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Forest Fires Collective - "You Can't See" CD (wesh7)

***Just unearthed a few more of these--
once they run out, that's IT!

16 hard-hitting tracks that will make you cry tears of joy. Featuring the inimitable style of Sim, Prego w/ Zest, Hard Gelatinous, Mad Squirrel, Smif Carnivorous and Dr. Lester. Produced by Feller Quentin except where otherwise noted.

Track Listing:
1 Something Great (0:34)
2 I'm Not Kiddin' (1:29) (Producer - Eddie Vic)
3 Go Find The Blaze (6:48)
4 Backpacks Off (3:09)
5 Kaiser's Right Wing (1:34)
6 Napolen's Legacy (2:41)
7 Front To Back (2:36)
8 Ask Who To Ask (2:51) (Producer - The Latter)
9 On Fire Interlude (0:05)
10 Sim's Bloodlust (3:44) (Producer - Plug Uglies)
11 It Was Regression (1:43)
12 We Are The Island (0:19)
13 Down To The Ground (0:54) (Producer - Eddie Vic)
14 Only Seven Blues (9:27)
15 She Got Burned (1:43) (Producer - Eddie Vic)
16 B-Bird Speaks (1:48)

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