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    this full length cd features six new songs by meanest man contest and four new songs by languis. which means it's amazing.

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    sneakmove minicomp 1

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    busdriver/postcoitus photos rickshaw stop, san francisco

Thursday, November 29, 2007

some fave 2007 dance songs

the emperor machine "labocatocs (vincent markowski's polski re-rub)"
get emperor machine's latest lp .

wale "good girls (cousin cole remix)"
go to get a flagrant fowl e.p. featuring cousin cole.

escort "all through the night"
get some escort songs on .

simian mobile disco "i got this down"
get smd's hustler ep .

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

new snoop dogg video

this song is super and the video defies logic and reason.

bullitt car chase map

you've probably seen the classic car chase in the movie . for what it's worth, it's been called the best ever. it takes place in san francisco, where i live, so i always wondered about the confusing route the chase seems to take. this very cool labeled reveals that the chase is not based in reality. coolness.

(via, .)

Monday, November 26, 2007

quiet riot singer found dead...

kevin dubrow, singer of seminal hard rock act quiet riot, . he was 52 years old. damn.

brazilian songs

i posted about the fantastic blog a few weeks back. they post full albums of brazilian music. just to prove how serious i am about it, here are some fave tracks i've grabbed. i'm partial to late '60s and early 70's stuff.

"primitivo" hareton savanini from s.p./73 1973.
"nome sagrado" cristina buarque from cristina 1974.
get her prato e faca lp .
"de frente pro crime" from mpb-4 10 anos depois 1976.
get their i love mpb collection .
"lingua do p" gal costa from legal 1970.
get legal .
"quem me dera" gal costa & caetano veloso from domingo 1967.
get domingo .

"o leaozinho" caetano veloso from bicho 1977.
get his sem lenco sem documento collection .
"samba do aviao" baden powell from serie autografos de sucesso nr. 2 1973.
get the o universo musical de baden powell collection .
"samba do malandrinho" dom salvador e a abolicao from som, sangue e raca 1971.
"abertura" the youngsters from veu de noiva ost 1969.
"infelizmente" nara leao from nara leao 1968.
get her nara collection .
"sinal fechado" paulinho da viola from 7bd 1190 ep 1969.
get his eu sou o samba album .

Sunday, November 25, 2007

transformers success greenlights upcoming g.i. joe film?

it makes perfect sense that with the success of the transformers live movie this past summer, they're now making a . few details are available but so far they've got ("the mummy" - not a terrible film, as far as action films come) to direct. release date is august 2009.

to hold everyone over for a couple years, let's watch this classic cartoon remix one more time - destro feat. the baroness - "get money"

5 worst fight scenes

has a fun article detailing their choices for the . youtube vids are included. hilarious.

ipod ads breaking bands

looking to hit the bigtime? it's simple-just get your song in an ipod ad! sfgate does some homework and discusses the numbers for recent apple soundtrack providers feist and css.

here's the .
here's the (for just 89c)

here's the .
here's the on amazon (also only 89c)

Friday, November 23, 2007

basketball breakdown: gilbert's new shoes, kevin durant, michael beasely, and a couple great hoops mp3s

• adidas and gilbert arenas have developed a line of limited edition shoes (based off his gil II zero's) that are to be debuted throughout the season, starting tonight game against golden state. "cust0mize," tonight's shoe, comes with a dry erase marker that you can use to customize them as much as you please. each edition will range from just 100 to 3000 pairs and feature styles inspired by halo, tweety bird, and a presidential tuxedo. has a and the story behind them. sadly, gilbert busted his knee again a couple days ago and is out for the next three months, so we'll have to see how they alter the release plan...

• the fan site (not a blog name with longevity) posted some information about calling in to talk with kevin on a recent edition of nike hoopstalk. the list of guidelines reads like an snl parody:
No high school/college/pro/league team names

Try to refer to teams by city instead of team names. Call the pro league"the league" instead of the _ _ _.

