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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

sweet british shoes alert

need to get your feet into something fresh, new, sporty and stylin? definitely check out the british sportswear. I dig the men's in gold, although the ladies can get an even cooler . both are part of its limited edition .
(thanks, sizod.)

chinook ones, part 2

hahaha watch this kid with his odd napoleon dynamite impression.

the worst album cover in ages!

digable planets fans rejoice: ladybug's solo album, trip the light fantastic, hit stores a few weeks back. the little bit that i've heard so far is pretty good, but damn -- who the fuck signed off on ? major ouch!

Monday, June 27, 2005

you've probably heard that google has launched their video search along with a player. how might this day go down in history? the beginning of the end of cable tv? google stepping directly in the ring with microsoft?

at last weekend's glastonbury music festival, basement jaxx filled in for kylie as the closer for the 3 day musical extravaganza (she stepped out after her breast cancer diagnosis, which scared me so much because she's so loveablely wonderful). couldn't make it to the uk? the has a billing of every top act on the charts at this moment. you can't even count all the performers-i tried.

(thanks, ranjit.)

Friday, June 24, 2005

another amazing project from all tomorrow's parties: all across london from late august until early october, classic bands will be performing . the stooges start it off with funhouse. reformed versions of the lemonheads, gang of four, mudhoney and the melvins will also perform.

they'll reissue ANYTHING these days!

terrible, terrible rappers

totally unnecessary reissue of the week: , with remastered sound and bonus dvd content.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

can't afford an air conditioner?

j. ralph's music hasn't made him famous, but it has certainly made him rich.

his job? making volvo, volkswagon and other "edgy" brands sound rad. typical assignments? make it sound like the tv is broken. make it sound like music from a student film by stanley kubrick.

if you aren't drooling in envy yet, you should know he records in a retired silent movie theater in lower manhattan.

new on the way. live at the house of blues features pac's last taped performance along with snoop and ex-weed carriers the outlaws. most notably, the extra footage includes an interview with suge knight. in this unseen footage, he may or may not make vague threats against everyone on earth, gross accusations of homosexuality and hints at secret porn videos featuring every famous female ever.

when you want to buy a $130,000 picasso, there's only one place to go

by Pablo Picasso
Original Crayon Drawing 1958

only available at costco. that's right. costco.

snapple unveils 17.5-ton popsicle in NYC on the first day of summer; it .

the ny times by praising the blog at the expense of believer magazine's professed earnestness. people may make fun of zach braff's effusiveness, but really garden state did for indie rock what breakin 2: electric boogaloo did for turbo's career.
If The Believer's music issue is more problematic, that's because it's also more neutral. In an effort to stamp out snark, the editors also seem to have stamped out skepticism, and so the magazine takes it for granted that indie-rockers are the most important musicians on the planet: the harpist and songwriter Joanna Newsom, for example, taps into "a deep, universal pain." (Might those words appear on a certain blog sometime soon?)

(thanks, rarce.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

(thanks, ken.)

the onion celebrates its 300th anniversary with their highlights include the hilarious lampooning of social trends, anachronistic personalities and finger-banging robots.
Here's something I don't understand: We can develop a robot sturdy enough to mine the Saturnine moon Enceladus, strong enough to withstand the fierce ionic winds and burst through the 40 meters of scorched onyx that covers the planet, and smart enough to collect the vital crystals from amidst all the worthless rock, but the designers at USR labs can't figure out how to stop them from finger-banging my wife?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

as much as you love myths where god destroys the earth because we are bad, you will enjoy these tasty . they're inspired by scripture, folks. that's how you know that god loves us.

