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Friday, September 30, 2005

another good video

the song is nice and for people who love crazily driven cars. has a "suvs are dumb" message somewhere in there, which i was happily agreeing with until the last scene as i looked closely at the car on the far right... anyway the band is phoenix foundation and its directed by reuben sutherland

lcd soundsystem: tribulations music video

creative representation of . i didn't think thats what this guy looked like. unless something better comes up quick, i'll call this the video of the week.

bared boobies for breast cancer

holy shit this is a wonderful, wonderful idea. generously gracious ladies send in their pictures for the charity. pervy philanthropists can peruse the clothed shots for free, but access to the naughty naked pix will cost you a $50 minimum donation. (work-safe link). god bless you, women of the world.


those party pics are lame and funny

we all love to laugh at those silly party pics pages but why waste your time sorting through them all when of the ten worst photos? the commentary is ruthless and hilarious.
(big thanks, matt k.)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

a star is born

tweedy's younger son is also in the commercial. i saw tweedy jump off stage and dance with the two lil guys at a concert in la this spring. if it's half as cute as that, give me some oatmeal.

d&d takes a swing at the rpg gaming world

and what a hilarious swing it is-one nerd calling another a loser. but hey is the d&d resurgence building steam? i think that's ben affleck!
"If you're going to sit in your basement pretending to be an elf, you should at least have some friends over to help."

click image to enlarge.

warner exec fires back at jobs and itunes-or does he?

grown men crying like babies, that's what i make of this. a top exec at warner yesterday threatens to in a response to last week's warning by steve jobs to record labels against raising download prices. supposedly the dudes at warner think that taking content out of the itunes store will sabotage ipod sales. there are .

i don't know if anyone cares

sweet new trend? could the new radicals be next?


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

$100 katrina donation lets you ask brian wilson any question on the phone

he'll call you up, plus he'll match the donation. god, there's a million questions that immediately come to mind. and donate away.
"For anyone who sends a donation of $100 or more, I will call you personally and answer a question you may have, or just say hello."

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

boards of canada in secret siblings shocker!!!

"It's not that big of a deal. If people don't ask about it then we don't bring it up. When we started releasing records we just wanted to avoid comparisons to Orbital."

watch the premiere of in its entirety and without commercials. where? at google, of course!

. fun times!



spider-man 3 movie villians confirmed

oops. kirsten dunst spilled the beans on : sandman (played by thomas hayden church) and venom (by topher grace). many say the venom saga is one of spiderman's best so this is good news. be patient, release date is may '07.

Monday, September 26, 2005

custom nike sneaks + sony psp = super custom nike psp has a short post from a few days ago about . someone please get more info! form over function people, and its damn hot. check out the for a gripload of their cool designs for your purchasing pleasure.

tenacious d movie site now erect

free fiona

the new entertainment weekly (my roommate subscribes) reveals that sony never shelved new album. she did, more or less. there's also no feud between the album's father, producer jon brion (kayne west, lots of white people), and step-father, producer mike elizando (dr. dre, other rappers). in fact, the three performed together last week at tenacious d's katrina relief concert and several times recently at largo in la.

free neighborhoodies for the winner!

btw, sufjan, having a xylophonist who is that hot is a definite sign that you are our savior.


ehow is bringing the heat with fresh new content

ehow's new wiki format goes way beyond "how to tell if a car is a lemon." for example: , for budding rappers. along the same lines: and :
The lyrics to a song are your own words. Rap about anything but remember to write to the beat and make sure that your 'flow' is not whack! Just make sure that the lyrics match or just associate with the name of the song.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

diy ipod nano case with urban camo option

** UPDATE--our new project! diy cut-and-fold paper iphone **

the new ipod nano is amazing but what a pity that cases are still unavailable.
amid reports of scratch-sensitive screens we propose a solution: take matters into your own hands and make your own nano case.

how it works:
1. download the nano template and print it out.
2. following instructions, cut on solid lines and fold on dotted ones.

and even better is to use the cutout as a guide to trace onto any other material. fold and tape. voila! (here's a secret: a packet of eclipse gum is nearly the perfect size--one less piece of packaging clogging up a landfill, and no one will know what you've really got in your pocket.)

you can probably do better, so feel free to tweak template (.ai illustrator vector format)-mix, modify, improve. send the files and pics (sneakmove at gmail) of your achievements and we'll put 'em online.

need an ipod? get one here and help support sneakmove... on

if this has been helpful to you and you've got some spare change laying around, feel free to donate a buck via paypal.


