on myspace too.


and now you can stream all the mp3s on sneakmove for your easy listening pleasure:

***sneakmove radio***

to the sneakmove itunes mp3 podcast (automatic downloads of all the sneakmove mp3s)

Friday, March 16, 2007

come rally with barack obama in oakland sat. march 17

come stand with the most exciting presidential candidate of our lifetime.
what: rally with barack obama in oakland
when: saturday, march 17, gates open at 3:00 pm
where: oakland city hall plaza, one frank ogawa plaza, oakland, ca

(thanks, new agey.)

all 119 chalkboards from simpson's opening credits

(seasons 1-8)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

another sxsw show to attend-friday mar 16

emo's and emo's jr is hosting a daytime sxsw event with some great bands friday march 16 starting at noon.

a special treat: sneakmove has hooked up with mag (one of the event sponsors, along with and the ) and is supplying copies of our latest cd "split" (meanest man contest & languis) to the first 50 people that sign up for a readymade subscription, plus a bag of other cool goodies.

the bands:
12:00pm - (big) do make say think
12:25pm - (little) Crystal Castles
12:45 - (big) pipettes
1:10 - (little) Marnie Stern
1:30 - (big) the ponys
2:00 - (little) Beach House
2:30 - (big) rjd2
3:00 - (little) Fujiya & Miyagi
3:30 - (big) menomena
4:00 - (little) Simian Mobile Disco
4:30 - (big) girl talk
5:00 - (little) Deerhunter
5:30 - (big) peter bjorn and john

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

so, the parish are playing tonite..

so yeah, our practice space got broken into last night and nothing was stolen. to celebrate we are playing at the cafe du nord. the friendly folks at are putting it on with 3 other sweet local bands. i'm afraid everyone must come to this show otherwise the parish guys will kick me out of the band. they actually said these words to me.
(thanks, quarby.)

freebass - british/manchester supergroup

just been reading about a musical project titled freebass, a manchester supergroup in the works with (new order), (the smiths) and (primal scream/stones roses). yes thats right 3 bass players. colaboraters/friends who will be singing for them include (the charletons), (oasis), (stone roses and (primal scream). I have to admit, i'm very excited to hear what comes from mancunian monster group.

andrew ridgeley update; possible wham! reunion?

the other half of 80s phenoms wham! has left the public eye but the uk's catches up with him and his quiet life with partner keren woodward (banarama). he's still pals with george michael and might be performing with him at wembley for the first time in 21 years this summer.
They remain close friends who talk regularly on the phone. Occasionally locals will hear the whirring blades of George's private helicopter as it lands on the fields of the farm to see his old pal.
listen again: careless whisper

(thanks, sizod.)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ian brown & steve jones - submission

stumbled upon this acoustic version of one of my favourite songs submission, sung by one of my favourite musicians (stone roses). (sex pistols) plays guitar and helps out on the vocals. bring it!

brown & jones - submission

burt sugarman's midnight special

saw an for a dvd set of classic 70's performances from the show "." airing after carson on nbc from 1972-81, it had live sets from all the top musicians and comedians, and was something of a precursor to snl with rotating hosts (wolfman jack announced). sadly faded into deep obscurity, but this infomercial is bringing it back to prominence. i want it. saw the for $150.

a few clips can be found on .

spotlight on baltimore urban decay

using the amtrak as a platform to show disrepair away from the glitz of our financial centers or the cush of the suburbs, "scott" has built a . the ruins in baltimore are the worst i've seen personally but the phenomenon of trains traveling through (causing?) areas of disrepair holds a lot of fascination and provides some intense images.

new episode of focus radioshow hosted by languis

the latest episode of the awesome is hosted by languis. the set features songs by cortney tidwell, broadcast, and panda bear. great stuff! (and yes, i'd be remiss not to mention (again) that you can by the new languis/meanest man contest split cd here).

mp3 bitrate advice; johnny marr with modest mouse; old home videos

morning reading:

• discussion of the . the author notes that above 256kbps the sonic improvements aren't worth the huge size increases. always worth contemplating especially as storage becomes a commodity.

