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Thursday, January 8, 2009

ridiculously great custom-made 3rd bass jacket on ebay

how wonderful is ? unfortunately, the bidding has already ended for this item (it sold for $50).

here’s the item description, in case the ebay listing page disappears:

A bleached jean jacket from the Gap in mens size XL has been airbrushed by “Tony’s Thang” at Beltway Plaza (Greenbelt, MD). This jacket was made in the early 90’s, and was autographed by both MC Serch & Prime Minister Pete Nice at their concert. The phrases “Words of Wizdom” & “Problem Child” are graffitied on the sleeves, “3rd Bass” and “The Cactus” are on the chest panels. There is some rhinestone embellishment on MC Serch’s necklace on the back.

This jacket is one-of-a-kind. Don’t miss out!

3rd Bass was an 80’s/ 90’s American rap group that featured MC Serch, Prime Minister Pete Nice & DJ Richie Rich. MC Serch recently hosted VH-1’s Ego Trip’s “The White Rapper Show”.

US bidders only, please.

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