No amateur/pro player names

Try to use player's first names only because we may not be able to useall pro player names.

No brand names

You could mention Nike, of course, but we're really here to talk about hoops and your game.

No inappropriate or disrespectful language. This one is obvious, but we have to say it anyway, because it would lead to removing your segment from the show and could result in restriction from participation in any/all future Nike events.

• kansas state's freshman forward michael beasley is averaging 30 points and 20 rebounds. he's a beast--watch (34pts and 22 boards).

• has there been any announcer better than pistons? listen to the pregame introductions and tell me you don't wish you were at the game (mp3 audio).

• our pal is on a quest to find the classic video that accompanied this hilariously great ode to manute bol. in the meantime, check out tabron's block the ball (mp3)

fred armisen, inspired by john waters at age 15

has short, cool piece by fred armisen about being becoming pen pals with john waters at age 15 after reading his biography "shock value" (which you can get on ).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

trick your internet friends with imsmack

is a funny little app where you type in a message and get a link that you can send to friends. your message's url is disguised, so you can trick people by saying stuff like "dude, check out this sweet naked pic of glenn danzig: " and then they go "aww, you asshole, i really wanted to see a naked pic of him."

new band from france to check out : gng

consists of two dudes from paris, making "childish french electronica." the songs on their myspace page are fun and light, with accordions over sampled humming and drums that make you think of doing the cha-cha-cha. look them up on your next trip to the eiffel tower.

check out the track my friend with short hair (mp3)

awesome tapes from africa

i'm sorta surprised i hadn't heard of this blog earlier, but my friend chris just turned me on to . it's incredible stuff. just like the name suggests, it's all rips of songs from cassettes the author has picked up in africa. highlife, hip-hop, gospel, and more. awesome, indeed!

firefox 3 beta

mozilla has released the beta version of and some are in. better bookmarking, zooming, and still a lot of memory consumption. let's hope it lightens up a bit before the final version is released.

grind king release/art exhibit this saturday in la

a couple weeks back we mentioned that grind king would be having an los angeles launch party for their artist series truck line. here are the details:
A Group Art Exhibition
November 24th, 2007 one night only so don't miss this event!
Reception: Saturday November 24th, 2007 / 6pm-10pm @ Melt Gallery located within Meltdown Comics.
7522 Sunset Blvd, LA, CA 90046
Admission is free
you can get on their site.

sebastien tellier

air and mr. oizo collaborator has a new single out on the label. the a-side, "sexual sportswear", would be worth mentioning for the title alone, but the song is also quite good. it's hearable on . he makes piano-based songs that have good beats. the full length is out in february.

in the meantime, grab the excellent track "la ritournelle" or the fabulous universe lp .

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

portfolio mag on how amateur porn sites are killing the old school adult movie biz

portfolio has an interesting about how user-generated porn sites are giving companies like vivid video "an unwanted glimpse of the overnight crisis that the file-sharing revolution brought to the music industry and Craigslist brought to newspaper classified ads."

tim & eric awesome show great job! season two

season two of the hilarious adult swim show premiered on sunday night. great stuff. you can watch the whole thing .

Monday, November 19, 2007

rcrd lbl podcast f/ meanest man contest, junip, jacques renault, and more

a quick follow up to thursday's post about meanest man contest's new deal with rcrd lbl -- check out the first , which features music from mmc, junip (f/ jose gonzalez), jacques renault, and more.

the feelies

' 1980 lp, crazy rhythms, is supposed to have been a major influence on r.e.m. i love early r.e.m. and i've always heard that i should check the feelies out, so i finally did. i was kinda "eh" about crazy rhythms to be honest, but i did like the beatles cover.

the feelies "everybody's got something to hide except for me and monkey"

Friday, November 16, 2007

new meanest man contest release on RCRD LBL + a bunch of mmc mp3s

our very very very good friends have signed a deal with a new label called . You can read all about RCRD LBL in yesterday's .