(thanks, elkins.)

feist was on kcrw's this morning. get your listen on!
(thanks, blumberelli.)

even if you aren't a fan of his music, the on NPR today will definitely be a very interesting listen. their long history is mixed with heavy metal innovation and social/legal controversy.
Judas Priest pioneered the heavy metal sound in the 1970s and '80s. Lead singer Halford left the band in 1991, citing internal tension, and in 1998, he disclosed that he is gay during an interview on MTV.
(thanks, noah.)

if i lived in detroit...

i'd go see Wilco play tonight at the meadow brook music festival. then I'd head to st. andrews hall on thursday to see the best band in the world, Café Tacuba. wow that city has .

diss warz, lit-style

neal pollack on and his experience with mcsweeney's in this past sunday's new york times book review (reg req'd).
I can barely remember century's dawn, before my persona arrived. I had a job, I owed no debt, I rented an apartment, I wasn't married. My knees didn't hurt when it rained. Then I got involved with McSweeney's, which, according to most dictionaries, is an old Gaelic word meaning "trendy literary scene."

and dave eggers' (complete with a response-to-the-response from pollack).
He quotes me as saying, "We're about to enter a new age of literary celebrity." When I read this online this morning, I had to re-read it a few times, looking for some postscript that indicated that, as Neal usually does, he had made the quote up. ... The quote doesn't sound like anyone, really—no one would have said something like that, unless they were addressing, in a bad late-'80s TV movie, some kind of misguided depiction of a glitzy (ha!) book-industry convention.

Monday, June 20, 2005

a delicious glass of sizzurp

turns out there are several schools of thought on this provocative question.

i've been listening to a promo copy of cage's upcoming hell's winter cd, and it's pretty good stuff. beats by el-p, rjd2, and dj shadow (!) (rollie p has the shadow-produced track available for dl ), as well as instrumentation from members of yo la tengo, on some str8 wtf shit. i haven't really kept up on what cage has been up to for a while, but he has sure switched his style up (in a good way) since his days of ultraviolent rapping about eating people's eyeballs or whateverthefuck gory zaniness he used to be into. the new album has a lot of political content and "regular dude rhymes" mixed among all the x-rated-ness. the end result is something as equally inspired by slug/aesoprock as it is by the grimy rap styles of onyx (not to be confused with the grime rap styles of all those british dudes). i RIKE it.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

that's the best we have for battery technology?

turns out i was mistaken when i thought that battery science was moving right along. wiredblogs reports a discovery that the ibook battery is . jeeeez guys, that's embarrassing!

however the hard drive scientists continue to squeeze more info into tiny crevices. Seagate just annouced the first . Its the first drive to use new "perpendicular recording" which allows for larger yet more efficient drives:
Standing bits on end also improves the reliability of read-write performance in demanding environments. The Momentus enhancements come without increases in power consumption or heat generation - crucial as remote users look to work longer between battery charges and system builders seek to pack more performance in smaller notebooks.

i think the "battery scientists" owe the "hard drive scientists" a round of beers for making them look like they're actually doing something good...

Friday, June 17, 2005

fun futurama . damn, i miss that show! but it looks like a full-length movie or two may be

(thanks, jesus!)

attention video editors:

NBC has in Torino, Italy. Additionally, 39 other jobs are posted, including producer, audio assistant, camera operator, hair and makeup artist, etc.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

old people are boring

william powell, the author of the anarchist cookbook, .
During the years that followed its publication, I went to university, married, became a father and a teacher of adolescents. These developments had a profound moral and spiritual effect on me. I found that I no longer agreed with what I had written earlier and I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the ideas that I had put my name to. In 1976 I became a confirmed Anglican Christian and shortly thereafter I wrote to Lyle Stuart Inc. explaining that I no longer held the views that were expressed in the book and requested that The Anarchist Cookbook be taken out of print. The response from the publisher was that the copyright was in his name and therefore such a decision was his to make -- not the author's. In the early 1980's, the rights for the book were sold to another publisher. I have had no contact with that publisher (other than to request that the book be taken out of print) and I receive no royalties.


leonard cohen is in a over his retirement savings. here's hoping he pulls a , assuming he's the good guy.

buck 65's , secret house against the world, features collaborations with tortoise (and, presumably, others). sneakmove-pal newageynofriends slid me a track from the album called (i think) "le 65 is me," which seems very much influenced by serge gainsbourg and blonde redhead. not my fave thing ever, but pretty cool and certainly waaaay better than anything off this right here is buck 65. i'm real interested to see what the buckster has in store.

