Tuesday, September 30, 2008

new sneakmove release: magic me! out today!

the oakland-based band plays mid tempo indie rock with organ and slide guitar. sneakmove super pal and meanest man contest member quarterbar plays guitar and sings on some of the songs. the band's first e.p. is . it will be on amazon and itunes in the next couple days. it's a fine collection of songs and was expertly recorded. this record is a digital release on our own sneakmove label. we're so so proud.

Monday, September 29, 2008

recorder: fantastic robot rock from tulsa

i was introduced to a fun-to-watch-and-listen-to band last weekend, called . they're doing some creative, cool stuff, but rather than explain it, i'll let you watch a couple of their videos.

you can .

here's a track to get you started: fax post data (mp3)

(thanks, magic jeremy, thanks robbo.)

more details about muxtape's demise and possible future

on what went down with justin oulette's quickly popular, quickly gone project.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

john williams

is the prolific film composer who wrote the themes to star wars and jaws. this is a funky disco version of the theme from close encounters of the third kind. the makers of the lp were legally obligated to print "not an original soundtrack" on the sleeve.

john williams "theme from close encounters of the third kind"

300 worst fake rapper names

has a pretty hilarious list up. 300 terrible names for rappers. ninja-vitis and da constant gardna are two of my faves.
(thanks, erin.)

Friday, September 26, 2008

new mr. oizo lp

has a couple tracks up from the new mr. oizo lp, which apparently comes out on ed banger records in november. sounds pretty good. more insane dance beat programming from the french master.

"sharp drest" featured in nba 2k9

"sharp drest," the electrorap track i did with and (more info ) is featured on the soundtrack to , along with songs by dangerdoom, beastie boys, n.e.r.d., santogold, the cool kids, and others. the game comes out october 7th but the entire soundtrack is available to listen to now.

the version of the song that's in the game was re-recorded and cleaned-up (my favorite lyric substitute: "i ganked and shot ya" becomes "i came to rock ya" - awesome!). the original version of the track is still available for free download at , , , and . woo hoo!

flying lotus + eric wareheim + devin flynn video

holy wow! the new flying lotus video is a RIDICULOUS porno clip directed by eric wareheim (tim and eric) and animated by devin flynn (who we posted about previously here). it really is pornish, so don't watch at work, please.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

saturday in sf: quarterbar + charity benefit

there's gonna be a special charity event saturday evening at in san francisco. it's a benefit for the and will feature a dj set by our own . there will also be fun performances by and the tourist and mr. wrong? of the . see you there!

mixtube makes mixes from youtube audio

miss ? here's an option for the interim: . using the (sometimes/oftentimes crappy) audio of youtube's videos, it lets you make mixes just like you've been wanting to keep doing. to help you wake up and start your workday.

they apologize for having to display the video component too, but make the video window pretty tiny and tucked in the corner of the page.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

vinyl records: still selling, and sales are up, according to businessweek

trying to catch up on all the magazines you subscribe to is hard, especially weeklies like businessweek. so forgive me for missing this aug 23 article:

just check out the crazy 5d mark ii sample movie

pulitzer prize winning photographer borrowed a new 5d mark ii and . movie budget: $5000. lens budget: $25,000. they say it's all in the glass, and this is a good example: the images look like moving pieces of art.

funny enough, the big controversy from the galley is canon's use of . of course, if it had been, someone would cry that it didn't include 60...

(thanks, trav.)

Monday, September 22, 2008

eric burdon and the animals

here's a great raw rockin' classic. it's originally from the 1966 lp animalization, but i got it from their best of 2 collection. the hand claps really make the song for me.

eric burdon and the animals "cheating"

Friday, September 19, 2008

make your own drum loops

o'reilly has a in garageband, but also applicable for the fancier programs (live, logic, etc).

look where your homie george bush left us

runner-up is back with some ol' topical raps. expertly melding diss rhymes and sex rhymes, "sarah palin (i wanna lay pipe)" is guaranteed to and .

