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Sunday, April 30, 2006

denny blaze, average homeboy: exclusive interview!!!

sneakmove superbuddy leon ferri is kicking ass at the suny albany radio station wcdb, and as promised, he put together a fantastic interview with internet rap sensation denny blaze, aka blazin' hazen, aka AVERAGE HOMEBOY, and has sent us the file for everyone to listen and love. from leon:
On April 28, 2006, I was given an interview that left me, quite simply, "Blazed". Blazin' Hazen is the real deal, and presented to you here now is audible proof. Just so you're ready, the first question I asked him is what his thoughts on grits are.
the interview is not to be missed, especially when denny b breaks it down and does his hit song live on the phone (including the lost third verse!). he talks about how he's grown in the years since having made the video, about smoothing out his rappin, who he'd like to record a song with, toothpaste, cereal and technology...

complete interview:

download mp3 interview file

live on-air performance ("remix version" with lost third verse!):

download higher-fi mp3 of the live on-air performance

quick reminder: if you haven't seen this yet, check the . mega-thanks to kmaxx for first posting the vid and starting the avg homeboy craze!
(thanks, leon!!!)

sunday (today) is worldwide pinhole camera day

and it even has its own website: ! so let's celebrate by making our own pinhole cameras. has a list of cool camera projects. get your pics taken today and sent in and maybe yours will get posted.

kraftwerk robots video

bedazzled has the youtube video for kraftwerks "the robots" embedded on their site. and scroll through their other awesome vids including a great serge gainsbourg jam...

lil rhody in bid to be first state with border-to-border wifi

article in the sd newspaper about how rhode island is setting up 120 3-4 foot antennas throughout the state to establish the . a lot easier to do there than alaska, but you'll still have to pay $20 a month to get on it.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

denny blaze myspace page

top ten creepiest depeche mode tracks

stylus magazine's editors post their "" songs. a fun list especially for a big depeche mode fan. but i'm a little surprised "never let me down again" didn't make the cut...
I'm taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
He knows where he's taking me
Taking me where I want to be
I'm taking a ride
With my best friend

We're flying high
We're watching the world pass us by
Never want to come down
Never want to put my feet back down
On the ground

I'm taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
Promises me I'm safe as houses
As long as I remember who's wearing the trousers
I hope he never lets me down again

Never let me down

See the stars, they're shining bright
Everything's alright tonight

(thanks, satt.)

Friday, April 28, 2006

the connoisseurs

as B E L I E V E noted earlier, puts out some wonderful stuff. mixes, reissues, compilations, and even the odd hip-hop 12". our pals, , have a single out on dis-joint. the crazy fast rappin' and otherworldy production (seriously!!) will flip your lip. it's so ! it came out in '04 but i just got a copy, so let's enjoy a low-res taste. and btw, B E L I E V E recorded this song.

listen to

ubuweb--avant-garde music archive and more

rare and out-of-print recordings from hundreds of avant-garde musicians on . great spot to learn more about the pioneers of recorded art--i could only identify a handful of them...

jon favreau to direct iron man movie

from marvel has recruited superhero movie. better or worse than fantastic four? same article reports that marvel studios is upping it's work to make more superhero movies: another hulk, captain america, nick fury, ant man, and thor. sounds like a few stinkers in the mix.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

broker/dealer, tonight at mighty

was really impressed by ghostly artists this past weekend at the maker faire. they're playing a tigerbeat6-related event in san francisco. you'll really like their sound (). about tonight:
Artshow/party celebrating the release of the debut album by local heroes Michael Talbott and The Wolfkings. Featuring DJ sets by Jeffrodesiac (Frisco Disco/Blow Up) and Broker/Dealer. @ MIGHTY

strangers with candy, the movie trailer

's c.e.o. provided me with hours of unplanned excitement when he got the strangers with candy box sets. sweet amy sedaris will next be starring in a big-screen adaptation. youtube lets us watch the trailer right here.

the clean

inspired by a post about kiwi bands on , i picked up anthology on . the clean have a catchy, messy, rockin' sound. they manage to have songs about serious subjects while keeping things sounding carefree and innocent. they've been recording since about 1980 and are still going. guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and occasional keyboard. from anthology. 1995. merge records. it would be really easy to .

listen to .

time interviews samuel jackson about snakes on a plane

this week's time has an with the star of the buzziest movie of the summer. he hits on how the internet fans really saved the film, and some other fun stuff:
Did you end up saying, "I want these m-----f------ snakes off this m-----f------ plane?"

