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Monday, June 29, 2009

next thursday in s.f.: quarterbar, newageynofriends, height + jones

you are for sure gonna wanna come out to on thursday, march 13. there’s some good music and art stuff happening. new art will be up on the walls. oakland’s own will be rockin’ multimedia style. are coming all the way out from baltimore to perform rap songs. will be playing music files. the whole thing is curated by our pal graham from . he has good taste.

extra bonus. check this new quarterbar remix.
arcade fire “black mirror (quarterbar remix)”

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  • stephanie said,

    sounds awesome, fellas.

  • Sasquatch said,

    I don’t know… I thought it was TOO repetitive, didn’t build on what was already there, like His vocals sound disgusting at times next to the unfaltering beat. But, this is pretty good, yes. Who am I to judge them?

  • Anonymous said,

    It’s a little repetitive. And you also kind of have to make sure that it’s actually in key with vocals.

  • Flinch said,

    i like tis one best

    u guys should post it

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