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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

mc hammer's blog

so i was looking at and it occured to me that blogging is not cool anymore. hammer seems like a decent guy, though.

a great guide to the smiths

jefitoblog has posted an excellent , complete with mp3s. totally entertaining and educational (if that's not too lofty a word). i believe krs-one would classify it as

go outside: rad t-shirts

every time i wear my "pause" t-shirt, i get ridiculous amounts of props. seriously, it's uncanny. get your own, and browse through a selection of other great designs (courtesy of sneakmove pals j-betrue and michelle) over at .

lcd soundsystem b-sides "record"

i saw some about a new record. it's b-sides and remixes. digital download only, no real copies. that'll be perfect for my ipod dj sets!

Hip Hop's cultural capital is on the rise folks!

This isn't the newest of news, but it is cool nonetheless. The Smithsonian is preparing for the beginnings of a permanent . The exhibit will contain objects that trace hip-hop's origins in the Bronx in the 1970s to its current global reach.

Soon elephant displays will be replaced with Biz Markie!

Monday, February 27, 2006

hawthorne heights wants you to save ROCK!

if you've had it up to here with the way our society and culture have put rock music on the backburner, read hawthorne heights's stirring

Tomorrow, our second album, “If Only You Were Lonely” will be in stores. We are reaching out to you because Hawthorne Heights can use your help. We need you, your friends and anyone else you know that likes ROCK music to buy our album tomorrow. The only reason we are able to be a band is because of your support. Without you we would not be able to do what we do.

You buying our album tomorrow has much greater meaning than simply supporting Hawthorne Heights. ROCK music needs your support. Our society and culture has put rock music on the backburner. If our album can debut at #1 all of us will have taken ROCK music back to the top of the charts where it belongs.

paul revere and the raiders

are known for having hits in the 60s and 70s and for having ridiculous pirate costumes. their midnight ride lp is a fun collection of pop/rock songs. 1966. columbia.

listen to

animated bono, just as annoying

it always makes me sad when someone has the beginnnings of a good idea or shows some talent, but then wastes it all with terrible music selection. check out this sims-style
(thanks, sizod.)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

goodbye, sweet friend

don knotts, -- you will be missed.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

sex pistols to r&r hall of fame: piss off!

whoever is in charge of the sex pistols, .
(thanks, sizod.)

Friday, February 24, 2006

the dallas penn dot com 'dirty pair' dunks

has a kickass site, and he sent us some pics of his kickass custom sneaks. they're based on the manga crime fighting bounty hunters . thanks dallas--looking sharp!

(click to enlarge)

you're nothing but a mark in a bucket skylark

i picked up this super rad doll last night at amoeba. when you shake it around, it gets VERY hyphy!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

make stuff: your own night vision goggles

mr. smartypants (everett bradford), a student at rpi, posts a "wicked easy" article about . total cost? less than $35, and it can record digital movies.
(thanks, sizod.)

sparks, representin' for the gang

look what mr. gary tijuana did! whoopsies.

(click to enlarge)

cam'ron: perv catcher!

killa cam and a child

how in the fricking frick did i miss this bit of last week?
Cam'Ron's next [project is] going to be a video of him and his manager Big Joe tricking internet paedophiles into meeting him in public, under the guise that he is a 13-year-old boy. Then he's going to hold them in temporary captivity.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"the out crowd"

urb has an interesting article about .
For many queer rappers, regardless of mainstream aspirations, writing rhymes acts as a catharsis of sorts when dealing with issues of their own sexuality. Atlanta MC Aggracyst moved from Detroit after being outed, and was put on a constant diet of anti-depressants to combat paranoia and severe depression. "I had to find faith in something,” he says, “and music became my faith."

from the stinky idea files

is a cd coming out in march that features nia vardalos covering the beatles and john stamos covering billy joel. yucktown!

christgau on eminem in "the believer"

DISCUSSED: Rappers Who “Represent” “Reality,” Stories vs. Sermons, Handsome Boy Modeling School, The Sophisticated Cultural Literacy of the Twelve-Year-Old, Dr. Dre, What We’re Buying When We Buy Blackness, Verbally Murdering One’s Wife, Gangsta Boilerplates, Fatherhood, Toilet Noises, Childishness and Whiteness, The End of Moral Panic, Sexlessness, Posse-Pumping

ghislain poirier vs. busta rhymes

's remix of "light your ass on fire" by busta rhymes is hot, hot, hot like buster poindexter. related: there's a busta rhymes brewing in brooklyn. also related: you can hire buster poindexter at your next corporate event.

minicomp on discogs and for sale in italy

someone kindly created a for minicomp 001. it's also now on sale at in italy. of course, you can also buy it from us while supplies last!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

harold hunter dead at 31

sadly, skater and actor is reported to have late last week, apparently from a cocaine overdose.

