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    busdriver/postcoitus photos rickshaw stop, san francisco

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

stone roses v j-lo - fools gold & jenny from the block

more stone roses mash-ups, this time with j-lo. my favourite part of this video are the cuts back and forth between ian brown and j-lo dancing.

the stone roses v lily allen

lily allen was only 4 years old when the stones roses released the album . the combination of the mancunian lads and this young londoner make for an interesting mash-up.

kool moe dee, krs one & sir chuck d

1993 rise n shine

ridiculous superhero origins

with comic con last weekend, there was a comic book movie trailer that got posted and then removed from youtube (iron man), that still looks awesome (dark knight) and some chatter about the hulk movie that i'm curious about.

and cracked has a hilarious/insightful list of ...
The United States government cautions Reed about getting exposed to potentially lethal cosmic rays, though astoundingly has no objections to a US citizen shooting off homemade rockets into the atmosphere..


i was reading where a guy said common was the most boring rapper in the last 15 years. not sure if i can argue with that. there are probably about 5 songs that i really like, and then a bunch of other songs that are recorded battle raps and/or church songs over beats. that said, common's next album, finding forever is supposed to be really good and with production by mr. west and mr. dilla, along with guests like d'angelo (will he lose weight to be on the tour?), lily allen (will she?), and dj premier, it should be the perfect release timing to prime you to buy kanye's album. right kanye? john legend will probably drop three weeks later. either that or he will leave west's label for starbucks music. i bet paul mccartney pays better.
, by the isley brothers. listen for the sample used on , by common f. d'angelo

Sunday, July 29, 2007

photo roundup: meanest man contest and more at terrorbird one year anniversary

went to the terrorbird one-year anniversary last night to get pics of sneakmove pals . great show, great lineup.

ended up taking lots of photos of the event. check them all out.
music/entertainment: BOOM BIP (Lex), MOCHIPET (Daly City) + MIKE BOO (Alpha Pup) + MIKE REED, DAEDELUS (Ninja Tune), JEL (Anticon), THE BAD HAND (Daly City), BOOK RATE DJS: TIN CUP & LAZY BROW (Terrorbird), DOPESTYLE (Daly City) + YOKO SOLO (Quake Trap), DADDY KEV (Alpha Pup), PANTHER (Fryk Beat), HUMAN BEINGS (446 Musik), COPY (Audio Dregs), MEANEST MAN CONTEST (Sneakmove), ODD NOSDAM (DJ SET) (Anticon), BLOODYSNOWMAN (Daly City), PUZZL3 (Daly City), BUILD128 (Girlfight) + CASUAL (Heiroglyphics)
plus tons of artists and more.
111 minna, san francisco. july 28 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

song of the day - something about you (hatiras remix)

hard for me to state it any better than the have. they only left out the part about dancing in my car like a nincompoop for the past three weeks straight. one of the best remixed classics ever.

level 42 - something about you (hatiras remix) - mp3

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

marbury's budget-conscious apparel line continues to grow

maybe it's the scowl on his face but stephon has been cast as a malcontent since his early years in the nba. but you can't argue with his dedication to offer affordable gear to people everywhere, starting with his $15 shoes, and now in year two with additional items. this summer to promote his line nation-wide. gotta give him kudos for that.

Saturday, July 28 Happy Hour!

Do you have anything to do this Saturday?! You do now! Some friends from are putting in on the 3rd iteration of their world famous , a film screening and party. Located at the Brava Theater in SF on July 28th, and then August 10 and 11 at the El Portal, films screened by guys such as , , , and others.
, spread the love, and support some great times.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the ramones and lemmy

singing r.a.m.o.n.e.s

tomorrow in oakland: baby panda, the parish, ebls

there are some good bands playing at the in oakland wednesday night. down-home garage rockers , seattle band featuring paul from , and the debut of local boys east brother light station. the night promises to be a lot of fun.

photosynth + seadragon

this video is a truly amazing demo of two new apps (environments?) from microsoft live labs. is described like so:

"takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed three-dimensional space."

is a powerful browsing tool and wants to do the following:

"change the way we use screens, from wall-sized displays to mobile devices, so that visual information can be smoothly browsed regardless of the amount of data involved or the bandwidth of the network"

one caveat... there are lots of bmw ads in the video.
(thanks, janella.)

