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    débruit: to nartik kef (cd)

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    sneakmove minicomp 1

    an instant classic, and it's almost sold out. a very limited edition 7inch compilation featuring: odd nosdam, dat politics, languis, casiotone for the painfully alone, baby dayliner, restiform bodies, blevin blectum and more. once they're gone they're gone for good!

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    mmc and more at terrorbird one-year anniversary 111 minna, san francisco

    busdriver/postcoitus photos rickshaw stop, san francisco

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

replica mj "beat it jacket" sweatshirt

screen printed on american apparel track jacket. a lil pricey but then again, so is american apparel in general. check it .

shins debut at number 2 on billboard

the shins sold almost 120,000 copies of their new album this week -- and nearly 40,000 of those were digital sales. pretty unprecedented numbers.

awesome full detail map of springfield

simpsons fans get out your .

(more cool info on their )

aqua teen promo shuts down boston

Nine blinking electronic devices planted at bridges and other spots in Boston threw a scare into the city Wednesday in what turned out to be a marketing campaign for a late-night cable cartoon. At least one of the devices depicts a character giving the finger.

Highways, bridges and a section of the Charles River were shut down and bomb squads were sent in before authorities declared the devices were harmless.

"It's a hoax – and it's not funny," said Gov. Deval Patrick.

Turner Broadcasting, parent company of Cartoon Network, said the devices were part of a promotion for the TV show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

umm, by the way, these things do not look the slightest bit like bombs. also, they'd already been up around the city for a few weeks.

interactive mini cooper billboards

if you live in the bay area, you've probably seen the mini cooper billboard right before you get on the bay bridge eastbound. it's a digital display with alternating catchphrases. a mildy interesting ad. then i saw , which explains that the display changes based on the proximity of certain mini drivers. apparently the mini driver has a sensor in the car which directs the billboard to display their message. that's highly technical!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

synthface show this thursday in sf

sneakmove buddies are performing again at on thursday, feb 1.
were you at their last show? if not, you missed a super fun time. this one promises to be similar except with more new songs and even more energy. and they're handsome. check it out. they go on around 11pm.

Monday, January 29, 2007

scott ian sucks at guitar hero - playing his own song!

for all you anthrax fans: kotaku has a great vid of at best buy. and sucking at it.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

interview sunday 14 - spinto band

Friday, January 26, 2007

the winner is...

quick recap: we posted a challenge to mix the iphone ringtone into a fresh beat. winner gets a bundle of sneakmove goodies.

there were so many rad mp3s sent in, and picking a winner has not been easy. but a contest is a contest so lets get to it. the winner of sneakmove's iphone ringtone beat challenge is...
(madison, wi) "1987 heavy marimba"
zephyr sent in five (!) entries and sweetly thanked us for helping him break out of a bit of a writer's block. get that myspace page done up zeph, people gotta hear more of your work. congrats, and thanks!


we're seriously addicted to getting these mixes (each one set off a flurry of emails between all us sneakmovers), so we'll post them if you want to send more in, even with the contest wrapped up. check out all the goodness so far:
• () (sweden) iphony

• (seattle) iphone beat w/aesop rock

• (netherlands) d'n'b iphone beat

• (madison, wi) 1987 heavy marimba
• zephyr too much mash
• zephyr jupiter bumps
• zephyr clinky childhood rhythms
• zephyr 7-pixel donkey kong barrel flying into steve jobs ear

• (japan/michigan) i called you

• mike b aka turnhandle ritual ringtone
and the ineligible but fun ones by us sneakmove dudes
• quarby quarbz' iphone ringtone remix

• bomarr bomarr's ringtone beat

• gary tijuana iphone mania mix

• m.c. blastypants and the old fashioned space future crew quarterbar's iphone ringtone beat (stoylish's "very serious about reggae" remix)

we've made many new friends who all have very cool stories and tons of talent. keep us filled in on all your projects so we can help get the word out.

friday means rap music

so much in the world today to talk about, and when you are in washington dc, aka dodge city, and the nationals aren't in town guess what the topic is? you got it, the presidential election. i'm not talking about two , nas and jay-z, i'm talking about hillary rodham "i've still got $12mil in the war chest from the senate race, and i just want to start a conversation with the people" clinton. despite the $$ and her attempt at launching a , it's about the last name. i'm not sold on her blog and pod route, but at this point, she has a better awarness amongst the older black population, and arguably younger, as well, but senator obama is the great light hype, and there are 21 months until the big day in November. as for backhandedly launching a campaign, senator hagel this week , and that will stand as a much better buzz tool than hillary's cheesy pleas. tucker carlson was literally spooging spasmodically on msnbc. so february will be interesting. shortest month of the year, it is dedicated to black history, and you wonder if obama's camp has something up their sleeves. maybe blasting syl johnson's "is it because i'm black." johnson's daughter shares many of the same letters in her name, syleena, and you know her from "all falls down", by kanye, where she is heard belting out the hook. anyway, anyone want to make a bet on how november '08 is going to pan out?