sf weekly talks to . she's so rad.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Listen up, any Oakland city planner/city government types who might be reading this: you gotta follow through on (as reported in the East Bay Express). Lets not let such prime Bay Area real estate go to waste--lets use it to make more jobs. Cool jobs. Jump on it, please!
"They liked the fact the fact this is a city that could really benefit from this." She says they want to bring the film industry to Oakland, a kind of Hollywood North where urban youth could join apprenticeship programs: "They've really developed an affection for the city."
(thanks, sizod.)

watch the first episode of . michael, dave and michael promise dumb comedy dressed up in suits. i just call it the 90s-hipster-version of the monkees with no sweet neil diamond songs.

bjork and babydaddy matthew barney have collaborated on a film called . although she said she'd , bjork stars in the movie and composed the soundtrack with help from mark bell, will oldham and other folks. get your scroll on for audio samples.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the portland mercury interviewed , creators of the supergreat wonder showzen.
The raw style of Wonder Showzen seems to come straight out of public access.

V: Well, thank you for that insult. Thanks for shitting on our hearts. And our baby!

J: Yeah, you just threw our baby in a dumpster. How do you feel now, prom mom? We actually try really hard!

check out these of michael jackson fans standing outside the courtroom and rejoicing in mj's "not guilty" verdict. the woman releasing a white dove into the air is definitely the best thing i've seen all month.

the subject is tired but i still never thought i'd see this as a headline

and why do they show a picture of Yoko Ono?
(sorry sorry-- that's the last of this i'll do)

a whole new meaning to "tubeless tire"

Michelin is making flat tires and beautiful vintage whitewalls a thing of the past with its innovative yet unsightly . Segway inventor Dean Kamen has already signed on to offer them for his four-wheeled constructs--hopefully that won't dissuade major vehicle manufacturers' consideration. Its name, the "tweel," also leaves something to be desired, but the photogallery is a fun peek at a possible future.

(thanks, Noah.)

do i hear a flushing sound?

AOL is taking steps to emulate their rivals for a more ad-based revenue system. To sweeten the pot for us users: Hurry and get some before they finish spiraling down the toilet.

dmb fans to bring apple to its knees re: drm? . yes, nyt registration lamely required.

i just read this on a return trip from sweaty orlando.
On the flight to Raleigh, I sneezed, and the cough drop I’d been sucking on shot from my mouth, ricocheted off my folded tray table, and landed, as I remember it, in the lap of the woman beside me, who was asleep and had her arms folded across her chest.

neurotic brilliance, i tell you.

Monday, June 13, 2005

get your "fibber mcgee and molly" on!

"radio memories" is podcasting .

i found a fun interview from a few years back with , creator of home movies, which is currently enjoying a second life as part of the cartoon network's adult swim programming block.

in 24 cool new ways.

music to drink sizzurp by

dj screw, creator of screwed music

, by's joseph patel.
Screwed Up Records & Tapes is the store that keeps alive the memory of Robert Earl Davis Jr., a.k.a. DJ Screw, the local hip-hop DJ who was the inventor and namesake of screwed music. No one knows for sure how or exactly when Screw created the slowed-down sound, but members of his south Houston crew, the Screwed Up Click, say that Screw was playing around with his turntables in 1991 and serendipitously discovered that dramatically reducing the pitch of a record yielded a mellow, heavy sound that resonated with the slowed-down pace of H-Town.

a sad day for michelle, kelly

BREAKING: destiny's child announces split!
"We have been working together as Destiny's Child since we were 9, and touring together since we were 14. After a lot of discussion and some deep soul-searching, we realized that our current tour has given us the opportunity to leave Destiny's Child on a high note, united in our friendship and filled with an overwhelming gratitude for our music, our fans, and each other," the statement said.

lemon-red kicks off its with a killer set by dj/rupture.