the richard davis trio

song for wounded knee is a very loose, sparse record. the richard davis trio is on bass, on drums, and on guitar. the bare arrangements with only 3 instruments really let you hear what each player is doing. these fellows get crazy tones out of their instruments. produced by . 1973. flying dutchman.

listen to

circuit-bend your voice recorder

voice recorders are cheap commodities these days, so bust yours open and start poking around with a paperclip to make some unique sounds. check out a of some tweaks you can do. (note: circuit bending is really more complex than just poking around with a paperclip--it's an art that mixes advanced electronic exploration with sonic discovery).

new G&R track reviewed on pitchfork

unsurprisingly, the review is (and annoyingly written). apparently, three tracks were recently leaked. does anyone have mp3s?

Monday, February 20, 2006

new "a scanner darkly" preview

the new for richard linklater's adaptation of 's 1977 sci-fi classic looks super sweet. the film comes out in june -- i can't wait!

cedar walton

mobius is a great funky jazz record. horns, loud guitar, bass, and drums with walton on fender rhodes. generally, walton has done more traditional jazz stuff. i like this better. 1975. rca.

listen to

Sunday, February 19, 2006

yet another web store is selling minicomp 001

everyone wants a piece of minicomp action. trusty old is now selling it online. you can also pick it up from , , , and .

Friday, February 17, 2006

stallone and schwarzenegger action film - finally!

the hollywood grapevine is talking about an upcoming action film that finally gives us what we've been waiting for--. the working title is brutal deluxe, but no plot details are yet released. i hope it's not too late for this; the last shirtless pictures i saw of these guys were not very flattering.

hilarious "daily show" piece about social networking sites

awesome party!

. LOLs of the geekiest variety.

jan hammer group

i'm a little suprised it's taken this long to, as believe would say, "drop the hammer". , best known for the theme to miami vice, had some pretty cool early records. his melodies album is full of funky jazz songs. there are some yucky, too-smooth fusion moments, but it's mostly a winner. has been sampled a bunch of times. hot drums and vocals by tony smith. 1977. nemperor records.

listen to

Thursday, February 16, 2006

serge gainsbourg tribute album

the collection of musicians on the forthcoming is pretty impressive. portishead, feist, cat power, etc. dang!

exit festival - best music festival in the world

in dedication to montenegro native hopefully bright future on a new team, take a look at what one publication in the uk calls the "best festival in the world" (and they know their festivals over there): , held in darko's city of novi sad, serbia montenegro in july. the three day event is celebrated for it's great lineups, amazing setting (in the petrovaradin fortress), and cheap tickets and beer.
(thanks, sizod.)

company flow

most folks know about and their classic funcrusher plus lp. however, their instrumental album little johnny from the hospitul gets overlooked. there's a lot of good stuff on it. great interplay between el-p's dark, elemental beats and mr. len's wacky, inventive scratchin'.

listen to

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

vh's michael anthony: ridiculous bass solo, '82

technically, he's no jaco pastorius, but on the energy meter this guy gets a 10.5. definitely wait until halfway through and feel the awesomeness when the rest of the van halen guys come running out on stage to kick into the next tune. . said sneakmove pal "dj boy billionaire"
so unsettling for some reason, but i love it. i always thought he couldn't play for shit. now i'm convinced!

(thanks, quarby.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

snow day in brooklyn

two fresh fellows in brooklyn, ny put together of some snow antics on their roof. in case you didn't hear, there's a lot of snow on the east coast right now.

Monday, February 13, 2006

more places to buy minicomp 001!

sneakmove minicomp 001 is now available online from and . you can also still get it from and . thanks, all you rad internet stores!

stephen tyler duet with ceo of intel

akin to watching a car wreck.


to be sure, is one of the lesser bands from in the late 80s and early 90s. they have tired drug references in some of their songs and a bit of a corny sound. still, i'll always have a soft spot for their single "take 5". it's a fun dancey rock number. extra cool points: it came out on in the UK. 1991. geffen.

listen to

Sunday, February 12, 2006

police blotter blog

pulls interesting and/or funny police report info from small town papers. it's a great place to go to read entertaining drunk antics.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

What was 12/31/05 like for you?

What happens when 5 people chronicle their last day of 2005 with only a disposable camera, words, music, and reflection? Well, the answer could be found .

I hear their next project involves the creation of 5 new holidays. Sounds like it could be interesting...or not.

mass-customized sneakers, coming soon

reports that custom "tailor printed" shoes will be premiering in april. the system works by taking a 3d laser scan of your feet, then using another laser system to rapidly build the shoe.
The tailored shoes are built layer by layer using a form of rapid 3D printing called selective laser sintering, in which a laser fuses together particles of a nylon-based material.
looks like professional athletes will have the first pass at these. let's push for them to take this technology a little north--i could really use a pair of custom fit nylon pants, like immediately.

