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Friday, May 1, 2009

jazz diet pepsi, combining viral marketing and first person soft porn?

over the weekend and through today, sneakmove has been getting a batch of hits to our snake on a plane voicemail post, originating from the site , and it’s got us confused…

exploring the jazz diet pepsi page, i became even more confused. what is it? what is this webpage? why would anyone visit it? with some loungy jazz that reminds me of the vodka bars in madrid back in 2002, and an interactive first-person “jazz moment” video piece that is reminiscent of failed (the girl seems poised to take her shirt off at any moment, and the guy is as perfect *aka gay* as any girl could dream for), i’m completely stumped on how in the world there could be a link from this page to sneakmove.

quarby suggested that it might be an elaborate viral marketing scheme designed to appeal to all blogger’s self-satisfying desire to check webstats and referrals. i’ve already sent this link to a few people and am now posting about it, so if sneaky viral marketing is the case, it is working…

btw, the flavors of this stuff sound absolutely puke-tastic: caramel and cream, strawberries and cream, and black berry/french vanilla. Plus, as a diet soda, it’s heavy on the aspartame (nutrasweet) which is becoming more widely discussed to be .

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