all of the music on RCRD LBL is 100% free to download. there are a bunch of great acts on RCRD LBL, including bloc party, grizzly bear, justice, and spank rock. For the full roster, check out the label's .

mmc will be releasing one song per month for four months through RCRD LBL. the first song, "partially smart" went up yesterday. it features scratches by sneakmove superhomie . download the song or via the widget below.

the very awesome cover art for the project was done by phil toselli. you can see more of phil's work on his .

and don't forget about mmc's other 2007 releases! there's split, minicomp2, and shock 'em dead on sneakmove, on gold robot, and on plug research. in fact, let's listen to tracks from those wonderful projects:

meanest man contest - "one more song"
meanest man contest - "sexy rap proposition!"
meanest man contest -
meanest man contest w/ christopher willits - "i would leave"
meanest man contest -

gray beast - "emotions are high"

gray beast is a new band from seattle whose music combines slow indie rock, soul, and electronic music. good stuff for sure. their debut album comes out next month and you can preview it on the band's . or you can download an mp3 of gray beast's "emotions are high" right here!

1970s tv commercials for p-funk albums

check out these animated tv ads from the '70s for parliament albums. AMAZING!!!

the motor booty affair

funkentelechy vs. the placebo syndrome

(thanks, chris.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

el-p disses spank rock backstage at the mtvu woodie awards

aw shit.

is the other dude in this video cage? if so, he looks really different than he used to.

sorta related update:

the wsib's horribly violent public service announcement campaign

the is the government agency in ontario, canada that promotes workplace safety and manages workers comp. a while back, they launched a campaign called , which aims to make people aware of the dangerous hazards that exist in their workplaces.

a cornerstone of the campaign is a series of tv ads that depict workers suffering terrible - even fatal - accidents on the job. the spots are graphically violent to the point of being almost bizarre. they're also incredibly memorable, which hopefully means that they'll be effective in keeping candians from getting devastatingly and disgustingly hurt while working. i guess you could call it a "scared safe" approach.

from what i can gather, two of the spots were created last year and there are two new ones that made their debut recently. take a look at the most mind-scarring of the bunch below. um, WOW!

more of these can be found by clicking the "related videos" link on this . (if someone finds a better way to link to the whole batch, please suggest it in the comments below).

(thanks, big grig.)

marvel comics opens their archives online

thousands of classic comics from over the decades are now available to marvel comic fans via . check out their free samples, or subscribe monthly ($9.99/mo) or yearly ($60--$5/mo). this is a lot less than i was spending when i was buying these comics regularly, and i've got about 20 years of catching up to do. it will be curious to see what this does to the resale value of collectible back issues, especially after ebay has devalued them so drastically as it is...

100dbs' rappy aphex twin mashups are good stuff

producer has posted a collection of really good mash-ups he's made by combining aphex twin tracks and acapellas from rappers like ti, nas, snoop, and busta. they're available for free download, so !

(via )

usb circus cannon

this thing looks like a lot of fun. use the arrow keys to maneuver the cannon, aim for safety landing net, then click the spacebar to launch the foam dart "human cannonball" up to 15 feet. they also recommend using it against your bothersome coworkers. try mounting one of those onto it to make your laptop into a mobile launch station.

available from for $35.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

exploded still-working ipod in resin = sweet

this dude billy chasen took apart an ipod, made an exposed/exploded view of it, and encased the results in resin in such a fashion that the thing is still operational. too rad. check it out at .

stinkin' rich (aka buck 65) - "who you frontin' for?"

it's fun to explore a musician's early work, especially when the stuff they created in their formative years is drastically different than their current output.