Friday, February 10, 2006

check out the x3 movie posters

early reports are saying to not get your hopes up for the new x-men film. says the posters look like a ripoff from "rent." i think the wolverine one looks like a "got milk" composition.

very sad j dilla rumor ...

a few people have IM'd me to say that they've heard that died. this is horribly sad, if true. anyone have any info?

"copy goes here" - entertaining short film

i stumbled across this short film randomly (it was linked off of an html color selection dashboard widget) and found myself engrossed, watching until the end. it's a real film, with decent acting and real production (not like the terrible "freddie vs. ghostbusters"). the story and narration are warm and charming. nice job, whoever you guys are. by coudal. about 11 minutes long.


check out sneakmove on myspace

it's like a low-calorie .

new kingdom

has an that's worth reading. as for the music, they're a 90s hip-hop group with a punk rock vibe. the record covers have a great thrift store aesthetic. they were rockin' trucker hats in '93!!! loud samples from eclectic sources and a fun, drunk-sounding delivery. thank goodness we have their excellent website with posted. when they came out, it seemed like no one cared which is a damn shame. their second record, paradise don't come cheap barely even came out. i've only ever seen promo copies of it.

listen to

Thursday, February 09, 2006

windsor for the derby

is mostly instrumental rock. the band's sound has changed a lot over the years. in the late 90s, they had songs that swayed subtly from part to part. droning, but beautiful. the lp is that way. definitely a favorite of mine. 1997. trance syndicate.

listen to

they have newish record out called on the secretly canadian label.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

whysall lane

chances are you're a big fan of . richard baluyut (who fronted that band with his brother james) has formed a new san francisco based outfit called whysall lane with mikel delgado (wussum pow, little deaths, cinnamon imperials) on bass, and adam pfahler (jawbreaker) on the drums.

whysall lane's self-titled debut record is is out now on it's really good. you can download three super tracks from the album at the band's

you should also enjoy


turntablism and sampling pioneer is well-known for his lessons 1-3 records from the 80s. he and partner double dee were the first to use pieces from film and television. he continued into the 90s with singles like "it's up to you", where the ominous, high-pitched whine of george h.w. bush pushes us into the first gulf war over a nice little beat.

listen to

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

sneakmove presents... rock drum breaks cd

the newest addition to our releases catalog just arrived. 21 two-minute tracks of warm vintage rock drum breaks, looped up and ready to play. perfect for djs, producers, and anyone that loves the sound of great drums. more details and sound snippets here.

and make sure to check out our other current and previous releases.

(thanks, everyone.)


in '97 or so i got this records compilation called . there's a great track on it. the whole darn thing is boosted from in large pieces, but who cares... it sounds wonderful. also if you haven't heard it, check out mumbles' classic work on record.

listen to

psych-pop from fields

the dudes over at do a great job serving up some very interesting less-than-mainstream tunes, complete with descriptive background info. the regularity of their postings make it hard to pick one standout track to talk about, but i'll try: the psych-pop sound of resonates with good style. after that, make sure to check out the first track listed for .

Monday, February 06, 2006

super broker shuffle

consider this a companion to dj ray liotta's super bowl shuffle post from a few days ago. makes the obvious observation that the '85 bears had a really great idea that should be expanded upon. you can just hear the creators of this video working: why not make a rap video with aging white southerners dedicated to pushing sales of household food items?

busta's bodyguard killed during video shoot

A Busta Rhymes video shoot ended with a hail of gunfire that killed the rapper's bodyguard in Brooklyn early yesterday, feet from some of the biggest names in hip hop - including 50 Cent, DMX and Mary J. Blige, police sources said.

"the other family"

funny and off-color . warning: this site causes chuckles!!!

the warmers

were a rock band from washington, dc. you could comfortably call their sound post-punk. it reminds me a bit of unwound and drive like jehu. mostly simple and stark. 1996. dischord.

listen to

Sunday, February 05, 2006

do you love egg?

. check out "egg song" by clicking the link at the top right corner. off the hook egg radness.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Super Bowl Halftime Honor Roll

In honor of Super Bowl XL, I thought it would be interesting to view the . One year in particular deserves a looksy. Check out the performer(s) for Super Bowl XXVII, perhaps you too will get a laugh like I did.

michael bay to direct the transformers movie

such speculation--i'm not even sure why i'm interested--but finally the movie has a director, michael bay (the rock, bad boys, the island), and he's got help from spielberg on the sript. make sure to read the .

minicomp now available from revolver/midheaven

, sucka!

