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Saturday, April 4, 2009

banksy: caught in the act?

the elusive grafitti/etc artist has mostly managed to keep his identity a secret–until now: a photo has surfaced alleging to catching robert banksy in the act.

this latest piece can be seen over in the in east london, but get there fast because the local council has vowed to remove it.


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  • rod said,

    but then again, you have to ponder whether this is all just another banksy art project where the clever ol’ bloke hired his own paparazzo! ;)

  • gary tijuana said,

    i had a similar thought–for a dude who’s never been seen making his art (as far as i’ve ever heard, at least), this is a boldly open exhibition. just chilling out in the open in the daytime? maybe he’s just getting bored or sloppy…

  • said,

    The guy is a legend - at least he can draw, that’s all that matters.

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