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Friday, December 5, 2008

submit your one-second-long song to "sloppy seconds"

cd-r label is putting together a compilation of one-second-long songs entitled i’m definitely gonna submit something and i know is too. if you feel like you possess even one second’s worth of sonic creativity, i think it would be super great for you to also get involved.

My goal is to fill an 80 minute CDr in this way. At 60 artists a minute, that would be 4800 separate submissions, with a track marker every minute. I know, I’m aiming for the sky, and it’s probably a totally unrealistic goal. You can help by passing the website around to anyone you think might be interested. Any style of music will be accepted. When I deem it’s “done”, submissions will no longer be accepted and it’ll be released in whatever form it takes. There is no timeline for this process, but I suspect it will take awhile.

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  • gary tijuana said,

    gary tijuana is gonna submit two songs. one solo song, and one with his new band. i love this idea.

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