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Friday, October 30, 2009


sneakmove record release catalog

sneakmove is a third generation record label/social experiment designed to touch your ears, hearts, bodies and lives. starting with rocketship records and transforming into weapon-shaped records, we’ve made it our focus to release superbly classic records. some are still available. some aren’t. check it out!

sneakmove minicomp 3 – various artists – 7inch (sm006)
***more awesome short songs from the latest in the minicomp series. featuring principles of geometry, copy, tunng, superargo, broken spindles, shayne keator and more. super limited release, only 500 copies made. more info and purchasing – $6.00 

quarterbar: “shock ‘em dead – cd (sm005)
***literally hundreds of sources were used to create this collection.
more info and purchasing (and digital only option) – $5.00

sneakmove minicomp 2 – various artists – 7inch (sm004)
***11 amazing tracks. electric president, fog, meanest man contest, bonde do role, controller 7, subtitle, newageynofriends, fm3 and more!
samples, more info and purchasing – $6.00

meanest man contest and languis: “split” cd (sm003)
***two great bands, ten great new songs.
click for samples, more info and purchasing – $6.00

new from débruit: “to nartik kef” cd (dbrt)***sneakmove’s pal débruit has a new cd featuring awesome glitchy hip-hop beats.
click for samples, more info and purchasing – $6.00

“we’re not brainiacs on the nerd patrol” – t-shirt!
*** our tribute to stephen colbert’s masterful presentation to/annhiliation of george bush–see pics more info – (OUT OF PRINT)

“rock drum breaks” – compiled by the editors of sneakmove – cd (sm002)
*** vintage drum breaks compilation.
click for samples, more info and purchasing – $6.00

sneakmove minicomp 1 – various artists – 7inch (sm001)
*** very limited release– feat. odd nosdam, dat politics, languis, casiotone for the painfully alone, baby dayliner and more.
click for more info and purchasing – $6.00

the jim yoshii pile-up / meanest man contest – split 7inch (wesh10)
*** a few left in stock–click for more info and purchasing – only $3.00!

forest fires collective – “you can’t see” cd (wesh7)
*** we found a few extras!–click for more info and purchasing – $6.00

substance abuse “can’t call it” b/w “no guarantees” (wesh6)***another unearthed gem!–click for more info and purchasing – $6.00

previous releases (out of stock)

restiform bodies – “i want what you want” b/w “recycle america” 7inch

the forest fires collective – “fresh air” 12inch ep (wesh8)

the forest fires collective – self-tited 12inch ep (wesh5)

meanest man contest – “contaminated dance step” b/w “feelin’ pretty psyched
(about love)” 7inch (wesh4)

emanon – “the price” b/w “emanon” 7inch (wesh3)

object beings – “cannibalism of the object beings” b/w “attack of the
postmodern pat boones” 7inch (wesh2)

the shapeshifters – “word 2 your mothership” b/w “nimrod it’s your birthday”
7inch (wesh1)

quarterbar – “me and my mpc2000″ cd-r and cassette (rsr007)

emanon / styles of beyond – “atomic zen” 12inch (rsr006)

various artists – “live from the launchpad” lp (rsr005) / substance abuse – “brand new crime” cassette (rsr004)

emanon – “psi” and “iambland” b/w “outside looking in” 12inch (rsr003)

cheapshot – “sucka breaks” (rsr002)

various artists – “blastoff!” (rsr001)