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Saturday, September 30, 2006

friday means rap music

good to see sneakmove peeps last night live, in person, and bottomless--if youknowhatimean. the was a great weekend jump-off, and way better than the nearby. if it had been a 1997 dilated/j5 show at the glass house in pasadena, or a 1998 show at the maritime in oakland, and a crane had fallen outside...sheesh, you would have had 28 rappers on stage with 24 mics rapping about how it was the end of time. and then you would have gone to eat del taco or in-n-out to try to parking-lot-pimp some asian broads while sitting on the trunk of your saturn sl1.

if it was 2006, on friday the 29th, you would have joked about how since the streets were closed, you could walk down the middle of the street like it was del playa, and you would have seen a show with a bunch of nerds rocking laptops in spasmodic glee, then you would get pizza on the late and laugh at nyu freshmen, so happy to be in the big city, only to then complain about the crane shutting off the streets and making it that much more difficult to get a cab, and since the nights are finally cooling off, as if to say, 'get ready, kids, i'm the east-coast winter and i'm about to kick your ass,' you would walk 5 blocks west, cold-as-hell with all sorts of west side trannys getting ready to party. with you...if youknowhatimean.

at least you would have a two minute one-verse jam with a something-out-of-nothing beat constructed from short samples and wet snare.

9th wonder, the median alleviates the drama

Friday, September 29, 2006

edison victrola exclusives

for some time now, we've been trying to secure an original mix from dj/producer/friend . we finally got the go-ahead. e.v. mostly does hip-hop production, but his eclectic taste has led him to remix rock and electronic acts too. his baltimore ties are definitely apparent in his recent stuff. that dancey b-more sound keeps the crowd movin'.
the mix, BELIEVE Mix 06, includes gems pulled from dusty crates along with original beats and remixes. let's have a listen to some of the original edison victrola stuff, before we post the whole mix.

listen to:
ghostface killah "run (edison victrola remix)"
cinnamon "feels so good (edison victrola remix)"
edison victrola "clap"

Thursday, September 28, 2006

coverpop - youtube visualization page

sneakmove superbuddy sizod sends another fun webfind our way.

creates a mosaic of youtube's top 1001 videos of the week and allows you to browse through them by mousing over the images. pause on one of the tiles and it zooms up to show you the preview pane. click it and you it opens that video's preview pane. a lot of fun!

and for any of you photography or car nuts, here's a page of from the bonneville salt flats (thanks again sizod).

silly blooper from x-men 1

this one is for all you comic book nerds.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

20 year cliff burton memorial

as noted on the fan site , today marks the 20th anniversary of metallica bassist cliff burton's death. in honor of his life and work, various observances and celebrations will be held, including a listening party followed by band performances at the across the road from where metallica's tour bus tragically flipped over in sweden.

if you can't make it to sweden or to the event being held in kansas by the creator of knac's legendary metal show 'the vault' then put on your headphones and listen to cliff whip up a furious mess of strings and fingers on his most classic track: (anesthesia) pulling teeth (mp3)

serge gainsbourg wanted to f@$k whitney houston

came across this vid and boy did it make me chuckle.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

excerpts from eddie van halen's howard stern interview

heard about this a few days ago and was happy to see it written up online. the gist: and attempted to convince the world that he has melted his brain by explaining things such as how he's cured cancer, how his son wolfgang is already a better guitarist than he is, and how jimi hendrix was really just effects and gimmicks (this part isn't in these excerpts, sadly, as it was the section i was most interested in/frustrated about).
(thanks, satt.)

out today: sparklehorse

to the best of my knowledge, first new record in 5 years comes out today. it's called dreamt for light years in the belly of a mountain. more slow, simple, perfect songs. it's a .

here's a song from the new record.
sparklehorse "see the light"

from it's a wonderful life. 2001.
sparklehorse "gold day"

from good morning spider. 1999.
sparklehorse "hundreds of sparrows"

Monday, September 25, 2006

laser-diaphram microphone

using a similar concept to the that uses lightwaves rather than a needle to read the grooves on your vinyl, a new patent for a promises new levels of clarity and precision. as for warmth and character, that's to be seen. be prepared to pay a hefty payment for one when it becomes available.