"pissing calvin" stickers came up in conversation recently. where in the world did the trend originate? why hasn't calvin and hobbes creator bill watterson ever sued to stop their production? about the reculsive comic artist answers a few questions.
The pressure on Watterson must have been enormous, but he steadfastly refused to sell out, even a little bit. "I look at cartoons as an art, as a form of personal expression. That's why I don't hire assistants . . . and why I refuse to dilute or corrupt the strip's message with merchandising," he said in his Festival of Cartoon Art speech. "Characters lose their believability as they start endorsing major companies and lend their faces to bedsheets and boxer shorts."

have your away message talk to my away message: for more than the hilarious links and ambiguous flirting that god intended it for.
Instead of displaying simple "away from my computer" messages, Hollywood buddy lists now overflow with come-ons, from "need work" to "wrapping up shoot." Producers hiring for a new production can tell at a glance who's available now, who's not and who might be free in the near future.

clearcontext is a san francisco-based software start-up .
[Brad] Meador, who is head of operations at ClearContext, and Deva Hazarika, the chief executive officer, have been playing poker in lieu of collecting paychecks for the past year while working to get their three-person company off the ground. After logging 50 or more hours a week at the office, each one spends another 10 to 15 hours, usually on weekends and evenings, at their favorite poker sites--mainly, and Pokerstars.

if you haven't yet checked out antony and the johnsons' , do yourself a favor and get on it! it's beautiful. for some background on antony, check out in the observer.

great roundtable discussion about .
Traditional copyright faces webcomics with an uncomfortable choice. Its restrictions, properly enforced, would mean a virtual end to crossovers and homages, fan art, fan fiction, and many other staples that make the webcomic a more entertaining creation and foster artistic growth. A total lack of copyright, however, leaves unscrupulous readers free to “bootleg” subscription sites, program tools to deprive comics of advertising revenue, and even profit from others’ labor without permission.

in chicago on june 22, as part of wired's nextfest.

Friday, June 10, 2005

artist michael paulus .

check out this awesome homemade .

awesome hipster geekery: the lyrics to annotated with links and lots o' mp3s.
(thanks, noah.)

this thing is great: is a $150 tape deck you can plug into your pc. (nyt registration required).
The deck also allows you to play tapes through your computer. But its most important feature may be validation: pack rats who saved hundreds of tapes, to the annoyance of their significant others, will suddenly seem to be masters of foresight.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

national geographic talks to a planetary scientist and an astronomer about the .
No matter what atmosphere they drop into, they're able to breathe. It seems odd that the Wookiee planet, for example, would have the right amount of oxygen for people who grew up on Tatooine, when we know that even going to a higher altitude on Earth becomes a problem in terms of oxygen. But now I'm just nitpicking.

british scientists have come up with a mathematical formula to .
"Comedic value is determined by multiplying the recognizability of the main character (R) by their delusions of grandeur (D). This is added to the verbal wit of the script (V), and the total is multiplied by the amount someone falls over or suffers a physical injury (F).

"The difference in social status between the highest- and lowest-ranking characters (S) is added, and finally the total is divided by the success of any scheme or stratagem in the show (A). Each term in the formula is assigned a value up to a maximum of 10 to give an overall scientific score."

modern guitars interviews . it's his 90th birthday today. happy birthday, lp!

check out , in which scratch bastard uses the intro from buck 65's "centaur" (which is made up of a loop from pino donaggio's score for carrie), to play the star wars imperial march theme. careful though, the audio came out super loud on my computer.

tinymixtapes on april's wired-sponsored discussion.
Both Tweedy and Lessig support a general freedom of access to intellectual material; only in a community of shared ideas, they believe, can creativity thrive. In keeping with that belief, a recording of the discussion can be downloaded, free of charge, in its entirety, right .

The CVS pharmacy chain is selling . As if the clicking of disposible cameras wasn't bad enough, we now get to sit through our kid sisters' graduations while looking over a sea of hands holding $30 ipod-sized boxes above everyone's heads. How's the quality? You'll find out when your uncle and aunt invite you over to their house to watch the 20 minute (max record time) DVD of their trip to the Wisconsin dairy fields.
Pill called the film good VHS quality, but acknowledged it isn't on par with that produced by some personal camcorders.

"George Lucas isn't going to use this to shoot Star Wars IV," he said, "but a budding George Lucas may use this to shoot something in his backyard."

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We don't pretend to think this comes close to the Scream's masterpiece, but then nothing else does. So what offers is a different spin, moving from chill through dub via glitch to drum & bass. Not a million miles away from the eclecticism of the source.

rad craigslist job posting of the day:

banksy is killin' it with pieces . more .

ac/dc's "back in black" cracks .
[The album] has been certified for U.S. shipments of 21 million copies, tying it for fifth place with Billy Joel's "Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & II" on the Recording Industry Assn. of America's all-time best-sellers list.

float my ride: . how f'ing awesome is that thing?