Monday, July 23, 2007

9 year progression of a two-year old drummer

this kid tyler hudson started playing drums at age 2. he's about 11 now. this video shows him playing through the years. it's just a little bit frustrating.

(via )

(thanks, steph.)

escort and the muppets

the great disco band has new video consisting entirely of muppet footage tightly edited to their music. really really highly recommended. (via, .)

wire in the 80s

i finally picked up 1987 record . i'd been meaning to get it after being reminded about the great song "ahead" that's on it (check quarterbar's re-work of it below). well, the record is good. some of it's kinda of goth-sounding with foreboding vocals and sparse, droning instrumentation. other songs are upbeat and bright. it definitely doesn't sound anything like the artsy punk wire of the 70s. good but different.

wire "madman's honey"
wire "ahead (II)(quarterbar drum-up)"

Saturday, July 21, 2007

heart scans on your iphone

the human body is a crazy machine, this site has scans of the heart, arteries and blood vessels. you can even get them delievered to your iphone.

Friday, July 20, 2007

1500 filipino prisoners reenacting "thriller"

the notes state that this is just a practice, not the final performance. it's a serious wtf'er.

all you need is a floppy disc

from 1985 series the computer chronicles.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

firefox 3 preview

if you love internet browsing, you probably appreciate the firefox web browser. has an interesting which is due out in november. looks kinda sweet.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

giant homer simpson

the pagans are pissed over this huge donut wielding homer simpson, painted in bio-degradable paint right next to the "" above cerne abbas, dorset used to promote the new simpsons movie. the orginal ancient chalk outline of the naked, sexually aroused giant, (not homer) is believed to be a symbol of ancient spirituality.

(thanks, magic jeremy.)

christopher walken apparel line??

did you know that corpora-goth mall shop hot topic is selling not one, but an entire collection of to disaffected teenagers across america?
This cream shirt is irresistable! Featuring an image of Christopher Walken as the Continental and "Admit it, you find me irresistable." Who doesn't? 100% cotton. Wash warm. Dry low. Imported.

jon lovitz beats up andy dick in la comedy club

juicy page six piece about , blaming him for the 1997 murder of phil hartman.

tonight in s.f. - newageynofriends + quarterbar

there's a special show in san francisco tonight (wednesday). our pal
will be performing and djing at the . will be playing records too. the headliner is the one and only . come on out!

mr. oizo vs. wu-tang clan vs. fila

head on over to and grab a cool collection of verses on top of beats from classic analog worms attack record. while you're at it, peep these over at hypebeast. dopeness.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

jamie lidell live at pitchfork 2007

god he's so good. i considered peeing in my jeans so i wouldn't have to miss any of his set.

i didn't get the title of the song, but he announced afterwards that this is the first time he's ever performed it. enjoy.

de la soul live at pitchfork 2007

de la soul closed the show on sunday night. they were so great, i felt like i was in high school all over again.

ella & karen

from 1980, and .

Friday, July 13, 2007

cops on segways, nerdy lawbreakers beware

you millionaire dot com criminals might have thought you'd be uncatchable as you zipped away on your segways, but it looks like the police in chicago have got you figured out. and they're ready for some off road pursuit, too. sorry, charlie--you're going to jail!

in other news, if anyone is going to be at this weekend, drop a note and we should grab a drink.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

ready freddie - queen on snl

from 1982 on snl singing . brain may switches guitars 3 time during this song.

