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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

muse - "knights of cydonia" video

i've been pretty much indifferent about up until now. but holy crap -- this video is off the fucking chain!

scratchappy halloween!

a little halloween treat courtesy of . this one comes off the classic scratchcratchratchatch mixtape. he recently released the followup to scratchcratchratchatch, and is kicking off a this week in support of it. koala's easily one of my favorite performers around and i definitely recommend checking him out - even non-scratch fans will have their pants charmed right off them!

listen to


indie rock, pot smoking = the stuff of poseur robots

listen to from , which is one of those "cool" and "edgy" anti-drug ad campaigns aimed at teens.

(ridiculously great drawing stolen from .)
(thanks, marc)

birth control = a good krautrock/german prog band you may not know about

want to hear a track by the great (and greatly-named) german band ? ok, here's one called "hoodoo man," from the 1972 album of the same name.

Monday, October 30, 2006

totally awesome star travel book from 1979

my favorite book from growing up, star travel from 1979. describes the history and future of transportation, with a focus on awesome things like rocketbelts, mag-lev tubes, and hollowed out asteroids. it has some wear and tear, but the illustrations still give me that thrilling feel i had as a kid.

i made a pdf for you to download.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

online ouija board

i started watching on tonight, somehow its not as creepy edited for tv and with commercials. has been showing some great classic horror movies this week including , & . one movie that has always scared me is probably because it came out around the time i played around with a . maybe its the spirit of but the intrigue returned, however this didn't seem to work for me, or make me poop my pants.

remember manimal?

i had completely forgotten about this show until today, when it was mention on in the context of one of the all time greatest network flops. believe it or not this show was exported across the pond, i remember watching it on sunday nights as a kid.

interview sunday 03 - David Bowie

david bowie on the dick cavett show and on coke circa 1974.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

the shining soundtrack. never released on cd.

for more halloween goodness, peep these selections from the ost of . if it was released on cd ever, it certainly is not readily availble. so scary!

wendy carlos & rachel elkind "the shining (main theme)"
krzysztof penderecki "polymorphia"
krzysztof penderecki "de natura sonoris #2"

friday means rap music

it isn't so much that i think it's the best album ever, just that i had to have ice-t-like fortitude in to hunt down ini's "center of attention" online. it wasn't so much that i really wanted it, either, just that we were talking about it at work and how the album survives despite it's just-above-mediocre mc's and writing. all the production is amazing, but many amazing sounding albums have fallen flat due to vocals. in fact, center of attention was released as part of a dual-disc "underground soul classics," and the second disc, was deda's, "the original baby pa," remembered for its beat-detracting vocals. one internet note said, and probably should be discounted, "harsh, at times irritating...." what a bummer. to have an unreleased set come out, one a classic and the other a dud. what does that remind you of? you got it. ooh, or these except both of them are classics.

Friday, October 27, 2006

plone's unreleased 2nd album

who could forget my previous post about the english electronic band ? their first record was genius. beautiful synthy melodies with a friendly, melancholy feel. they made a second record that never came out. i got a hold of a few tracks and oooh damn, it's good! it's the same idea, but even more intensely so.

listen to:
plone "ry30"

Thursday, October 26, 2006

inside a nike factory

a Nike factory to see the efforts behind the production of your Dunks.

(via, )

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

borat on myspace

for some easy laughs just head over to .

black sheep anew

black sheep's is undedniably one of my favorite albums and i am pleased to see that they dropped a new album yesterday. so if their first single is any indication, then this might just be a good album.

black sheep's whodat from 8wm/NOVAKANE. 2006.

forbidden crypts of haunted music

has tons of vintage scary album covers. each one is clickable and has all the audio available for download! there's gotta be 200 of them. it's mostly really campy stuff. there's a bunch of kid's records in there too. if you're hosting a halloween party or just want to "get in the mood", go grab some creepy music, stories, and sound effects. here're some random bits:

vultures feeding
the old church in the woods
amongst my souvenirs
introduction to horror
(thanks, janella.)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

out today: +/- (plus/minus)

new york band (pronounced "plus/minus") has a new record out today called let's build a fire. it's beautiful, forward-looking indie rock. the band includes former members of . is putting it out and has it for sale.

listen to:
+/- "everything i see makes it feel wrong" from you are here. 2003.
+/- "making the horse drink" from holding patterns e.p. 2003.
+/- "i sleep forever" from self-titled long playing debut. 2002.

