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Monday, May 30, 2005

it was only a matter of time before someone put together a .
The String Quartet Tribute is an adventurous mission to Mars Volta and beyond. In the hands of a daring chamber ensemble, their music is mutated into fantastical orchestral suites filled with light and mystery, from the bright-eyed glow of indie-hit “Son et Lumiere,” to the brooding menace of “Televators”. Violins take over the piercing guitar work and memorably eerie vocals, while cello and bass color in the band’s darker undertones. Exotic and hypnotic, Mars Volta set to strings is music that takes us to the outer limits of rock.

(thanks, sean.)

Everyone knows that David Bowie got his name from a Tin Machine song, and that Queen got their name from Freddy's prediction that one day Brian May would play to *the* Queen from the roof of Buckingham palace - but what about other bands?

if it's such a good idea, why are they being so quiet about it?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

creative loafing atlanta has a good piece on , with some info about dangerdoom and dm's work with adult swim.

pérez prado

the mambo king's signature tune is soooo off the hook. listen and love.

the new york post profiles , aka "indie rock comedians" like jessi klein and eugene mirman.
Mirman, who takes pains to point out that he doesn't live in Williamsburg, also plays rock clubs simply because he can make more money there. ... "But I also know it's cool to play with the Shins," he says. "I'm not stupid."


Friday, May 27, 2005

slate: .

paul wall addresses in ozone.

some cool new movie trailers: and david cronenberg's , which i heard is terrific.

video: -- the all-girl devo cover band.

the rocks!
First, We took the recordings of several Guns N' Roses songs. ... We sped up these recordings exponentially until the tempo of the song became a pitched frequency. ... Then we take these short sounds use them as samples to play back midi files of various Guns N' Roses songs. For instance, the GNR Self-Similar version of Sweet Child O' Mine may use the entirety of November Rain as its snare drum sound and the entirety of Patience for a note in Axl's voice.

: mobile podcasting.


google: .

. if i ran a publishing house, this is exactly the kind of thing i'd turn into a book.

rad profile of , the top-ranked female competitive eater in the USA.
She might be Korean in spirit, but Thomas loves living in America. "Yeah, I love it," she said. "More freedom. You can do anything you want. In America, there's so much freedom. I like it." Her Web site says it all: "And beneath what you may see on the surface, know this: My Yankee Doodle Dandy heart proudly pumps red, white and blue blood to the beat of "God Bless America."

also, !

: cancer research fundraising with sass.

another dot-com hotshot may finally be out of work. barry diller (aka mr. burns incarnate) hints that ask jeeves may soon be de-jeevesed and re-branded as :
I thought that English butlers went out of style in the ’80’s with Dudley Moore’s Arthur films and the Pink Panther movies. Not to mention that according to various accounts, many Europeans perceive Jeeves as “a gay butler” and not a source of useful information.

meet the man behind the zen-like waaaaah of .
It's a C Major chord, played with both hands stretched out as wide as possible (with 3rd at the top, if I recall). This just sounded right to me. I wanted something really fat, heavy bass, high notes, and a sharp attack. The chiffy sound was from pan pipes and something like a stick hit (I'm testing my memory here). I wanted lots of evolving timbres, stereo phasing, and reverb for further richness.

(via .)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

random, excellent MTV2-produced promos called "the world according to pretty toney" featuring ghostface killah discussing his views on , , and .
(via .)

mtv cribs: .

now the has adopted a similiar plan. is it online advertising's future?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the new yorker's sasha frere-jones: .
This "listening session" nonsense hurts everybody—readers, critics and artists. Don't do it. Tell Memphis Bleek and Coldplay and everyone to shove their listening sessions and send out proper advances. If every publication did it, the labels would drop the practice in a week. The critic simply wants to think hard and do justice to the music and the reader.

jackie mittoo

this is my second-favorite reggae cover of a 1970s lite rock radio hit. ken boothe's version of bread's "everything i own" takes the top prize.