, whose career has been through a variety of stages, used to go by the name stinkin' rich. in 1994, he released a 7inch with a song called "who you frontin' for?," which provides a great example of how much an artist's work can change over time. it's very much influenced by the upbeat, headnod hip-hop of the era. buck's delivery seems a little off and his voice is sorta squeaky (not b-real squeaky, but there's a definite beastie boys influence in there somewhere). it's not an amazing track, but it's a fun listen and shows buck beginning to figure out where he wanted to go with his music. check it out.

stinkin' rich (aka buck 65) - "who you frontin' for?" (1994)

buck 65 has a new album out called situation. you can support him (and sneakmove) by buying it on .


optical illusions abound in the whitest boy alive's "golden cage" video

when i was a young fella, i used to LOVE optical illusions. there's something awesome about how they totally trick your eyes!!! like many boys, my favorite one was the . it's so true: naked ladies are what's on a man's mind.

anyway, there's a fun video from earlier this year 's "golden cage" that explores some well-known optical illusions, and explains a little bit about how they work. pretty cool!

support the band (and sneakmove) by buying the whitest boy alive's album dreams on .

(thanks, c!)

running the sahara marathon

26 miles 385 yards of punishing running--marathons take part all around the world, most prominently in large cities and beautiful locales like new york, london or hawaii. now imagine running not on asphalt, but rather loose sand and scattered rock, and you've got the terrain for the . documentary film maker (and personal friend) dan zaccheo ran the marathon in february of this year to show solidarity with the saharawi refugees and their situation in southwest algeria. shot from the hip using his mini dv camera (which later succumbed to the effects of sand mixing with electronics), dan captures not just a punishing run but also a glimpse into the lives of people who have lived in the harsh desert for generations.

Monday, November 12, 2007

cars & trains-new release out tomorrow

, the new release from portland, or based , will be released on november 13 (tomorrow). self described as "folky-electronicness," the preview tracks have a unique mix of sloppy-stringed acoustic instruments with rhythmic beats and synthed bass tracks. it works. alex from boy in static and sole from anticon each collaborate on a track as well.

preorder .

and check out the free ep that's a companion piece for the album: 6 instrumentals plus remixes of boy in static and of and ' chapel of the chimes. download the entire thing .

loronix: classic brazilian album blog

posts entire albums. brazilian albums from the 1930s to the present. definitely worth checking out.

mbv/soft focus

you may have heard that is working on a record and plans to have it out this year. the news was first revealed on the interview show hosted by // singer . check this video where he describes soft focus. priceless.

i would be willing to bet that the mbv record does not come out in any form before the end of the year. i would also wager that it'll be pretty darn good, but a little disappointing if you're looking to as a measure. duh.

my bloody valentine "when you sleep" from loveless. grab it .

all this got me watching some soft focus episodes. they're pretty hilarious and enlightening. svenonius comes off a little dim and naive. like a kid who wants to, but can't, pipe everything through his socialist point of view. still, he's very likeable and the interviews are really fun.

hidden cameras - "doot doot plot" (roman ruins remix)

our good friend has put together an awesome remix of the hidden cameras' "doot doot plot." it zeroes in on the song's upbeat melodic ridiculousness and turns it into a full-fledged bmore club track. highly recommended!

hidden cameras - "doot doot plot (roman ruins remix)"

Saturday, November 10, 2007

billionaire ex-disney ceo michael eisner blames steve jobs for writer's strike

cnet posted a report a few days ago that , in a keynote discussion for the media and money conference, called the current writer's strike "stupid." his rationale is that the writers want a larger slice of the digital profits (including dvd box sets), and that the studios currently aren't making a profit on these digital releases. the reason being? steve jobs has the studio's hands tied with the itunes contracts... nothing like billionaires whining to the masses about the how each makes life hard for the others. read it all .

two more very interesting post about the strike from earlier this week:
• to help spread their message--watch the cast and crew from lost and the office on the front lines
• rob long of kcrw writes a fascinating editorial about his --a very interesting piece from someone affected by both factions.
(thanks, stevers, trav.)