totally unrelated: check out this amazing .

mike the 2600 king

mike the 2600 king is a minnesota-based dj, producer, and designer who has been making moves for the past few years. he recently posted some new tracks that blend miami bass/ghetto tech and nintendo game soundtracks, and damn they're sick! here are two:

castlevania p ("castlevania" and "pop that pussy & shake that ass" by dj smurf (aka mr collipark))
contrabang ("contra" and "let me bang" by dj deeon)

be sure to check out mike's graphic design work at and buy some of his mix cd's at , which is where mike's dj/producer crew e-reps. (while you're there, listen to a preview of fellow litterthug kenny kingston's extra sensory bass mix, which is also super good.)

(shout out to , where i first read about these mixes)

how can i stay mad at you?

this is one of the funniest homer moments.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

bay area: bomarr monk and dj ray liotta rock madrone lounge tonight!

returns TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! go.

Friday, September 22, 2006

old school rap faves

sticking with the old timey rap theme put forth by djrl's little superstar post, here are some classic rap songs.

dj grand wizard theodore "subway theme"
busy bee "making cash money"
fat boys "fat boys"
jimmy spicer "money (dollar bill y'all)"

friday means rap music

"top five rappers of all time? dylan, dylan, dylan, dylan, and dylan."

not sure if you saw that making of the band? i did, my friend carson reminded me of that. i don't think that dylan is the best rapper, though. i think that bob dylan's mustache is pretty solid. man, what an ugly dude. when i was in the bay area last weekend they played a song that was pretty much a stroll down memory lane. the kind where you think to yourself, "man there were some reasons that i haven't thought of that in a while, another st. john's wort, please," and others where you think, "oh yeah, that was pretty awesome." not so awesome: riding in the listening to san quinn and being late to school because my ride was lazy. awesome: riding in the car listening to e-40 and being late because we would go to stoneridge mall in pleasanton, ca to the wild 107.7 sticker stop to get a free cinnabon before school. yes, wild 107.7 before they moved to 94.9. before they made the move, they played "wild thing" for three days straight on loop. yes, those are awesome memories.

so not that i want to keep tooting this tupac horn, but toot, frikkin toot, here is the song that got me walkin':

tupac tribute, the song continuez on from a host of hyphy loved ones including too short and forty, san quinn, shock g, the pack, and many others.


according to , mel brooks is developing a cartoon series for the :
"Like the 1987 movie, which parodied well-known science-fiction movies, 'Spaceballs: The Animated Series' will spoof current blockbusters as well as every genre of entertainment from movies and reality TV to culture and politics."
also, if you're like me, this fan-made music video for the spaceballs theme song will make you want to go dvd shopping on the way home from work tonight.

dj shadow in-store performance at amoeba

a packed house of fans crowded amoeba's aisles last night as dj shadow played some old tracks, some new tunes, and talked about how thankful he is for being able to keep doing what he loves.

here's a quick video sampler (with sneakmove shoutout!), and take a listen to a lo-fi mp3 of "you made it" featuring special guest chris james from .

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"little superstar" contest

whoever correctly lists all of the wonderful things about this video gets a prize. one wonderful thing is that he's dancing to miker g and dj sven's "holiday rap" (see video below "little superstar"). name the rest of the wonderful things and you'll get something sneakmovey.

"little superstar"

"miker g and dj sven - 'holiday rap'"

prime minister pete nice, baseball historian

the ex 3rd bassman is interviewed in the today. he's written a couple books on early baseball history and lives in cooperstown.
Nash said Serch asked him about doing a reunion tour last year, but he declined because his wife, Roxanne, was pregnant.

