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Thursday, November 30, 2006

data dj

finally a turntable for us computer geeks. the was designed by the folks at , a multi-disciplinary art design and communication practice. it allows you hear, mix, scratch and perform digital data signals, from a picture, an old program floppy, a computer virus, a love letter, or a drawing..

s.f. people: egyptian lover tomorrow night

west coast electro legend will be appearing at tomorrow night. sounds like fun. i wrote about him here a while ago. check a track:

egyptian lover "sintropolis"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

birdman and lil wayne remixes

much as i hate to admit it, lil wayne is a great rapper. birdman (baby)? not so much. sneakmove ultrapal has put together a couple versions of their hit song "stuntin' like my daddy". the slow one sounds like something from el-p. the fast one is a dancefloor banger.

birdman and lil wayne "stuntin like my daddy (quarterbar's fast remix)"
birdman and lil wayne "stuntin like my daddy (quarterbar's slow remix)"

crossing arizona

i had the privilege of meeting daniel devivo, the c0-director of , last night during a screening of his film. the movie covers an important topic that can be traced back to the creation of this nation: . given the emergence of this topic in todays mainstream, the movie follows the crossing of illegal immigrants from mexico and into u.s. territory. the details are tragic and the responses by border city residents, government, the border crossers, and special interest groups is eye opening. i encourage you to see this movie. look for or order today.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

best motörhead cover band

playing the best song: ace of spades

car on a halfpipe

title says it all, i wish it was real.

album cover space for sale

singer abigail holdsworth has become the first artist to sell advertising space on the cover of her cd.
her single – a version of radiohead’s seminal hit ‘creep’ – due out in january, has already fetched more than £20,000 in advertising revenue which she is using to finance its release.
(via, .)

awesome custom guitar hero controller

i'm a little late to the game, but i've been getting into lately. it's just a crapload of fun.

this morning i had the idea of converting a full size electric guitar into a custom guitar hero controller, but a quick google search revealed that i was lagging behind once again.

more dub goodness--top ten baddest dubplates

i personally am a big fan of the dub sound. jah warrior has three lists of for you to listen through. all the snippets are in .wma format but i've converted one to mp3 for a quick listen:

black ark - vampire

(thanks, metroid.)

tuesday sounds

i don't usually go looking for tracks that include the , but once in a while i do come across a track that just makes me gyrate my sweet man hips. one such song is a digital mystikz remix of cay's crays by .

as a bonus check out this tuesdays "shake your ass at the office" .

peep: fat freddys drop "cay's crays" (digital mystikz remix)
bonus track: madonna ft. missy elliot "into the hollywood groove" (the passenger mix)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

brandon bird

i've been enjoying . see them for yourself.

dexter: first two episodes free online

i've been wanting to check out the serial killer show dexter, but i don't have showtime. lucky for me, the first two episodes are online for free at .

interview sunday 07 - squarepusher

"in truth i'm not really a dj i suppose."

squarepusher fans = andre 3000 & thom york
people who do not know anything about squarepusher = the bbc2 interviewer

as a bonus, peep: squarepusher "come on my select"

Friday, November 24, 2006

el michels affair

with my stomach full of thanks and winter around the corner i have relegated myself to the warmth of my living room. on steady play over the ol' onkyo receiver is the sweet sounds of . they are a sweet sounding group nestled in the warm embrace of their most recent work is a wu tang covers project with the permission of the wu. check out the tracks below and if you like em then . also, peep their most recent , it sounds great.

peep: el michels affair - "bring da ruckus"
el michels affair - "duel of the iron mics"

friday means rap music

beep beep beep boop bop beep beeeeeep. news flash! its christmas time in the city! start shopping! what else? coach coker is out at miami and it looks like jake plummer won't be at the helm for the broncos after yesterday's dreadful appearance. anyone excited about the notre dame/usc game tomorrow? i am. after this weekend we could still have the ever-confusing national champion situation a la 1991's washington/florida split.

other '91 splits...the release of the single . it was poetic jam the fellas of de la dropped at the age of 21. at 21 i wasn't writing about abusive parents. i was trying to find some unsavories at the iv market. the b-side featured vinia mojica who was on reflection eternal's 'the blast,' about ten years later. it is a more uplifting yin to millie's yang.

millie pulled a pistol on santa

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

white collar workout in s.f. this saturday!

this saturday, come check out our own dj ray liotta with superpal as they dj at in san francisco. it'll be a great opportunity to dance off your thursday feast. like they say, "you ate like a pig... now dance like a like a turkey!"