Monday, October 23, 2006

over here!

aside from being hilarious, this clip is a great example of how kids imagine things.

macabre monday

i know this isn't the greatest post to start off the week, i debated whether or not to post it. i've watched this trailer several times this morning with mixture of strange emotions.
; may contain disturbing subject matter. more people choose to end their lives at the than anywhere else in the world. offers glimpses into the darkest, and possibly most impenetrable corners of the human mind. The fates of the 24 people who died at the in 2004 are linked together by a 4 second fall

Sunday, October 22, 2006

friday means rap music

do you ever meet someone and judge them by their ipod? you might be at a bar, say, dinner at limon in sf, or downtown at august in ny and your date runs off to the bathroom. you think to yourself, "i like this girl. mom was a teacher, dad, a doctor. family has good money, and she has down-to-earth tastes. that's solid. she went to princeton but did a year volunteering overseas. hmmm, there is something going on here...but...what does she listen to?" then, you flip through the ipod and see if she is *clearly* the girl of your dreams. you click-wheel through. good stuff. mix of credible indie, and some majors--mf doom, peter, bjorn, and john, with some soulful van morrison and sam cooke. all the way around. good mix. she is a keeper...even if there is a stevie nicks track in there.

the homie's most pathetic track?
careless whisper, by george michael.

but i love you anyway. thanks for dinner. let's eat.

interview sunday 02 - NWA

watch eazy-e get his head straight.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

tenacious d movie trailer for your weekending pleasure

(thanks, .)

i wanna meet lupe fiasco

i think i have a man crush for lupe fiasco. i totally dig his down to earth nerdiness and of course his is super fresh. the guy still keeps it by updating his own page on and i must say i agree with , when he points out the "realness" of his photos.

check out his most recent music videos and enjoy my fav from the list up above.

Friday, October 20, 2006

all about smooth jazz

smooth jazz: easy to poke fun of but still a genuine musical genre. kimberly michelle of describes her growing interest in this style of music with recommendations on who to listen to to learn more. i think she's being sincere.

give it a shot: check out the dream by saxaphonist david sanborn. sounds a lot like being put on hold on the telephone. but don't get me wrong, i'm as big a lionel richie (on her list of artists) fan as they come...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

m.i.t. digital drawing board

this amazing design environment instantly models real world physical experiments. to quote , "the applications are unlimited". better just watch the demo, instead of trying to understand what i'm saying. thanks, franks.

another one of those wtf moments

what the hell is going on in of martha stewart?

seriously, the grossest daytime tv segment of all time: a group of babies dressed up as a full thanksgiving dinner. go to , scroll to the bottom, and watch the promo video.

i just saw the real thing and it's totally insane.

(thanks, dad.)

all peers

so there's this extension for the browser called . it's basically an embedded file sharing application. it lets you share certain folders with friends or whoever else you choose. i have it installed but don't know anyone else who does, so i haven't used it. why not install it, hit me up, and share stuff with me?

rodrigo y gabriela amoeba sf in-store appearance

if you liked that rodrigo y gabriela track as much as i did and you live in sf, check out amoeba on oct 26 (6pm) for a free in-store appearance. i'll see you there!


borat mp3s

has a nice post up about the borat songs being released with the movie. check em out. they're laffers. the title of the record alone will amuse the heck out of you: borat: stereophonic music listenings that have been origin in moving film 'borat: cultural learnings of america for make benefit glorious nation of kazakhstan. the is here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


a jazzy hip-hop record probably sounds snoozy to most of us by now. even though that's pretty much what has made, i'm feelin' it. it's uptempo and mostly instrumental. reminds me of shadow's earlier stuff or a band like .

listen to:
bonobo "on your marks" from days to come

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

another funny olde english vid

you may have seen the on youtube of the guy who takes one pic of himself everyday. it sucks. i don't know if it's fake or not. i do know that i don't care. this video does great job of making fun of it. it's by . i posted another vid of their's a while ago.

curtis vodka

this is one of my favorite tracks so far this year. it'll make you move and think about how wonderful marijuana is. check and which was recently released by .

listen to:
curtis vodka "mary jane"

the mundane

i know it is stupid, but i think that mundane works are pretty amazing. spent a while slapping together a bunch of clip art photos into a little short video. he also made a time lapse-y/slit scan-y piece that is pretty interesting called . no wheel reinvented, but kudos for spending the time.