• short piece about exactly how . the new songs are getting good reviews.

• sm reader david rondinone submitted this video of people jumping into a rock quarry pond. doesn't stand out for anything except everyone's late 80's style (apparently the vid is nearly 20 years old). the increasing accessibility of archived video as a time-capsule is an interesting study.

Monday, March 12, 2007

song of the day: "hello it's me" by todd rundgren

"hello it's me" by todd rundgren
(1972; philadelphia, pennsylvania, usa)

masterful melodic pop.



beautiful photo and movieclip of moon passing in front of sun

posts a photo taken late february, intended just to calibrate their sensors but capturing a beautiful vista. the accompanying video is very cool too.

chunk from the goonies

wondering what he's up to? ya go.

Friday, March 09, 2007

friday means rap music

the homie says to me "i've got some good music for you." i think, suuuuure, if oasis hasn't come out with something new, or if the dixie chicks haven't done a crunk remix, i don't know if it is going to be able to knock my socks off. anyway, between listening to the cd and watching this video, i thought these guys were great. you can catch them in and around ny, and over the last few weeks they have played a few dates with ...

by the

(thanks, john robertson.)


song of the day: "metti una sera a cena" by milva

"metti una sera a cena" by milva
(1972; ???, italy)

beautiful, diva-fied treatment of this essential ennio morricone composition, produced and arranged by morricone himself.



vinyl ripping turntable

for people looking to get digital files of their favorite records. this turntable plays records and rips them to files. from there, you can use an sd card or the usb port to put 'em on your computer.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

the avalanches - frontier psychiatrist

if you haven't seen this before, check out this video, its got something for everyone monkeys, cowboys, an old lady drumming and a horses arse.

(thanks, scrappy d.)

song of the day: "the 15th" by wire

"the 15th" by wire
(1979; london, england)

effects-heavy guitar-and-synth early post-punk awesomeness!



steampunk star wars

eric poulton, a self-proclaimed "art nerd, computer geek, and grammar dork," is working on of star wars characters in a context.

(thanks, brick!)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

song of the day: "free salute" by little barrie

"free salute" by little barrie
(2005; london, england)

edwyn collins-produced rockin' soul stomper.



1991 video of buckethead with deli creeps, plus early pic of buckethead unmasked

in early 1991 i saw a band called the open for at oakland night spot the omni (rip). everyone was blown away by the , with a michael meyers mask and bucket on his head, who played like no one had ever heard before.

somehow even with high profile gigs like g'n'r, buckethead has continued to be a secret-identity superhero through the years. i'm thrilled to have just found a video that captures the magic of spring 1991, as the 19-or-20 yr old shreds with his original band at sf's club o (rip). plus, look at the old pic of him without his mask!!!! (found linked on his wikipedia entry).

download a sample buckethead (via ).

like it? show support by purchasing some .

and feed to keep current with all the awesome posts we put online every day.

curtis vodka minimix

head on over to and grab a fun new mix by . here's the tracklist.

1. Anchorage Folk-House Intro
2. Blind Lemon - No Rain (Curtis Vodka Sloppy Yurple House Edit)
3. Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Curtis Vodka House Edit)
4. ??? - In The City (Curtis Vodka House Edit)
5. Xiu Xiu - Hello From Eau Claire (Gold Chains Remix)
6. Soulwax - Compute
7. Pepe Deluxe - Black Cadillac
8. ??? - Find What You Get (Nik 7 Remix)
9. Chicks on Speed - Wordy Rappinghood
10. Junior Boys - In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix)

i like your work. no, I like YOUR work. / the bret easton ellis-bloc party connection

(and accompanying podcast!) about bands who are inspired by authors and vice versa. the author -- sneakmove superhomie tim molloy -- talks to bret easton ellis and bloc party's kele okereke. what a great read!

