Tuesday, November 13, 2007

stinkin' rich (aka buck 65) - "who you frontin' for?"

it's fun to explore a musician's early work, especially when the stuff they created in their formative years is drastically different than their current output.

, whose career has been through a variety of stages, used to go by the name stinkin' rich. in 1994, he released a 7inch with a song called "who you frontin' for?," which provides a great example of how much an artist's work can change over time. it's very much influenced by the upbeat, headnod hip-hop of the era. buck's delivery seems a little off and his voice is sorta squeaky (not b-real squeaky, but there's a definite beastie boys influence in there somewhere). it's not an amazing track, but it's a fun listen and shows buck beginning to figure out where he wanted to go with his music. check it out.

stinkin' rich (aka buck 65) - "who you frontin' for?" (1994)

buck 65 has a new album out called situation. you can support him (and sneakmove) by buying it on .



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