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    mmc and more at terrorbird one-year anniversary 111 minna, san francisco

    busdriver/postcoitus photos rickshaw stop, san francisco

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


in the mid 90s, roster included a great and little-known band called . the sound is not unlike labelmates stereolab. there are also some nice loud my bloody valentine moments with male/female vocal harmony. you can still here. this song is from the julie only lp. 1996. too pure records.

listen to seely "bubble bath"

languis delivers more amazingness

sunday night we cruised out to watch play a show in SF. not the first time we've written about them but man, such a great group of dudes, making absolutely incredible music. earlier this month their new ep "other desert cities" debuted, and it's a --no joking, i can't stop listening to it. you can preview a few of their , and watch four of their . be looking for big things from them...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

aol: worst tech product of all time

magazine recently rated their . aol comes out on top (bottom). i love it. i wonder if they'll ever stop mailing those discs.
nice going, pc world.

hooked up on the hype machine

we're pretty happy to see that the , our favorite mp3 blog post aggregator (it's really so very cool), 's fine choices of songs to preview before purchasing. thanks, h.m.!

is lansing-dreiden annoying?

i am turned off by music groups that are overtly artsy because they make me puke and yet, i still manage to find myself in awe with them. one for example. check them out and let me know what you think. they definitely make me want to dance...preceded by two tablespoons of pepto-bismol.

also, can someone explain to me the reason why their legal statement is so intense?

midnight laserbeam

oakland's makes some great intense synth rock. "turning into scenery" is a head-nodder. it's something you'd hear at . they also have a great live show. check 'em out when you get a chance. their record is highly available for .

listen to midnight laserbeam "turning into scenery"

Sunday, May 28, 2006

"he's here"

our buddy chad from again sends us something intense and energizing--the music video version for the miami vice theme song by jan hammer. my fave part is right around the 45second mark where he really starts grooving to his own tune...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

rappers on the weakest link

why didnt i know about !? a laugher indeed for good ol' john sublet.

anne: "nate dogg, which methol element used in nuclear reactors has the symbol PU"
nate dogg: "water"
anne: "plutonium"
(thanks, .)

Friday, May 26, 2006

another fancy fitness promotion, from puma

not quite as tech-ish as the recently mentioned nike+ipod collaboration, puma still makes a compelling push with their program. consisting of some hard goods (intelligently designed folding/packable/storable shoes and apparel) and some soft goods (downloadable mp3 "city workout/running guides"), they're pushing for those of us who are on the go, hitting new cities frequently and don't want to leave fitness at home.
(thanks again, sizod)

desmond dekker, r.i.p.

ska legend today, in remembrance, we'll be listening to dekker classics like "the israelites," "007 (shanty town)," and "rudy got soul."

Thursday, May 25, 2006

smackbook: macbook motion sensor trick

the sudden motion sensor in allows for silliness like . a fun hack, but probably not the best idea. get more details .

borat at cannes

(via ), a series of photos that aren't to be missed for those who like to laugh loudly at work. god bless that ali g...

the clipse: "we got the remix" mixtape

new official features remixes by diplo, ghislain poirier, nick catchdubs, jake one, and a. brucker & sinden. it's only six bucks! i bought mine this morning; get yours now.
(via )

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

america's next top model top ten

the site ign did a top ten list, the . "We weed through hotties from six seasons to come up with the ultimate list. PS: Winning doesn't mean you're good."
fun stuff!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

crazy nike + ipod workout shoes/transmitter/trainer thing

any of you exercise freaks know about this? sizod just sent it my way--a collaboration between nike and apple where the nike+ shoes link up to your ipod nano via a small transmitter/receiver and measures/records/guides your workout via programmed routines. , whenever this thing comes out it will revolutionize the converging world of fashion and technology.
here's about it too.

tron-image adidas sneaks

it's funny when a gadget site like gizmodo posts about sneakers. so yeah, . 65 british sterling pounds will let you look stylishly nerdy for all your necromancer fan friends AND the girls at the mall.

dexter holland's sneakers on ebay for charity

you've only got 1 day and 22 hours left to win the sneakers worn by the offspring frontman in the l.a. marathon (he came in 7900th place, behind oprah).

second life presents: safe haven for agoraphobes, new market for advertising

growing like crazy, and with a reported 43% female user base, is fast becoming the spot for big companies to reach out in alternative marketing pushes to the nerdiest of consumers. from the safety of your keyboard you can check out for regina spektor's new album (june 13). according to the press release, "This is the first time a major record company has launched a virtual record release in Second Life and held a listening party for one of its artists."
don't worry you don't have to really talk to people, or even change out of your underpants. hurray for the internet!

thanks. no.

do you get lots of spammy email from friends and/or family? and are you kind of a dick? then try , a free new service from the productivity geeks over at
(thanks, sean.)

macsaber: mac laptop lightsaber mod

is an app that uses your mac’s sudden motion sensor to make lightsaber sound effects in time with your laptop's movement. the developer says: "it senses speed for the lightsaber movement sounds and acceleration for different levels of striking sounds." soooooo incredibly geeky and rad.

bonus: check out funny , a "star wars kid" parody using macsaber.