Yeah. It's kind of difficult to watch me in a movie and not hear me say mother------ once. I wanted to say it in Star Wars, but you just can't say that kind of stuff. Jedis don't talk that way.

how to scratch like a pro - tutorial video

a 7min10sec video by dj fallen explaining the ins and outs of becoming your own personal dj lion.
by clicking the play button on the right side of the browser.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

make a firefox plug-in

if you use the web browser, you know the search engine box in the top right of the window. yesterday i tried to add to my list of search engines. is a modest database detailing which records have been sampled in rap songs. anyway, it wasn't available, so i decided to create it myself. it was . now, everyone can add it to their browser and find out without having to navigate around. wheeee!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

substance abuse's "overproof" out today

sneakmove pals celebrate the release of their debut album today. the record is called overproof. it'd be fantastic if only the s.a. fellas were on it, but it also features m.f. Doom, kool keith, rasco, motion man, saafir, thes one of people under the stairs, myka nyne, p.e.a.c.e., mike nardone, deranged, prego w/ zest, mawnstr, and eriksolo from meanest man contest. it's a .

rejected transformers photoshop contest

pretty high-quality user submitted fake transformers robots for a "" photoshop contest. scroll past the ads and enjoy--some real chucklers in there.

colder: to the music - rock video

heard a great song by colder last night. driving rhythm, eery keyboards. a bit darkwave-ish. the dj told me the song was "to the music." today i found . colder is a parisian dude named marc nguyen - this track comes from his second release, "heat." learn more .

Monday, April 24, 2006


bay area record sourcers sean julian and laser tag nate have been making beat tapes and psych mixes for years; their latest creation, an "international psychedelic mystery mix" called , is nothing short of insanity (check the snippets! especially!!!). to secure your own copy, head on over to and ask for/paypal it by name.
(thanks, NO.)

four tet's dj kicks tracklist

is doing one of those comps. his tracklist is pretty intriguing. i wouldn't have thought he was into showbiz and a.g.

01. Leapday Night (Scene 1) - David Behrman
02. Mom, The Video Broke - Syclops
03. If I Were Only A Child Again - Curtis Mayfield
04. Out-Rock - Heiner Stadler
05. The Professor's Here - Gary Davis
06. Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes - Heldon
07. Les Yper-Sound - Stereolab
08. Dillema - So Solid Crew
09. Psychometry 3.2 - Akufen
10. Baby Day - Animal Collective
11. Figaro (101 Remix) - Madvillain
12. Love, Love - Julian Priester Pepo Mtoto
13. Pockets - Four Tet
14. Psychosomatic - Model 500
15. Taireva - Shona People Of Rhodesia
16. Superspace - Quickspace Supersport
17. Kneel To The Boss - Cabaret Voltaire
18. Love Is How Y Make It - Gong
19. Represent - Showbiz & A.G.
20. Up Against The Wall (Getaway Car Mix) - Group Home
21. Flutter - Autechre

(via, .)

monome 40h

this thing is nuts. the is a must-watcher. here's how they describe what it does:

the monome 40h is a reconfigurable grid of sixty-four backlit buttons.

buttons can be configured as toggles, radio groupings, sliders, or organized into more sophisticated systems to monitor and trigger sample playback positions, stream 1-bit video, interact with dynamic physical models, and play games. button press and visual indication are decoupled by design: the correlation is established by each application.

applications span all forms of media and data. the 40h uses usb and talks serial, midi, and open sound control.

all software and firmware is open source. we aim to facilitate a community of shared exploration.

(thanks, chad.)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

substance abuse classic wesh release available again!

new release hits the stores this week. in between listens, make your way to the sneakmove releases page and check out the recently unearthed 12" classic can't call it. craaazy good tracks with a sick cameo by p.e.a.c.e. from freestyle fellowship. we've got a limited number of these - only $8 post paid!