Monday, October 16, 2006

cbgb, now just t-shirts and memories

cbgb's recent lease and eviction struggles have been well documented, and the nyt has a nice , yesterday night at the legendary nyc nightspot. as an added bonus, i finally found out what all those letters stand for.

aww, isn't that cute?

one of my fave moe moments.

f-f-f-f-friday was last week

the name "marathon" comes from the legend of pheidippides, a greek soldier who, according to legend, was sent from the town of marathon to athens to announce that the persians had been miraculously defeated in the battle of marathon. jon sublet would have been pissed to hear that news, let me tell you. turns out that this guy is running 50 marathons in 50 days ending at the ny marathon. he is an ultra marathoner and will do these ridiculous 100 mile races or all night runs. crazy. in an article i read, they asked him what his most memorable hallucinations were, from his long races. one of them was that he saw an authentic 1849 gold rush miner walking across the road in the middle of the night. i probably wouldn't run 100 miles to see that, but i would roll out and pay a few bucks to a shady homie to get something that would make me see some stuff like that. another part of the article talked about how, on a long run, he ate a full hawaiian pizza and a cheesecake. now, that sounds like it would be more my speed. maybe for the monday night football game tonight....

marathon, by dilated

Sunday, October 15, 2006

interview sunday 01 - mac dre

"everybody can't be a rapper"

see yourself in rainbow six vegas

with the you can map your own friggin face onto your character in the game (you can see it live at the 2:18 mark). ridick!

(via gizmodo)

hip hop weekly magazine

another in the evolution of hip hop to hit news stands tomorrow. thanks benzino and dave mays.
(this is me being snarky)

Friday, October 13, 2006

cassette generator is that heat!

makes more tapes than murs in 1998!

friday mini-mix: seven songs, five are embarrassing

this is a .zip file with seven songs i have been listening to a lot lately. i won't pretend that all of them are "good," but they are all "awesome." yes, even the fergie one. update: links to individual tracks added.

  • girls gone wild - ludacris (this is one of the most ridiculously great neptunes beats in a while. and ludacris kills it with some high-energy freshraps about his incredible success with the ladies.)

  • diddy rock - diddy f/ timbaland, twista & shawnna (if you would have told me in 1998 that i'd someday be talking about how much i liked a puff daddy song, i would have called you a very dirty name. but in the end, if timbaland produces your track, someone else writes your rhymes, and you get two good guest rappers to take the second and third verse, is it really your song anyway?)

  • fergalicious - fergie (sure to be a highly-controversial pick. but come on, this incorporates the funnest elements of songs by jj fad, afro-rican, and 2 live crew. you can't go wrong with that, even if your face looks like you pulled the skin of off kirstie alley's head and stretched parts of it out by mistake when trying to fit it over your own malformed skull.)

  • something about you (mr. oizo remix) - jamelia (just super slammingly hot. i wish mr. oizo would produce original tracks for pop rappers and r&b singers, instead of just doing remixes of them, because he always kills it. and this is no exception!)

  • that's that - snoop dogg f/ r. kelly (this is just classic snoop, with awesome lines like "nothin' on my chest but some ladies from the midwest." and though r. kelly is an absolutely yucky human being, he does bring a lot of flavor to the hook. i'm just surprised that people are still willing to work with him or even associate with him.)

  • mr. jones - mike jones (exellent remake of the counting crows hit. SIKE! i usually like mike jones, but i sorta hate his vocals on this track. it's also about a minute and a half too long. that said, the beat and the chorus are super great. i'd love to hear a version of this song that was three and a half minutes long and focused way more on the chorus.)

  • when you were young (jacques lu cont remix) - the killers (like the pixies covering bruce springsteen, then remixed by someone very, very tan and living in south beach. hooray for incredibly derivative music!)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

justin timberlake - my love video debut

enjoy. i know i am.