(via largehearted boy)

sneakmove theme song nominee

today is the and it couldn't be nicer in the bay area. time for some fun jams 2 get loose 2.

super high energy instrumental swedish rock. the record is .
hemstad "patrik sjöberg"

hilarious synth sounds on this banger.
depeche mode "i sometimes wish i were dead"

i nominate this as the sneakmove theme song. it seems to say, "hey, we've been through a lot. let's never let the magic die." it's either this or "return of the mack" by mark morrison.
crazy penis "bum cop"

get banksy

last weekend banksy, as a payoff for his recent hijinks as covered on,
subversively released a location for an art show. all the hipster and hollywood elite, like brad pitt and former house of pain frontman, everlast showed up. guess who wasn't there? banksy himself. in a statement true to his guerilla art, all stood by, ogled, and spent loads of money while banksy no doubt giggled in glee. either way, the stuff is good for a laugh and great for a think.

check out jamie o'shea's (if that is his real name) site for photos/tidbits from the

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Established for Christian retailers and churches/ministry organizations as a collection of inspirational films they can recommend and promote among their congregations, this new consumer and retail brand will be comprised of filmed entertainment with a clear Christian message or based on material by a Christian author.

thumbdrive-sized projectors, ultra rare turntables and more

quick roundup of some cool links i'm reading this morning:

• a new projector that is the ? i need this embedded in my mega-media superdevice so i can embarrass my nephew when he turns 16. that gives you 10 years, scientists--get to work!

• youtube and cingular are partnering up to sponsor a . ps, I predict youtube will kill myspace (all of myspace's features, but with purpose), maybe even by the end of this year.

• speaking of youtube, check out this . this is the best argument AGAINST birth control that i've ever seen.

• nike's is a blatant ripoff of innovative south african artist . (thanks bomarr--here's to you getting a new computer soon!)

• 9000Euro vintage ? still has a few days left on ebay. helps if you speak german. read more about the .


norwegian beatmaker has a record coming out next month. he'll make you dance but it doesn't feel like he's trying to. the sound is very analog and changes in the beat come subtly. he's done with some high-profile people. check a track or two from the upcoming it's a feedelity affair.

listen to:
lindstom "limitations"
lindstom "i feel space"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

weird al's "white and nerdy"

this has been going around for a few days, but it's really truly hilarious, so i'm still posting it. you can't stop me. weird al is killin' it with this chamillionaire "ridin' dirty" parody. many laffs within. for instance: "my rims never spin. to the contrary; you'll find they're quite stationary." and "i memorized 'holy grail' really well. i can recite it right now and have you ROTFLOL." CLASSSSSSIC.

neil hamburger on kimmel

i love neil hamburger. this set on the jimmy kimmel show is perfectly awkward and hilarious. i love that yoko ono was there to witness it. definitely use headphones if you're watching this at work.

ok ok! we're reprinting the colbert shirt

we've received a lot of requests for the "brainiacs on the nerd patrol" shirt, which is very rad, so we're making another limited batch. exactly the same but one small difference - they're coming on a dark grey ("asphalt") shirt instead of black. even cooler than before! pre-order yours right now!

larry levan

i'm loving this of -remixed disco cuts. the sounds he gets and the general vibe of the songs is pretty amazing. hot stuff. you'll recognize the beginning of "no frills" as the sample prince paul took for de la soul's "bitties in the bk lounge".

listen to:
taana gardner "no frills (larry levan remix)"
loose joints "is it all over my face (larry levan remix)"

Monday, September 18, 2006

crack that whip!

i could watch this on loop for hours. happy monday and happy birthday to our very own dj ray liotta!!

and before summer ends, let's enjoy this simpsons pool scene.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

patrick somerville's trouble

sneakmove pal and all around great guy released his first book this past week and i couldn't be happier for him. is a collection of short stories filled with bittersweet and laugh-out-loud-funny moments. check out his installment of largehearted boy's and be sure to stop by and say hi to him on his current .

Saturday, September 16, 2006

friday means rap music

yup, it's true. believe it. when 50 claims some otherworldly sexual magicianship, he isn't lying. he has the motion of the ocean and the size of the ship. the article claims that hip hop listeners are likely to have had more sexual partners than their other genre-listening counterparts. it makes a further point that hip hop listeners are more likely to have gone to jail. what can we conclude when applying a litte a + b = c? more hip hop listeners have sex in jail. its true. look at the latest playlist from san quentin's prison prom: ain't no fun (if the homies can't get it in the bum), put it in your mouth (remix), down low (nobody has to know), sexy back. yes, sexy back. it's rumored, as i depart from jailhouse couple's-skate only jokes, that tupac finished 'all eyes on me' in a two-week recording session that launched off the evening after he was freed from jail on bail from the gargantuan suge knight. a 9x platinum album made in two weeks. tell me, what were you doing when you were 25? yeah, and you thought the pressure from mom to be a lawyer was hard on the ego...

