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    mmc and more at terrorbird one-year anniversary 111 minna, san francisco

    busdriver/postcoitus photos rickshaw stop, san francisco

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sxsw: two cc parties you should go to

if you're going to be in austin for , make sure to join me at one (or both) of the parties creative commons is a part of.

the first one is on monday, march 12th during sxsw interactive and is being hosted in collaboration with and . it's a benefit event for cc and takes place at (6th st. at trinity). $20 gets you a yearlong subscription to good (with all of the money going to creative commons) and entry into the party, where you'll find an open bar (sweet!), music provided by the , and (of guns n bombs and ima robot), and interactive visuals from vj . it's gonna be crazy fun (and for a good cause) so subscribe and then rsvp by sending an email with your full name to .

the second party is on saturday, march 17th during sxsw music and is being hosted with the superawesome people of and . it takes place at the (7th st. at red river) and is tigerbeat6's sxsw label showcase. look for performances from , , , , , and . you can track this event on .

local tv news: still hilarious

predictably ludicrous grand forks, north dakota news report on emo culture. you gotta feel a little bad for the sheriff's deputy, tapped by the station to describe the difference between emo and goth style. he seems like a nice guy and has no idea that the internet will be shortly laughing at him.

video: "i can't stop (chips)" by miss ckc (aka carolyn castiglia)

is a comedian who a lot of people became familiar with through her for . ironically, it turns out that if she had been cast on the show, she probably wouldn't have been the funniest person on it.

anyway, she has a new rap video out called "i can't stop (chips)" and it provided me with a few smiles. check it out.

incidentally, i feel like something's missing from my life now that the white rapper show has ended. thank goodness (cycle mothereffing 8, y'all!) premieres tonight.

product review vid: reusable hand warmer

the science nerd in me loves these ez-heat handwarmers. click the tab and the liquid turn solid, releasing heat. boil in water to reset. available online and at camping gear stores.

song of the day: "voyages" by michel polnareff

"voyages" by michel polnareff
(1971; paris, france)

instrumental psych-pop that was sampled by both substance abuse and the shortwave set.



Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wayne coyne on happiness

wayne coyne of the flaming lips wrote a brief but insightful essay called for npr's this i believe. great stuff.

song of the day: "hollywood divorce" by outkast f/ lil' wayne & snoop dogg

"hollywood divorce" by outkast f/ lil' wayne & snoop dogg

strangely overlooked outkast track with creeping synth and great lyrics.
(2006; atlanta, georgia, usa)



xlr8r tv pilot on revision3

is a new internet tv show focused on music and club culture. it's a collaboration between the good people of magazine and -- the internet tv network started by some of the guys behind .

the pilot launched this morning and features segments on (who appear on sneakmove's minicomp1) and (who appeared on our first record -- the blastoff! compilation).

adult swim + definitive jux = definitive swim

is a free new downloadable compilation of def jux artists like el-p, aesop rock, camu tao, mr. lif, and cage. it's presented by adult swim and old spice (ha!).

Monday, February 26, 2007

amazing fashion show with futuristic automated apparel

this video of s/s 07 fashions left me pretty blown away. it gets a bit nsfw around the 4:45 mark, otherwise just fine.

(thanks, pammy.)

song of the day: "ebony glass" by nancy priddy

"ebony glass" by nancy priddy

eerie phil ramone-produced psychedelic folk by christina applegate's mom.
(new york, new york, usa; 1968)



Sunday, February 25, 2007

song of the day: "let's get ready to crumble" by the russian futurists

"let's get ready to crumble" by the russian futurists

melodic electronic one-man-band indie pop.
(toronto, ontario, canada; 2002)



Saturday, February 24, 2007

daft punk samples

here's a cool video illustrating the samples daft punk used to make some of their songs. did the detective work.

video: "you're the kind of girl" by mixel pixel

check out the new video for "you're the kind of girl" by . awesome!

and don't forget to pick up a copy of the meanest man contest / languis split cd, featuring "they do," an mmc duet with kaia from mixel pixel. yes!

song of the day: "after laughter (comes tears)" by wendy rene

"after laughter (comes tears)" by wendy rene

heavy memphis soul song from 1964 sampled by the rza.



friday means rap music

nothing terribly revolutionary here, except for a good sack of memories! we went to great america for 8th grade graduation and the pharcyde was playing there. instead of going, my friend decided to use a slingshot he smuggled in to shoot one of the chinese acrobats. he never got caught. guess he was just good at runnin'.

oh yikes! how fitting!! - back in the day when they had j-swift and fatlip.

