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Friday, February 09, 2007

friday means rap music

pete rock, talking about using the mpc, and then sampling, of all things, love is a battlefield.

see, sometimes i just turn off the john mayer, slip out of my hipster black skinny jeans, throw on some baggy-ass girbauds and timbos, with a size xxl lrg hoodie and i bang me some tru hip hop. i start to im people using phrases like, "wuz up cuzin'," "thas' tha' killah chinchillah," "i'm 'bout 2 get in2 that l8r," "i'm so thizzed," etc. it's so gangster.

not really.

i have been listenting to ughh dot com radio lately though, and the shows are entertaining. , has some pete rock jams and an interview with the soul brother aka peter phillips, himself. now that he is independent and free of record label binds, he talks about new projects, as well as old rumors about working with cl smooth, and entering the hip hop world as a teenager. the host on&on is a funny dude, too.

listen to:914, featuring pete rock, styles p, and sheek louch.
pickup: . you can get it on itunes, if you are into that sorta thing.

i can't even decide what my favorite pete rock jam is....


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