by syl johnson. amazing song. listen for the, "if you're half-white, light brown skinned, or a high yellow, you're still black!" the record was a 1970 movement towards black unity.

by the wu tang clan. also an amazing song, for all together different reasons.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

scott walker documentary

there's a documentary about pop singer/artsy crooner/minimalist composer called . accurately described as "long-overdue", the film debuts in europe in the next few weeks. although the web site doesn't make it clear how u.s. folks can see the film, i'm sure it'll make the rounds at indie movie houses and good dvd rental places. the looks amazing. check this track from mr walker's recent album, drift.

scott walker "cossacks are"

make your own optimus prime

Ok its no and i didn't make it. but until you find what you did with your original or until the movie comes out, this should give you something to play with.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

iphone beat making challenge-current frontrunners

UPDATE--the winner is announced!

the amount of beatmakers on sneakmove is surprising--the entries we've gotten are all damn impressive. in addition to bomarr's and quarterbar's, here are our current frontrunners. still over 24 hours remaining (deadline is jan 25, 11:59pm pst) so get yours in!

iphony iphone mix by chesters kitchen (sweden)

iphone aesop rock remix by ster (seattle)

d'n'b iphone beat by martin (netherlands)

heavy marimba iphone remix by zephyr (madison, wi)

great review of sm's rock drum breaks cd in xlr8r

we made it! a fantastic review of our rock drum breaks cd (listen to a sample of it here) in 's current issue. anyone that likes hot new music would be well advised to , at the least for the monthly cd compilation they send out...

(click to enlarge)
After printing up dope-ass Steven Colbert t-shirts and putting out 7-inches by Restiform Bodies and the like, the guys from blog/label bring you Rock Drum Breaks, a pretty self-explanatory selection of 21 obscure breakbeats. Clocking in at a total of 42 minutes, each break comes with a BPM value for detailed beat-matching. Are you (or anyone else, for that matter) gonna recognize any of these beats? Hell no. Will the creators of said beats care? Probably not. These beats were all culled from the Sneakmove guys' garage-sale finds, but they've been skillfully harvested for maximum DJ use, perfectly looped into two-minute samples, nicely mastered, and near impossible to pin to any well-known drummer or track. A hilarious, Heavy Metal Parking Lot-esque listen for non-DJs, but a hot tool for producers and scratch masters. Derek Grey
(thanks, xlr8r.)

disco d, r.i.p.

rest in peace. your accomplishments were impressive and there are a lot of people who will make sure that your creativity and energy live on.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

best animated gif of the week

i'm not sure but i think the text translates to "" -- we love you too,

quite a few other awesome sneakmove paper iphone photos floating around--i'll try and post some real soon.

the altmann d.i.y. turntable and tonearm

inventor shows you how to build your own turntable and tonearm out of wood, harley davidson parts, wires, some other stuff, and good old-fashioned german ingenuity.

Check it out .

(thanks, brick.)

"poolside chats" with neil hamburger

for the past few months, 's been doing a live video interview/call-in show for . the show is called and it's predictably hilarious and great. episodes have featured bonnie prince billy, kyle gass, and king buzzo.

you can watch all of the "poolside chats" episodes . or check out a short clip from the most recent episode, featuring , below.

junk mail, the paper kind.

yesterday when came home and pick up the mail all 11 pieces were junk, all went straight in the recycle bin. they have the for your telephone, is there one for unwanted postal mail? yes there is, these are the two of the best that i found. both claim to reduce junk mail by around 90%.
offer 3 levels of payment $3/month + credit card fees, $36/year or $360 lifetime membership. They will also plant a tree on your behalf ever month.
is a little simpler. for $41.00 it covers your entire household for 5 years, in addition half the profits from each sale go to not for profit organizations such as environmental organizations, local schools and youth groups.
i'm still undecided myself as to which company to use, but i definitely want to put an end to all the junk mail that is coming to my house.