john brown -

obama's high school basketball highlight reel

as a basketball junkie, late september is when i really start itching for the nba and college seasons to hurry up and begin. and as a patriotic american, late september of any election year is when my election fever adrenaline kicks in, as the candidates round the bend and the finish line starts to come into view.

this highlight video of barack obama's 1979 high school basketball team playing in the hawaii state championship satisfies both of those cravings. after all the buildup for the past few years, it's odd to think of the commentator so casually mentioning obama's name.

two hoops-related tracks to kick off the weekend:

basketball (mp3): just a flat-out great song that makes it hard to not want to go outside and practice your finger roll. , 1984.

sirius (mp3): there's probably a good reason that i'm not a campaign manager, but if i were i'd strongly push for obama to use the chicago bulls' warmup theme song, off of the 1982 album "eye in the sky." the chicago connection plus the tone that eludes to upcoming triumph make this seem like a perfect fit.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

canon sets a new dslr bar with the d90 crushing 5d mark ii - full frame hd video!!!

just days after nikon rocked the photo and video world with the first dslr to shoot hd video, canon responds in kind, majorly. - successor to what is a kick ass piece of photo gear - has a crazy set of specs that look to match or exceed those of the d700 (although a little slower at 3.9fps vs 5fps for the d700, and with an inferior autofocus system). features 21 megapixels, iso that ranges from 50-25.6k, 3" lcd, and more...

the big buzz is the video mode. canon's offering increases the resolution over nikon's to a full 1080, at 30fps, using a full frame sensor for increased detail. and in a nod to moviemakers wishes, it has an stereo mic input option. the possibilities of this camera have the forum users .

canon's inclusion of such a high quality video mode is an interesting move, as they are also a leader in digital video cameras, and specs like these put a lot of pressure on their video division (in addition, of course, to those of all the other manufacturers). with this and the nikon (plus the work that red has been doing - thanks red, for forcing these two giants to start giving us more of what we want), major revisions with be coming quickly. we're at a stage where a huge shift in video capture has begun - expect everything to be completely different in one to two years.

check out the full specs on and , and or - they're small but crispy clear (even in japanese).

price: $2700 body / $3500 with 24-105 lens (and it better be nice for $800 more). expected to be available in november 2008.

(thanks travis)

Monday, September 15, 2008

tornado machine at sfo - and how to make your own

waiting for a delayed flights is a regular activity for most people, so when airports take it upon themselves to have interesting installations, it makes me say "hell yeah, this ain't so bad after all."

case in point: sfo's tornado machine. tall enough for a grownup to stand inside of, the machine creates a very cool vortex of mist. the effect is truly and completely mesmerizing - the next thing i knew i had been staring at it for two hours straight, and it was time to board my flight.

love it enough to put one in your living room? the that steps you through all the materials and process to make your own. i personally think a desktop version would be badass.

Friday, September 12, 2008

the sea and cake "weekend"

i really like this new video. it's pretty perfect, actually.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

chemical brothers producing next mgmt album

although i try hard not to, sometimes i let hype turn me off to music that i would really like if i only gave it a proper listen. mgmt is a great example. early on, i was resistant to check them out because every music blogger was jocking them sooooooo hard that i dumbly assumed that their sound was noisy 130bpm "banging club track" madness. but then i stopped being a dick and actually listened and now it turns out that they're one of my favorite new bands.

anyway, in the guardian says that the chemical brothers are producing the next mgmt album - and that it won't be dance music. that could be very very cool.

otis fodder posting roadium mixtapes and more at wfmu's beware of the blog

has started a new series of posts on wfmu's beware of the blog called .