(thanks king of hoagies)

monks documentary

i posted about 60s garage rock pioneers a while ago. there's a about them coming out. rad. check the .

listen to the monks "monk time"

one of those wtf moments

something strange caught my eye on my commute home last night. here, i'll show you.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


the trailer for the upcoming film looks pretty great. a purposefully over-the-top funny horror film that embraces a low budget aesthetic. and it's a double feature! imdb describes it like this:

"two full length feature horror movies written by quentin tarantino & robert rodriguez put together as a two film features. including fake movie trailers in between both movies."

timelapse sunrise & sunset

two beautiful high-def timelapse videos by rhode island video artist eric anagnostis of the sun rising and setting in maine's

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

shittiest mixtape boombox video

heard about this a while back but never saw the vid. makes it even funnier.

(thanks, newagey.)


i'm enjoying this classic song. it feels right today. another indictment of reckless leaders. sadly, even though the song is from 1982, it couldn't be more appropriate for the times.

listen to:
subhumans "new age"

the best metallica cover i've ever heard

orion was my favorite metallica song--epic and complex, i learned just a bit on guitar. played a new version a couple nights ago, performed by , an ireland based acoustic guitar duo with roots in mexico city's metal scene. their cover is incredible, spanish-tinged but as fiery as the original. rodrigo y gabriela's self-titled album (recorded in bath, england) was released earlier this week; they perform a short west coast tour later this month.

listen here: orion (metallica cover by rodrigo y gabriela)

Monday, October 09, 2006

how to be a gothic lolita

yet another brilliant entry from my favorite how-to site: --a specific dressup/lifestyle popular in japan and becoming more popular elsewhere. chock full of good tips, and a couple important warnings:
Warning! Do not confuse any other forms of Japanese street fashion with GL. Punk, Decora, Goth and Ganguro are not Lolita! You will be seen as a fool if you make this mistake!
just in time for halloween, or anytime i suppose.

new dinosaur jr lp

wow. the original members of dinosaur jr have . how did i not know this!?! can't wait.
(via, cmj.)

the old stuff sounded like this:

dinosaur jr "in a jar"

let's have the next child...

homer enters a power plant design contest for children.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

friday means rap music

a's sweep! was anyone else hanging on that one just waiting for them to blow it? im an a's fan, don't get me wrong, but i was nervous. moneyball is like communism, or handjobs - good in potential, but not in practice. not everyone likes to eat the same 'ol beef stroganoff every night. sometimes i like steak a poivre, just like sometimes i like a big superstar hitter who sells a lot of jerseys and strikes fear in other player's hearts. frank thomas? yikes! that is like thinking you are going to get some minute rice and hamburger helper beef stroganoff, but instead getting the a poivre without asking!

so far, this playoff season has been a fun one and i just might start watching the championship series, as long as i don't get superstitious in thinking that me not watching had something to do with them winning. so maybe i will hang out, watch the departed, munch on a steak a poivre, do some pushups to get swoll, and wait for the winning scores to roll in. anyone excited that t.o. is back in philly this weekend? fight! fight! fight! all this jock talk makes me want to throw on some tights, a jersey, cleats, grab a cold gatorade fierce, and play sudoku all day!

sidewalks, by j-live and roy ayers. good stuff. good for a smile. for frank's sake, its saturday!

Friday, October 06, 2006

frank miller's 300 movie looks amazing

my advice is to right now.
(thanks pleaj)

ghost rider long trailer

finally saw this today but it still doesn't inspire me. looks like a modified version of daredevil. bleh.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

audio + propane + fire =

ruben's tube. which looks fairly nerdy in this setup, but when you play some tunes though it its amazing.

one sneakmover's interpretation of the foley scandal

from sneakmove dude juan johnson:
two girls reenact rep. (r-fla)'s im conversation with the underage congressional page. enjoy.

edison victrola's "BELIEVE Mix 06"

here's the full and complete BELIEVE Mix 06 by . new and old music all dj'd together into a fine piece of fun art. it's broken into individual tracks, so play 'em with no pause between to get that real mixed sound. a sneakmove exclusive!