Monday, January 22, 2007

horse head, the new beret?

attention throw away your beanies, truckers hats and berets, the new ironic head wear is here. the horses head is what its all about, i'm hoping the look is call "the dobbin". (only uk sneakmovers will get that reference, its from an old kid show called )

love song to apple

a nerdy version of song you're beautiful. i feel her pain.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

interview sunday 13 - leonard cohen

Friday, January 19, 2007

friday means rap music

ok, i thought that the silver surfer was a good guy? is there a comic book nerd here who can help me out? fantastic four uno was fairly bad. it looked like it was shot on beta and had the quality of an old nfl films clip reel. reed richards came across like a pervy (and not in a good way) professor and jessica alba's were under-utilized. michael chiklis shouldn't have pushed back the filming of the shield for numero dos, either. but, i don't run a studio and my professional opinion is derived from roaming around on the net, actually, like a pervy professor digging for pictures of j.alba.

segue, segue, segue...some rap super heroes, the living legends crew f. slug - nothing less. we are the dreamers of the dream.....

the iphone ringtone beat-making challenge

it's on!

as reported yesterday on our , one ingenious mac fan digitally extracted the sound of steve job's iphone ringtone from the macworld keynote and posted it as an mp3. the sound is truly a work of musical magic.

sneakmove loves this stuff, and we love to make our own music, and we know you do too, so we're proud to announce the sneakmove iphone beat-making challenge.

what to do:
• download the iphone ringtone mp3
• mix it up into a killer beat
• email us the mp3 ( by next thursday (jan 25) at midnight pst.

we'll announce the winner on friday jan 26.
the best one will get a grab-bag of sneakmove goodies.
the best three will get posted and pimped heavily on sneakmove.

i know that our elusive mixwizard pal quarterbar is putting one together that we'll post over the weekend, and with luck we'll have one up from bomarr too (he's barred from entering because this whole thing is actually his idea)...

UPDATE: got a few great entries so far, including bangers from johan (chesters kitchen) in sweden and martin in netherlands, plus this jammer from quarterbar. send yours in soon too.

UPDATE TWO: here ya go: bomarr's iphone remix. we've gotten some really good ones so far. here are the current frontrunners.

UPDATE THREE: the winner has been announced, plus full entrants listings.

choose your own adventure on your ipod

remember those choose your own adventure books? perhaps you weren't nerdy enough. well now you can disguise your nerdiness and download them onto your . the is available for free on . enjoy.

jon reep comedy explosion tonight and tomorrow near sf

close friend and comic genius performs in fairfield california (a quick 48 mile jaunt from san francisco, but well worth it). you might recognize him from the , or perhaps his work on the . if you can make it, bring a spare set of undies, because you'll pee your pants for sure.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

balcony and the art of spoof-seeding napster

i've often considered writing an article or an extendy-ish blog post about bands that i found about on napster back in the good old "real napster" days as a result of spoof-seeding (i.e. acts who put up their songs online under incorrect (aka famous) artist names to attract downloads). that was a pretty sneaky tactic!!! i remember downloading tons o' mp3s by rappers who posted their tracks up as being by eminem or notorious b.i.g. and then you'd play the track and you were all like "um, more like SHITminem or notorious S.H.I.T.".

but i actually also found a few gems as a result of this particular brand of electronical wool-over-the-eyes pulling. prolly the most notable example is "jobriath" by , a singer/songwriter with a flair for the melodramatic (and the mellotron!) who posted his music on napster under names like david bowie, scott walker, and nick cave (i even once saw one of his tracks come back in a search result as a collaboration between all three AND elliott smith -- holy lordy, that woulda been either the best or lamest song of all time).

it could have been really annoying to think i was getting some super rare '60s scott song only to find that it was a track by some contemporary no-name, but instead, i was quite pleased to come across "jobriath," because it's a great, great song that draws from the best parts of '60s "wall of sound" pop, '70s glam rock, and '80s britpop. if it had a dj shadow-y stutterdrum element to it, it might have literally made the 2000 version of me cry with sheer delight.

so, props to you, balcony, for having the brains and entreprenurial dishonesty to trick me with your digital awesomery!

balcony - "jobriath"

fyi: spinderella's not a fella

an under-appreciated jam from salt 'n' pepa's early days is . let's appreciate it now. go!

salt 'n' pepa "spinderella's not a fella (but a girl dj)"

best lyric in the song: "she's the itch lord on the mix board"
worst lyric: "she's hard as a man, too sexy for a dyke"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

high-five your way to fame

awesome blog is having a hilarious . the idea is simple, post a picture of you high-fiving someone. a winner will be chosen soon. the prize isn't listed, but i'm sure some of you sneakmovers can come up with some pretty creative ones. good luck!
(while you're at it, check out tsoya's great )

nike+ipod sport kit connection problem and diagnosis

after a few weeks of fun, the receiver stopped connecting to my nano. apple's genius bar was unable to diagnose it beyond testing my unit on their nano (which worked) and their unit on my nano (didn't work). they told me that it's my nano, but since my nano is out of warranty, they couldn't do anything further.