deniro, pacino and 50 cent to star in cop thriller

two actors who have plenty of experience wielding guns in front of the camera team up with an artist with a reputation for wielding guns in his private life: 2008 will see deniro, pacino and 50 cent star in , a story about two detectives chasing after a cop gone bad. i smell a twist ending. these two legends of the silver screen have only starred together twice before: and . and good news, all you donnie wahlberg and john leguizamo fans: they're in the movie too.

check out the trailer:

Friday, November 09, 2007

tim and eric nite live

tim and eric's new live web show for super deluxe debuted last night. it's called "tim and eric nite live" and it's pretty much wonderful. catch it below.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

new info about the oakland producer who's house burnt down

last march sneakmove posted a news clip about lance klatt, the oakland producer who was so busy making music in his garage that he didn't notice his house was on fire ("oakland beatmaker plugs record label while house burns down"). just yesterday, lance himself made a very awesome visit to the sneakmove post about him, and provided some wonderfully funny clarification on his nonchalant demeanor in the news video...
it was just my garage whitch is seperated from the house none of my house caught fire plus i was high as fuck on X so nothing really would have botherd me that night. even my stoopid beard,lol!!check me at
gotta respect his sense of humor and openness in the face of the material loss. hope things have picked up, lance!

1000 VHS, thirsty thursday style

a couple weeks ago, we had to sponsor some tradeshow at work. everyone has been to a tradeshow before and they get those crappy bags that people always want to throw away. i thought it would be better to give people a hunk of trash so we got 1000 vhs tapes from some goof in queens, stickered em, and threw 'em in people's bags. i think most people threw 'em away, but there were some serious gems in there from new jack city, to freaknik, to reefer madness. the homie here made a mash up from the vhs era and beyond. give it a listen on thirsty thursday...

san francisco. city of magic and adventure.

and asked architects, city planners, and transportation engineers, “what would you do if you didn’t have to worry about budgets, beauracracy, politics, or physics?” ideas from these conversations were then merged, developed, and perhaps mildly exaggerated by steve and packard to create a series of 6 posters for the san francisco arts commission’s . imagine riding an elephant to work! actually that idea frightens me. but the postcards are super! check out all 6 postcards .

(thanks, ian)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

thoughts on the new hype machine

as annoying as the relaunch of new site was, i gotta say i really like what they've put together. the new dashboard is nutty. firstly, i signed up and got the user name "n". so you can just go to to see all the blogs i'm watching, tracks that i like, people watching me, people i'm watching, and searches i have set up. if someone posts about about one of my about one of my favorite bands, it'll be piped into my dashboard page. if one one of my fave blogs posts a track, it's on the dashboard.
all hype machine pages also have built-in play buttons next to all the tracks. just click play and you'll hear it. click another track and the first one stops while the second one starts. AND you can also grab the rss feed of your own blog list and just pipe it on in to your favorite rss reader. aggregating the , if you will. it's all very easy and saves a ton of time going through blog after blog trying to listen to songs. my one complaint would be that the site is still a little slow, but not terribly so. anyways, very rad. i've already found another lovely track! it's another dan bejar from related jam...

hello, blue roses "shadow falls"
it's not out yet, but you can grab the latest destroyer record .

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

vinyl straight to ipod

well this sort of represents the extreme. very simple. no middle man. no computer. if you want you probably also know how to get songs off your ipod, so that's not much of an issue. part of me loves the simplicity and thinks "duh. they should have made this a long time ago." but there's the other side that doesn't like the blind acceptance of ipod (like i would buy any other mp3 player) and not caring about sound quality or sharing songs with other people.

video game nightmare......for sale!

a person is selling their video game collection online. ok, that sounds like a normal classified listing, until you realize the person is completely insane! he's not just selling a couple of sega genesis games but every game and console ever invented. ever. this is only for the extremely dorky who are looking for the very rare 'quest for the rings' game on the completely extinct mattel - odyssey 2 game station! what?! imagine if this guy was your roommate? that would be so awesome. look

Monday, November 05, 2007

old school lady rap remixes by quarterbar

hot on the heels of the release his shock 'em dead mixtape, offers us some more tasty remixes. female rappers spittin' in an old school way even if a couple of the songs aren't actually old. the beats have a fun 80's synth type of sound. fun stuff. feel it!

salt 'n' pepa "spinderella's not a fella/shake your thang (quarterbar remix)"
lady tigra "bass on the bottom (quarterbar remix)"
the go! team "grip like a vice (quarterbar remix)"
roxanne shanté "big mama (quarterbar remix)"

p.s. - that's a pic of lady tigra.

