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Thursday, August 31, 2006

trackademicks feat. whiz kid

"enjoy what you do". that's good advice. can't get enough of this song by feat. whiz kid aka "the turf nerd". trackademicks is from alameda, ca. peep his for more goodness.

listen to:
trackdemicks feat. whiz kid "enjoy what you do"

where babies come from in germany

pretty much the same place they do in the US, if is any indication.
(thanks, jenny s.)

skeet spirit: a crunk tribute to radiohead

will make you say "WHUT!!! OKAY!!! YEAH!!!" it features awesomeness like "fitter, hyphier," "snaps out," and "no sizzurprises."
(thanks, newrageous.)

de la soul mini-documentary from 1989

this video is lots of fun for people who love the first de la record. pos, dove, and mase look like little kids. they explain themselves and show off the special de la soul room. prince paul, dmc, big daddy kane, vernon reid, daddy-o, dj red alert, and krs one all show up too. good stuff.

universal music opens doors to free downloads

, expected to launch in december, is backed by to offer free music legally. universal music represents the world's largest music company. the move should make a bold statement in the digital music realm. how are they going to offset the free pricetag...with ads. , with the emi catalogue, is another site attempting to do the same thing but, with a subscription model. could be interesting or it could end up looking like the

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

new rapture record

the new rapture record has leaked out a bit. sounds firey to me. look for a sept. 12 release. here's a track.

listen to:
the rapture "whoo! alright-yeah...uh huh"

lost classics: carissa's wierd

the defunct seattle indie band (spelled incorrectly on purpose) have been talked about a little bit lately because former c.w. member mat brooke is in . the 2002 carissa's wierd record songs about leaving is and is really worth picking up. the record before that, you should be at home here, is amazing and is nowhere to be found. epic, sad, and bangin'. violin/guitar/accordian/drums/voice. i've managed to scrape together a few tracks over the years. here they are.

carissa's wierd "blessed arms that you tight"
carissa's wierd "all apologies and smiles"
carissa's wierd "the ghost of a dead humming bird flying around the room"

how to: psp wireless controller for ableton live

this inventive young man has posted a set of instructions on how to use a . impressive!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

bumbershoot in seattle this weekend

just a heads-up about the sweet music festival that yours truly will be attending this upcoming weekend in seattle. features a that i am having a hard time wrapping my mind around. so many heavy hitters. plus film and comedy and tons more. i'll be there working hard while putting in some time to post vids and pics, so keep sneakmove on refresh. if you're gonna be up that way shoot me a note and i'll try to say hi. very excited!

oh my god, shoes

another silly youtube vid that's making its way around the block, but the song is infectiously catchy. (thanks, allister.)

m. ward's "chinese translation" video

i'm really liking the new video. his new record came out last tuesday.

Monday, August 28, 2006

jean jacques perrey live in S.F.

holy gosh! will be in san francisco tomorrow night. august 29. he's the electronic music pioneer who brought you . he's 77 and apparently still going strong. a very rare and special treat. (thanks, .)

listen to:
jean-jacques perrey "groovy leprechauns"

ne-yo + quarterbar = so sick

has remixed ne-yo's super big hit single, "so sick". acoustic guitar and hand claps abound. it starts slow and builds to a chorus that might just give you goosebumps. you gotta love love songs about hating love songs. also, dang this young fellow can sing!

listen to:
ne-yo "so sick (quarterbar remix)"

video: passage live performance in sf

threw a dance party this past weekend and invited his pals (from ) and (of meanest man contest) to torture the crowd with an overstimulus of awesome music and rad times.

check out this dark but sweet vid of passage laying down some verses while djrl cues up the next track. couldn't have been better framed than having the go-bots movie rolling in the background.

time's 50 "coolest" websites

i don't consider time magazine a great place to go for what's cool, but they have an .

Friday, August 25, 2006

friday means rap music

you remember a year ago, ha? rain fallin' and that wind would blow, ha? 81 million dollars of damage, ha? that's more than you can imagine ha? you know was from the nola, ha? family's house was ruined in katrina, ha? in 2000 though he had a lotta bling, ha? from all those songs off 400 degreez he would sing, ha? music sounded a lot like crappy noise, ha? all the bounce music from 504 boys, ha? i still bumped it in my discman, ha? riding through iv it was the jam, ha? enough of this huh talk, ha? i wonder how katrina rebuilding is going? i hope well, one year later.

juvenile, , from

pitchfork's top 200 songs of the 60s--mp3 downloads

last week, the pitchfork staff compiled their -- ridiculous in typical pitchfork fashion because they actually rank them from #200 to #1, and because, as an associate reminded me, the list was drawn up by 21 year olds.