There she stands -- ratty bathrobe, checked pajama bottoms, headband, wild hair, and a fanatical look on her face. And she's surrounded by six cats that own her heart and soul. The Crazy Cat Lady stands 5-1/4" tall and can be posed however you like.


the new project from justin frankel (creator of winamp) is , which allows geographically-distributed people to play music together.
It’s like Skype for musicians, though the music is delayed a few measures to keep everything in sync. You plug your instruments in, the software provides a beat. Then you find out what a crappy guitar player you are.

sneakmove has a new site feed: is the NOWness!

money isn't everything: .
On NPD's list of the top 10 digital music services, iTunes was ranked ahead of file-sharing companies such Kazaa and iMesh. Other paid online music services such as Napster and RealNetworks' RealPlayer store also edged onto the list. "These (paid) digital download stores appear to have created a compelling and economically viable alternative to illegal file sharing," Crupnick said.

prefix talks to .

looks like the long-promised will happen soon.

the boston globe has a nice profile of , focusing on the company's new digital initiative. (registration required).
Last week, the Cambridge company launched a new website called, which offers out-of-print albums from its early days through digital downloads and limited-edition CDs. It's an attempt to bring vintage folk music into the cyber-age -- and it's a trend that's starting to catch on with other boutique specialty labels.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Everyone loves hacking their ipod, right? Oh wait they don't? Well, makes an interesting read at the very least. And while the demonstration videos don't give you the best idea of the video quality, your anticipation as they load up will feel a little like waiting for the rest family to come downstairs on Christmas morning.

The hack works on the mini through the photo (sorry, not on the shuffle). Obviously, the photo has the best video quality...

more copyright ridiculousness: .
One of the benefits of digital photography – the fact that amateurs can take better-looking photos and doctor them using photo-editing software – is also becoming a bane. Photofinishing labs increasingly are refusing to print professional-looking photographs taken by amateurs. The reason: Photofinishers are afraid of infringing on professional photographers' copyrights.

reggie noble

forget limewire, here's the m4a-ripped new redman joint straight from the funk doc's webquarters. i'm betting this means the song won't show up on his next def jam album--now scheduled for a september release.

Monday, June 06, 2005

the oft-awesome julianne shepherd . great, great stuff.

: cute in an annoying way.

savage beast and siren systems are two bay area firms developing tech that .
[Tim] Westergren, who previously played in bands and worked as a composer, compares the concept to isolating the spices, sauces and other ingredients that might go into a given meal and determining which will appeal most to the consumer.

apple martin's .
Chris Martin's chart-topping hits don't impress his baby daughter. ... He says, "She prefers an Icelandic band called Sigur Ros to Coldplay. She hasn't heard X+Y - we don't play it in the house.

1. "Swingers" -- It takes a special kind of douchebag to STILL be shamelessly quoting this movie ... Guess what, idiots? You're so NOT 'Fucking Money' - and you don't even know it. You're the opposite of money. You are the abject poverty of culture and style. Keep reading Maxim and deluding yourselves into thinking that girls love drunk assholes, then wondering why you go home alone every night and masturbate unsuccessfully to boozy fantasies about your friend who thinks he's Vince Vaughn.

the new york times music for robots.
Only a handful of music blogs, with names like Fluxblog, Stereogum and Largehearted Boy, have any influence, but even those still have a long way to go to fundamentally alter the landscape of the music industry. Many labels view blogs as little more than potential providers of free publicity; even a blog like Music for Robots, which gets about 8,000 unique visitors a day, is little more than a blip on the radar of major labels. But blogs are acting as incubators for new talent like the Hysterics. It's doubtful that MTV would have discovered the band as quickly otherwise.

there's more g-unit beef brewing. this past weekend, at the wqht summer jam concert in new jersey. this is the same venue jay-z used back in 2002 to display childhood pics of mobb deep's prodigy dressed up in a ballet outfit. that was fucking hilarious.
While backstage, the Game described the reaction to his 50 Cent disses. "I feel like a couple of n-ggass are mad at me 'cause I said what I said, but me, I'm the type of n-gga that don't give a f—k,” the Game said. “I didn't ask for this sh-t, I got kicked out the group cause n-ggas hated on me man so f--k them n-ggas. It's GGGG-Unot."

