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Monday, June 29, 2009

friday means rap music

london edition!

i spent the day roaming around soho in london. after checking out hypebeast and other sites for who-knows-how-long, i decided to check out some of the stores that get mentioned for having the “coolest” stuff. i found out it is much like ny/la/sf: a buncha’ expensive crap. the worst part is that here, it is two times as much as back in the states. oh, and they have accents. but, then again, to them, i have one, too, so it gets back to the fact that it is just the same ‘ol crap. i did find a store that had a good amount of cool stuff, and wasn’t crazy expensive. the kid working there had just been over in the states designing footwear at american eagle for the past six months. he said “if i have to design another goddamn flip flop, i’m gonna’ go mad. mad.” i asked him about how it works with getting nike co-branded deals, since so many come from soho. he was pretty angry, since as a trained footwear designer, he couldn’t get any going, and most of the product was designed by people who don’t know anything, but just happened to get drunk with a nike rep. sounds about right. i did make it out to the wyld pitch records store and asked around for what was the hot uk hip-hop now. they told me about foreign beggars. an ugly lot, but they seem to be doing really well. see what you think…

let’s go

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