regardless, there are some amazing moments included in the feature, and i wished pitchfork had the nuts to post the mp3s for these. and then, to the rescue! thanks guys, you've just helped us all round out our itunes and try to reach the coolness level of the pitchfork gang.

quick, before the links expire.

hard to pick a personal fave, but it might be serge gainsbourg: bonnie and clyde

Thursday, August 24, 2006

kelly clarkson, drunk on stage, singing g'n'r with some metal band

sure, this vid has gotten around a bit but i really like it. partly because i like kelly clarkson and partly because i like metal classics. as kelly gets spotted in the crowd, pulled onto stage with her bf(?)--the singer of yellowcard--and they engage in some "crowd participation."

here's my question: who's the band? i can't figure it out. almost like they're some phony las vegas "metal variety show" -- the banter and personalities seem so contrived and over the top, and their repertoire of songs seems a little fishy. but i guess that IS metal...

black metal guy at pop star audition

this brave metal guy tries out for the austrian equivalent of american idol. holy god it's uncomfortable and hilarious.

jamaican music

like so many of us, i've been guilty of sleeping on jamaican music. a thousand or so kids blasting copies of bob marley's legend on the streets of during the 90s can't help but prejudice you a little. anyways, let's make up for lost time.

listen to:
niney the observer "blood and fire"
the jahlights "right road to dubland"
the gladiators "sweet soul music"
pablove black "push pull"
sly & robbie "flight of africa"
burning spear "swell headed"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

beyonce vs lauren hill

read an interesting commentary about recent . very snotty sounding stuff.
I don't know what's going to happen to me but I know I'm more than a singer and I have so many other things in my life to keep me focused. I hope and pray that I stay as comfortable in my own skin as I am right now.

design beck's album cover

i know you all are regular readers, meaning you saw this already today. but if not, check out the article about how . then submit your design and he'll pick winners to be displayed in select art galleries. fun!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

wolf taint

much has been made about the abundance of , culminating hilariously with . not much more needs to be said. except this: let's not forget the original and probably still the worst, . out.

Monday, August 21, 2006

friday means rap music

you know what i hate. terrorists. just ask jon sublet for one of his old kcsb radio shows. he can tell you all about the terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist. t-e-r-r-o-r-ists! they slow things down at the airport these days. still no excuse for not finding a computer to post on the weekend, but it was busy. leave the office at 3:00 on friday and take the a-c-e train out to the air train. 7 bucks in all. wait in line. catch the vs004, out at 6:45p, into heathrow at 6:35a. picadilly line into the city, with a quick one stop on the northern to get to the st. giles hotel--it is no beauty, but it has a decent locale. quick nap. quick jog at the ymca below the 'telly. walk to tottenham court road--the tottenham hot spurs are the football team of choice for your favorite canadian, steve nash, fyi. side note, steve played a few practices with the red bulls here in new york with former us world cup coach bruce arena. 'i think he could probably play in this league. obviously, he's a superbly conditioned athlete," arena said. "the way you watch him play in the nba, he's a point guard that probably plays over 40 minutes a game and you see his fitness level is good on the soccer field as well.' tangent done. i walk over tottenham to oxford. head down oxford. shop shop shop. even though the 1.7 to 1 exchange rate is a killer. (had all huf gear from the city, oddly, but talk to my man wes and he can tell you where to go around london town), (pretty great shoe and t-shirt selection), over to niketown (trust me, things fit differently). ended up the day at . next day, head to camden lock, eat cheap food, for once, and then to brixton. smells like weed but cheap kronenbergs at over 5% alcohol content are awesome. catch the northern back to the picadilly to heathrow. out at 20:30, back to newark by 23:10. nj transit home, with a bag a bit heavier than when i left. oh yeah, forgot. stopped at . i picked up a pro fit and the old ep. . if you try and get it here, it is an import and costs over 50 bones. they had it there for 10 pounds. it is a few years old, and it seems that they have grown into their electro-rock-sensitive style. the lead singer, cris james is on the new shadow set to come out in september. no shadow tracks, here, but i got em if you want em. it, i say. limewire is old news. unless you are just stocking up the spank bank.