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


is a rock band from minneapolis. most every song on their lp is really good. 1993. touch and go records. check em.

arcwelder "it's a wonderful lie"

they're here! new nerd patrol shirts in stylish asphalt GREY

so worth the wait--get your colbert "nerd patrol" shirt in hip asphalt grey. super soft american apparel cotton tees. and yes, proceeds will be donated to . only a limited amount available so get yours now.

pictures of the new color to come shortly.


of the seven deadly sins, interpretation of "sloth" has wavered the most over time with its most severe view being that of an apathy or unwillingness towards loving god, and its most lenient being mere laziness. If it falls on the light side, then i've only got six more to go! bring on the lust! you with me fellas? watch out ladies, we come! recently put out some little short peices for mtv2. here is one of 'em, about a different kind of sloth. after the suppository, a really different kind of sloth.

Monday, November 20, 2006

kelis - blindfold me ft. nas

this is a bit of a throwback but, given my insatiable libido i frequent hot and sexy songs. as of this morning blindfold me featuring her man , has taken my primal urges into overdrive. i accredit the production for this track for getting my juices boiling. learn more about this tracks co-production team: and . dudes have done some hot tracks indeed.

peep: kelis - blindfold me ft. nas

qb's motown classics are blowin' up!

big high-five to our work associate quarterbar, who's getting huge props for his remixed motown classics. check these links!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

interview sunday 06 - frank sinatra (cribs style)

"they are good boys and they help me a great deal."

itunes lets you make your own ringtones

a great project for a lazy sunday--. itunes makes it so easy. the steps are for the motorola razr (and their other bluetooth) phones, but our pal newageynofriends got around the "i don't have bluetooth" problem using .

Saturday, November 18, 2006

clipse - dirty money

in anticipation of the new album, slated for a november 28th release, i have decided to make available my favorite track from the album. this track also includes one of my favorite exchanges of the week,

clipse member: "yo whattup ma? i got a pocket full of stinky's. let's go spend these right quick?"
woman playing ma: "what's that?"

i must say that her response is wholly noted. really, what the shit is a stinky and why would you have one in your pocket?
peep: clipse - dirty money

mc paul barman "does" the gettysburg address

from our pals at wired: remake of the gettysburg address, just in time for its .

here's the to the mp3 for our pals at hypemachine.

(thanks, c-baker.)

Friday, November 17, 2006

friday means rap music

"you know. you've got this fantasy in your head about gettin out of the life, and setting the corporate world on it's ear. what the f' you gonna do except hustle..."

ain't it the truth brutha, ain't it the truth.

tuesday next week will see the release of jay-z's newest retirement-ending release. as is par for the jay-hova course, the single is absolutely terrible and the video for it features jay-z, danica patrick, and dale earnhardt junior (side note: who yesterday said that the only way he would win the nascar chase is if everyone else crashed and finished last) racing around in sports cars, hova himself driving a speed boat and splashing a couple of scantily clad broads only to land on a private island with a ridiculous champagne-poppin' party. high concept.

but do i care? do i feel like i need to race out and get the latest underground classic from a group whose highest hopes are to be one of the tracks on the new tony hawk ps3 game (although, how much money in the music biz comes from licensing now)? not really. the new album has some interesting stuff in there to nod your head to while pushing your pt cruiser whip through la, and i think the fella can write. although, they do say that he doesn't write anything down, since, when he was a hustler, you couldnt leave a paper trail, so you had to be able to remember everything. i just hope that when i am 30, i'll make $38 mil.