and then, while attempting to reset, the n+i menu appeared on my screen. further investigating revealed that by squeezing hard on the base of the nano where the receiver plugs in, the n+i receiver would connect and function. release pressure and it would stop. my suspicion is that the contacts are not connecting well. the apple store demo unit seemed to work better at this than mine, possibly because mine has been used more (inserted and removed regularly for a few weeks). unfortunately, the kit still still does not function under normal circumstances.

there are posts online that others have experienced a
with their units. i suggest trying the squeeze diagnosis and letting us know if you have the same results. if so, i believe it is up to apple to fix a poorly designed product...

(click each for closeup view of the dock connectors)

police reunion

holy gosh. are flying about a possible reunion of sting, andy summers, and stewart copeland. . i really hope it happens. let's listen to a song or two.

the police "so lonely"
the police "wrapped around your finger"

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

plenty of downloadable drum'n'bass sets

if you're a fan of dnb or maybe just want to prepare yourself for a vacation in berlin, you might enjoy this site: is a search engine like Google or Yahoo which looks through the below listed boards for independent DJ-sets and mixes.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

interview sunday 12 - feist

banksy gives away high-res jpgs to curb bootlegging

gotta love a guy who's not afraid to (especially considering everything at his september was priced around $100k or more). apparently bootleggers were selling high res shots of his stuff on ebay. however, and perhaps intentionally, all of the high-res image links are broken. perhaps banksy has pulled a fast one yet again. UPDATED: the banksy store is functioning properly now, and all the high-res files seem to be available.
Serving suggestion:
Prints look best when done on gloss paper using the company printer ink when everyone else is at lunch.

Friday, January 12, 2007

friday means rap music

"i see you got fat"
"i see you still look like a 15 year-old girl but not hot"
"pour some sugar on me" by def leppard
will ferrel's new "blades of glory"

, by the delfonics
, by curtis blow
, by nasty nas aka nas escobar aka nasir ben olu dara jones son of a ups worker and a jazz musician aka got some dental work done as soon as i landed some loot aka nas.

for those of you who dig fat comics, pseudo homosexuality, ice skating, r&b, classic hip hop, and east coast 90s rap, this is the post for you!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

fat joe feat. lil wayne "make it rain" remix

when you got lil wayne on your hook, it's hard to not have a great song. fat joe has exploited this fact to great effect. it was good already, but "make it rain" recently got an extra dancey makeover from our mysterious friend . check it!

fat joe feat. lil wayne "make it rain (quarterbar remix)"

the for the song is pretty entertaining too. lots of flying money.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

diy: cut and fold paper iphone

apple's (announced yesterday) will truly be a world changing device. i expect these will be more prevalent than the ipod itself. but who can wait until june? not me. using the images and information on apple's website i've made my own for the time being, and so can you. cool? sure feels like it!

**here's the pdf layout and instruction sheet to cut and fold your own iphone (pdf)**

as usual, we're posting an illustrator-editable version (pdf, 1.1mb) if you want to make changes/improvements. send them our way and we'll share with everyone.

if you like these projects, subscribe to our

(click any image to enlarge)

check these adorable cuties who made an animated gif of themselves holding our paper iphone!

two other sneakmove ipod projects:
• cool contest! iphone ringtone beat-making challenge. (UPDATE: here are the winners -- some great mixes made!)

• diy cut-and-fold ipod nano case.

800 hip-hop classics in 40 minutes

a dj named has made a crazy hip-hop retrospective mix consisting of 800 songs. the songs appear chronologically in the mix in order of release. you can grab it from the .

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

man vs wild -- the new "best show ever"

discovery channel's new show , starring british special forces alum , is easily the best program on television. watch as he jumps from a plane into the most inhospitable places on earth (deserted island, rainforest, utah's vast canyons, etc) and spends a few days using just his survival skills to make it back to civilization.

if you haven't caught it yet, here's two ways to start catching up.

• torrent link to the episode where he has to conquer the crevasses of a large glacier and navigate a bay full of ice flows in a leaky old boat.

