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Sunday, April 12, 2009

electric table saw with built in "skin sensor"

it can be a drag having to rush to the hospital after a powertool accident removes a finger.

one inventor decided to do something about it and designed a very interesting system for . watch the embedded video as he puts a hotdog on top of a board that’s getting torn in half. ingenius!

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  • Anonymous said,

    this is great because I’m always putting my wiener on the table saw

  • Anonymous said,


  • rick said,

    alot of money got spent on this product and alot of endorsements got bought too. i’d never put this on my saw or allow it in the shop saws. one misread on the moisture of a piece of wood and you better have 4-500 bucks handy for a new mechanism. if someone is going to put themself in the position where they are going to need it, then they really need to go back and learn how to use their saw properly. i’ve been woodworking for 20 years now and the biggest thing i’ve ever gotten was a sliver - and i’m not bullcrapping you either.

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