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Monday, March 31, 2008


upload up to 12 songs and share a mixtape at . i like the super simple interface. there are no real features except upload and play. an embed feature would be a good addition. kinda weird that there's an rss feed. i guess the thought is that you're supposed to delete songs and add more, though they don't really tell you that. check out super guy .

Sunday, March 30, 2008

segway inventer creates functioning robotic arm like luke skywalker's

dean kamen, who made his fortune with medical inventions before fiddling with transportation, is close to making one of the coolest, if not just useful, innovations for amputees.

Friday, March 28, 2008

photoshop video tutorial - best of

i find that one of the best ways to learn is watching an expert, and with that approach comes this great site on mastering photoshop: .

there are more than enough videos in this collection to keep you busy for quite some time, so better get started asap.

(thanks, pvp.)

drum playing, sampling robot

the latest in a long line of coolest things ever is this drum playing robot. it searches around for objects to play, checks for a good sound, plays drums on the object, samples and play back what it just did, and then plays along with itself. wow.
(from, .)


i can't get enough of this song. lots of pleasantly sloppy harmonized guitar. a gorgeous pop song.
evangelicals "skeleton man"
click to get the record.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

cool gmaps streetview trick: rotate with arrow keys and more

and, it even works on the embedded streetview map images (just click once on the image below to test it out).

but wait--it gets better!

the up and down arrow keys move you up and down the street. you can also use the "a" and "d" key to swivel the camera around, and for a real treat, try the "w" and (especially) "s" keys -- now that's something i never expected!

christopher willits midi guitar tutorial

i very much enjoyed this video by electronic musician . he shows off some of his gear and describes how one might use a midi guitar pickup in conjunction with . very dope.

don't sleep on willits collaboration "i would leave".

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

photoshop express: adobe's online image editor/flickr competitor

... an interesting new move from the leader in digital image processing: make a web version of photoshop and adding an online gallery space (up to 2gb free) for users.

i've been searching for something that's halfway between and for a while now, and hopefully this is it. unfortunately, my attempts to test it out are currently being met with pages that won't finish loading. probably too many others trying to do the same thing.

the fader's f2 debuts w/ new disco

today, the good people at the fader debuted "f2," a quarterly digital supplement highlighting the ways that classic genres of music are being reinterpreted by new artists.

the premiere issue was written by yours truly and edited by the homie eric ducker. it's focused on "new disco" and features pieces on sally shapiro, cut copy, jokers of the scene, boys noize, sudden death, and invisible conga people.

download a pdf of "f2" and check out a track from the very-awesome invisible conga people below.

invisible conga people - "weird pains"

world's greatest diy ableton live controller

: it's better than anything i've ever seen for sale.

video game console buttons, controls from what might have been a 1980s 747 airplane, scrollwheel, in an aluminum and wood housing. you'd have any party jumping out of their chairs with this thing.

(via and )

add thumbnail images to craigslist with this great extension

firefox users (that means just about everyone) will benefit greatly from this firefox extension that lets craigslist users . it works frighteningly well--i just spent an hour doing meaningless searches with utmost satisfaction.

(via )

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

doug e fresh is a scientologist?

and you may or may not have known about.

Monday, March 24, 2008

codename: snake eyes

paramount pictures just released two new pics of what is gonna look like. pretty cool. played by ray park, best known for his role as mr. d in the 2005 blockbuster , snake eyes is bound to make quick work of his blood brother , that wussie.

diy audio flash trigger

make magazine's blog has a quick piece about making your own . use it to capture high-speed moments with uncanny precision.

live ascii cam is awesomely fun

check out this fun webpage that lets you use your built-in (or usb/firewire) webcam to .

first person to make a music video with it gets posted on sneakmove.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tim & eric for absolut vodka

i'm enjoying this spot featuring .

Thursday, March 13, 2008

new hulk trailer; also, lost boys - the tribe

my thoughts on : after supposedly replacing the entire production team, cast, and crew of the previous hulk movie, it still looks similar enough to keep me from seeing it in the theater.

but when you check it out, let the following movie trailer auto load (or go ) - lost boys - the tribe. put corey feldman in it all you want, but you've still got something that looks worse than a low budget episode of buffy spinoff .

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

flickrvision - live view of photos as they upload

: fascinating site that will never be the same it is the moment you're watching.