In the future weeks to come (every Thursday) I'll be sharing classic mix tapes, limited edition 12" megamix singles/albums + current mashups and massive mix meltdowns.

he's off to a GREAT start with rips of roadium mixtapes, which were mixes produced in the '80s by dr. dre, tony a (hi-c's dj) and a host of other influential west coast dj's. they were primarily sold out of the roadium swap meet in torrance, ca. they featured freestyles by rappers like eazy-e, tone loc, ice cube, as well as crazy mixes of electro, miami bass, hip-hop, and more.

check out the rad cover of this dr. dre mixtape from 1986

i bought some of these mixes from kobey's swap meet in san diego when i was a kid (you can read me nerding out about it in the comments of ). turns out that's where otis got his copies too. cool.

completely coincidentally, otis fodder also has a track on the upcoming sneakmove minicomp 3, which is now available for pre-order. much more on that very soon. woo hoo!

and, to tie this post up all pretty-like, let's check out an otis fodder track with a great title right now, shall we?

otis fodder - "if you're a fan of don henley you're in luck"

radiohead uses kontakt 3 for their live performances

music making geeks will be curious to discover that radiohead's long-secret live rig includes a setup of macbooks running , with a number of samples on it to facilitate their more elaborate electronic songs. , and a couple photos that illustrate it closely.

here's a photo of johnny at the radiohead concert i went to in madrid in 2003. even then, he was rocking the mac.

let's active

was the frontman for athens, ga rock band . what a wonderfully annoying band name. their sound is straighforward rock in the vein of elvis costello. easter is best known for producing some of the early r.e.m. records. this track is from 1983's afoot e.p..

let's active "every word means no"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

this thursday: the parish, lady genius, sweetie

sneakmove's second favorite record label, , is presenting a very cool show on thursday. oakland's own special rock band, , will be performing alongside new gold robot signees and . the show is in celebration of recent . it's at the in berkeley on thursday, september 11 at 9:30 pm. 1331 shattuck. i'll see you there.

electric flag

here's a track from . it's loud rockin soul. the band features mike bloomfield and buddy miles. honestly i'm not into most of their records, but this track is pretty great. from 1968's lp.

the electric flag "see to your neighbor"

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

new meanest man contest songs on dublab and so much silence

two of our favorite music sites are offering free downloads of tracks from 's new ep, .

's got "you're right. it's ballin'.," along with mmc's remix of thee more shallows' "night at the knight school."

has mochipet's remix of "throwing away broken electronics," as well as the original version of the track. there's also a nice write-up of the ep. awesome!

fully flared: insanely awesome skateboard vid opening sequence

even if you're not a skateboard junkie, check out this explosively awesome skateboard video from lakai called . four years in the making, and a directing team that includes spike jonze. all i've seen is this opening sequence but as well. not a brand new video, but well-deserved of a viewing nonetheless.

one interesting sidenote - you might recognize the filming location from the episodes. perfect place for a video like this, i'm happy to see it represented so awesomely.

(thanks, chris baker)

the rascals

here's some feelgood funky soul from . these fellows had tons of hits in the 60s as the young rascals. this track is from a later effort, 1971's . jazz heavy-hitters joe farrell, hubert laws, alice coltrane, and ron carter play on the record.

the rascals "happy song"

since tim and eric have a few sketches that mention rascals, i'm going to use this tenuous connection to post this funny/really annoying clip from their show:

Monday, September 08, 2008

sfj on laptops and music

the new yorkers' talks with and in a discussion on how , from serato scratch dj'ing to erykah badu to radiohead.

r.i.p jack weil, designer of snap button western shirts / check out south san gabriel

take a couple minutes and read this fascinating obituary on jack weil, that so many continue to wear in classy, rugged style. mr. weil passed away on aug 13 at age 107 in denver. thanks, economist.

speaking of people dressed in jack weil's designs, i saw a great "all texas" show last week: , , and . the three bands were phenomenal, but more than the others i haven't been able to stop listening to south san gabriel since then. singer will johnson has a soothing tone to his voice, coupled with a somber haunting violin that floats like nighttime autumn leaves blowing through endless fields (how's that for a cheesy description?). in other words, super good stuff.

check out "trust to lose":

support the band and .

fairport convention

more vinyl rips this week. . all the recent neo-folk, ren fair bands owe this band a debt of gratitude. this gem is off their 1969 lp. the end of a holiday is pretty sad, right? let's all enjoy the last bit of summer.

fairport convention "end of a holiday"

Saturday, September 06, 2008

another nikon d90 sample video to keep the drool flowing

call me a sucker for marketing, but i can not wait for this . in the meantime, i'll keep trolling the video sites for more sample footage. here's a pretty good one on vimeo - make sure to click through to the actual vimeo page so you can watch it in .

from on .

don't forget! to keep up with all the awesome posts we put online all the time.

bonus: here's one more awesome d90 video i just found:

from on .

some saturday keep ya workin music

learn more about .