time's .

system of a down's "mezmerize" storms the billboard chart, selling in its debut week.

p. diddy ordered to pay .

read my review of the various on the market. (scroll to bottom of page.)

at least two web sites posted advance copies of bob mould's new album in its entirety. mould addresses the situation .
I think there's a great difference between sharing something directly with someone in a discreet manner, and making it available to everyone everywhere. It's the difference between tape trading (which it what everyone likens file sharing to) and wholesale distribution (think iTunes with less promotion and no fee required). I hope the analogy makes sense to some of you.

check out the video for the white stripes' , directed by floria sigismondi.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

. related (from 2002): .

total nerds will enjoy this list of (click past ad wall) in revenge of the sith.
As Mace Windu and Palpatine battle each other with lightsabers, an errant saber strike shatters the huge picture window of the high-rise complex they are in. A huge amount of wind is then seen to be blowing everything around (not rapid decompression, as the building's close enough to ground level not to be pressurised). However, in the very next shot, there is absolutely no wind, or in any shot thereafter.

washington post takes on the various .

damn, is certainly an improvement over the bad old days when i used to go with my dad to watch huey lewis headline.
The lineup:

The Killers, Pixies, the White Stripes, Social Distortion, Snoop Dogg, 311, Black Eyed Peas, Garbage, the Used, the Flaming Lips, Method Man, Unwritten Law, Flogging Molly, Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie, Kasabian, Hot Hot Heat, Rise Against, Louis XIV, the Adolescents, the (International) Noise Conspiracy, Autolux, Von Bondies, Swollen Members, Morningwood, the Locust, West Indian Girl, and more to come!


Monday, May 23, 2005

legendary writer/director paul schrader's hit theaters last week. schrader completed dominion two years ago -- but the film's producers hated it and brought b-movie director renny harlin in for reshoots. harlin's reworked exorcist: the beginning was released last august and was a critical and commercial disaster. its failure set the stage for schrader's version to see the light of day.

big star

big star's alex chilton comes with the sad, somber steez on this killer reading of eden ahbez's "nature boy."

prefix interviews . apparently done via email, as the answers come from "living legends" and not individual group members.

yay! a sin city sequel is (scroll to bottom of article). it's based on a dame to kill for -- the frank miller book that focuses on marv (mickey rourke's character) -- so i guess it's technically a prequel.

don't front -- you'd go see it.

september 2004 pig magazine profile of , the japanese designer behind a bathing ape.

new york times in the studio with . i can't wait to hear these sessions!

billy corgan's upcoming album, thefutureembrace, is actually quite good. you can check out one of the tracks, "a100," on corgan's . related: everyone seems to be on myspace these days -- even the smiths' .

richard linklater will direct the film version of , which will somehow be turned into a "fictionalized thriller."

next version of itunes to offer .
[Jobs] was slightly dismissive of populist podcasting, describing it as "Wayne's World for radio", and celebrating the arrival of professional radio stations into the market, but nonetheless, he was very high on the podcasting phenomenon, and the excitement that millions of users have displayed about it.

Friday, May 20, 2005

cool page about , the inventor of musique concrète.
Like many of the pioneers of electronic music, Schaeffer was not a musician. He received his diploma from L'Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, and did an apprenticeship at the Radiodiffusion-Television Francaises (RTF) which led to a full time job as an engineer and broadcaster. He was a member of the French resistance during the occupation of France by the Germans. He also was a writer and biographer.


stand back or you might get slapped, jack!

post your most embarrassing phonepics at , a new site set up by sony ericcson to promote its camera phones.

okay, let me break it down for you. first of all, i don't think anyone who is truly into black metal would start an e-mail by saying "hi!" you are not working at a smoothie shop buddy, you are representing black metal. pull yourself together! i should know- i'm the king of black metal in my hometown of gary, indiana. you should hear my band witch taint.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

i hate all the recent star wars marketing where they make darth vader look like a clown, trying to trick people out of their fuckin' slurpees and whatnot. but i gotta say, , a new flash game from burger king in which the dark lord reads your mind, 20 questions-style, is pretty rad. i was thinking of a steering wheel, and vader str8 guessed it!

