Wednesday, January 24, 2007

great review of sm's rock drum breaks cd in xlr8r

we made it! a fantastic review of our rock drum breaks cd (listen to a sample of it here) in 's current issue. anyone that likes hot new music would be well advised to , at the least for the monthly cd compilation they send out...

(click to enlarge)
After printing up dope-ass Steven Colbert t-shirts and putting out 7-inches by Restiform Bodies and the like, the guys from blog/label bring you Rock Drum Breaks, a pretty self-explanatory selection of 21 obscure breakbeats. Clocking in at a total of 42 minutes, each break comes with a BPM value for detailed beat-matching. Are you (or anyone else, for that matter) gonna recognize any of these beats? Hell no. Will the creators of said beats care? Probably not. These beats were all culled from the Sneakmove guys' garage-sale finds, but they've been skillfully harvested for maximum DJ use, perfectly looped into two-minute samples, nicely mastered, and near impossible to pin to any well-known drummer or track. A hilarious, Heavy Metal Parking Lot-esque listen for non-DJs, but a hot tool for producers and scratch masters. Derek Grey
(thanks, xlr8r.)


Blogger  said...

this is frickin' dooooooopppppe.

1/24/2007 06:18:00 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's me with the moustache! Where's my royalty check?

1/24/2007 06:39:00 PM

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