"i was a real star, complete with real cars. no video ones, you can come and set up a camera, let the video run."

the prelude, from jay-z's new album called kingdom come

Thursday, November 16, 2006

curtis vodka - "diamonds and cream" video

sneakmove favorite has a new video for his track "diamonds and cream," from his recent ep. the video was made by and features some classic james bond footage tweaked on up for your eyes.

poor lady sovereign lost her voice last night!

my cousin went to go see lady sovereign at the el rey in LA last night. but poor lady S-O-VEEEE lost her voice and could only get through 2.5 songs, before breaking down and crying. there's something real sad and cute and sweet about that. here are some documenting the night.

props to the photographer for coming up with the awesome flickr tag "tried repeatedly to sing."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the man in black does the king of rock n roll

and does it well.

sam amidon - "tribulation" video

is a terrific singer/guitarist/banjo player who has an album being released in february by our pals over at . check out the new video for his song "tribulation." it's really beautiful and kind of reminds me of m. ward. you can also download an mp3 of the song on amidon's .

christopher willits and cursive remix contests

there are two super cool creative commons-licensed remix contests happening now. check 'em out.

, magazine, and are hosting the on . the winning remix will be featured on an xlr8r incite cd compilation, which will be included with a future issue of xlr8r magazine.

also, is hosting 's . the winner of that contest will have their remix featured on the b-side to an upcoming cursive single.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Reh Dogg - "Why Must I Cry?"

this very, very odd music video will sooooooo be on the next episode of . what's with the multitudinous (safe for work!) shower scenes? dude gets MAD soapy!

(thanks, douglas xii.)

quarterbar messes with motown

sneakmove super buddy has remixed . these are not hip-hop beats. they're more on the melancholy folk rock tip. acoustic guitar, synth, and sampler. the lyrics in these great old songs are incredibly sad, so this style of background track feels oddly appropriate.

Monday, November 13, 2006

no matter what you buy me for the holidays, make sure it's not this

the 40-disc dvd set is released today. it retails for 300 bucks. it's the perfect gift for that special someone for who seeing the show 57 times a day on tbs is not enough.

petrol or diesel, i love them

i try my best to be a good environmentalist. i try to recycle as much as possible, car pool when i can. i'm even the advisor to the environmental club at my work. i have to confess though; i do have one guilty un-environmental pleasure, my love for the internal combustion engine. gas or diesel, v4 or v12, i love cars, which brings me to my post. has a new street legal car out called the . it is currently the fastest, most expensive street legal car in production today. the compact w16 has 4 turbochargers and generates 1000hp at the wheels. talking of wheels, the cost for 4 tires? about the same price as new honda civic. and if you can afford the car you probably won't care about the gas prices, 9 city 19 highway and when you're going the top speed of 256mph the car gets an astonishing 4mpg. i really want one.

this next car is also a long stretch from environmental: the winner of this year's was . that's right, a diesel engine. i’m pretty sure their choice wasn't to run it on but it is definitely more economical and required less fill ups during the 24 hour race. i really want one.

For those of you that don't share the love for cars that i have, then hopefully you share some love for madness and driving in my car.

yacht remixes

i came across a band called while surfing the world wide web. check out these two architecture in helsinki remixes they did that i find pleasing to the mind's ear.

peep: architecture in helsinki - and architecture in helsinki -

new cd from débruit for sale at sneakmove!

débruit: to nartik kef (cd)
featuring eriksolo (meanest man contest + sneakmove)

sneakmove has in stock a few copies of a red hot new CD by up and coming paris-based producer . to nartik kef is a glitchy electronic hip-hop album in the style of daedalus and prefuse 73, with a touch of mr. oizo thrown in for good measure. featured mc's include sneakmove's very own eriksolo (aka dj ray liotta) (), as well as (arkestra) and (le chat).

listen to some sample tracks on and support awesome music by buying your copy here for $12 (plus shipping).

air guitar shirt

a perfect example of why science rocks. with motion sensor in the elbows chord picking is interpreted in one arm while the other arm interprets the strumming action, this is then set wirelessly back to the computer which plays them as guitar riffs. more info is on the

Sunday, November 12, 2006

interview sunday 05 - francoise hardy

i have no clue what she is saying, but i love the way she says it. look at those lips! can anyone translate?
enjoy two of my favorite hardy songs.
peep: "mon amie la rose" and "l'amour ne dure pas toujours" by françoise hardy

(happy sunday king of hoagies.)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

new spider man 3 trailer

check out the latest SM3 trailer.