Friday, April 21, 2006

good npr segment about the vintage guitar market

summarizing their summary: prices are skyrocketing. .
(thanks, sizod.)

since it's friday, we thought we'd do like abc and offer a little programming of our own. check out this hot-ass and get crackin' on some fancy internet love letters to

(via .)

it's official: sneakmove is 100% youtube video links

but who cares, when there's so much to share. seriously, seriously, seriously watch this. it's insane (literally) and awesome (less literally).

(thanks, )

gnarls barkley on top of the pops

great version of "crazy" with strings.

p2p downloading causing high concert prices?

if you're looking to take a swim through another sea of slashdot comment madness, dive in to this page about how . discussion based on a current .

Thursday, April 20, 2006

junior boys

have new music coming out soon. posted some stuff yesterday. the song "like a child", off the recent , is frackin' amazing. i cannot stop listening to it! they pack some real "emotional weight" into their songs. head-noddable electronic music with great songwriting. their 2004 record, last exit, is a .

skew's johnny cash remixes

is a producer and musician based in nyc. he's just posted some cool hip-hop remixes of johnny cash songs on his site --

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

federline update

our boy k-fed stars in the latest episode of . mad shoutouts to my town!

start planning your weekends

two awesome sneakmove-heavy events in san francisco the next couple weekends. come by and meet your favorite sneakmovers:

  • Saturday April 22, 09:00 PM - Madrone Lounge
    500 Divisadero St, San Francisco

    Come join.... The Bomarr Monk (Anticon, Restiform Bodies) and DJ Ray Liotta (Sneakmove, Meanest Man Contest) as they spin known and unknown upbeat jams for you and yours at the Madrone Lounge (500 Divisadero St @ Fell), San Francisco Saturday, April 22 9pm-2am, $5, 21+

  • Sunday April 30, 06:00 PM - Canvas Gallery
    9th Ave and Lincoln, San Francisco

    Quarterbar (Sneakemove, Meanest Man Contest) plays some head-noddin' fun tunes as you paint some chairs in SF's finest interactive art gallery.
    for more info.

dat politics

when a friend of sneakmove gets props, we gotta acknowledge it. one of the best music blogs around, , posted about . d.p. is on the sneakmove mini-comp!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

literal tears of joy!

sneakmove homiepal newagey points me to , aka "the best video ever made."

baby dayliner

this video is old and I don't know why we haven't posted it here yet. the song and video are intoxicating. forever.
update: oh yeah. duh. baby dayliner is on the sneakmove minicomp!

spins and needles, crafts + dj night

you guys up in ottawa that like making crafts and hip dj fun should run by the clocktower brew pub wednesday night (every 3rd wednesday). they provide materials and funky beats. you provide the project. it's called and it sounds like a place to meet some cuties and impress them with your needlepoint quiltwork and knowledge of obscure 60's psychedelia.
(thanks, sizod.)

mark ecko posts fake video of air force one getting tagged

looked pretty real but turns out it's a phony. fun to watch, regardless.
mark ecko, designer/graffiti artist/video game creator, .

Monday, April 17, 2006

built to spill jams

has a . so logically there's gonna be a rudimentary one-on-one for promotional purposes. it's a difficult game. in fact, i think it's impossible to score. if that doesn't do it for you, there's always some

"let me show you why the jail should be my home"

it's hard to effectively parody gangsta rap, since much of it is so awesomely extreme and comical in its own right (, anyone?). still, in the late '90s, managed to make some pretty hilarious stuff. my favorite hawd gankstuh rappuhs track is "masters of the universe", from the compilation . highly recommended if you love LOLing.

update: also check out "three wrongs," which features the incredible line: "i bodyslam a sasquatch / make your mom watch / i'm just the type of sniper to wipe the contents of my diaper on the keys of your typewriter."

awesome lambretta tv commercial from the '60s

once again, youtube provides me with 10am smiles! check out this super fun italian lambretta scooter ad from the 1960s. great music and so much style!
(thanks, li'l cris.)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

one of the worst rap moments in hollywood

put this at the top of the list of terrible portrayals of hiphop culture (also includes macaulay culkin's fake rap in "black or white"). from 1989's .