. does anybody give a fuck?

read about , the man credited with inventing the dance remix. be very sure to check out the sweet pics. dude was a fashion model on hiatus from the industry when he made history with his version of bt express's "do it 'til you're satisfied."

the new york times' kelefa sanneh on . registration lamely required.
Two of the most exciting new CD's out of California could be described as underground hip-hop, though they have almost nothing else in common. And maybe that's reason enough not to describe them that way.

the stone movement is stu stone and jamie kennedy's semi-funny rap group. they have a song , which seems worth mentioning here.
(via .)

wired news on .
Startup bands like My Chemical Romance have launched careers exclusively through MySpace, collecting more than 100,000 fans through the service.

blossom dearie says: "if chet baker and betty boop had a baby, she'd be blossom dearie." good call,!

though the writing itself is about six grade levels below what i'd expect from a so-called technology publication, this editorial on is still thought-provoking. topics include tupac shakur, what-would-your-baby-look-like machines, lord of the rings, and the "magic quadrant."

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

= josh homme's hidden hotel room art.
(via .)

irrefutable proof:
(via .)

act now! is secretly available at .

don't miss the final episode of america's next top model: cycle four, tonight! until then, check out this interview with my fave antm-er, the illustrious .
Is there anything else that you want to say to your supporters?

When people come up to me on the street, they have been saying nothing but nice stuff. So if there are any fans out there, I just want to thank them.

ah, sweet lluvers.
(thanks, mike.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

giant magazine's . ya gotta love the boba.

interesting site dedicated to .
Tijuana Bibles were pornographic tracts popular in America before the advent of mass-market full-color glossy wank-fodder such as Playboy. A typical bible consisted of eight stapled comic-strip frames portraying characters and celebrities (eg. John Dillinger, Popeye, Disney characters) in wildly sodomistic situations. Many could be considered grossly racist, sexist, and otherwise wholly "politically incorrect."

. cool, maybe this thing will help explain what the fuck was going on in episodes i and ii.

how d-nice got the nickname plus, bonus mp3 fun!
(via .)

study: .

jason kottke: .

six feet under on june 6. it'll be the last season, though, which sucks. in other sfu news, .

david cross bringing the indie laffs: .

Monday, May 16, 2005

video: .
(thanks, jason.)

slate on movies that have the same titles as other movies: .
Film titles cannot be copyrighted, and although trademark and unfair competition laws can offer recourse, the litigant must convince the court that use of the name misleads or confuses the public. This can be a difficult burden of proof for films like Baumbach's Kicking and Screaming and Cronenberg's Crash, which received critical acclaim but have not entered the public consciousness the way, say, Star Wars has.

also see: , , and -- my personal favorite -- .

limited edition go on sale next week.

chicago's going off in july! the on july 16-17 will include performances by broken social scene, dungen, ac newman, death from above 1979, the wrens, andrew bird, four tet, and more. wow, you say, that's a lot of pitchfork-y acts. no surprise, i reply, since it's curated by the editors of pitchfork.

the very next week, the reinvented (no longer a touring show, but a one-weekend, one-city deal a la coachella) will feature the pixies, dinosaur jr., the arcade fire, the walkmen, m83, digable planets, and billy idol. it was curated by perry farrell and the two texas promoters responsible for the austin city limits featival.

note to aging celebrities invited to write a : ditch the box of merit lights before you take the candid camel shot! also, this pretty much sums up her trip:
My camel's name was Sheila, and she had beautiful eyes. We were led around in a circle, much like children on ponies, slowly plodding around some great wheel. In fact, the whole desert adventure smacked ever so slightly of a children's party without the children. You had your camel ride, your sandboarding, your big dolly belly dancer Barbie and, last but not least, face painting -- only in this case, the paint was henna, and it was applied to the feet.