Friday, February 23, 2007

song of the day: "i can see it now" by the walker brothers

"i can see it now" by the walker brothers

lovely 1966 soft pop track written and sung by scott walker.



Thursday, February 22, 2007

white collar workout this saturday – with special guests!

get ready for some hot sweaty all night dancing, featuring the bomarr monk and the return of dj ray liotta. special performance by neurotic city.

madrone lounge, 500 divisadero (at fell), san francisco.
saturday february 24, 9pm to 2am.
free before 10pm, $5 after 10pm.

seti at home finally discovers something–new rap tracks on missing computer

it's likely that we're all familiar with the seti at home screensaver program that uses your idle computer's processing power to help scan the cosmos for life. using the phoned-home ip data, one man was able to , fully intact but with some interesting additions:
But the returned computer contained 20 tracks of rap music with unintelligible lyrics, possibly from the person who stole the computer or bought it on the underground.

"It's really, really horrid rap," Melin said. "It makes Ludacris look like Pavarotti."
oh man, please get those tracks online!

song of the day: "miami life" by ras kass

"miami life" by ras kass

this is an underground hip-hop track from 1996 by a severely underrated rapper.

from .


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

documentary challenges masculine stereotypes in hip-hop culture

on : pbs presents a look inside the violent and mysoginistic imagery promoted in rap culture. the film features most of the big names from hip-hop's past and present.
In "" film maker Byron Hurt, a former college football star, goes on a journey of discovery around the United States, challenging hip-hop artists and record producers in the multibillion dollar industry.
premiered feb 20 on , check link for upcoming airings.

song of the day: "an oak tree" by get cape. wear cape. fly

"an oak tree" by get cape. wear cape. fly

this is a poppy, jazzy indie rock track from 2006 with a great melody and clever, cutting lyrics.



Tuesday, February 20, 2007

nirvana's greatest ever moment (happy 40th bday, kurt)

would have been 40 today. to celebrate this had a poll for fans to vote on what was greatest ever moment.

1. Reading Festival 1992
2. MTV Unplugged
3. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'
4. Singing the wrong words on 'Top Of The Pops'
5. 'Nevermind' knocking Michael Jackson off the top of the US charts
6. The band's performance on 'The Word'
7. The 'Nevermind' album cover
8. 'Come As You Are'
9. Starting a food fight and getting thrown out of the 'Nevermind' launch party
10. Pretending to be Madonna's representatives and crank calling The Lemonheads

for me the best part about this list is that i was at the 1992 and right up at the front when they played, i wouldn't say it was the greatest moment in my life, but it was pretty great.

some nirvana tunes from 1992
been a son
molly's lips

blends by quarterbar

if you're interested in djing or doing beat production work, you might wanna check a little program called . it makes things pretty easy. perhaps too easy. admits that some of these blends (could they be called mashups or remixes?) aren't exactly smoothly executed. well, they are fun and were created in real time or, as they say, live.

dear mom, please don't throw away my old skateboard

i'm a little surprised (and feeling old) to see the same i had on ebay for . at least i know for sure that i was indeed "cool" when i was 13.

(thanks, sizod.)

song of the day: "expecting to fly" by buffalo springfield

"expecting to fly" by buffalo springfield

this late '60s symphonic pop ballad features neil young at his melancholy best.



Monday, February 19, 2007

new simpsons movie trailer

the first trailer for the simpsons movie was less than impressive. a is available and it looks great. the darn thing might actually be funny.

whole foods ceo to work for just $1 a year, forever

reported in the feb. issue of fast company: last november the ceo of whole foods to his employees explaining that he was raising the salary of his execs, but lowering his to $1 a year with no further compansation, as he's made more money in his life than he needs. he also indicated that the company would be scaling back growth. stock promptly dropped 23%.

new blonde redhead

we got a hold of the new record. it's called 23. and who could have guessed... it's really good! comes out april 10. check a track. it's the poppiest stuff i've heard from them.

blonde redhead "silently"

song of the day: "amplifier" by the db's

"amplifier" by the db's

excellent early '80s power pop out of new york (by way of north carolina).