(thanks, stefferz.)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

dallas penn raises the bar with another insane pair of kicks

the nike id design shop in manhattan is probably the coolest store on the planet. just in the outside appearance alone exudes subtle confidence like a billionaire getting comped at the high roller table in vegas. inside, you've got a waiting room and an attendant to check you in (the hottest girl in that city, btw). suckily, i was there on one of their many "appointment only" days and even my best name dropping could only get me a peek through the curtain.

so sneakmove pal has the wonderful fortune to roll into that place and throw together crazy designs and then send us pics to rub it in. his latest ones came together as the shop is doing a celebration of the history of the air max. he's calling them "heatrox super 180" because they're hot like lava shooting out of a volcano. check these pics, and check the great writeup about . and it sounds like he hasn't even shown us everything he got...

(click to enlarge)

Friday, April 14, 2006

devo: not cool any longer, and they mean it

a much belated thanks to the colonel for finding a goofball of a video from what i mistook for a very cool band: devo. the song? . as he notes, it does have its merits...
this particular video incorporates music, video (natch), technology and footwear. not bad.
the song is actually very cheeky and catchy. worth a watch!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

video for gnarls barkley's "crazy"

i implore you to check out the beautiful new for gnarls barkley's "crazy." i love it!

marquis de sade

i've been getting into this french new wave/post-punk record. it's by a band called . it's mostly dark and urgent-sounding guitar and saxophone stuff. when you think about sax in a rock context, you probably imagine men at work or huey lewis and the news. this sounds nothing like that!! it's closer to television or early cure. weird that they have a . the lp is rue de siam. 1981. CBH/EMI.

listen to

alice in chains reuniting for club tour

according to their , details are coming soon. further down the page there's a brief mention that the four year anniversary of lead singer layne stayley's death has just passed. someone named william duvall will handle vocal duties on their european leg.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More from CC: Salon #2 happening in SF tonight!

Please join us for the second , taking place in San Francisco on Wednesday, April 12 from 6-9pm at ( Mission St. between 9th and 10th).

The theme of this month's CC Salon is music, and we're thrilled to announce presentations by of , James Polanco of , and composer Bob Ostertag, who recently made the majority of his music available to the world for free under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial license. Additionally, esteemed producer / contributor will be rocking the 1s and 0s (AKA laptop DJing).

CC Salon is a monthly social gathering focused on art, technology, education, and copyright. Join us on the second Wednesday of every month for drinks, casual conversation, and presentations about Creative Commons projects and tools. Visit to contribute ideas and proposals for future events, or to learn how to start a CC Salon in your area.

Crammed Discs Remix Contest at ccMixter

just launched a new remix contest in conjunction with over at . Crammed artists , , and -- some of Brazil's most innovative contemporary musicians -- are offering new sounds online under a , so you can legally use them in remixes, mash-ups, and new compositions. Nine winning remixes will appear on a Crammed/ccMixter EP project to be sold online through digital music stores.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

free official metallica live show downloads

a new set of you can download free every month. maybe this is their way of saying "sorry" for ruining napster?

d12's proof killed in detroit nightclub shooting

a crazy, sad loss. . speculation is that bizarre might be the other person listed in critical condition...

build it: your own electronic drum kit

this one is for anyone in the following categories: drummers who want more variety, people who live in apartments, anyone who makes music, people who like to build things, people on a budget, anyone that likes being awesome. - detailed instructions make it look very easy!

(thanks, sizod.)

Monday, April 10, 2006

America's Most Hated

K-Fed's new single off his upcoming album can now be downloaded. The song, , sounds like every rap song I have ever listened to all wrapped into one track. So, it's actually not that bad. Does this mean I am insane!? Perhaps my interest in the song is fueled by the damn flute sample!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

paul's boutique remixes

a while ago, my pals at sneakmove were nice enough to post about two i did. well, i've completed my quadrilogy. so, check em out:

Saturday, April 08, 2006

new york mag on "subway perv" dan hoyt

the current issue of new york features an entertaining (if creepy) about new age diet entrepreneur / public penis exposer . the "subway perv," who achieved infamy last august when a phonecam pic snapped by one of his victims made its way to the cover of of the , is (unsurprisngly) a delusional ass who implies that flashing is an extension of his former extreme sports lifestyle.
“It’s the possibility of being caught or discovered, the thrill of doing something crazy,” Hoyt says, comparing the feeling to one he had many years ago, when he was skiing Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon and abruptly veered from the trail, flying off a 40-foot cliff for no reason. “I’ve raced motorcycles, raced bicycles, skied competitively. I’ve hit trees at 60 miles an hour. Been run over by a motorcycle. I’ve broken arms, broken my leg, tore cartilage in my knee.”

for more public humiliation of sexual harrassers, visit .