• snippet of the "european alps" episode where bear g. catches and eats a raw fish straight from a frozen lake:

Monday, January 08, 2007

bowie turns sixty

to mark the occasion the has such as fact #24 "bowie was hit in the eye by a lollipop while on stage in oslo, norway in 2004".

embedded projector technology is here

recently i joked with quarby about how i'll someday embarrass my (currently 6 year old) nephew by showing his girlfriends in highschool old videos of him running around naked. i speculated that i'd just point my "pocket media device" towards a wall and beam the video out for us to all watch and laugh. we figured it'd be 10 years for this to be created.

we were wrong. it was only 10 months.

engadget reports from ces about . still in development, but wow.

the office's new t1 connection is here

strange, i thought the hookup would be much more substantial.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

the ultimate warrior: total nutjob

the ultimate warrior was the coolest professional wrestler ever. was.

documents behind-the-scenes and post-wrestling tidbits that show a side that's hard to like. from the post-steroid scandal "muscle suit" he had to wear, to the theories that he was portrayed by a different person halfway through his career (which i still believe), to legally changing his name to "warrior," to his new role as a conservative speaker who has denounced homosexuality, to his ebay auction business where he has rambling retorts to antagonistic messages, to the that culminated with him inexplicably traveling to the north pole and .

he used to be the best. now he's the worst.

Friday, January 05, 2007

friday means rap music

i found myself with an album that made me wish that i could trade my super small nano--a bastion of technology at its 2006 finest--for a big clonky rca victor record player to capture all the analog pops and hisses, guitar strum sounds, and bow pulls across catgut strings. the album: astral weeks by van morrison. we have all heard it at some point, but took really listening to the arrangements on recommend from , when i heard that it was mostly a live-session-created album over three days, with very loose arrangements that depended not on any sort of lead sheet or format, but morrison sitting, strumming away, and singing, while the session players, led by richard davis on bass, (who has played with sarah vaughn, miles davis, eric dolphy, igor stravinsky, and others) captured a feel and rode along with the melody. the lyrics and guitar were allegedly performed in an audio booth detached from the intimacy of the improvisation and therefore seem to let out waves of compressed imagery, and morrison's personal emotions of stress, hope, and fear. consequently, that setup allowed the same relase by the band, whose range of sounds span jazz, classical, r&b, soul, and folk. with no real guidance from morrison other than an acoustic melody and vocal track, the musicians stretched out and played their own fitting melodies. wrote of it in 1979, "it assumed at the time the quality of a beacon, a light on the far shores of the murk; what's more, it was proof that there was something left to express artistically besides nihilism and destruction."

a song from a man from belfast. title track from van morrison's astral weeks. "if i ventured in the slipstream/between the viaducts of your dream"

and to keep it real, a song from a man from oxnard. smile a 'lil bit feat posdnuos, from oh no's album. i could write a heap about this one, but i will save that for later.

world record dunk

this video is a joy to watch. super long distance slam dunk with a trampoline.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

courtney love's 2007 new years resolutions

surprise--she's still nuts.
make any amends that are left to make.
do not allow myself to be a doormat in relationships ever again

no more surgery for any reason other than medical until i really need it in my 60s
and last b it def not least

el cucuy arrested; busta rhymes turns himself in

two unrelated stories of celebrities in legal trouble:

el cucuy (de la mañana) (this one's for our pal jamie) (via la times, with embedded video).

busta rhymes turns himself in for after being asked for back pay.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

my dad went to high school with arthur lee

did an article about and their singer arthur lee recently. lee died last year, so it was a fitting time for a retrospective. there was a pic of lee wearing a high school basketball jersey. it was the same school my dad went to, so i asked him if he remembered someone named arthur lee. he said, "yeah. sure. i think he ran track." dad grabbed some yearbooks and we found a couple pics. no track pics, but there were a couple from the b-ball team. end of story. a good excuse to post a love song.

listen to:
love "be thankful for what you got"

go dad!

some pages i'm enjoying this morning

• sting talks about a this summer in the uk.

• list of the . i'm proud to have been in the presence of kenny burrell back in my college days.

• crazy guitarist zack kim playing the simultaneously.

• silly blog post and video of with info on where to go, etc.

• world's most . some look like deep sea creatures. cheapest on the list is $100k.

• recap of a dude in 1970. interesting how coddled they were by their management.

• jessica simpson is ???

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new air record coming in march

you may be aware that pocket symphony, a new record from the french band , is on the way. once again it's a great collection of atmospheric, analog synth-driven melodies. we've heard it and it's good. in the interest of not giving away a pre-release track, we thought it might be preferable to post a "mash-up" instead. this way you can get an idea of how fresh the record is while retaining the need to buy it. the air track is called "napalm love"and the other track is a 2-bar loop of "hypocrite" by . not so much of a mash-up as just putting a funky beat behind the air song.

listen to:
air "napalm love" vs. antibalas "hypocrite"

listen here

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