Friday, September 05, 2008

carl "sherlock" holmes

is a blog that posts lots of good funk, soul, jazz, and disco. i found this track there. notice the familiar drum break and guitar part. the sample has been used by beck, along with many others i'm sure. there's a nice write-up about mr. holmes .

carl "sherlock" holmes "black bag"

Thursday, September 04, 2008

bikes with soundsystems - great article in the nyt

who doesn't love the sounds of summer blasting from the back of a bike pedaling down the street? in richmond hills, queens, a group of kids has made this into their main activity.
Usually, the stereos crank out heavy Caribbean beats, but Mr. Ragbir cranked up the new system, which was playing a 1980s hit by the Outfield — “I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love Tonight” — and the near-deafening music had his friends bobbing their heads as they worked on their bikes.

(thanks, .)

leo kottke

i ripped a bunch of my old records recently. i'll be posting some highlights in the next couple weeks. first up is , the virtuoso acoustic guitar man from athens, ga. this is a beautiful solo performance from his 1969 lp, . realeased on takoma label.

leo kottke "the fisherman"

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

nick catchdubs & mr. ducker's "radio friendly unit shifter" mix

the homie collaborated with on a great '90s-themed mix that was just released by streetwear label . it's called and it's a round-up of alt-rock hits by bands ranging from cibo matto to sonic youth. i helped out on the project by mining my digi-crates for some of the songs the guys used in the set. (i haven't seen the cd yet, but word is i'm thanked in the liner notes alongside matt pinfield and daria morgendorffer - sweet.) a limited number of physical promos were given out to retailers last week at magic. the is available for free to everyone else. grab it!

bonus: here's a '90s fave they didn't use for the mix. maybe it'll end up on volume 2?

luscious jackson - "daughters of the kaos"

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camille sauvage

i picked this track up at which is a blog that posts lots of weird outsider albums. post punk cassettes from the 80s, 90s experimental cd's, 70s art rock lp's, etc. this french from the 70s has a comedy horror type of sound. hmm. weird.

camille sauvage "enferissimo"

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the franks release "un e.p."

is a new band that has been making noise via a series of explosive gigs at some of la's coolest spots. the trio just released the six-track through their own label. it's available for free download and it's a super fun batch of songs. the band's got a rad, raw, punky sound and a cute girl drummer, which is always a great look. let's listen to one of their tracks now, why not?

the franks - "neon politik"

la people: cc salon tomorrow night w/ boing boing, good magazine, free beer + music by vosotros

if you're around tomorrow evening, come check out . it's happening at in silverlake from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

cc salon brings together people who are interested in culture, technology, media, and intellectual property issues to give brief presentations about their work, hang out, and meet new people. cc salons are casual and totally free. there will be free beer for drinkin', as well as music by the awesome band/label/creative collective .

there are two great presenters scheduled. 's will talk about the majorly influential blog she co-edits, as well as her innovative foray into web television, . 's creative director and co-founder will discuss the much-loved publication's content, community, and business model.

cc salon la
wednesday, september 3, 2008; 7:30-9:30pm
found gallery

hope to see you there!

the j.b.'s/the sea and cake

this j.b.'s track feels just about right today. it's from their 1975 record, . enjoy.

the j.b.'s "sportin' life"

and btw, have a song with the same(ish) name. i've heard . it's really good.

the sea and cake "sporting life"

Monday, September 01, 2008

ian mcculloch

i posted about the great summer mix series site a few weeks back. featured tracks that had been on mtv's classic show in the late 80s/early 90s. i had forgotten about this song by echo and the bunnymen singer ian mcculloch. check it.

ian mcculloch "proud to fall"