$500 can make your dreams come true

at least, if your dream is to combine your two favorite movies from 1984. thanks to one true movie afficionado, we can now enjoy the fan-film . i used to wonder if movies would be better if hollywood made the films we think we'd like to see. now i know. download is on the leftside column.

Friday, February 03, 2006

i've been jammin' for quite a while

i'm not much of a football fan, but i do love football rap. so in honor of this weekend's superbizzle fun, i'mma post some of that classic shit -- "the superbowl shuffle" by the 1985 chicago bears. imho, the best things about this grammy-nominated (seriously!) song are gary fencik's "gay rapper" voice and the comedy club sax solos at 2:46 and 4:57. so jazzy! is it just me or does william "the refrigerator" perry actually have a decent flow? it's sorta gangstaish.

prince paul

has had a few solo records come out recently. in the last few months, a collection of previously unreleased tracks called hip-hop gold dust hit the shelves. my favorite solo prince paul record is psychoanalysis. it's a bunch of hilarious skits and weird songs centered around a freud-like analyst who digs into paul's psyche. the label released it. wordsound is a good place to go for strange, experimental, and funny hip-hop-related music. 1996.

listen to

Another Brokeback Mountain parody

Since its release has received much acclaim. Along with its acclaim has come a multitude of parodies pointing laughter towards the movies title and content. But, none of the parodies come close to touching my heart like .
[via, ]

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sneakmove's own gets blasted in blogosphere

Well according to one of our team members is a major jerk! Quite frankly, I think I agree. The title Snakes on a Plane, is in fact endearing and it should draw genuine appeal among moviegoers. Let's not forget that Samuel L. Jackson's reputable should do the movie just fine.

I'm sorry, I am totally joking here...this film and its title are 100% spew.

cmj's new "download this" features hot new electric six

cmj's site has a new-for-2006 feature called - a list of hot tracks to download that appears to be regularly updated. the most current song on there is a scorcher by superstars in waiting, electric six, titled "dance epidemic." now!

(thanks, quarby.)

goldfrapp video - ride a white horse

very catchy tune that'll make you want to dance, and a video that celebrates the waste and trash of the excessive lifestyle. to check it out (only in windows or real formats).

dark crystal sequel

reports there is a sequel to in the works. further, it's "going to be directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, the brilliant creator behind the animated series ."

cd baby hooks up with best buy

listen to about joining forces with , and how most people seem to think it won't make any difference to anyone.

(warning: beware of some heavy-handed "american dream" double entendre.)

atban klann

it wouldn't be a stretch to say the black eyed peas are the most irritating pop act in recent years. before they were the black eyed peas, they were a more than halfway decent rap team called . on some pharcyde meets early souls of mischief, but not as good. their lp never came out, but the "puddles of h2o" single did. 1994. ruthless records.

listen to

isaac brock = the new morrissey

modest mouse's isaac brock is apparently with smiths guitarist johnny marr. wtf?

[via ]

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

best email subject line of the day

CHILLIN VILLAIN EMPIRE, ngafsh would like to be added as one of your friends!

da brat and david gest sexy pixxx

Most Beautiful Commercial of All Time?

Just thought I'd share this with everyone. Shot in San Francisco, and no, not one of these balls is CGI. 100% real.

de la soul high tops

i meant to post this last week, but i frackin' forgot, because i am old and my memory is shite. anyway, these are siiiiiiiiock.


is one of the staples mid 90s indie rock. whether quiet or loud, they have a certain raw intensity. singer/guitarist has great guitar parts and lyrics. from the in place of real insight lp is one of their best songs. karate's first 2 albums are definitely worth getting. the later stuff has been kinda so-so in my opinion. 1997. southern records.

in memory of nam june paik

a sad moment for the world of video art as nam june paik passed away on sunday. his influence is wide-spread, being credited for inventing video art in the 60's. cnn has a nice recap of

from sneakmove pal sizod:
Very sad, this guy was my inspiration for video art. The day after I went to an exhibit of his work I went out and bought a video camera and changed my concentration from traditional sculpture to combining sculpture and multimedia.

luke's "most nastiest tales"

2 live crew's luther campbell is releasing a memoir on cd. explains that the audio book will contain his "freakiest escapades and most nastiest tales." nice, this is the second 2 live crew-related post in like a week!

skateboard company promotes woodshop program

if were promoting their "make a skateboard" program when i was in high school, my life would have definitely turned out different. but it's nice to know that the woodshop kids .

Little Marcy vs. Lil Markie

a few weeks ago, posted a clip of little marcy singing "jesus wants me for a sunbeam" and some other gems. for those of you who missed it, you can watch the 40MB clip . while she can't exactly compete with , it's still pretty darn radical.

(real audio clip)

listen here

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