carrie, why?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

bob james

smooth jazz that doesn't suck:

Friday, May 13, 2005

radio dj/mixtape dj/record producer/entrepreneur has been making some crazy tracks lately. , a freeway/mullyman track he remixed for his latest koch release, was cold--even if the verses felt a tad reheated. come to find out that mr. sparks has an assortment of mp3s on his including , another slapper featuring beanie sigel and peedi crakk. those whistles!
(via .)

slate's daniel gross on .
In some ways, the rockonomy resembles the increasingly winner-take-all American economy. The rich are getting richer, and it's good to be the king or queen of pop. In 1982, the top 1 percent of artists banked 26 percent of ticket revenues; in 2003, they garnered 56 percent.

that share tv shows.

new jim yoshii pile-up album
There are lots of songs on this record where I'm writing from a perspective that's clearly not mine. For example, I'm not actually a prisoner dying of AIDS.

's new video for is fun watchin'!
(via .)

. sweet!
(via .)

anyone see george lucas on the o.c. last night? wtf is up with dude's fat ?

last year baltimore/dc/md auto dealer ran a hilarious that (in no uncertain terms) ruled the airwaves. fittingly, dc dj/producer created a hot of the no credit/bad credit ode.
(thanks, jed.)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

: build what you want using bbc content.

art mobs is producing and offering them as podcasts.

, according to a recent study by on-demand publisher sweet, i still have some time to get my shit together!

fresh out the box: the gods of recently published . not too much in the way of commentary or "in the field" shots, but still a comprehensive coffeetable piece.

penguin publishing has just launched , a competition which invites musicians to sample audiobook versions of stories by the likes of nick hornby, charles dickens, and roald dahl. entrants who produce the best tracks win prizes; the top winner will have his or her song included on an upcoming audiobook release.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

george lucas on some str8 oopsies shit: you won't find any star wars fun over at .

dublab's exhibit will be in chicago on may 27. i saw this in sf last year and thought it was super great.
More than 450 contributing artists, ranging from photographers such as Glen E. Friedman and B+, actor Jack Black and musicians including Saul Williams, Mr. Scruff and Mia Doi Todd to street artists such as Kinsey, Mear, KofieOne and Shepard Fairey and graphic artists Geoff McFetridge, Mike Mills and Cody Hudson have transformed blank 12” record sleeves into works of art for LA-based web music broadcaster and DJ collective dublab.

ever wonder what happened to arabian prince? has the 411. apparently dude runs an animation/special effects studio, designs/slangs dj-themed streetwear, and still finds time to spin electro records with egyptian lover. he soooo doesn't get nwa royalties, right? fuckin' jerry heller.

"I've noticed that kids, they're looking up to the Jay-Zs, they're looking up to OutKast,” Andre told the Associated Press. "So kids' movies and cartoons, they're getting smarter ... because it seems like kids are cooler."

this is off the geek meter. love it!

prefix has posted part one of an interview with dig director . she's awesome. if you haven't seen dig yet, do! i don't particularly care much about the dandy warhols or the brian jonestown massacre, but i loved this documentary.

colorful indie rockers and design-savvy gangsta rappers will rejoice over , a new web interface that allows you to customize your chuck taylors. pretty cool, but i've got two qualms: 1. $60 is about $20 more than i wanna pay for canvas low tops, and 2. wtf is up with no brown?
(via .)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

after a decade apart, .

elvis costello personally wrote the liner notes to his first 16 albums -- together, they comprise something like a 100-page autobiography. the onion av club has compiled .

the game .
But I don’t want nobody to think, uh, that I’m less gangsta or nothin’, because you know that I’ll break [their] fuckin’ face in half.

read . then read .

the colorado daily on .

malcolm gladwell reviews for the new yorker.