(thanks matt-dot-coe)

american hardcore documentary

comes out next month. it's a documentary about the hardcore punk movement in the 80s. looks interesting. here's the trailer.

steely dan's letter to wes anderson

if you're like me, you think wes anderson fell the hell off. is classic, but his recent movies are tiresome and smug. smooth rockin' superstars steely dan tend to agree. they which offers the director help in saving his career. maybe anderson's new film, , will take some cues from the letter.
but steely dan's motives may not be entirely pure. alleges they have a beef with anderson's pal, owen wilson.

electric table saw with built in "skin sensor"

it can be a drag having to rush to the hospital after a powertool accident removes a finger.

one inventor decided to do something about it and designed a very interesting system for . watch the embedded video as he puts a hotdog on top of a board that's getting torn in half. ingenius!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

assy mcgee

as a huge fan, i am greatly looking forward to -- a show about a crimefighting ass -- set to begin in november. it looks fucking ridiculous. check out the trailer.

cobra starship - "snakes on a plane (bring it)"

a bunch of us went out last night and saw , which did not disappoint. at all. at the end of the movie, there's a music video by a band who looks like they might have been come together as the result of an "are you emo?" ad at an urban outfitters in brooklyn, if you know what i mean. turns out it's , the one-man side project of gabe saporta of pop-punk act . saporta's silly, catchy movie theme, "snakes on a plane (bring it)" features maja ivarsson of , william beckett of , and travis mccoy of . it's dumb and fun, just like the movie.

listen: "snakes on a plane (bring it)"


Friday, August 18, 2006

when is the new lionel richie album dropping...

.... sweet! need to know the release dates for movies, music, dvds, books, and more? well head on over to they have all the answers.

hip hop gaming league

snoop dogg has combined two of my passions, ! check out talking trash to his opponents or scan through the stats for the first season. or watch get ready, season two is on its way!

friday means fear of the dark by iron maiden

this is juuuuust about as good as it gets.

jimi hendrix catalog up for auction

the report is in: on october 26 in nyc. if you're mad about losing out on the mc hammer catalog, here's your chance to get something really solid. you have two months to save your pennies.

richard hawley

is a british singer/songwriter who specializes in reverbed-out guitar and sweet melody. he's a bit of a crooner. on "the nights are cold" from his 2002 album , he stabs your heart with lines like "beauty is a dark cloud when you're alone".

listen to richard hawley "the nights are cold"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

pitchfork: 100 awesome music videos

from boards of canada to twisted sister, has it all. complete with embedded youtube clips!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

quarterbar's ghostface killah remix

is keeping it smoldering with a remix of ghostface killah's "mighty deadly". this one is heavy on the horns and the wah pedal. bangin'. rap music forever!

listen to ghostface killah "mighty deadly (quarterbar remix)"

p.s. - let's not forget ghost's spots for mtv2.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

kickability/adidas city half shells

is a dope sneaker blog. it's got coverage of all the sought-after kicks. the looked kinda interesting.

movie grooves/italian library music

is a fun site that sells collections of soundtrack and from the 50s-70s. british, italian, french, and greek stuff mostly. most of the songs are spacey, funky instrumentals. the series, which compiles italian library music, is a total listener. check it!

listen to
gianni mazza "sospesi nel traffico"

electric six' dick valentine on their new album

the infectious disco rock anthems gay bar and dance commander have defined the sound and popularity of electric six. frontman dick valentine informs us that the upcoming album switzerland won't have those dance type tracks on them. rest assured, it'll be your favorite e6 release, he promises.

is from june but it's a good read.

Monday, August 14, 2006

super vision: three stories drawn from the datasphere

if you're in the bay area this week, head to the to check out the 's , a multimedia theater piece about data surveillance and the "post privacy" age. it's playing thursday through saturday (august 17-19). from :
In a series of vignettes, Super Vision introduces the audience to several people struggling with identity loss. Ticket holders' own data, assembled from box office receipts and public information, is integrated into the production. "I hope by the time the audience leaves they feel datafied - the explosive, incisive effect of the datasphere," says Marianne Weems, the show's director.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

friday means rap music

friday marked a lot of firsts and lasts. babe ruth, in 1929 hit 500 dings, and was the first player to achieve that mark. alcatraz opened. the watts race riots began. the word spork was first published. imagine where kfc family dinners would be without the spork? what would we have said to each other when tearing open little red and white boxes of colonel fried goodness? "please pass the spoon with points?" "hey, pass me that thing...yeah, that one, um, under the packet of fake butter, no, not the popcorn chicken, yeah, that thing." our lives are forever changed. other famous firsts....when was first out the limo.

i can't even begin to tell you how brought me more joy than any spork ever could have.

jimi banter mp3s

a list of mp3's and transcriptions of some of jimi hendrix' . here's an example
Yeah dig brother um, it's really out of sight here. It didn't even rain. No buttons to push. And right now I'd like to dedicate this song to everybody here with hearts, any kind of hearts and ears. It goes something like this here.