download the mix here

1. "The Concept - Beat Down Mix (Unruly)" The Underground Trak Team
2. "Clap (Unreleased)" Edison Victrola
3. "Here It Is Featuring Time Machine (Glow-In-The-Dark)" Mekalek
4. "Hand Clap (Virgin)" Bossman
5. "These Are The Ghosts - 10" Undead Version (Astralwerks)" A Band Of Bees
6. "Guitar Boy (Philips)" Sir Victor Uwaifo
7. "Pink Floyd Live Bootleg Interlude (Wizardo)" Floyd Man, Floyd
8. "Tighten Up (Brown Label Bootleg)" Thee Midniters
9. "I Don't Think You Gonna Make It Featuring Marty Cash (Master Mind)" Precise And The Boys
10. "This Record Is Now Missing From My Collection And I Can't Remember The Song Title" Dom Um Romano
11. "...And More (Virgin/EMI)" CAN
12. "UV (Dis-Joint)" The Connoisseurs
13. "Feel So Good - Edison Victrola Remix (Unreleased)" Cinnamon
14. "Run - Believe Remix (Unreleased)" Ghostface
15. "Promise 2 Dance - Edison Victrola Rough Remix (Unreleased)" August Bodies
16. "Love's Coming Down Featuring Ron Hall (Master Mind)" Precise And The Boys
17. "Si La Vida Fuera Mia (Fontana)" Macho
18. "Creeper's Funkatrations (Stax)" The Mar-Keys
19. "Party Break Mix" Funkmaster Flex (Prod. Salaam Remi) & Masters At Work
20. "Rainbow Ride (Steed)" Andy Kim
21. "Feets And Hips - Version (Magnetic Fields)" The Sophistications
22. "Sitar Soul (Blue Thumb)" Phil Upchurch
23. "Em'ma (cellulOid)" Touré Kunda
24. "They Were Wrong (Capsoul)" The Four Mints

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

sneakmove's super hot new search engine

life after poincaré: a grigori perelman adventure

famous russian mathematician , who made big news recently for turning down the for his contributions toward solving the recently made a short movie chronicling his post-poincaré adventures.

check out perelman's to find out what the elusive mathematician's favorite band is.


this vid is an indian take on thriller. strange and wonderful. thanks to steph for telling us about it.

shaken and stirred

this morning whilst taking my morning constitutional, i read about a competition that are running with as promotion for new james bond movie the competition is to remix the famous 007 theme music, all of the multitracks and the full james bond theme are on the site for the five semi-finalists will be flown to nyc for a final head-to-head dj spin-off judged by an elite unit of celebrities. winner get a trip to las vegas and top-of-the-line DJ equipment.

i am still working on my version but i found this bjork cover of

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


people who work with video may be familiar with this thing called . it's in version 3, so it ain't new. it allows you to do a/v mixing. the terrible copy on their site reads, "VJamm3 is the world’s leading audiovisual instrument, the ultimate tool for sound and image mixing, the true 21st century artform, the new hip-hop." yikes.
i found a fun piece of vjamm work on youtube. it features legendary drummer bernard purdie.

Monday, October 02, 2006

robert downey jr is iron man

this it might actually be a good film.

in semi-related news, it appears that marvel studios has figured out the sequel to the fantastic four and the upcoming silver surfer flick.

(thanks, al dro.)

car wreck, the musical

the collision project is the collabotiation of artist gerhard marx and composer clare loveday, both lecturers at the . violin and cello pieces are attached at various point on the body panels when played with the string vibrations resonating through the mangled car. the show ended on the 29th, and i've been unable to find any video or audio--but there are more photos of the event on

your duty is clear...

start your week off right with this inspirational speech.

starbucks, the international epidemic

no secret that starbucks have become an unbiquitous sight in nearly every city--the "phenomenon" has been documented for many years. now thanks to the (not its intended purpose), we can see the epidemic from yet another angle. it includes international bookmarks that let you skip right over to whatever city you did your studies abroad in and see how american they're becoming. let's compare sf and madrid.

moving along quickly! (there were only three back in 2001).

(thanks, sizod.)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

chad vangaalen "red hot drops" video

yet another cvg post. i really enjoy this video. animated by the man himself. it starts slow and get really fantastic at around 0:45.

listen here

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