(via .)

craig newmark is developing a venture.
He believes the reason why newspapers are losing circulation is that too many traditional journalists are willing to quote politicians and business executives even if they're blatantly lying — merely for the sake of perceived objectivity. He'd prefer an "open source" model of journalism where legions of volunteers act as writers, assignment editors and fact checkers to challenge mainstream journalists.

jesse kriss has built a cool using data from .
(thanks, jamie.)

Monday, May 09, 2005

you can't make up gold like this:
For Immediate Release May 9, 2005

“Get Down Tonight!”
Grammy Winning Pop Legend KC Falls From Stage
Boogie Shoes Blamed

(Los Angeles, CA) Grammy winning pop legend KC of KC and the Sunshine Band is recovering today in his Miami home after taking a dive off the stage while performing at the Cinco De Mayo Festival in Phoenix, AZ on May 7th. The singer, best known for his chart-topping hits from the ‘70’s (“Get Down Tonight,” “(That’s The Way) I Like It” and “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty,) was performing in front of an estimated 5,000 people when the accident occurred.

KC blames his “ boogie shoes” for the fall. Two songs into his 75 minute set, KC fell head first onto the concrete and six feet below the stage at the outdoor arena. Ironically, it occurred as KC began singing his classic hit “Boogie Shoes.” “I left my shoes at the hotel and had to perform in a new pair” he lamented. “I picked the wrong pair of Boogie Shoes!”

After quickly receiving some first aid backstage, the singer resumed his performance and sought medical attention afterwards at a local hospital, receiving six stitches over his right eye, and treatment for a knee sprain and various bumps and bruises.

The show must go on, though. KC, 54, will continue his tour with his Sunshine Band, with stops in Winter Haven, FL on May 13 and Atlanta, GA on May 14.

speaking of mean-spirited record reviews: . laffs!

ouch! pitchfork gives the new weezer album an .
I'm pretty sure this is all Rivers' fault. Pinkerton triumphed by being an uncomfortably honest self-portrait of Cuomo. On Make Believe, his personality has vanished beneath layers of self-imposed universality, writing non-specific power ballads like he apprenticed with Diane Warren, and whoah-oh-ohing a whole lot in lieu of coming up with coherent or interesting thoughts.

nellie mckay's next album will include . also, look for nellie in the upcoming film safety glass, starring mandy moore and amanda peet. i'm so there.

prefix interviews .

artist nathan sawaya makes sweet .
(via .)

the new yorker's james surowiecki on .
Since 1998, annual concert-tour revenue has more than doubled, while CD sales have remained essentially flat. Last year, thirteen different artists grossed more than forty million dollars each at the box office. (Prince made eighty-seven million.) Consumers who seem reluctant to spend nineteen dollars for a CD apparently have few qualms about spending a hundred bucks or more to see a show.

Friday, May 06, 2005

what's on ?
"So I've got Andrea Bocelli … Sade … Jerry Garcia, of course … Emmylou Harris … Alanis Morissette ... AC/DC … Prince … John Mayer. Gosh, there's a lot of country music here. … John Mellencamp … Linda Ronstadt … John Denver … Placido Domingo … Rascal Flats. ... Jane's Addiction. Lots of Jane's Addiction. … But why do I have so much country music? I'm a big-city mayor."

supercool !
(via )

michael ian black:

from the "are you sure this isn't a joke?" files: .
[Kilmer] reportedly said: “I feel I’ve got an album in me based on my life, and you’re the only man on this planet who can make it happen.” The pair have since had several meetings to discuss the project.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

emi has signed up with , shawn fanning's legal p2p service.
Snocap, headed by Napster founder Shawn Fanning, identifies songs by their digital "fingerprints" and determines how copyright holders want them to be used. For example, a music label could authorize an up-and-coming single to be freely distributed, or to play three times before requiring payment.

lineup announced. lotsa good stuff.