bootlegged banksy screen saver

as a big fan of i've made my own banksy screen saver; through heavy insistence, i share it for everyone to install and enjoy as well. the screen saver uses 72 different images bootlegged from banksy's website. this version only works on mac, but if any sneakmovers convert it to pc please send us a note. enjoy. (mac os x 18.2mb)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

new york times mag on dj drama and dj cannon …featuring dj ray liotta!

there's a great about the dj drama and dj cannon mixtape arrests (and mixtape culture in general) in today's new york times magazine. it even features a mildly provocative quote from sneakmove's own dj ray liotta at the end!
Others pointed to the selective nature of the crackdown as evidence that the raid was a deliberate effort — major retailers like Best Buy were not raided, even though they carry many of the same CDs Drama was arrested for selling. The R.I.A.A. “would have to know nothing about the industry they are monitoring not to realize this stuff is all over Best Buy and FYE,” says Eric Steuer, the creative director of Creative Commons, a nonprofit that works to develop more flexible copyright arrangements for artists and producers. “Maybe they leave them alone because the major chains have promotion deals with record labels.”

george lucas: empire was the worst star wars film

the guy takes being a to new heights.

(via .)

song of the day: "beautiful food" by edan

"beautiful food" by edan

this is a hilariously absurd track off of edan's 2001 ep sprain your tapedeck, where he basically just runs down a list of food items, rappy-style.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

friday means rap music

timmy! there are things you just can't say! i know that by now this is super old news. but it just bothers me. i have timmy's warriors jersey. so now, just like my webber, carter, penny, jamison, and van exel jerseys, the hardaway will find its way to the back of the garage into some box that will be filed away and never found. at least i have a sarūnas marčiulionis lithuania t-shirt somewhere.

on that note, this jammy will re-instil some bay area love and might offer up some select wisdom at the beginning of the song for #10.

, from lyrics born and the quannum crew.

You know there comes a time in everybody's life when
we just need a little bit of guidance
You know we get a little lost in the fog
and it sort of impedes our vision
But there's a way that we can figure it all out
and make it happen, make it work

song of the day: "stem" by shiina ringo

"stem" by shiina ringo

this is a really great melodic, symphonic japanese pop song from 2003 that is sorta reminiscent of bjork when she's in strings-mode.


Friday, February 16, 2007

joe rogan blast carlos mencia

if you've seen it already, sorry, but it is tooooooo good. i can't tell, but i think that joe rogan is wearing a "tap out" jacket, which equates to: don't mess with me you fugazi, because i will break your arm.

silver jews trailer

if you have a fast connection and a lot of patience, check out the for "silver jew," an upcoming documentary about the silver jews' recent trip to israel.


ok, i am not for the dead fish. i am not for the noise pollution. i am not for the environmental destruction. i am all for surfing in flat-as-glass water, though.

thanks, dr0ctag0n

Thursday, February 15, 2007

song of the day: "you can do magic" by america

this is an early '80s lite rock gem that you probably heard a lot on the radio when you were a lot younger. listen again -- it's really good! it was written and produced by russ ballard, who was the frontman for argent and who wrote their hit "god gave rock and roll to you."


director and crew of upcoming film bordertown threatened, beaten and robbed

crazy that an can happen in a city that is a two hour flight from los angeles.

(i've put this on and , if you're so inclined to vote them up and help keep this awful situation highly visible.)

oasis at the brit awards 2007

were honoured with the outstanding contribution to music award at the . love them or hate them they are still a great live and arrogant band. they closed the awards playing 4 songs including morning glory and cigarettes and alcohol.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

mit's superhero belt

grad student nathan bell has built every kids fantasy, a battery-powered rope ascender or in terms a .

full article is on

new, easy url for hype machine

one of the best websites on the www just got easier to find. .

los gauchos de acero; best metal cover band ever

this is quite possible the greatest metal cover band I have ever seen. they are called which i believe means the steel cowboys (gary t correct me if i'm wrong), one of my favourites is covers is - the_trooper

also check out

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

about bloody time

will be playing for the first time on march 17th at the . more info about the gig can be found .

to get you ready, fear of the dark (live).

peanut butter wolf mix for v-day

even though valentine's day is for suckers, you might want to check out by peanut butter wolf. it's about love and it's gonna disappear after tomorrow.