Friday, September 23, 2005

his name is skateboard p

phan art

check out pharrell's "can i have it like that?" featuring gwen stefani. it's from his upcoming solo album, from what i understand. hawt beat. not $2 million worth of hawtness, but hawt nonetheless. p definitely comes offbeat in an unintentional way at least once, but whatever -- i can't hate. i will play the ass off of this one. caveat: literally no reason for gwen to be on this. any woman in the world would have sufficed. but, again, whatever.

cool turntable: portable, durable and affordable

a must for those who can't bear to leave their vinyl behind on vacation: the $99 numark pt01. compact, battery powered, and . bring it record shopping, to flea markets and garage sales! it even has a small built in speaker, plus the line-level output gives you much flexibility with hooking it to current amps and stereos.

high school band plays dj shadow

A high school ensemble has performed some of DJ Shadow's work. It's impressive stuff from the youngsters, even when it falls out of time a bit. Really fun to hear these songs in a different context. This is and here's a . Be careful it's 67mb.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

if you love rap, and nintendo (meaning, you're a nerd) then this is for you

rapnerd has his mp3 album online for listening and remixing. his raps are exclusively about being online, p2p, nintendo, aim chatting. the perfect soundtrack for those videos of naked girls using their TI calculators. i liked the (primarily because of his rap name).

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

hassle the hoff = best rap name evah!

ice-t to produce
Ice-T, who was one of the first real hip-hop stars in the late 1980s, said: "The man is a legend. And we are going to show a whole new side of him."

what do you get when you cross bauhaus and frat dudes?

, brought to you by executive produver fred durst. listen to:

el rey del reggaetón

a great article in spanish about , who just played at madison square garden to start his tour. for the translation.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

steve jobs to music industry: watch it

speaking tuesday at a conference in paris, the brain behind itunes that raising music download prices would only cause an increase in piracy. i for one hope that they someday take a close look at wired's chris anderson's , especially which explains that lowering the price will result in higher sales and profits.

Monday, September 19, 2005

gwb circuit bending hijinks

fun project: . site includes a great write up with hot pics and awesome sound clips.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

that crazy space elevator might actually happen

in april 2003, wired magazine did a piece on a guy who rising 62,000 miles over the earth. a great story, for the year 3000. or not? , allowing tests to begin now.

sweet shoes and save the planet

. what more could you ask for?

Friday, September 16, 2005

itunes 5.0 headaches?

if you haven't upgraded into the new itunes 5.0, maybe wait a couple days. users have been experiencing. not sure if this is on both pc and mac, as it works flawlessly for me on mac os x. whatever it might be, they'll have a fix for it in a day or two.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

no video of the week this week

just too busy with the other stuff. but if there was to be one, it'd be . as usual with these guys, there's a delicate tapestry of instrumentation with soft vocal melodies weaved in as highlights. the video uses cool stick figure animation with a medieval theme to it. and to mix d&d with jypu and the dudley corporation (see last two posts), at the same jypu/d.c. show mentioned below, rob from pinback got on stage and rocked the last song with the d.c. guys using paul from jypu's guitar. it was crazy, i swear. enjoy.

sm faves jim yoshii pile-up at cmj tonight

cmj week in nyc has begun, and jypu with label mates the wrens and dudley corporation (who kicked serious ass at their sf gig a couple weekends ago). i doubt you can get tix this late, but send a note because a couple of us will be in town for the events.

also, are announced. similar but different than their summer tour.

celebrity poker? no, celebrity dungeons & dragons

last night i had a surprise conversation with an old friend that i used to play dungeons and dragons with when we were 13. turns out, he's still a huge d&d geek, and in our long overdue chat i felt the old dice-slinging excitement.
today, i read a post discussing the concept of . hot damn that would be amazing. imagine any combination of grown, serious actors and actresses, describing how their wizard-elf should be permitted to use psionics because its in the dm2 handbook.
[, ]

