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Monday, February 9, 2009

dublab’s “enter the new era” calendar - limited edition print + free download


this just in from our good friends at

dublab’s “ENTER THE NEW ERA” calendar

We’ve just completed a fun project. We worked with 13 artists to create a calendar for dublab’s Positive Projection Proton Drive fundraiser. We made 200 hand-numbered copies with screen-printed covers. These were sent to dublab donors. 50 copies will be available in friendly local stores and through the dublab shop for a limited time. We also made a free digital version which you can share with friends far and wide. This is your guide to the bright, optimistic future. Each month features “future roots music moments” and original art by:

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To get your copy just PayPal $20 (US) or $25 (International) with the message “Enter the New Era” to:

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