Friday, August 11, 2006

vidclip of bonde do role live in sf

from last night's insanely good show at mezzanine with and . these guys rule.

(notice the cast on marina's arm? relive the moment where she messed it up!)

?uestlove's record room

check out this video of questlove from the roots and his sister in their record room. he talks about about breaks and has a couple interesting stories.

quarterbar's spank rock remix

you may have heard that has made all of the from their yoyoyoyoyo album available. they're doing a remix contest. our buddy grabbed the "sweet talk" acapella and put a manic dance track underneath it. peep it.

listen to spank rock "sweet talk (quarterbar remix)"

Thursday, August 10, 2006

graffiti for shorties

introduces the high writer. for those hard to reach places.
drawing on previous paint-pole designs from innovators like barry mcgee and the citizens against ugly street spam, the high writer is a tool that amplifies the scale and height of marks rendered with a spray can. the high writer is easily constructed from materials available at home depot and your local bike shop.
find out how to make your own spray-paint-can-on-a-stick .

and of course, check out the of it in action. i can't get the soundtrack outta my head!

angie stone is cool as hell

started her music career as the lead rapper for , the old school female hip-hop crew behind the hit "funk you up." she went on to help write 's first two albums (she even had a son with him). she sings the theme song to the (soon to be ) hit show and plays saxophone and keyboards. so it's pretty safe to say that she's a super cool lady. in fact, the only really lame thing about her is that she was on . oh well -- nobody's perfect.


angie stone's "lovers ghetto" is a lovely, lovely song built on a sample from dynasty's "adventures in the land of music" -- the same sample that was used on camp lo's "luchini (this is it)."

also, check out the sequence's "funk you up"

creator of quicktime introducing new live 3d system

steve perlman, who helped create the quicktime software, webtv, and moxi is debuting his latest invention this week at the siggraph computer graphics conference in Boston.

the gist is an array of cameras that . this will be like what we've seen on videogames for a while, only with real live actors. sounds amazing.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

andrew bird remix by joe beats

surfaced last year. it was tightness. a mix of indie rock songs with mr. beats' own hip-hop flavor sprinkled on. check out this remix of andrew bird. at the end of the track you can hear deerhoof start to fade in.

listen to:
andrew bird "i (joe beats remix)"

which flavor do you like most?

i was at the super market last night and i was trying to decide which flavor of ice cream to choose from. i narrowed my choices down to coffee and chocolate. i left with both.

which of these flavors would you choose from, or ?

internet user id: 5589902

are your internet search queries being monitored? here's an interesting about a few web users whose identities have been traced and released.

update: mentioning google's response to the aol mishap. as an aspiring academic i find it fascinating to know that google maintains records of people's search queries. the amount of data this strategy provides is outstanding. but, i wonder, what are the repercussions of this type of strategy?

daily tidbits

a few links that caught my attention this morning:

• internet dj guide:
• unpressing:
• wsj: (requires registration)
• record inspector:

hilarious japanese tv

check out this where contestants are challenged to say tongue twisters. things don't go so well when you don't say it right.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

snakes on a voicemail message

only ten days until snakes on a plane comes out and the nation is in a frenzy. there are being planned and the buzz is louder than ever.

what surprised me most was the voicemail i received randomly a few days ago, with samuel jackson hilariously spouting off about how good this movie is going to be.

want to to someone yourself?

live action super mario brothers

you've seen mario brothers on ice, now check out gordon college's production of the first level of super mario brothers. it's really funny.

dj no friends breakdance madness

a master of media and with a track on the upcoming minicomp 2, is a man of many talents. but he'll leave you blazed (i can't stop saying that) when you see this breakdance clip of a precious 5 yr old newagey in his backyard. cue the phil collins!

Monday, August 07, 2006

the 1.55 million dollar floating bed is here

we've all been waiting for it, right? my question is, those must be powerful magnets (to support the fat rich folk) - what if it flips over? squish! and no late night laptop work, no sir.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

i can now literally feel myself

all i ever wanted to do was pimp and mac. now, i can finally live like a rock star while runnin from cop cars.

mac dre all damn day.
while they're hot!


(thanks, king of hoagies.)

selections from the newest lego catalog

the mailman delivered someone else's lego catalog to my office. it's crazy cool with sets and added illustrations that took me to a childhood playworld of knights dragons and star wars for an hour.

i scanned some selections and made a pdf for everyone to enjoy. there's a ton more to check out on .