Monday, May 22, 2006

time machine hiding, out on tour

charging down the home stretch of their 46-day van tour with , the time machine trio brought their (choreographed!) to baltimore last friday. if you haven't heard of the rap group , do yourself a favor and check out their or watch the video press kit on the band's . for those eager to part ways with your lunch money, tm has a limited edition, tour-only vinyl single for the "tuxedo rap remix" with PUTS, as well as some tracks on new album called "live and learn."

(thanks, blake9 & comel.)

d. blaze remix!

the denny blaze phenomenon refuses to die! a silly d. blaze "remix" has been floating around in the last few days and we've acquired it. it's mostly just a voice sample and some drums, but it's fun! the artist is called "dem lazer boyz". if anyone knows anything about them, let us know.

listen to

extensive list of 80s rock videos on youtube

found this on a large site today and got excited that it was a "comprehensive" list. but they're wrong, it's a long list but most bands have only one video posted. still, a wonderful resource for days of entertainment. oh, the site is in spanish but the song names aren't...


Sunday, May 21, 2006

firefox 2.0 alpha

there's a new version of the super web browser on the way. has a nice breakdown of the new features. it looks like there are a bunch of improvements. a is available for download.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

comedy madness this thursday in santa monica

one thing that's better than a big awesome show in a big awesome theater is a small awesome show in a small awesome theater. with that in mind, thursday may 25th brings us the latest in hilarity from jamie flam (aka "jizzmouth flazzbutt") and jason betrue (aka "eazy lover"), as premiers "the travel show!"
Follow the semi-weekly adventures of travel writers Jamie Flam and Jason Betrue as they encounter adventure at every turn! This week the boys go to PANAMA! Special guests and stand-ups: Dan Mintz, Meghan Parks, Brody Stevens, Kenny Stevenson, and Charlyne Yi. Rest assured if we can find some Panamanian beer, it will be free for all guests.
it's $8 but if you mention sneakmove at the door, you'll get in two-for-one. bring a date and pretend you don't know about the discount so you don't look cheap.

10:00PM, Thursday, May 25th
@ The Westside Eclectic
1323-A Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401


boards of canada video: dayvan cowboy

my buddy chad (of fame) and i spent a little while at the bar sitting in the corner watching vids on his portable video player. the b.o.c. one for dayvan cowboy (from their album "the campfire headphase") should be an inspirational video for humanity. love them so much.

six organs

has a new by six organs of admittance, aka san francisco's ben chasny, from his upcoming album "the sun awakens." it is wicked intense and i recommend it.

Friday, May 19, 2006

italk apple cellphone commercial

for a supposedly fictional apple cellphone makes me crazy. i want it to be real and i suspect that it sorta is. the commercial seems too nicely produced to not be at least somewhat real. it was done by .

Thursday, May 18, 2006

"we're not brainiacs on the nerd patrol" t-shirt!

(click to enlarge)

we love stephen colbert. we loved him before and we love him even more after his appearance roasting g.w. bush at the correspondent's dinner. we love the images of bush squirming as colbert smugly rips him to shreds so much that we even made a shirt about it. it looks so cool, white printing on black. want one? ok!
here's the ordering page. it's only $16 (plus shipping)!

we're good dudes, and we're doing our part to help--proceeds from this shirt will go to - click over there and please send an electronic postcard to the white house to demand leadership to the victims of genocide.

colbert's "get to know a president" series

guides us over to the comedycentral page to check out the vid for the first "" installment from steve colbert. "In the first installment of this 43-part series, Stephen Colbert sits down with the 26th U.S. president, Theodore Roosevelt."
i'm gonna start taking wagers that colbert runs for prez in 2008.

hilarious dancing accidents videos

having a slow day? having a sad day? some jerk said something mean and now you're feeling down? well thanks to the person who uploaded a.v.h.v. to youtube, that's all about to change. watch and laugh as dancing people fall and get hurt!