10 years later, here is a banger:

by 2pac

(thanks carlos.)

Friday, September 15, 2006

the weirdos

were an early california punk band. they originally had more of an art-rock sound and i think that shows in their records. let's try to really hear a song called "arms race" from .

the weirdos "arms race"

lee perry footage

no, it's not one of those weird guinness commercials or his appearance on space ghost. pretty sweet footage of perry and musicians at work in the studio, in the mid-70s i'd guess.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

artie lange on "fresh air"

young quarby pointed me to this between and on this morning's episode of . recommended listening, even though you have to use real player or windows media player. yuck!

bonus: awesome fanmade artie lange wallpaper


gawker media's new music industry blog is called . so far so good.

shaq underpants

rapping, boomboxes, and kazaam right between your buttcheeks. i really hope that shaq wears these things himself.


more fun shaqstuff: has some fun samples of shaq reading from his book shaq and the beanstalk, and other tall tales. here's an mp3.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i heart tripods

my friend sonia has a dog named lulu who she loves like crazy. suckily, a few weeks ago, lulu was diagnosed with bone cancer. from sonia:

Within a week she had surgery to have the affected leg amputated and biopsied. … Lulu has been perfecting her pimp walk. She's a champ with three legs.

sonia started a blog called , where she's posting updates about lulu's progress. yesterday, sonia added to the mix. go there to get your sweet t-shirts, totes, and animal-themed mix cd's and help sonia pay for lulu's costly surgery and treatments.

Please forward to friends, family and anyone you know who cares about dogs as much as I do. Also, if you have a blog or know someone who has a blog, works at a magazine or on TV (I want Ellen DeGeneres wearing one of these on her show!) convince them to represent this cause any way they can. The more people we can get wearing the "I Heart Tripods" shirt the better! These goods aren't just going to help Lulu, they will hopefully help other down on their luck dogs who need this costly procedure and treatment.

all my children: "mike patton is not god"

um, huh?


is one of my favorite bands. they're from los angeles and started playing in '92. jeff martin writes all the music and has been the only constant member. usually it's slow somber rock stuff. lately, the music has become more piano-based and more ambient. it's all pretty much devastatingly beautiful. martin also .
one of his lyrics that really sticks with me is, "love the body/ take it home before you sink/ back in time so thick". words to live by. lots of idaho stuff is for sale .

listen to:
idaho "just might run" from the lone gunman. 2005.
idaho "wondering the fields" from levitate. 2001.
idaho "alta dena" from hearts of palm. 2000.
idaho "clouded" from alas. 1998.
idaho "the thick and the thin" from the forbidden e.p. 1997.
idaho "alive again" from three sheets to the wind. 1996.

Tonight: CC Salon SF

It's time for another CC Salon SF! If you're in the Bay Area, please join us tonight (Wednesday, September 13, from 6-9pm; don't worry if you're late; there will be stuff happening all night) at Shine, (1337 Mission Street between 9th and 10th Streets). Shine has free wi-fi and a super cool .

This month's line-up:

* (, ), who will discuss media ethics, podcasting, and the state of radio.

* Comedian (, -- video ), who will be performing a CC-licensed stand-up routine that he wants people to record and remix.

* And a performance by Oakland-based hip-hop artist , who is distributing three of her new tracks under a CC license.

, San Francisco
September 13, 6-9pm
(, between 9th and 10th Streets)
Track this event on

About CC Salon:
CC Salon is a free, casual monthly get-together focused on conversation, presentations, and performances from people or groups who are developing projects that relate to and/or . Please invite your friends, colleagues, and anyone you know who might be interested in drinks and discussion. There are now CC Salons happening in San Francisco, Toronto, Berlin, Beijing, Warsaw, Seoul, and Johannesburg.

spoon - i turn my camera on - live vid from bumbershoot

these guys seem custom made for music festivals. check out a chopped together video of their hottest song. more bumbershoot 06 videos are on the way.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

mk ultra

check out this song from john vandersilce's old band, . their 1996 lp, original motion picture soundtrack is really good.

mk ultra "grand canyon"