Saturday, August 05, 2006

fun piece of free dj software

found a fun free piece of dj software this morning and promptly wasted my weekend. gives you two turntables you can load from a list that peeks into your itunes. turntables can be cued back or forth, play arms can be moved, your dj set can be broadcast over a rendezvouz network, the tempos are controlable and you can throw in some audio unit effects as you please.

while not as advanced as traktor, it's impressively easy to use and quite well designed for being free. i hope they add a scratch feature, waveform view and more control over the crossfader.

Friday, August 04, 2006

friday means rap music

all this fidel stuff gets me thinking a bit. really about two things. maybe three. one is that there is a widely spread rumor in cuba that raul is gay and that fidel has lingered in power so long, even under failing health, because the macho perception of cuban government would fail with raul in power. i think that having a blanket of poverty in a nation where the literacy rate and aids rate is the same as the US is a lot worse than having someone gay in office. maybe that is just me. well me and . hey, at least everyone can wear a che guevara shirt until the day where the cuba as we x, y, and thumb-generationers know it, becomes the vegas of the caribbean. do people still wear che guevara shirts? i'm still looking for the homer-simpson-che-style one. it seems like that che guevara shirts were a hip sort of thing, along with that snake headed zach de la rocha and his guitar scratchy rap rock to pump in your cd walkman sport. yes, the yellow one. as long as there is a hot topic in your local mall, there will be che guevara shirts, no? and wwe wrestling shirts as well. third point? well, still really working on one solid one, but didn't it seem like everyone knew someone at rawkus records in college? sure, maybe it was just one person, who didn't even go to your school, but just went around pushing medina green or sir men-i-lick cd singles and stickers outside of your local j5 concert and seemed to have some sort of underground creedence since he was the poster man with a backpack stuffed with rawkus gear and unreleased mixtapes thumping out of headphones. if you could actually get him to give up one of his t-shirts in the bag, that was like gold. i am sure i was behind the times, as i often am, but the first reflection eternal i heard was this:

from soundbombing uno.

the last pic i took leaving cuba, was this:

johnny marr joins modest mouse

strange but true, according to .

messthetics: sounds of d.i.y. 1977-80

there's a cool archive label called
that specializes in british indie and post-punk reissues. a fantastic comp called messthetics greatest hits - the sounds of d.i.y. 1977-80 came out recently. it features a bunch of unrestrained and nicely messed-up rock songs. inpired stuff. check a track or two.

listen to:
scrotum poles "pick the cats eyes out"
dum dum dum "dum dum dum"

Thursday, August 03, 2006

arthur lee, r.i.p.

, the frontman of -- one of the greatest bands of all time -- died today of leukemia. he was an insanely awesome musical talent and will be greatly missed.

love - "the red telephone"

pixies movie trailer

it's been around for a while, but i just saw the trailer for the pixies movie, loudquietloud. looks like a good one.

notorious b.i.g. murder case reopened

nine years after his unsolved killing, the lapd is to investigate further leads. la times reports that rogue cops and retaliation for tupac's murder are all still part of the mystery...

biggie and ashanti: one more chance

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

olde english's informercial parody

here's a funny sketch comedy short called "don't you wish?". it's copyrighted with a license. check out more at .


was a jazz-rock band that featured on drums. lots of loud guitar, rhodes, and percussion. most songs have vocals. their 1973 record, life is round, is my favorite. there are a bunch of funky drum breaks and freakouts. wrote about life is round from a beatmaker's perspective and i don't agree. btw, i also posted about dejohnette a while ago.

listen to compost "life is round"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

(from )

groovy down to the last step

this bollywood clip makes all my dreams come true.

(via, )

pitchfork music festival video wrap-up

pitchfork's music festival wrapped up radly with awesome sets by aesop rock, spoon, diplo spinning in the tent and os mutantes rocking the main stage to headline. the heat was lower but still sweltering which only made the experience that much more memorable. immediately afterwards, concertgoers partook in a rousing game of four-square. looks like having not played since fourth grade hasn't helped anyone's skill. check out the vid--they suck.

later on diplo played music to a pretty lively crowd of people in a belowground dance bar next to wrigley field. justin timberlake, a regular sneakmove reader*, will be happy to know that diplo and his dj buddy (who's name i didn't get) played TWO timberlake songs (sexyback and cry me a river). that's credibility!

(* i have actual no proof that jt reads sneakmove)

hilarious 70s japanese spiderman video

spiderman is horrified by an awful japanese rock band.

peter thomas sound orchestra

is where georgio moroder got his start. it's soundtrack music, but might be considered "lounge". there's some early electronic music experimentation in some of his music too. he's been as well as by bands like pulp.

listen to:
peter thomas sound orchestra "bolero on the moon rocks"

listen here

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