perry farrell's rock opera thingy sounds nuttier than a fruitcake ... but also kinda rad.
"I've basically created a musical, and the musical involves a group of artists who call themselves the Solutionists," Farrell explained. "What they do is create flash mobs, where the dancers and musicians and fashionistas and fine artists all get together and collaborate and do these flash mobs in the city. They become a nuisance to the city, and one of the flash mobs causes a riot. The main guy in the story gets hurt, and he's brought to a hospital where he meets this beautiful night nurse and asks [her] to have his friends bring a radio. They begin to listen to the radio together at night, and one night they are transported up to the heavens through this radio transmission ... there's a vast visitation of energy that takes them up to the heavens, where they are involved in this lovely gala. That's what we call the Satellite Party."

have you heard?
“It’s kind of impossible not to smile while doing that dance,” said Katherine Withers, 31, who jumped on the stage to dance in the competition for a free T-shirt at the end of the group lesson. “It’s just so much fun!” ... Withers also thinks bhangra is here to stay. “It’s kind of the ultimate dance for the average white person,” she said. “It allows you to channel that in a positive way.”

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

comedy central has .
No official reason was given for the shutdown, but sources told E! News that Chappelle has been MIA from the set for weeks. There was no indication on how long the suspension would last.

(thanks, sattler.)

check out some .

is an insanely entertaining you got servedesque tv show co-hosted by onyx's fredro starr and kel from keenan and kel. do yourself a favor and watch the shit out of it!

this yo la tengo is indie rad!

ipod shuffle sculptures .

on thursday, weezer will on myspace to promote its may 10 release. profiles la-based emo mash-up producers .
"Taking Back Sunday apparently didn't like us messing with their music in our way. And we anticipated that possibility. Not everyone is going to be thrilled to see us meddling with their work."

supercool collection of from the '80s.

download mp3s the legal, easy, and saved way with songtouch, the new

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

is the personal web site of dolores erickson, the cover model for herb alpert's "whipped cream & other delights."
(via .)

last week, president bush signed a new law .
The law had drawn some controversy because it broadly says that anyone who has even one copy of an unreleased film, software program or music file in a shared folder could be subjected to prison terms and fines of up to three years. Penalties would apply regardless of whether that file was downloaded or not.

(via .)

and other unclaimed celebrity finances.
(via .)

yuri lane rocking that old funk.
(via .)

(via .)

prefix has video of on last night's episode of the tonight show. you gotta love wanda sykes clappin' it up for conor's george bush-hating ass at the end.
(thanks, ken.)

steven soderbergh has signed a deal with mark cuban to create a series of films to be . more on in last month's wired.

rick rubin is in the studio with and .
Rubin hopes the record will underscore Diamond's reputation as one of pop's greatest songwriters: "He deserves it more than anyone."'s is pretty predictable, but fun to read.

the guardian on .
The climate around new bands has never been as overheated as it is right now. Mild hysteria surrounds any group with at least one good song who can get through a live set without falling over. Genuine enthusiasm snowballs into frothing hype in the blink of an eye. Backlashes arrive before there's been enough time for a proper lash. Nobody has time to wait around: not the press, not the record labels, not the record-buyers and, whether they like it or not, certainly not the band.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

"A lot of artists are talking about keeping it real and what they are going to do in the community, well I am doing it with Hip-Hop Ices."

four tet and koushik have each recorded a handful of . they're available now on itunes and will get a vinyl release sometime later this month.

check out the crazy tracklisting for sufjan stevens' upcoming some sample titles:
* "To The Workers Of The Rockford River Valley Region, I Have An Idea Concerning Your Predicament, And It Involves Shoe String, A Lavender Garland, And Twelve Strong Women"
* "Come On! Feel The Illinoise! Part I: The World's Columbian Exposition, Part II: Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream"
* "A Short Reprise For Mary Todd, Who Went Insane, But For Very Good Reasons"

listen here

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