"I remember when I was, like, in my teens reading about bands who had been influenced by writers, thinking 'Whoa, that's really cool,'" Ellis said in a recent interview from his home in Los Angeles. "And I'd think, 'God, those writers are so old. God that's so wild. Does that really happen in the adult world?'

"And then, boom, it does. And you realize, Jesus, I'm 42. ... People half my age are writing songs because they've been influenced by books I've written."

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

french beatboxer joseph poulpo

this dude does some pretty amazing stuff. my fave is his version of the "pop it like it's hot" beat.

song of the day: "clouds across the moon" by the rah band

"clouds across the moon" by the rah band
(1985; ???, uk)

very cheesy and awesome post-disco ballad set in the future about a woman on earth trying to call her husband on mars (by way of an intergalactic operator) to tell him she misses him.



vieux farka toure remix contest ends tomorrow / pocketknife's "ana" remix

has been running a really cool over the past month with malian musician . there have been a bunch of great , which are all available to listen to online. the contest ends tomorrow -- so this is your last chance to submit something and win the opportunity to have your work included on an upcoming vieux remixed compilation cd.

one really great remix was produced by of the label. it features clint brewer of on bass. check it out here and get over to ccmixter NOW to get the audio you need to make your own version.

vieux farka toure - "ana" (pocketknife's kati market remix) (licensed under )

new release round-up

here's some good stuff that's coming out soon.

andrew bird "plasticities"
from armchair apocrypha. comes out march 20. more great songs featuring strings and whistling. his records just keep getting better.
feist "past in present"
from the reminder. comes out may 1. another really exceptional record. strong and sensitive throughout.
great lake swimmers "put there by the land"
from ongiara. comes out march 27. stark country/folk songs. nice as a full lp, though not as good as their last record.

these records are or will soon be available at .

mo rocca interviews manish thakur

mo rocca interviews india investment analyst manish thakur. not as dry as you would imagine.

stop with the payola already

some good for the little guy.
The FCC has managed to force four of the biggest radio companies in the US to renounce or limit the practice called "payola"...

nintendo wii have a problem

I was reading an article this morning about the dangers of the new , it mentioned the site , which has an amusing gallery of damage and pain caused from flying controllers.

Monday, March 05, 2007

the new (no hops) jordan

wonderful. amazing. breathtaking.

despite snow flurries, after seeing this i am all smiles.

(thanks, deadspin dot com)

crash diet crew: live in nyc this thursday (3/8)

NYers: our pals are playing a show this thursday (3/8) at (107 norfolk street between delancey and rivington). 9pm SHARP!!! other bands that night are and . don't waste your life away and forever regret missing this. go!!!

birdmonster announces new tour dates

sneakmove faves are hitting the road hard. they've just announced new tour dates, which you can find below. i'm gonna check them out in austin at sxsw …

3.07.07 San Diego, Casbah
3.08.07 Phoenix, Modified Arts (all ages)
3.09.07 Tucson, Plush
3.12.07 Dallas, Ellum Festival
3.13.07 San Antonio, Limelight
3.14.07 SXSW / Habana Calle Six
3.15.07 SXSW / Hell Ya at the Apple Bar
3.16.07 SXSW
3.17.07 Dallas, The Cavern (18+)
3.20.07 Oklahoma City, The Conservatory (all ages)
3.23.07 Minneapolis, Varsity Theater (18+)
3.24.07 Chicago, Subterranean (18+)
3.26.07 Indianapolis, Spin
3.27.07 Detroit, Lager House
3.28.07 Toronto, Horseshoe Tavern (19+)
3.29.07 Syracuse, Mezzanotte
3.30.07 Boston, Middle East (18+)
3.31.07 New York, Gramercy Theatre (all ages)
4.03.07 Washington D.C., Black Cat (all ages)
4.05.07 Norfolk, The Boot (18+)
4.06.07 Wadesboro, TVCC
4.07.07 Charolotte, Visulite (18+)
4.08.07 Knoxville, Pilot Light
4.10.07 Lawrence, Bottleneck (18+)
4.12.07 Denver, Hi Dive (all ages)
4.26.07 San Francisco, The Independent

abandoned nyc subway stations

a grid of , each with tons of info and photos. fascinating stuff. the city hall station stood out to me.

song of the day: "frontline" by yaggfu front

"frontline" by yaggfu front
(1994; raleigh, north carolina, usa)

jazzy golden age hip-hop track about the stuff guys will say to impress women.