bill shannon's crutch freestyle in rjd2's new video

here's a really cool new rjd2 video. it stars dancer bill shannon, who was born with a hip condition that requires him to use crutches. he has pioneered a style of movement in which he uses his crutches in a combination of skating, breakdancing, and traditional dance. shannon has worked as a choreographer for cirque du soleil and is the subject of an upcoming documentary.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

blonde on blonde

for the first time has "officially" let one of his song be remixed. will be remixing , from dylan's 1966 album. the track is to be part of an upcoming dylan retrospective schedule for release oct 1st.

too short vs. mirage

you may have heard mirage's "lake of dreams" which has been posted around a bunch lately. well, our nice friend quarterbar threw together a fun little blend of "lake of dreams" with the recent jam "blow the whistle". you may listen to it by clicking the following link!

new edan track/remix of "sagittarius black"

fans: check the new track up at . it's a remix of 's "sagittarius black" and is gonna be released on a compilation out next week entitled .

Re:Sounds is a compilation featuring remixes of songs from the Now-Again catalog. Artists include Percee P, Guilty Simpson, J.Rocc, Aloe Blacc, Kenny Dope and Cut Chemist. All songs are appearing on CD for the first time, with many songs exclusive to this compilation.

(thanks, jacob)

time's 50 best websites

i'm not a huge fan of time magazine, the publication that chose bush as man of the year in '04. it pains me a bit to give them credit to for hipping me to anything, much less anything web-related, but they did. their list of had a couple interesting sites i didn't know about. both help with phone issues.

already snatched up by google, time describes the site like so...
most of us have at least three phone numbers—home, work, cell—and don't always know which one to give out, or later regret the choice we made. grand central is a free, one-number-ringing-multiple-phones routing service that solves all these problems, while giving you a level of control over your calls that earlier services like it did not. to get started, grand central assigns you a number (you can ask for a particular area code, then choose from a list) and you set up the forwarding rules. one obvious advantage is that when you're at your desk, you don't have to waste wireless minutes by taking calls on your cell phone; when you're away from your desk, you don't have to miss business calls ringing in at the office, because all your calls ring at all your phones, all the time. you can white-list your friends and colleagues so their calls come right through. you can also black-list numbers by sending them to the Spam folder or set up the outgoing message ("this phone is not in service") to play for unwanted callers. you can screen calls by listening in as callers are leaving a voicemail message, and then cut in to take the call... or not.

it does only one thing, but it does it oh, so well. on the home page, just type in a cell phone number and a brief message ("pick up dry cleaning") and this site sends it out as a text message to that phone on the date and at the time you specify.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

springfield, vt. home of the simpsons

is the winning springfield to host the simpson movie premiere. springfield, vt. has a population of 9,500 and a nearby nuclear power plant.

david byrne & richard thompson

record in 92' at a benefit for the church of st. ann and the holy trinity in brooklyn, and sing an acoustic version of .

lost classics: nba rap from 1982

hurt 'em bad (mp3)
1982, groove tunes records

i'm not sure who the artist is, but the track is slick.

(via )

Monday, July 09, 2007

simpsons shoes by vans

the has a fun promotion going with . simpsons shoes. i'm not crazy about all the styles but it's all good fun. check 'em. , , .
(via, hypebeast.)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

james hetfield's "taleban-like" beard results in airport detention

from : james hetfield was slightly held in london, up on his way to the live earth concert due to heavy questioning from unknowing security guards. he supposes it may have been due to his "taleban-like" beard. you know how those taleban beards are. blonde.

samsung human pixel dance

a south korean dance promotion for samsung. pretty amazing.

live earth - madge

madge, live earth - london

live earth - foo fighters

foo fighters, live earth - london

live earth - the police

the police with john mayer & kanye west, live earth - new york

Saturday, July 07, 2007

live earth - joss stone

joss stone, live earth - johannesburg

live earth - chris cornell

chris cornell, live earth - hamburg

live earth - xzibit

xzibit, live earth - tokyo

live earth - sneaky sound system

sneaky sound system, live earth - sydney

live earth - paolo nutini

paolo nutini, live earth - london

live earth - shakira & gustavo cerati

shakira & gustavo cerati, live earth - hamburg

live earth - linkin park

linkin park, live earth - tokyo

live earth - keane

keane, live earth - london

live earth - snoop dogg

snoop dogg, live earth - germany

live earth - jack johnson

jack johnson, live earth - sydney

live earth - metallica

metallica, live earth - london

live earth - red hot chilli peppers

red hot chilli peppers, live earth - london

live earth - beastie boys

beastie boys, live earth - london.