(via )

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

relax with a bean bag chair

if you like music that makes you smile and makes you feel warm inside then check out this new track titled from yo la tengo's upcoming album i am not afraid of you and i will beat your a**.

(via )
(thanks, king of hoagies.)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

daytrotter: very cool idea

is a music web site that publishes record reviews, interviews, and the like. but they also do something way awesomer: they produce exclusive live recording sessions with acts like and and post the resulting mp3s online. check out their latest: a feature on sneakmove pal , featuring four brand new live songs.

submit your one-second-long song to "sloppy seconds"

cd-r label is putting together a compilation of one-second-long songs entitled i'm definitely gonna submit something and i know is too. if you feel like you possess even one second's worth of sonic creativity, i think it would be super great for you to also get involved.
My goal is to fill an 80 minute CDr in this way. At 60 artists a minute, that would be 4800 separate submissions, with a track marker every minute. I know, I'm aiming for the sky, and it's probably a totally unrealistic goal. You can help by passing the website around to anyone you think might be interested. Any style of music will be accepted. When I deem it's "done", submissions will no longer be accepted and it'll be released in whatever form it takes. There is no timeline for this process, but I suspect it will take awhile.

star wars: original, unaltered trilogy on dvd this september

fanboys (like me) have been crying for a dvd release of the original version of the first star wars trilogy for years. not the stupid late-90s re-release version where george lucas photoshopped in a bunch of spaceships on top of a perfectly-rad film. no, we're talking about the real deal -- the original, theatrical releases, in which , there's no lame-o , and the . well, i'll be danged if there isn't some afoot.
In response to overwhelming demand, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release attractively priced individual two-disc releases of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Each release includes the 2004 digitally remastered version of the movie and, as bonus material, the theatrical edition of the film. That means you'll be able to enjoy Star Wars as it first appeared in 1977, Empire in 1980, and Jedi in 1983.

Saturday, May 20: SLOMO Video Festival premiere in Oakland, CA

If you're going to be in the this weekend, come to the in Oakland on Saturday night (5/20/06) for the premiere of the . The show is a unique compilation of 100 one-minute-long slow motion videos by 85 artists and filmmakers. The majority of the collection is licensed under the and includes work by , , , , , and . Slomo was curated by .

SLOMO Video Festival
Saturday, May 20, 2006
Lobot Gallery,
Doors at 8pm // Screening at 9pm // Slowdance party until late!!!
Music provided by () and DJ Ray Liotta (ME!!!) (, Sneakmove)

denny blaze, average homeboy - on kimmel this monday!

there's a lot of denny blaze on this site, but you'll see two more posts on it at least (including this one). our pal leon ferri over at wcdb just received an email from blazin' hazen with very exciting news:
"Hey Leon,

I'm going to perform on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, next monday May 22nd. Check out my site for updates:

Keep it hot!

so keep your eyes posted on this site in one week--we'll have a video of the legend himself rocking national tv for all our entertainment.

quarterbar's chamillionaire remix

some beatmaker guy called quarterbar made a remix of chamillionaire's "turn it up". it has a fresh feel! it's downloadable from . aw what the heck... you can get it here too:

listen to chamillionaire "turn it up (quarterbar remix)"

transformers movie--optimus prime preview video

check out this short movie preview video of optimus prime transforming from truck to robot. btw, the
in the movie is only getting more and more over-the-top (michael bay, spielberg, jon voight, bernie mac, john turturro...)

dj spooky interview about copyright law (and other stuff)

i'll admit that dj spooky isn't at the top of my "fave dj's" list but this (by gives some insight into his views on such topics as:
* reggae;
* mash-up culture
* copyright law
* creativity

seems like he's looking for a way to progress into more advanced copyright possibilities...
Copyright law is about making sure the system works, and I think that the original intent is solid, but the system has been really distorted by alot of things - it's a long story. But don't get me wrong - I think that things can be advanced, and more more transparent, and that would make alot of lawyers mad at me!

Monday, May 15, 2006

subscribe and listen to sneakmove mp3 "podcasts" via itunes

tech wizard sizod configured a handy tool for us to all easily (automatically) grab the wonderful mp3s posted on sneakmove via itunes and feedburner, letting us bring and enjoy them without no hassles.

how to do it:
1. open itunes
2. go to "advanced" in the menu bar and select subscribe to podcast
3. enter this url:

voila! itunes will automatically download the mp3s. in the "podcasts" section you will see "sneakmove" listed--click the triangle next to the heading to drop down the list of files available on our site.