Friday, November 10, 2006

photojournal of cbgb's dismantling

no turning back now. has a brief writeup, with interesting information about how they're documenting the whole process so they can reassemble it when it moves to the new home in las vegas.
The smell is bad enough to test anyone's gag reflex.

Worse than the stench of death, it's a putrid mix of decayed wood, decades-old dust, mold, vomit, sweat, stale beer, rat feces, a million cigarette butts and fruit so rotten that it actually smells slightly sweet.

new johnny cash video

new vid with a cameo list that reads like your hardrock cafe dinner dream come true. rather than weigh this page down with another youtube vid i'll just post the i found it on.

the rapture's "whoo! alright - yeah...uh huh." video

this video is tons of fun.

friday means rap music

(thanks, r dot scurry.)

mr. spears impersonates hip hop legends. it is pretty amazing, actually. he probably is a pretty great rapper when all is said and done, but his is being able to spit like all these other fellas. he did make it into the booth with big tig, on bet, however. i think big tig is a fun rapper to listen to, and sometimes way better in the freestyle booth than his guests. big tig's shark jump? track with r. kelly. i still think he is good and don't mind his nasaly delivery. there are some clips on youtube of tig and ludacris in the booth that looks like one of the funnest hip hop since sessions since

i'm not just being negative here, since it is a beautiful day in san francisco. therefore, check out by K.Hill, produced by khrysis. khrysis sounds like 9th wonder, but it makes sense since both are justus league members out of north carolina. khrysis is the production half of the away team, with sean boog being the half that raps. do it. do it good, and have a fun weekend. happy bday kelly.

(thanks, shitson pollack.)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

nelly furtado - say it right video

as part of my infatuation with nelly furtado i figured i would bless ya'll with her new video. say it right was one of my favorite songs from the summer. glad to see the video is finally out.

peep: "say it right" by nelly furtado

music from science of sleep

i love this little song from the soundtrack.

jean michel bernard "générique stéphane"

if you haven't seen the film yet, better get on it! it's really great.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

spank rock / and / fair one / remixes / by eriksolo

sneakmove specialhomie eriksolo has produced two remixes he'd like to share with you. one is of "far left" by spank rock and the other is of "grown up" by fair one (which features bass playing by frankie of the parish, which you can learn more about in the post right below this).


spank rock - "far left" (eriksolo remix)

fair one - "grown up" (eriksolo remix)

the parish

oakland/berkeley band have a great new record coming out. their sound could be described as country/indie rock. fuzzy guitar leads and boy-girl vocal harmonies. good stuff. likes them too.
bay area folks will be able to see them live at the on november 14. also on the bill is , an excellent band from baltimore.

listen to:
the parish "land of wires"
the parish "the misses"
the parish "crow head, eagle wing"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

glorious hiphop video list

for an ultimate list of awesome hiphop vids .

(thanks, shakey finch.)

crazy new bike technologies

found a cool post on treehugger a few days back that has uncovered a variety of bike technologies that i didn't know existed. as both a bike and a tech geek, it's thrilling information for me to share.

the original post: treehugger's report about a , and uses a "hydraulic drive" instead of a chain. this drive idea is generating a lot of buzz and a lot of questions.

from there, the comments led me to discover that (just like those under the hood of your car) are already in production, which don't require any grease and have a much longer lifespan than the common chain drives.

then i was led to a few pages about . from the illustrations these look like a car's transmission, with all the bits enclosed inside the rear hub of the bike. ()

Monday, November 06, 2006

interview sunday 04 - Tom Waits

laugh with tom.