Friday, April 07, 2006

rodney mullen

skateboarding legend rodney mullen is really amazing with all this sliding on the side of the board stuff.

thomas dolby str8 hating on kevin federline

k-fed used the instrumental for mobb deep's "got it twisted" on his hilariously silly myspace freestyle "america's most hated." the mobb deep track samples thomas dolby's "she blinded me with science."
"It's like what Vanilla Ice did with 'Ice Ice Baby'," [said Dolby.] "Although I think Vanilla Ice is a superstar compared to this guy."

(thanks, shitridic.)

scott walker on the bbc's "culture show"

this aired last week. super awesome stuff for scott walker nerds like me.

sneakers for your fave computer nerd

maybe we can convince some programmers to get up and go for a jog with these . then all that would be left would be to figure out how to make them shower once in a while...

(via )

learn something about mp3 bitrates

a nice person from and posts the comparison charts so you can see where the sound goes. the page would be complete if it included the mp3 samples for us to hear the differences (although the song used is almost totally unlistenable).

Thursday, April 06, 2006

sneakmove mix! part 2

taking inspiration from the mix dj ray liotta recently posted, i've created for all you dancing clowns. if you're a fan of amateur beat matching, this mix is for you. play the songs in order with no pause between tracks and it'll be just like a real live dance party. musical artists include: ultramagnetic mc's, can, bush tetras, orange juice, the meters, prince, and many many many many many many more.

more ehow wiki dance madness

two things i love: wiki's and dancing. here's a new dance entry on ehow's wiki--. as you might imagine in a world that combines wikis and ddr, the instructions don't bother much with minimizing embarrasment...
Step 7. While other people are using the machine, if there's space for you, try to copy the steps they're doing. This will let you get practice without spending any money (or worrying about failing a song)!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

officially supported xp on the new intel macs

there's more than enough apple fanatic blogs out there, but this is interesting news. . makes you wonder if this was the plan all along--a great way to push into the market share of dell, hp, etc etc.

rapture and danger mouse

holy moly. the rapture and danger mouse are . the rapture seems to be not an actual band but a vessel for a producer to speak through. hasn't disappointed yet and judging by their work with , has great taste. this'll be interesting.

joy of painting video game in the works

according to , nintendo is currently developing a video game based on bob ross' beloved instructional art program,

the game is being developed for nintendo's next-gen system. the system's "will allow players to play bob ross games as if they were wielding an actual paintbrush."

(thanks, jed!)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

numark's new idj2 ipod dj setup looks good

they improved on the old one by requiring just one ipod now. waveforms, scratching, bpm, faders, pitch, etc - it's all there. check out the .

classic lp needle denon dl-103 available again

interesting article from msnbc of all places about the being a piece of 44 year old technology that hasn't been improved on despite many efforts--and it is once again available in the usa.

simpsons: the movie preview trailer

not sure if this is the same trailer they started showing in theaters this past weekend--it's really just a teaser--but it's the only one i've found online so far. , release date july 2007.


Monday, April 03, 2006

finnish fan art: knight rider dash

a sincere and engaging story about a finnish boy's fascination with knight rider, in particular . ah, the memories of being in third grade...
(thanks, sizod.)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

quick read for those about to run out and hit the dance floor

ehow's wiki always comes through in times of need: .
Step 9: Emphasize the positive. Really like that shoulder roll you do when you've got your groove thing on? Try to do it on purpose. Try to do it at different angles and speeds to discover which one looks best....

birdmonster's debut full-length now on sale!

sneakmove pals are making HUGE waves among fans of high-powered indie rock (check out what , , and have to say about them). the band could have easily signed with a label to help them distribute their upcoming album, recorded with brad cook (queens of the stone age, r.l. burnside, vandals, foo fighters), but chose to retain control of their work and self-release the record instead. it's called no midnight and you can pre-order it directly from the band by going to . if you're in the bay area, you can catch birdmonster on live 105's on april 19th.

listen here

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