1. How Could You Break My Heart - Bobby Womack
2. Don't Cha Love It - The Miracles
3. I Wanna Be Where You Are - Marvin Gaye
4. Blacks & Blues - Bobbi Humphrey
5. Blues Away - Micheal Jackson
6. Equal Love Opportunity - Clear
7. Pretty Music - New Birth
8. Go For What You Know - Archie Bell & The Drells
9. Aint It Funny - Roetation
10. Telephone Lovers - Alladin
11. Dance With Me Tonight - Holt Brothers
12. I Want Your Lovin - Backyard Construction
13. Loves Traffic - Loves Traffic
14. Someday In Your Life - GQ
15. Need To Be - Stereolab
16. Bring Me Coffee Or Tea - Can
17. Sirens Of Salo - Jimi Tenor
18. Ballata - Barry Forgie

mmc/languis record on itunes today

the and record came out today digitally. split is sneakmove's first digital release and though the physical CDs won't be in stores til march 27, we're pretty darn excited about this milestone. along with itunes, you'll find the record at emusic, napster, rhapsody, etc. .

5000 piece lego millennium falcon

for all you / fans out there. has released the limited edition for a mere $500. that $500 buys you the biggest lego set ever made 5000 piece, and yes it includes all the mini figure favourites need to man the ship , , , and .

complete detail can be found

the gary tijuana wet pets nastymix

with 32,000 views, the contagiously fun commercial for local pet store "wet pets" is slowly approaching viral status. take a watch and a listen--the dude can flow.

wanting to enjoy this tune when away from youtube access, i've made a simple mash with green velvet's "temptation" off the latest xlr8r incite cd.
gary tijuana: wp nastymix

(here's the audio track if you want to make your own mix: wpaudio.mp3)

Friday, February 09, 2007

federico gutiérrez schott's "der triumph"

is a cool new art project by federico gutiérrez schott. it's all about victory! schott's gonna start exhibiting this work soon -- stay tuned to sneakmove for info.

ola podrida makes beautiful music

is a brooklyn-based band led by david wingo, the composer behind much of the music in 's films (, ). the group's debut is coming out in april and is a beautiful collection of folk rock songs -- it's some of the best stuff i've heard so far this year. do yourself a favor and check a song out here:

ola podrida - "cindy"

friday means rap music

pete rock, talking about using the mpc, and then sampling, of all things, love is a battlefield.

see, sometimes i just turn off the john mayer, slip out of my hipster black skinny jeans, throw on some baggy-ass girbauds and timbos, with a size xxl lrg hoodie and i bang me some tru hip hop. i start to im people using phrases like, "wuz up cuzin'," "thas' tha' killah chinchillah," "i'm 'bout 2 get in2 that l8r," "i'm so thizzed," etc. it's so gangster.

not really.

i have been listenting to ughh dot com radio lately though, and the shows are entertaining. , has some pete rock jams and an interview with the soul brother aka peter phillips, himself. now that he is independent and free of record label binds, he talks about new projects, as well as old rumors about working with cl smooth, and entering the hip hop world as a teenager. the host on&on is a funny dude, too.

listen to:914, featuring pete rock, styles p, and sheek louch.
pickup: . you can get it on itunes, if you are into that sorta thing.

i can't even decide what my favorite pete rock jam is....

press rewind: blog revisiting '90s hip-hop mags

is a great newish blog that posts scans from old issues of the source, rap pages, ego trip, and the like. plus each post includes a relevant mp3. love it!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

give it up for peter carl goldmark

the inventor of the l.p. has been into the congratulations (1906-1977).

benicio del toro to star in wolfman remake

and rumor has it mark romanek (he did that "hurt" video for johnny cash) (linked page has youtube video).

next friday. fun times in s.f.

bay area people can look forward to a fun show on friday february 16 at
in san francisco. 1141 polk st. right next to the hemlock tavern. along with lots of artwork, our boy will be djing. futuristic guitar/electronics outfit will be performing along with down-home garage rockers .

us interstate system in subway map format

super cool rendition of the , drawn like a subway map. the artist has decided to print and number a few of these--i just ordered one for myself.

transparent vw plant in dresden

check out ridiculously awesome photos from the . they make the apple store layout look so uncool.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

quad-core gaming

i am no video game enthusiast. i have almost no interest at all, yet got my attention. the natural light simulation and 3D-ish feel impressed me most. apparently, the full capabilities of a quad-core processor are required to do some of this stuff.