(big thanks, sizod!)

how to make pirate copies of records

the crazy smart folks at have a fun post about how to make a playable plastic copy of a vinyl record. it looks ridiculous, but it just might work! now it's time to start my own boutique label of very short run reissues.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

new dance dance revolution tv series on cbs

check out the for the new series called "dance revolution" -- you know i'll be getting up early for this!!!
"Dance Revolution" (previously titled "Dance, Dance, Dance!"), a live-action television series inspired by Konami's hit video game franchise "Dance Dance Revolution®" (DDR), will join the new schedule of programming on "CBS's Saturday Morning Secret Slumber Party"

In "Dance Revolution", 'tweens' and teens bring their freshest moves to this sensational new dance competition where teams of dancers display their innovative routines. Hosted by the charismatic "Dance Revolution" house band, kid-friendly judges determine the winners as the dancers perform their routines to the cool sounds of the band. "Dance Revolution" will also offer onscreen visuals that constantly encourage viewer participation by demonstrating specific dance moves and steps.

Friday, May 12, 2006

rare deleted original star wars scene

this was probably deleted because of its creepy propagandistic overtones (and because luke sounds like such a whiny bitch...)

(via )

bmw film with ray liotta cameo

from 2002-2005, bmw produced high-budget short films with big name actors, all featuring a bmw car in a prominent role. ticker, one of the earlier films, stars clive owen and don cheadle. it's a gut wrenching action-thriller. check out the sweet cameo by ray liotta (you'll also see robert patrick). what a total stud!

(via )

quick way to make an easy $100

what to do: get out your oil paints, canvas and mac and paint a mac-themed masterpiece. list it on ebay and let the mac nerds go wild for it. $100, in your pocket.
here are two you can use for inspiration:, . from .

scanner darkly trailer remix contest

just announced: res is collaborating with richard linklater and jumpcut to promote a for the awesome-looking upcoming flick a scanner darkly. lots of valuable prizes and kudos and radness. (via .)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

free dangerdoom e.p.

is gonna be releasing a free song on every week beginning on may 15. there'll be 9 tracks in total. good stuff.

(via, .)

how to: stream your music to your tivo

"What many people don't know is that TiVo is actually a Linux computer and can be programmed to do more than just video. MP3tunes has taken advantage of this expandability to make a TiVo browse and play your personal music library."

very easy how-to on to play all your personal music. you'll need: tivo, mp3tunes account, internet, music. not sure if this works with replay or comcast's dvrs...

rappers delight club

to the myspace page for rappers delight club:
About rappersdelightclub
This is a musical side project for a rotating group of elementary school children that I work with. This is probably the best thing you'll ever hear.
and he's right! adorable-style. the beats aren't half bad either.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

skiploader... what could have been.

in the interest of avoiding another anti-major label or anti-mainstream radio rant, i'll just say this song came out in in 1996 and sounds like it could have come out now. this is not to say was ahead of their time. they weren't. they sounded like several other bands that were being labeled "emo" back then. the difference is that they were on geffen and probably could have been huge. ah well... at least a band like yellowcard has been able to capitalize on this sound 10 years later.

listen to

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

CC Salon tomorrow night in SF!

If you're going to be in the Bay Area tomorrow night, please join us for .


CC Salon

Wedneday, May 10, 2006

6-9pm (don't worry if you can't make it on time -- there will be things happening all night)

@ , Mission Street between 8th and 9th


Tomorrow's presentations are by (Google's manager); (artist and UC Berkeley professor) and (founder of the ), who will be presenting their film , and Abram Stern and Michael Dale of UC Santa Cruz, who will discuss . CC music will be provided by Sneakmove's very own .

More info here:

we'll miss you, grant

by now you may have heard that grant mclennan died on saturday. he didn't know how to play guitar when he joined in 1978, but went on to be one of the great songwriters. by all accounts he was a wonderful person. thanks, grant.

listen to

collecting licence fees and royalties, explained

attention musicians--take control of your music and earnings by educating yourself on . page breaks down the various elements of royalties through explanations and diagrams. feel like you're getting screwed out of the millions your label owes you? maybe you are...