Saturday, March 03, 2007

song of the day: "so so sick" by unrest

"so so sick" by unrest
(1993; washington, dc, usa)

jangly pop from teenbeat records founder mark robinson and his influential indie rock band.



vintage 1977 death star playset commercial

almost forgot about this. looked so rad when i was a kid, but now i realize i'd have five minutes of entertainment before getting bored of the playset's four functions. i still want one though.

(via blog)

attention you video & music makers

of course this is all speculation and rumor but , looking at their for (the big annual pro-audio/video show), could be expanding their audio and video product line. is held in las vegas april 16th - 19th.

cleaner conscience for suv owners

yes i'm guilt of owning one; technical i have two that i drive. i love driving them, they are great in the snow and in the summer for driving and parking on the beach but i feel guilty every time i think about the that they emit. why i'm honestly not going to stop driving them anytime soon, my conscience is now a little cleaning due to my recent purchase of a terrapass. what’s a terrapass? go to and enter the details of the car you own and how much you drive a year, it calculates you how much you emit. the purchase of a terrapass is an annual fee (mine was $50 for the year), you get a decal for you car window but more importantly the yearly amount you pay goes to fund clean energy project, wind, solar etc to offset your yearly pollution. there are also passes for you home. It's not perfect but it’s a start until i can find a couple of mercedes diesel engines to swap out and run .

friday means rap music

i'm standing at this record shop in paris. these british kids come running in trying to find american gangsta rap mixtapes. all of the sudden they hear the "wukka wukka wukka," of record scratching. there is some guy in a booth behind some tables and these kids are enamored. i keep meandering around, searching for some fronch mixtapes to get some new music and broaden my horizons. i end up getting a vantage point of the dude behind the record players. he is crabbing away crazy fast, but just staring off in the distance. anyway, he isn't touching a damn thing, just scratching his fingers on the counter top...not even touching the mixer. he delighted at the reaction of the kids and was just playing some french mixtape, scratches already laid down. hahaha, tourists! they believe anything.

just like me, i guess. I bought these two things and had no idea if they were any good or not:

soul bro therapy, by ruddy lapoz and convoyeur de son, by dj sado

i don't speak french, and so am not sure if i dig the music or not, but if anyone has any info, tell me. my net searches came up fairly empty...

, by ruddy lapoz, from his "soul bro therapy"


Friday, March 02, 2007

song of the day: "the tide is high" by the paragons

"the tide is high" by the paragons
(1965; kingston, jamaica)

the original version of the blondie hit was this soulful rocksteady recording.



video: "help the police"

british comedian adam buxton censors nwa's "fuck the police" in real-time. awesome.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

mmc/languis split cd review on aidabet

a on with one glaring error: the rhymes are, in fact, quite complicated. otherwise, thanks!
I love splits that don't quite fit together. It's so much fun to compare and contrast, and there's plenty of room for that here. I'm curious what each of these bands would do with more space.

song of the day: "eli's coming" by laura nyro

"eli's coming" by laura nyro
(1968; new york, new york, usa)

epic, jazzy pop-rock song about an irresistable lothario.



oakland beatmaker plugs record label while house burns down

most people would be in tears to see their house on fire, but lance klatt goofily declares that he "does music for rehab entertainment."

i could only find two websites (, ) with any relevance to that label. could've been a great opportunity to get some exposure.

(thanks, qb.)

listen here

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