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Friday, December 08, 2006

friday means rap music

my knowledge of the french is pretty lean. i've never been to france. i like french fries with old bay seasoning, french kissing, three musketeer bars, musketeer-like facial hair, and crepes. crepes with nutella and marshmallows. i don't speak french, either. fortunately i speak the international languages--love and head nodding. a bit back i was farting around on this site, note sure if you have heard of it, called "youtube." i saw i liked the beat and tried to track the guy down. it is 20syl and he is a rapper/producer, a raducer, and his group is called hocus pocus. i they have some good jams. there are also some good photos on there.

here is song called faits divers

move over mc solaar, you are no longer the only french rapper the kids in the states know!


Anonymous said...

he's not only that, he's also a member of C2C, the world champion DMC DJ team for the last 3 years i think...

and yeah, i forgot, he makes most of the artwork for his label too.

12/09/2006 01:16:00 PM

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