Monday, May 08, 2006

classic skateboard safety film from the 70s

our wonderful pal sizod invites you to feel the nostalgia for the authentic dogtown style 70's while getting schooled on why to wear helmets and kneepads with this . It's made by the legendary "school safety film" pioneer , who's other films include the dangerous stranger and boys beware: "What Jimmy didn't know was that Ralph was sick--a sickness that was not visible like smallpox, but no less dangerous and contagious--a sickness of the mind. You see, Ralph was a homosexual: a person who demands an intimate relationship with members of their own sex."

the video happens to have a creative commons "public domain" license so if you want to grab some shots of this for your next rock video, go crazy dude!

the film page has the download link - also check the

obligatory hyphy juice post

(thanks, kwaz.)

sebadoh is hilarious

in 1994, released a compilation called . included was a recording made by called "show snippets". it changed my life and had a part in shaping my sense of humor.
it's mostly just a series of introductions for the band, like if someone was to go on stage and say "ladies and gentlemen, please welcome sebadoh". this is them introducing/describing themselves. pure hilarity. it's sarcasm, making fun of themselves, bitterness, and making fun of their own bitterness. throughout the 11 minutes of the track it gets increasingly intense and ridiculous.

listen to

extra bonus! here are my top 10 lines from "show snippets":

10. another evening of oppressive noodling courtesy of... sebadoh!
9. just dumb enough to try to control a malicious idiot... sebadoh!
8. 3 guys who are free to disagree... sebadoh!
7. unencumbered by structure... sebadoh!
6. music with which to mourn the death of human spirit... sebadoh!
5. battling monumental indifference, sadly overlooked as creatively inferior bands are basically treated like geniuses and receive enormous recording budgets, buns up to corporate waste-mongers... sebadoh!
4. 3 friendly minstrels who aren't very friendly... sebadoh!
3. nodding solemnly in sad resignation... sebadoh!
2. taking every opportunity to subtly manipulate your expectations for a moment's amusement, becoming suddenly bored by your immature attempt to engage our approval with your typical butt-licking fanboy fervor... sebadoh!
1. laughing at your shortcomings, taxlessly wielding destructive honesty to protect themselves from true feeling, eagerly buttfucking your grandpa... sebadoh!

Friday, May 05, 2006

ronco "shining stars" album commercial circa 1978

a classic commercial, featuring all the biggest stars...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

diesel–u-music: all entries licensed under creative commons

stolen from the :

is back! The 2006 edition of the popular international music contest is open to unsigned artists playing rock, urban/hip-hop, and electronic music. This year's competition is sponsored by , , and , and is presented in conjunction with .

Here's the coolest part: All of the songs entered into the contest will be licensed under , so they can be legally shared, reused, and remixed by people around the world.

Go to from now through June 25th to upload your best tracks and earn a chance to perform live in London and receive massive press and radio exposure. Past Diesel-U-Music winners include cut-and-paste superstar , multimedia mixers , and trilingual rapper -- you could be next!

kangaroo actor gets plastic surgery

great little puff piece about a cali kangaroo whose is starring in TV ads and appearing at corporate events. a few months ago, the poor hoppy bastard was attacked by a wolf (insert joke here) and needed some face work done so he could continue his acting career. vain bastard! you'll be pleased to know he's recovering very well. says the doc, disgustingly:
"If I had been operating on a human we would have just pulled the lip straight across and sewn one side to the other but because we had this cleft in the middle, it made it more difficult to pull this thing across over the tooth, but we managed to do it."

summer hymns

the fantastic psych/folk/rock band recently announced they have a record coming out this fall on the label. misra is home to tons of fine acts including destroyer, great lake swimmers, and centro-matic. something to look forward to. let's remember a beautiful song from summer hymns' y2k lp voice brother & sister.

listen to

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ipod vending machine at san francisco airport

check out these pics i just took of the vending machine with ipods and other necessities. just heard about these things--they're even weirder in person than i imagined (i saw two of them in the international terminal). i wanted to get a video of it in action but didn't know what the return policy is for the $199 nano...

(click any pic to enlarge)

huge props to bedazzled!

the rad dudes at got a , in the section about the coolest online video sites. theirs is in the music category:

Musician Spike Priggen posts classic clips of '60s popsters. Is Karen Carpenter lip-synching that amazing Burt Bacharach medley in the TV clip? You decide.

the edison phonograph cylinder, gone forever

there are only a few original left in the world, the precursor to the vinyl record. watch and grimace:

(thanks, leon.)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

daft punk live at coachella, vids

the site "mustseeblog" (an online video aggregator) has from coachella. they've got other vids too...

scratch like a dj using your ipod clickwheel

looks like this has been around for a while but still seems like fun. available option to anyone that's installed linux on their ipod: that also lets you play in reverse, using the clickwheel.

start your own drive-in theater movement

with charters popping up around the country and beyond, appears to be a concept on the rise. most places don't have drive-ins anymore, so they help guide you to take matters into your own hands and set up (or just be a patron to) your own guerilla "mobile movie" experience. sounds like the perfect setting for a hot summer night.
(thanks, sizod.)

listen here

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