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

will someone please post a photo of this

michael jackson, who's weirdness is hardly newsworthy, wore to the waterpark. i need a pic so i can get my halloween costume ready in time.
The reclusive superstar, now based in the middle east, baffled onlookers at the Wild Wadi park, wearing a white lycra body suit that exposed just his nose and eyes.

google blog search

finally! . naturally, it works really well.

news ... for the next generation!

, a news service aimed at 18-34 year olds.
"We're pushing the envelope in terms of some of the things The A.P. has done, but we're maintaining A.P. values, not being biased, getting our facts right, being fair, giving people their say," [said Ted Anthony, editor of asap]. "But the fact is, some of what resonates the most with this audience is not necessarily traditional journalism, and so it will be a hybrid."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

kanye west, at last week's apple event

has an article about the ipod nano's development (intesting piece). but the best part is right at the top when it talks about kanye's performance at the announcement party. so embarrassing!'s 11 in the morning, and his audience is largely white and overwhelmingly nerdy. West rips through All Falls Down and Gold Digger, but he barely gets a head bob out of those people. When he raps, "If you aint no punk, holla 'We want prenup!,'" not a single, solitary soul hollas back.

disturbing: devo's "whip it," by minnesota 5th graders

its kinda adorable. its kinda upsetting. as these kids recreate the video for "whip it" without really understanding the subtext. i guess the school didn't either, sponsoring and hosting it on their website. but hey nice work guys!

Monday, September 12, 2005

godzilla: final wars

in japan they still make godzilla movies, but the recent poor showings in the us have all stateside distributors staying away the way i stay away from david schwimmer dramas. maybe someday you'll be able to see the 50th anniversary "finale" of the godzilla franchise, but for now, will have to suffice. true fans will love it; casual fans will see a cheap power rangers asthetic.
(wmv format, suckily--i use a program called to play wmv on quicktime and sidestep the shitty ms media app).


Sunday, September 11, 2005

sneakmove+lubo party pics are posted

we had a good time. can't you tell?

Friday, September 09, 2005

don't forget: lunchboxing and sneakmove present busdriver, postcoitus, and more this saturday

as noted on the lefthand sidebar, anyone in the san francisco area should definitely come by the rickshaw stop on saturday night--you'll hear sneakmove regulars dj'ing their pants off, videos and art installations by all our local and national faves, and busdriver and postcoitus, turning the bar into one wild dance party. get there early enough and you get a free sneakmove t-shirt! (hand made). .

best video of the week

in a week full of good videos, by electric six has had me continuously singing and laughing my head off. they're not for everyone, but if you want to get fired up for the weekend then put on your headphones, turn it up and submit yourself to their ridiculous disco/metal vibe.
(check out for other clips he's directed, including m.i.a.'s galang).

(thanks, blumby and steuby.)

aeon flux movie trailer

from mtv's "liquid television" short-lived animated series in the early 90's to the silver screen. although conceptually a better story than tomb raider, charlize theron surprisingly seems less graceful in this than angelina jolie in hers (plus i don't like that black hair on her). comparing the two will be undeniable. .


Thursday, September 08, 2005

long tail 101

as dj ray will tell you, i'm a complete male groupie for wired writers. chris anderson's theory "the long tail" AKA "" has helped make me seem smart in front of all kind of corporate thugs. if you don't know how the long tail kinda wags,

(thanks, rebecca.)

cool product, cheap joke

awesome idea: that you can stick to the wall and paint over. like a eunuch's crotch -- there's no bulge!

tv on the radio: special mp3 track about katrina

if there's one good thing that could come from the tragedy of katrina, it would be uniting the nation to demand more responsibility and accountabilty in our actions and deeds. , posting a new mp3 for us to download and contemplate.