Friday, November 02, 2007

eye-fi: 2gb sd memory card with built-in wireless

! hard to believe that something the size of a postage stamp can not only hold such a vast quantity of information, but actually transmit that information wirelessly to your home network. one says when some of the kinks get ironed out, this thing will be amazing.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

why, terry bozzio, why?

don't get me wrong i loved terry bozzio's work in the missing persons, but what the hell is this monstrosity he's playing now? he at one point claims 'its not for show or to draw attention but to make music on the drums'. what kind of music is that terry? barf. this drum set looks like the thunderdome from that mad max movie.

bear grylls steps up to another "wild" season of man vs wild

we're thrilled that is back for another amazing season of cliff-hanging suspense and death-defying excitement. the new season starts next friday (nov 9) on the channel with a special episode: bear's mission everest, where show host treks to the himalayas to attempt to fly a powered paraglider higher than everest (which he set the record for being the youngest person to climb, at age 23). from there he'll travel through the sahara, panama and to patagonia.

if you can't get enough of the show, check out behind the scenes info in insight, and not badly written either...

also, check out some classic clips of bear finding nourishment in some of the slimiest ways possible:

la and sf peeps: rademacher residencies and blogs-idencies

sm pals have been putting it in overdrive recently, with a slew of shows and general awesomeness. the butt kicking continues into november: this month the band is celebrating the release of their new album "" by having four great blogs each release a different mp3 of select tracks each week:

11/2 --
11/9 --
11/16 --
11/23 --

they're also playing an la show each week in two of the coolest spots in town:
11/4 --
11/11 --
11/18 -- Spaceland
11/25 -- Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club

but that's not all--the hard working band will also be playing a residency at sf's hip joint . every wednesday in november (7, 14, 21, 28), you can catch the rademachers shaking their stuff. want to go? *sneakmove has some tix to these shows to give away*, so leave us a note in the comments and we'll select a lucky person (or two) to see the band.

check out a track from stunts: (mp3)

then it (just $10!). produced by aaron espinoza and album art by ashod simonian of earlimart - who happens to have a that i just reviewed for readymade...

banksy: caught in the act?

the elusive grafitti/etc artist has mostly managed to keep his identity a secret–until now: a photo has surfaced alleging to catching robert banksy in the act.

this latest piece can be seen over in the in east london, but get there fast because the local council has vowed to remove it.


ridiculously great custom-made 3rd bass jacket on ebay

how wonderful is ? unfortunately, the bidding has already ended for this item (it sold for $50).

here's the item description, in case the ebay listing page disappears:

A bleached jean jacket from the Gap in mens size XL has been airbrushed by "Tony's Thang" at Beltway Plaza (Greenbelt, MD). This jacket was made in the early 90's, and was autographed by both MC Serch & Prime Minister Pete Nice at their concert. The phrases "Words of Wizdom" & "Problem Child" are graffitied on the sleeves, "3rd Bass" and "The Cactus" are on the chest panels. There is some rhinestone embellishment on MC Serch's necklace on the back.

This jacket is one-of-a-kind. Don't miss out!

3rd Bass was an 80's/ 90's American rap group that featured MC Serch, Prime Minister Pete Nice & DJ Richie Rich. MC Serch recently hosted VH-1's Ego Trip's "The White Rapper Show".

US bidders only, please.

tim and eric's new super deluxe show

are launching a new live internet talk show on next week. i bet it'll be weird!!! ;) here's the promo for it.

listen here

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