book geeks will love the shit out of this sweet .
Here's where imaginary New Yorkers lived, worked, played, drank, walked and looked at ducks.

a collection of homepage from throughout the years. interviewed the source's back in april. in the conversation, mays discussed the magazine's future, rumors about benzino, and, of course, reginald dennis.
By the way, I need to say this about Reginald Dennis when you mentioned that, I mean the other thing it looks pretty obvious from what he's writing, that he's a paid informant for the government and the police. I mean because that's what - when someone would sit there and make up a series of lies that are designed to create a perception that there's some kind of criminal activity taking place that's what informants do. That's how police operate in our country in case you haven't noticed.

busta rhymes' hit "pass the courvoisier" helped increase the cognac company's US sales by 20% back in 2002. now, mcdonald's says it will to endorse big macs and chicken mcnuggets in song.
Though it's not offering money upfront, the fast-food giant is willing to pay rappers $1 to $5 each time songs with the plug hit the radio, according to today's Advertising Age. McDonald's hopes to have its signature sandwich in several songs by summer, the mag says.

for some reason, this doesn't bother me as much as it should. probably because it's so unsurprising.

check out the new meanest man contest . it's so internetty!

According to, the Intel transition will occur first in the summer with the Mac mini, which I'll bet will become a mini-Tivo-cum-home-server. Hooked to the internet, it will allow movies to be ordered and stored, and if this piece is correct, loaded onto the video iPod that's in the works.

The thing still looks cumbersome to me

For those who want to live out their Star Wars prequel fantasies, we're now one step closer.
Alan Izhar-Bodner, an Israeli inventor, has developed a way for divers to breathe underwater without cumbersome oxygen tanks. His apparatus makes use of the air that is dissolved in water, just like fish do.

(thanks, sizod.)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

bootsy collins is curating , a mash-up concert happening this august in new york. personally, i'm not that amped about seeing 311, fat joe, and garbage on the same bill, but it's a pretty cool idea. talks to .
I still feel to this day, The Source needs to change my score to five mics. What they can do is take my remastered album and rate the remastered album - it's a different album. Give me my five mics. I feel like the XXL completely showed how credible they were by saying, "Yes, I made a mistake." I've made mistakes in the past too. We're all human. All these magazines are ran by humans.

from the absolute clown town files: victoria beckham is recording .
The wife of soccer star David fears her last attempt at a solo comeback was so disastrous, critics will attack her second attempt regardless of the quality of her music. The singer is consequently hoping to prove cynics wrong, by revealing her true identity after she has landed a number one hit.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

old news, but somehow i missed it back in january: !
West coast rapper Afroman and his label have ordered a cease-and-desist against the San Jose, CA booking agency RS Entertainment and an individual named Dol Ré for performing and promoting himself as Afroman. ... Afroman amusingly added that he would have tried to stop Dol Ré's fraudulent behavior earlier but didn't "because he got high."

the warriors live on as , which ship this month.
Series 1 will include:
· Swan with bowie knife, switchblade, lead pipe and spray can
· Cleon with nunchucks, rumble chain and spray can
· Cochise with Molotov cocktail, wooden board with nails and a spray can
· Baseball Fury with 2 baseball bats (one is broken)
· Luther with handgun, broken bottle and alternate hand with bottles on fingers (from the famous end of movie scene).

. good old shaq.