Monday, September 11, 2006

what you don't know: shawn fanning is behind myspace's push to sell records

sneakmove superhomie sammy b. over at (a man who knows a few things about this stuff) breaks down some recent info brought to you by the motley fool website. the gist: snocap, fanning's newest endeavor, is . the concept of him revolutionizing the music world twice? unbelievable.

dj shadow's tour

it looks like might be interesting. he's playing big venues and will have guest emcees like q-tip, david banner and keek da sneak.
(via cmj.)

listen to:
dj shadow feat. david banner "seein' things"

and heeeeeeere come the pretzels!

there are certain moments from the simpsons that never stop being funny.

more banksy fun stuff

bbc news reports this morning that has now graced disneyland with another of his creations, this time a placed behind the iron fence at big thunder railroad. appropriate timing, too.

best computer upgrade? a giant monitor

computer nerds will appreciate last week's article in slate about how a faster processor isn't the best upgrade for your computer. what is? a . now to find an extra $1000...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

recycle your e-waste at these locations

sf bay area peeps: take your busted old electronic gear to the .

Friday, September 08, 2006

but will you still keep in touch?

had itunes on random this morning and "i wonder if i take you home" by came on. which reminded me that i heard a radio ad yesterday for (sorry for linking to ticketmaster; the tour somehow doesn't seem to have its own web site), which is coming to the hp pavilion in san jose next friday. (hey, how in the world does rob base qualify as freestyle?) the show looks like it'd be a great place to meet people stuck in a very particular part of the '80s, so maybe i'll drag the homie (a huge fan of both san jose and precisely that particular part of the '80s) along and hit it up.

check out lisa lisa's page. she's got too $hort and lionel richie in her top 24. what a cool lady.

oh, and if you want "i wonder if i take you home" to show up in your itunes randomly some day, click this link. it's a great song about a young woman and her horny boyfriend. make sure to stick around for the little dialogue towards the end of the song -- it's great.

speaking of groups affiliated with , did you know that full force helped write "don't phunk with my heart" with the black eyed peas? oh well, everyone fucks up once in a while.


had a record out in '99 on . they pretty much diappeared after that. sucks 'cause they made beautiful electronic pop songs. the melody on "plock" is gorgeous. check it out and listen for a vocoded voice that says "borrow my bike/the one with the stripe".

listen to:
plone "plock"

Thursday, September 07, 2006

bonus saafir coverage

dj ray liotta's saafir post makes me want to listen to some classic saafir. care to join me? these are both from boxcar sessions.

listen to:
saafir "playa hayta"
saafir "light sleeper"

"the infinite album"

my beck interview in the new issue of wired . read it or forever regret not reading it.

25 best batman graphic novels

much to the embarrassment of my , i've been way into graphic novels and comics lately. if you too are looking to get geeky with it, may i recommend batman as a great place to start? yes, i may. this 2005 ign list of is a surefire winner.

super bonus extra geekery: awesome batman: year one for your desktop. kapow!

"fishes out of water" - 1998 indie film starring saafir

anyone know anything about this movie? i couldn't find much info about it online, but saafir does make reference to it in an from 1998.

and for you saafir fans, looks like there's a on its way next month.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

nyc people: curtis vodka/nick catchdubs tonight

sneakmove favorites and are djing in nyc tonight at inside the hotel rivington. b-more and other fun danceable beats are sure to be in steady supply. it's looks like a cocktail type of venue, though.

chad vangaalen bonus e.p.

i'm a big fan, so i pre-ordered his new record, . sup-pop was nice enough to include a 6-song bonus disc. the bonus disc is good and the album is great. it's mostly guitar-based indie rock songs that are loud or soft and always have strong melodies. i posted about cvg earlier, so i won't go on and on. from the l.p. have been posted. check this track from the bonus disc.

listen to: chad vangaalen "untitled (track 4)"

cancer rising live from bumbershoot

is a fast rising hip hop act from seattle. i'll admit i didn't realize they had such a big thing going on, but and you'll see why--they hit it hard and solid.

was the coolest dude i met the entire time at the festival, and the rest of the band was super cool too. good things happen to good people so expect to see a lot more of these guys.

check out an mp3 from their new lp "search for the cure": pocket check

josé gonzález, zero 7, deerhoof--two more vids from bumbershoot

a few snippets of followed by on the other stage (featuring both josé and sia). both of these sets were incredibly packed so the vids are shaky. like it? here's a .

played an awesome set of high energy, quirky, arhythmic rock. all three members of the band have serious talent but the drummer and his two piece set (plus high-hat) is really hard to stop staring at. he was a machine.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

danger mouse was co-conspirator in banksy's paris hilton cd stunt

from the good folks at
Waxploitation, the management company for Danger Mouse, can confirm the rumors that the 'DM' referenced on the Banksy/DM Paris Hilton CD is in fact Danger Mouse.