(thanks, bomarr.)

wsj's mossberg reviews the ipod nano

i'm afraid i'd sit on it or get hungry and eat it like a $250 saltine cracker, but walter mossberg gives it , even dropping it from 3 feet multiple times to test its durability. dare you to do that with yours!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

. put it on and all of a sudden your life will seem way more intense.




Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the perfect $500 gift for your favorite ipod lover

how great would it be to have a small tube amp to warm up the sound of all these sterile mp3 files? unfortunately its impossible to find something small. and modern? forget it. the connectors and plugs we use today weren't in existence when tubes were standard. apparently someone else felt the same way--check out . 1 watt of tube power (which measures differently than solid state), enough to drive some desktop speakers for a clean, alive sound signal. designed to work great with your ipod, and apparently it'll make your old vinyl records sound unbelievable.

johnny cash movie looks good!

more movie trailers to keep you entertained. with joaquin phoenix and reese witherspoon. comes out mid-nov. maybe the first film by reese w. that isn't irritating to me.

(thanks, blum-blum.)

the pharcyde used to be the shit.

the pharcyde, as they used to be

fatlip's solo album is finally coming out in the next month or two. i wonder what the hell took so long. shit, i remember hearing about a release date for it as far back as 1999! i got an advance copy, and while it's not amazing, it's not at all bad either. a sucky thing about it is that anyone who really cares about fatlip will probably already have heard several of the songs, since they've appeared on singles and as leaked demos in various forms over the years. oh well.

listening to the album (which was originally called revenge of the nerd but has been retitled the loneliest punk) got me thinking about how much i used to LOVE the pharcyde. i mean i used to play my bizarre ride tape over and over and over in my janky fake walkman for like two years. i liked labcabcalifornia too (especially the first single, "runnin") when it came out, but overall it kinda lacked the cohesion of the first album -- i'm pretty sure that's a result of the group using several producers instead of just j-swift. later, after fatlip got the boot for smoking crack and slimkid bailed to record singy songs about floating among the cosmos or whateverthefuck, i pretty much stopped paying attention to the pharcyde. sad days for sure.

anyway, all that is a longish way of introducing one of my favorite remixes from bizarre ride: "passin' me by (fly as pie mix)." it's got a super cool loungey feel to it and bootie brown just killllls it vocally, doing some sort of smart-ass mock-sinatra thing.

oh yeah, one pharcyde remix i've been trying to find for a while is the baka boyz version of "ya mama." it was rejected by the pharcyde's label for some reason, so it was never officially released, but being that the baka boyz were dj's on power 106 in la, they played it on-air once in a while. it had the same lyrics as the original but a totally new vocal take, just like the mix i posted above. if you have a copy of the baka boyz remix or know anything about it, please let me know. thanks.

Monday, September 05, 2005

this makes me feel like i'm in spain again

check out the splash page for . its like watching a commercial on spanish tv! (make sure you have the sound on). she's a true gay icon no matter what country you live in.

new Boards of Canada song

has a new Boards of Canada song for paid download or free preview. The forthcoming album is called "The Campfire Headphase".

Sunday, September 04, 2005

so naughty!

brazilian girls

the genius of brazilian girls' "pussy" is that it sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to a disney movie -- i can totally picture sebastian from the little mermaid getting his calypso-lite on to this. but this ain't no kids' jawn! it's for grown folks ONLY. play this at your next naughty party and watch your naughty partiers go bozo.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Friday, September 02, 2005

and are doing a nice job reporting the disconnect between official reaction and the situation on the ground in new orleans

"You don't appreciate how powerful this stuff is until you stand a mile away and can't see the transmitter -- but can hear every word in a Queen song," said Cmdr. Sid Heal, who heads the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department technology exploration program.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

nyt times free-online membership required (not just for this link, but for living).

would've been a great way to convert more ballet fans

the latvian national opera's rendition of cinderella was unfortunately cancelled after just two shows, due to not getting permission from the original writer's estate. the part they probably didn't like? that they changed the new version's setting to .
It set the story in a brothel, with Cinderella working as a maid, her step-sisters as call girls and her stepmother as the brothel madam.

handy gmail hack

Gmail will allow you to have . All you have to do is use a plus symbol like so...

listen here

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