(via, .)

purdue scientists turn garbage into electricity

the machine is portable (about the size of a small van) and will into two component groups, then process them to become generator-powering fuel. 90% efficiency, neutral impact on the atmosphere. can't wait to see what further revisions of this thing turn into.

prehistoric lovers found locked in eternal embrace

i know this isn't particularly relevant to sneakmove, however i figured it is a week from valentine's day and what more can be said about the power of love than what is displayed .

i love you all.

(thanks, amira.)

flaming lips mystery instrumental album

has three instrumental versions of tracks from flaming lips' "at war with the mystics" -- get them now because this might be a prerelease and get pulled...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

steve jobs posts his thoughts and view on music and drm

an excerpt from thoughts on music.

"The rub comes from the music Apple sells on its online iTunes Store. Since Apple does not own or control any music itself, it must license the rights to distribute music from others, primarily the “big four” music companies: Universal, Sony BMG, Warner and EMI. These four companies control the distribution of over 70% of the world’s music. When Apple approached these companies to license their music to distribute legally over the Internet, they were extremely cautious and required Apple to protect their music from being illegally copied. The solution was to create a DRM system, which envelopes each song purchased from the iTunes store in special and secret software so that it cannot be played on unauthorized devices."

read the complete post

revisiting art frahm's peculiar pin-ups

(click to enlarge) last sunday i remembered the quirky story of pin-up artist art frahm when i stumbled across one of his prints (now hanging on my wall, as pictured). a quick frahm refresher:

art frahm was an active artist in the 50s and 60s specializing in pin-up illustration. he periodically returned to one specific theme throughout the decade, creating his most famous series – (aka, best paintings ever). as the brilliantly hilarious site by describes, each piece shares specific elements: overflowing grocery bag/leering man in uniform/"whoops i lost my undies." neither common physics nor logical explanation mattered much to frahm as the pictures bend to his imaginative world rather than any strict realism.

. truly a work of genius.


check out this great remix of goldfrapp's utopia by new ears (mp3).

Monday, February 05, 2007

music from belize

i recently found a copy of this comp called . it's a collection old funk, soul, reggae, and disco stuff from belize. recorded in the 60s and 70s. came out in '05. the recordings have a great raw sound. let's all check a track out together.

the harmonettes "shame shame shame"

Sunday, February 04, 2007

interview sunday 15 - denny blaze*

*this is actually a parody of a parody. denny blaze is one clever average homeboy.

Friday, February 02, 2007

get your classical mashup on!

tonight at in boston and composer/ present "haydnseek," a remix blending original piano sonatas by with live sampling and interactive computer performance. takes the stage with his trio to perform the genre-defying "mashups in blue." music inspired by , , , , , , and coalesces into stunning original work.

date/time: friday , february 02, 08:00 pm
cost: $25 general admission; $20 members, students and seniors

the wikipedia list of internet phenomena

quite a , including many classic gems (bubb rubb!), but tons more that i missed out on in the past (reflectoporn). wasted a whole night catching up on all the great one-hit internet wonders.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

holy crap! iConcertCal

i have a huge bookmark list of venues that have good music. i occasionally go through them to see if any good shows are coming. invariably i miss stuff that i would have wanted to check out if i had only known. well, there's a new itunes plug-in called which searches through the artists in your itunes and displays any shows in your area. so helpful. so great. i love it. download it now.

another kind of ebay fetish

it's the type of "phenomenon" that makes the internet "phenomenal" -- people listing ebay auctions for purposefully reflective items, but the bidder's eyes unfocus slightly they may notice the distorted, bare naked body of the photographer purposely caught in the glare of the item.

the movement went around a few years back but is still mostly undiscovered amongst all but my most nerdy pals. termed "reflectoporn," there are only a few examples to find online. if ebay would just stop kicking me off for those unreleased promo cd listings...

here's a few sites with pics and info. they're semi-nsfw:
• has a small gallery of images collected over the past few years
• describes the reflecto fetish with this wing-mirror image
• another from of a monitor being sold...

• sadly, the site looks to have expired in oct 2005.

i'll keep looking for more, and updating this list. this stuff is pure hilarity.

listen here

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