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terrorbird one-year anniversary show
***music/entertainment: BOOM BIP (Lex), MOCHIPET (Daly City) + MIKE BOO (Alpha Pup) + MIKE REED, DAEDELUS (Ninja Tune), JEL (Anticon), THE BAD HAND (Daly City), BOOK RATE DJS: TIN CUP & LAZY BROW (Terrorbird), DOPESTYLE (Daly City) + YOKO SOLO (Quake Trap), DADDY KEV (Alpha Pup), PANTHER (Fryk Beat), HUMAN BEINGS (446 Musik), COPY (Audio Dregs), MEANEST MAN CONTEST (Sneakmove), ODD NOSDAM (DJ SET) (Anticon), BLOODYSNOWMAN (Daly City), PUZZL3 (Daly City), BUILD128 (Girlfight) + CASUAL (Heiroglyphics)

the final expression
***music/entertainment: busdriver, postcoitus, jamie flam, dj bomarr, dj no friends, dj ray liotta
art: chris brigham, matt furie, pete glover, joe neff, ert o'hara, narangkar khalsa, michelle romo, sita rupe, kirk shelton, zenaida sengo, michi turner, porous walker, margaret e. wedgwood
the rickshaw stop, san francisco, september 10, 2005

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