Friday, June 03, 2005

aka serves up major heat today at , his superrad mp3 blog. basement jaxx remix of daft punk + new dangerdoom ish = awesomeness!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

stay free looks at .

gorillaz is planning a .
Unique performances will be streamed via the Web sites of radio stations across the country, beginning June 6 at KNDD Seattle's Through June 21, the Demon Detour will "visit" the sites of 39 U.S. radio stations, and two national broadcasts, one via radio host Mancow's syndicated show and the other via Sirius Satellite Radio's Alt-Nation channel.

prefix continues its onslaught of great interviews with a chat.
I love sharing files over the Internet! It's a good question. I think everyone should be asked that question. And if they have a problem with it, then you know not to buy their records. [Laughs.] ... Lars Ulrich, the guy who's made the biggest stink about it, wouldn't even have a career if it weren't for trading demos back in the day.

super "trippy" video for the mars volta's awesome . directed by artificial army, who recently helmed cool clips for labwaste and the shapeshifters.

business week profiles musicgiants, a new service that offers .

exhaustive catalog of the many changes george lucas has made to , , and over the years.


chronic magazine interviews .
I always had dreams of becoming a successful rapper. More importantly, I had dreams of being successful. A lot of people have one track minds of what they want to do. Sometimes that works, but they never think that they may have another position in life to do. For example, some rappers aren’t good rappers, but they’re great CEOs. Some CEOs aren’t good CEOs, but they’re great rappers. I always kept that in mind, so I just did whatever I had to do to be successful – part of that was doing street promotions, deejaying, being a rapper, doing the gold teeth. All of it was me – Paul Wall.

shiina ringo

japanese pop star shiina ringo is something of a cross between björk and britney spears. that's pretty rad.

indier-than-thou record label kill rock stars is set to re-release in flight, . these days, the former 4 non blondes frontwoman makes big bucks as the pop svengali behind hits for pink, christina aquilera, and gwen stefani. is kill rock stars going lame or is this merely a transparent attempt by linda perry to buy street cred? our guess: no one fucking cares.

sneakmove pal bomarr monk has a newish . czech it out!

. the center offers free tutoring (and abundant hipster prose) to los angeles students. upcoming classes include "how to make a skate video," taught by spike jonze and a songwriting workshop led by members of ozomatli.

paris is producing . featured rappers include kam, mc ren, and the conscious daughters. something tells me it won't exactly take the streets by storm.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

not new but still laff-worthy: .
[Tino] doesn’t look the least bit creepy or unnatural. What he looks like is a smoldering latin heart throb…wearing Jordache shorts that were made for an eight year old girl, and an izod golf shirt that is stretched so tight you can see through it. The colors used in the title block are timeless, assuming your idea of time is between 1976 and 1978.

the new york times magazine on . (registration required.)
According to John Jay, the executive creative director at Wieden & Kennedy, the advertising company that has long had the Nike account, consumers are savvy enough to play limbo with the markers of design elitism and democracy, mass-market and independent. ''The trend for customization is definitely about a growing indie spirit in a sea of mass,'' Jay says. ''But it doesn't have to be one versus the other. It's also about a new sense of originality, where one brand's innovation is enhanced by yet another source of ideas or editing, about cultural remixing and not being satisfied with only one source of originality.'

. jeez, it doesn't get any worse than having your fucking wallet stolen in front of thousands of gangsta rap fans.

the new yorker: .
Whenever a new gadget comes along, salesmen inevitably point out that an older gadget has been rendered obsolete. The automobile pushed aside the railroad; the computer replaced the typewriter. [John Philip] Sousa feared that the phonograph would supplant live music-making. His fears were excessive but not irrational. Early ads for the phonograph took aim at the piano, which, around the turn of the century, was the center of domestic musical life, from the salon to the tavern.

A burned car discovered in Vallejo on Wednesday has been connected to the Las Vegas slaying of a Kansas City rapper listed by police as a "person of interest" in local rap legend Mac Dre's death late last year.


there's a new built to spill album .

junkmedia feist.
There's just something about leaning on a piano in a Paris studio that makes you want to sing other people's songs. And when it came time to put together the album, we had 20 songs to choose from and by then it didn't matter which ones I had written and which ones I hadn't. It wasn't an issue anymore - we put on the songs that seemed to belong together. I don't think I'll do any covers on my next album though. Though I may do something that's sort of traditionally based like "When I Was A Young Girl". I like doing those songs, because otherwise they don't survive.

. what a wonderful, creepy genius!

is a web comic made using half-life 2's game engine.

"If I had the choice, I would gladly spend my 100 coins on you instead of on an extra life."

designers: to your clothes, bags, and accessories.

in addition to being the drummer for prog rock band coheed and cambria, joshua eppard fronts a hip-hop group called .

listen here

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