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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


found a cool link? send it over! get props and maybe even a present

sneakmove works to stay on top of any rad developments and happenings–count on us for the best info about music, video, technology, and really slick footwear. but sometimes we get so busy running our sneakmove industries and things can slip past us. that really bums us out!

so we’re asking for your help. send us links and be a part of our team.

if you find something that fits our style (music, video, technology, and really slick footwear), send it over. let us know who you are so we can give you a shoutout. suggest some comments, or just send the link itself, either way is fine.

the best part? if we use your link we’ll put you in a monthly drawing for cool prizes like cd’s and dvd’s and all sorts of awesome goodies.

stuff we like:

  • cool music, musicians, stuff for making and listening to music
  • cool videos, tv, movies
  • cool art, artists, art stuff
  • cool authors, books, mags
  • cool technology/computers/robots from the future
  • cool shoes

go ahead and get going. email it on by: