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Thursday, December 4, 2008

junip - black refuge video

after checking out a new band on gorilla vs bear recently (via pete’s jennylewis s.m. post), i’m really digging this band junip. their haunting organs and faraway guitars create such a wonderfully somber, autumnal sound. their official website (with an equally great dark, sad skeleton vibe to it). i’ve found some other info on the band from various other sites (, ), such as this being jose gonzales’ new project (i’m still confused by gorillavsbear’s sweden reference).

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  • QuarBy said,

    nice! never heard of this, but I have heard of j. gonz…
    jose gonzalez is an argentinian-born fellow who grew up in sweden. his solo records are really really good. solo acoustic stuff, mostly.

  • gary tijuana said,

    Oh awesome. I’ll check for more of his stuff, thanks for the heads up and the thumbs up.

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