Monday, March 10, 2008

pitchfork musicfest '08 lineup announced

looking forward to hopefully attending this show again--the past two years have been a ton of fun. this year should be the same, with a special friday night performance by public enemy doing , plus personal faves -- also, made the bill!

happening at chickago's union park, july 18-20. check out their .

paul sells beatles catalog to itunes for $400m

an agreement was finally reached to put the beatle's catalog out digitally, netting paul (and ringo plus a few others) a .

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

jazz diet pepsi, combining viral marketing and first person soft porn?

over the weekend and through today, sneakmove has been getting a batch of hits to our snake on a plane voicemail post, originating from the site , and it's got us confused...

exploring the jazz diet pepsi page, i became even more confused. what is it? what is this webpage? why would anyone visit it? with some loungy jazz that reminds me of the vodka bars in madrid back in 2002, and an interactive first-person "jazz moment" video piece that is reminiscent of failed (the girl seems poised to take her shirt off at any moment, and the guy is as perfect *aka gay* as any girl could dream for), i'm completely stumped on how in the world there could be a link from this page to sneakmove.

quarby suggested that it might be an elaborate viral marketing scheme designed to appeal to all blogger's self-satisfying desire to check webstats and referrals. i've already sent this link to a few people and am now posting about it, so if sneaky viral marketing is the case, it is working...

btw, the flavors of this stuff sound absolutely puke-tastic: caramel and cream, strawberries and cream, and black berry/french vanilla. Plus, as a diet soda, it's heavy on the aspartame (nutrasweet) which is becoming more widely discussed to be .

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

polvo reunites

polvo one of my favorite bands ever is . very awesome. this is what i wrote about polvo in november '05:

they say a great band has to be loose and tight at the same time. such was the case with . starting in the early 90s in chapel hill, nc, polvo made some of the most fucked-up songs ever. lots of parts. scary bass and almost out-of-tune guitars. brilliantly mean lyrics. in "feather of forgiveness", singer ash bowie yells "i want to put you in a light that will hurt your eyes". i love that guy. celebrate the new dark age is a good place to start.

listen! polvo "high-wire moves"

Monday, March 03, 2008

mmc on 3hive + thee more shallows remix

the wonderful music blog 3hive posted a great about our pals meanest man contest this past weekend. the write-up includes several mmc mp3s, including the debut of mmc's brand new remix of ' "night at the knight school," which you can also download here:

thee more shallows - "night at the knight school (meanest man contest remix)"

noisepop review: sneakmove does the fader

sneakmove superbuddies quarby and "photo mike" spent three nights documenting the hot sounds and fresh styles of the coolest new bands playing at and for (the fader is one of our fave sites and you should definitely add them to your rss). you are invited (and highly recommended) to check out the expertly crafted recap. it's fun!

we're adding one bonus to our sneakmove fans: to enhance your visual experience, we've embedded a slideshow of related photos. read and watch at the same time and you'll feel like you were right there with the guys. and we wish you were.

next thursday in s.f.: quarterbar, newageynofriends, height + jones

you are for sure gonna wanna come out to on thursday, march 13. there's some good music and art stuff happening. new art will be up on the walls. oakland's own will be rockin' multimedia style. are coming all the way out from baltimore to perform rap songs. will be playing music files. the whole thing is curated by our pal graham from . he has good taste.

extra bonus. check this new quarterbar remix.
arcade fire "black mirror (quarterbar remix)"

nine inch nails and creative commons

in case you don't know, is a non-profit working for more reasonable copyright options. like ones that allow for sharing and creative re-use. it's a necessary thing in a modern, media-rich world where ideas are flying around so furiously. we're definitely down with that at sneakmove.

one of the first big name music people to understand all this is mr. trent reznor of . yesterday he announced he's releasing 36 instrumental tracks to the public under a . very cool to see trent lend his name to a growing movement of people who want a system that works in the new(ish) context of remixing and sharing. as opposed to a sue everyone approach, he chose allows for sharing and remixing (with some conditions).

the new release is called and is available in a variety of forms: from a free download of some of the songs to a deluxe package including cds, dvds, and vinyl. check the about it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

five days on paradise road - video short feat. mmc's the tenderloin

here's a short video that i made during a recent week working in vegas. not my favorite city in the world but in the right context there is a beauty to the setting that is not based on the glitzy lights of the strip, but the stark contrasts of the desert, the sky and the man made structures.

the soundtrack is "the tenderloin" - a personal favorite, and wonderfully .

unfortunately vimeo doesn't let you embed videos in high-def format, but if you go directly to the vid's page, - it's worth it.

and don't forget to enjoy official "throwing away broken electronics" video. scorching!

listen here

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