Danger Mouse and Banksy are believed to have met whilst shopping for disguises in a Soho joke shop.

The only comment they have so far offered on their remix is "Its hard to improve on perfection, but we had to try."

friday means rap music

, from the dead

cocaine hit a mass popular exposure outside of peru/colombia in the mid 1800s when an italian doctor, paolo mantegazza, upon return from the south america region explained its benefits. it later caught on in italian wines, as a medical remedy prescribed by the likes of one sigmund freud, an ingredient in coca-cola, a treatment for morphine addiction, an injectable for sherlock holmes, and as a spinal anesthesia. all of those who found benefit by cocaine should have seen the writing on the wall when, in 1871, dr mantegazza was discovered dead by detectives tubbs and crockett in a white linen suit with loafers and no socks at the delano hotel in south beach, surrounded by 8 hookers of varying sexes from what seemed to be an execution-style killing at the hands of the medellin cartel. In '95 the world heath organization concluded the largest global study on cocaine use in history. unfortunately, the world health assembly thwarted the release of the study, which would have provided the greatest insight on cocaine users, manufacturing, and trafficking from over 20 countries with the highest usage--I guess those young jeezy shirts really were working!

, from the feezy

bad brains live dvd

in 1982, did 3 nights at cbgb's. all 3 nights were filmed. the best footage from these 3 performances is . apparently the footage has been unavailable to the public for years. the website has some (.wmv file) that looks really intense and amazing. it could be a buyer.

listen to:
bad brains "pay to cum"

Monday, September 04, 2006

jamie lidell live performance from bumbershoot

two days into the three day festival, nothing has topped jamie lidell's performance. i had heard he was good but didn't imagine it was this great. i texted my friend steph (a huge prince fan) declaring that mr. lidell is the new prince for our times. here's a 6min 15second video of some of the songs he performed. at the end of the show the speakers caught on fire, not on purpose or for a gimmick. he was just that hot.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

lady sovereign reps for sneakmove, performs at bumbershoot

lady sovereign is a sweety who gives big ups to sneakmove, followed by a quick clip of her on stage. simple as that.

i'll have a few more vid clips from yesterday's performers (jamie lidell was unreal).

banksy vs. paris hilton

hilarious: is of paris hilton cd's with his own reworked versions.
The secretive artist has smuggled 500 doctored copies of Paris Hilton's debut album into music stores throughout the UK, where they have sold without the shops' knowledge.

In place of Ms Hilton's bubble-gum pop songs, the CDs feature Banksy's own rudimentary compositions. On the cover of the doctored CD, Ms Hilton's dress has been digitally repositioned to reveal her bare breasts; on an inside photo, her head has been replaced with that of her dog.

Friday, September 01, 2006

would a follow up lp have prevented chi-ali from killing someone?

for whatever reason, i was thinking about chi-ali today. not this , but this how could a guy who looks so happy in these videos actually commit murder. maybe things would be different had he put out a follow up LP to the . odd to think he won't be out of until after this decade.


last saturday, our pal ben hooked us up with some new music by his band . it's fun dancey stuff with silly lyrics and lots of analog synth. it reminds me a bit of the first couple depeche mode records. check a song.

listen to:

three times dope "funky dividends"

were from philly. this song came out in 1989 and i still love it. it's about girls who just want your money. kinda sad too 'cause all dude wants is love. there's some pretty hilarious dialogue in there. the girl says, "when i was with steady b, i had it all. gold, louis vuitton, liz claiborne. i had it all. you ain't givin' me nothin'."

p.s. - check the scrolling text graphic saying "i had it all".

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