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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1991 video of buckethead with deli creeps, plus early pic of buckethead unmasked

in early 1991 i saw a band called the open for at oakland night spot the omni (rip). everyone was blown away by the , with a michael meyers mask and bucket on his head, who played like no one had ever heard before.

somehow even with high profile gigs like g’n'r, buckethead has continued to be a secret-identity superhero through the years. i’m thrilled to have just found a video that captures the magic of spring 1991, as the 19-or-20 yr old shreds with his original band at sf’s club o (rip). plus, look at the old pic of him without his mask!!!! (found linked on his wikipedia entry).

preview a sample buckethead track:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version . You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(via ).

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  • Anonymous said,

    Whats the deal with the little figer extention?

  • Anonymous said,

    It is strangely sad to know what he looks like. The mystery was half the fun.

  • Halfway said,

    wow, i didn’t realize he was such a shredder. pretty impressive.

    also, he’s got the longest pinky i’ve ever seen!

  • Anonymous said,

    Bukcethead was a pimp then and still is baby!

  • Anonymous said,

    this is his old mask search jordan itll show u his new one

  • Anonymous said,

    what a pimp

  • Anonymous said,

    Umm i looked at pics oon good=gle–he has a normal sized oinky lol

  • crazy bastard said,

    yeah the fingers are obviously not real so i hope no one is actually freaking out about those. however bucket head is a shiny golden god.

  • Anonymous said,

    i might have got a picture of buckethead unmasked with shawn lane

  • Anonymous said,


  • Anonymous said,

    You are all fairly uneducated on the subject of Buckethead. Let me clarify for you all.

    1. That is his original mask and NOT a Micheal Meyers mas. He wears masks of the same type to this day.

    2. That is in not his “Real” pinky finger. It’s a gimmick.

    3. You cannot take down the picture because that picture has been around since before Buckethead even existed. He sent it in to Guitar World along with 4 Demo songs in a contest. If Brian Caroll (Buckethead) wanted the pic off the net it wouldn’t be anywhere around. And trust me, It (along with other “supposed” unmasked Buckethead pictures) are there if you know where to look.

    Any questions?

  • muzlblst said,

    yes of course someone is bold enough to ask!
    where are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous said,

  • Anonymous said,

    Who cares what he looks like?

    He’s a retard, anyway…

  • Anonymous said,

    You got a problem with him wearing a mask? that his own style dude not yours and you look at yourself first b4 calling anyone else retards.

  • Anonymous said,

    buckethead 4 president

  • said,

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  • said,


  • julio said,

    this band is the old band of buckethead, seriously!!!!!

  • "Upp the chickens" fredie said,

    cĀ“man! one picture of buckethead when he is young??? DO ENYONE KNOWE HOW HE LOOKS NOW!? from that moment he probebly desidet to never show his face again :)

  • someone said,

    on the vid where is bucketheads bucket?

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