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Saturday, October 31, 2009

“Rock Drum Breaks” cd

Get it now! Sneakmove’s hot new collection of hard-to-find rock drum breaks — a cd release featuring 21 very fresh breakbeats all looped-up and ready to go. These are drum-only breakbeats taken exclusively from rock records. Weird, right?!? If you make beats or dj or just love the sound of drums, this would be a great thing to have. And it’s super cheap… only $6 !!!

Listen to some samples

  • 42 minutes of fantastic drums
  • Includes track tempos for all your dj needs
  • Hand crafted CD-r with professional printing in a slimline case
$6 US

(click image to listen to a sample)

eric AT sneakmove dot com

mj AT sneakmove dot com