"sexy back" rum-mix

our friend did this quick remix of jt and timbaland's "sexy back". he calls it a "rum-mix" because he feels it's and sounds like a drunk person made it.

listen to:
justin timberlake "sexy back (quarterbar rum-mix)"

Saturday, November 04, 2006

friday means rap music

london edition!

i spent the day roaming around soho in london. after checking out hypebeast and other sites for who-knows-how-long, i decided to check out some of the stores that get mentioned for having the "coolest" stuff. i found out it is much like ny/la/sf: a buncha' expensive crap. the worst part is that here, it is two times as much as back in the states. oh, and they have accents. but, then again, to them, i have one, too, so it gets back to the fact that it is just the same 'ol crap. i did find a store that had a good amount of cool stuff, and wasn't crazy expensive. the kid working there had just been over in the states designing footwear at american eagle for the past six months. he said "if i have to design another goddamn flip flop, i'm gonna' go mad. mad." i asked him about how it works with getting nike co-branded deals, since so many come from soho. he was pretty angry, since as a trained footwear designer, he couldn't get any going, and most of the product was designed by people who don't know anything, but just happened to get drunk with a nike rep. sounds about right. i did make it out to the wyld pitch records store and asked around for what was the hot uk hip-hop now. they told me about foreign beggars. an ugly lot, but they seem to be doing really well. see what you think...

let's go

both, from

Friday, November 03, 2006

"i was jumping across canyons."

Kanye apparently was so disappointed at not winning for Best Video that he crashed the stage Thursday in Copenhagen when the award was being presented to Justice and Simian for "We Are Your Friends."

In a tirade riddled with expletives, Kanye said he should have won the prize for his video "Touch The Sky," because it "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons."

video: jenny lewis and the watson twins - "rise up with fists"

man, sarah silverman annoys more and more every time i see her. oh well, this video is still pretty great. it's a well-done tribute. my fave moment is a very classic "who me?" shot of at the 0:07 mark.

(thanks, marc.)

ghost is back

you may have heard that ghostface killah has called more fish. check this track. it's him rappin' over the instrumental of "know the ledge" by eric b. and rakim, one of the all-time great rap beats. it's fun as hell, but i'll stick with rakim's version. ghost says it himself: "this year it's all about paper. i got mad babies to feed."

listen to:
ghostface killah "ghost is back"

p.s. - another lyric "all you gotta do is lay in the dirt / my guns weigh more than gerald levert / with more blubber than ruben studdard"

weird al on all songs considered

check . it's entertaining!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

rainy day piano

it's raining in san francisco. let's listen to some piano jams and contemplate the wonders of being alive.

rachel's "frida kahlo"
richard hawley "last orders"
archers of loaf "chumming the ocean"
ryuichi sakamoto "opus"
max richter "horizon variations"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

creative commons' viral video fundraising campaign

as part of annual , cc is becoming the first nonprofit organization to .

cc has uploaded several short videos (which explain cc licenses and talk about how the creative commons project began) to , a video-sharing platform that uses creative commons licenses to help creators .

revver attaches a short ad at the end of each video on its network. when a viewer clicks on the ad, revver splits the resulting ad revenue with the video's creator. usually, it's a 50/50 split, but revver is giving creative commons 100% of the money its videos make through december 31, 2006.

so, watch cc's revverized videos (or help spread them by embedding them on your blog, myspace page, or web site), check out the ads at the end, and help creative commons make some moolah.

stephon talks up his $15 starbury basketball sneakers

two interesting things about this video:

1. nice to see an athlete buck the system (especially one like marbury with a self-absorbed image problem) and wear/promote a shoe that costs just 1/10 the price of a pair of new jordans.
2. interesting to see more and more established companies like forbes registering for youtube accounts. cbs has started posting vintage clips of classic shows too. i dig it.

. i'm buying some.

listen here

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