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Thursday, December 4, 2008

in los angeles: good december

if you’re in los angeles over the next two weeks, is hosting a series called good december from 12/05/08 through 12/19/08 in their new space on melrose. it’s open to the public from 11am-5pm every day and will offer salons, panel discussions, meals, and more. there will be occasional parties in the evening hours that require an rsvp; check out the for more details. there’s also a nice write-up about it at with some useful info.

i’m working on two of the ongoing pieces of the series. one is an installation of - the art and music project produced by and . the other is a set of podcast interviews about the culture of sharing that i conducted with , , , , , and a variety of other luminaries who use sharing as a cornerstone to work they do across a variety of fields. snippets of the conversations will be running throughout the series’ two weeks - grab a set of headphones and listen up!

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