live earth - spinal tap and an all star bass army

and an all star army of bass players playing big bottom at .

live earth opening act - smogesboard of percussion

the sos allstars (queen), (chilli peppers), (foo fighters) and a plethora of drummers kick off live earth from .

Friday, July 06, 2007

iron maiden live in paris 1986 to get your weekend started

because what better way to spend a hot summer weekend rocking out than some classic maiden?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

happy 4th of july ;-)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

pee wee factoids

i had clip, since i think that the snakes scene from pee wees big adventure is a metaphor for life. It made me think about paul rueben's trivia. i found out some interesting factoids:
- he played a young elton john's manager (played by justin timberlake) in
- he met phil hartman when they were part of the groundlings together in los angeles, where hartman helped to develop the pee-wee character
- he was in the ranconteurs', jack white's side project, second video
- john singleton offered up his script of "boyz 'n the hood" for review to ruebens, when he was working as a security guard on the set of pee-wee's playhouse. reuben's declined the offer.
- although reuben's show was a saturday AM children's show, it had the same budget, 325,000, as a primetime sitcom
- he was a marine. semper fi.


elton john and the spice girls

in honor of the spice girls reunion an early video of them singing "don't go break my heart" with the sir elton john.

Monday, July 02, 2007

kanye west's stronger is absolutely dafty

absolute fire.

sorry for the mtv visuals.

too bad you missed ps1's 2007 kickoff party

sf-to-nyc transplant audrey (check her ) has sent a teaser vid each of the past two years of the kickoff party for ps1''s "warm up" concert series. a daytime dj disco event that would be more fitting in europe, the dance party is an anomoly for the "too-cool-to-dance" u.s. hipster movement. check it out all summer long and don't skip the next kickoff party next year.

from the :
Warm Up is P.S.1's critically acclaimed music series and has become one of the most anticipated summer events in New York City. The series is housed within the architectural installation created by the winner of the annual P.S.1 and MoMA organized Young Architects Program. Together, the music, architecture and exhibition program provide a unique multi-sensory experience for music fans, artists, and families alike.

Warm Up was conceived in 1997 as a summer-long dance party to attract crowds to P.S.1 and Long Island City, Queens. The series runs every Saturday from July through early September and draws thousands of local and international visitors each day.

Highlights from the series include a stellar group of international DJs and live music ensembles: DJ Harvey, Groove Collective, Afrika Bambaataa, Mad Professor, Richie Hawtin, Francois K, Fischerspooner, Kid Koala, Arto Lindsay, Scissor Sisters, Luke Vibert, and many more.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

badass offroad monotread motorcycle thing

combine a motorcycle, half a tank and a snowmobile and you've got an amazing new machine that looks like something from . german design students tilmann schlootz and oliver keller presented these two new concept vehicles to the 2006 michelin design challenge. the concept uses a newly designed flexible mono-tread system in place of two wheels to create a huge increase in traction and control.
is designed as an everyday use vehicle for all areas in the world with harder climatic and geographic conditions such as Alaska, Greenland, desert areas or mountain regions like the Himalaya. It can carry two persons and provides much space to transport any kind of small to midsize goods.

uses the engine concept and its unbeatable off road advantages as a race device. Made for professional riders, it has a very light body and a broad handlebar. This concept could take part in rallies Paris-Dakar or the Baja races.
put a small piece together about these vehicles, with a cool 3d diagram video of how it works.

let's hope they make a real one as it currently only exists as a 1/5 scale model.

listen here

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