Saturday, December 29, 2007

incredible hulk sequel starring ed norton

i've been slacking so i only heard about this movie for the first time today. even odder, ed norton wrote the script and stars as bruce banner. check out the first .

i'm a big fan of eric bana, but i wasn't too thrilled with the outcome of ang lee's hulk movie from 2003. hopefully this one will be better--according to the the main adversary is --a pretty cool foe. it also stars liv tyler, a fine, fine actress.

release date june 2008.

Friday, December 21, 2007

fold your own ipod boombox

sizod sent me a link to this awesome , with functioning amplified speakers and everything. description from their website:
folded cardboard
flat packed
with real fully working amplified speakers
4 AABateries included
for iPod and other mp3 players
design by SUCK UK
only costs £20.00 (which is about 12 million us dollars)

things to see: f.guttierez schott's art exhibition in rome

for those of you who might be traveling to europe, make sure to pop in to to see the exhibit from federico gutierrez schott. the show runs until january 11, so you still have time to book some tickets and a hotel.

federico was responsible for the design of wired magazine for many years, and has done quite a bit of very cool video and artwork as well. you'll enjoy the exhibit for sure.

Via Giovanni Lanza 162, Roma


Thursday, December 20, 2007

new zongamin video

very strange.

odelay deluxe edition

i really love beck's 1996 album . cool news that it's going to get a complete with an extra disc of b-sides. that production style is my fave. grab the original version .

beck "sissyneck"

wild x-mas with bomarr, vol. 3

our good buddy bomarr blesses us weird christmas music fans once again with the third (and final) installment of his "wild x-mas" mix series. this edition features tracks "yule" love from bands like deerhoof, of montreal, and the show is the rainbow. you can download it for free (along with volumes 1 and 2) !

Monday, December 17, 2007

more favs of 2007

this year was a pretty big music year for me. i discovered many new gems and also dusted off some old nuggets. here is a list of my most favoritest songz from this year in no particular order. let me know if there are any glaring errors.
1. here comes the phantom - the clientele: this song is pure heaven. like taking a stroll down a winter street.
2. carve our world - bellavista: prolly the best guitar tone this year. great san francisco band that needs more attention.
3. the way the lazy do - dr. dog: great farty bass tone mixed with a lazy 70's piano from this philadelphia band.
4. what we had - handsome furs: dan boeckner from wolf parade and his wife, i think, concoct a great song with a melodic graveyard twang.
5. 2080 - yeasayer: this is an incredible jammer. insane vocal harmonies and guitarmonies with a world beat vibe that is not embarrassing.
6. impossible germany - wilco: great song. the guitars are jazzy and gorgeous. nels cline brings wilco back from the dead.
7. bros - panda bear: first heard this song in a record store in london and it was raining outside. that sounds snotty but it was a great day. this is an epic psychedelic canoe ride for your ears.
8. scotchguard the credit card - les savy fav: i love this band. this song has everything i want in a song. pounding bass and drums, ridiculous vocals, and with that little inxs guitar part in there? hot damn!
9. no pussy blues - grinderman: holy moses the bass in this song kick ass. i saw these guys live over the summer and it was the best show i've seen in 10 years. this studio version is no less ferocious. nick cave's vocals are wonderful/terrible.
10. dummy in trouble - the parish: this track just makes it under the wire for best songs of 2007. the ep comes out tomorrow! this stuff sounds like the byrds and the birthday party mixed together. superb vocals and guitar work, and that rhythm section, jeeeeeeeeez.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

dark knight trailer

the trailer for the new batman film, , looks pretty sick. if you're saying who cares then you probably haven't seen batman begins, which was amazingly good. for that matter, you should also see director christopher nolan's other films, namely and .

Friday, December 14, 2007

the parish

we've posted about the fantastic oakland rock band, , here before. i just got my copy of their in the mail from . love it. great songs. great recordings. "pilsner" vinyl. cop one and check a song!

the parish "dummy in trouble"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

awesome origami

i'm lovin' this site featuring made from money. world leaders with jaunty hats!!
(via, .)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

bonde do role loses marina, looking for new member

the is that marina has left bonde do role and that the band is looking for a new member. are you sassy to the point of being unafraid to break bones from crashing around on stage being awesome and crazy? maybe you could be that person!

don't forget, sneakmove minicomp2 features an exclusive bonde do role track!

more bonde do role on sneakmove:
september 07 sf video recap,
august 06 sf vid recap,
july 06 pitchfork chicago vid recap

(thanks, g-o-b.)

protools control surface app for the iphone

gizmodo posted an exciting piece about a programmer who made a . the video of it in action needs to be seen to fully grasp how cool and fast it works--much better than vnc.

while apple still has the iphone's apps handcuffed, the distribution of their software development kit means there may be more sanctioned apps coming soon and hopefully this one will make the cut.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the etch-a-sketchist

the is a blog where the author posts his awesome etch a sketch art. it's a lot of fun, and you can even submit your own ideas for him to take on.

here's a tribute to pimp c.

and here's a sketch of hall and oates.

and here's pervez musharraf.

home stereo with 4-track built in

this 1985 commercial for a "hi-fi" with a built in 4-track cassette recorder features some very Run-D.M.C.-ish rappin'. you could've made your own old school rap demo on this thing!

(thanks, zac.)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

darth maul to play snake eyes in g.i. joe

ray park, who played darth maul in star wars episode 1 (aka, the only good thing about that film), has been . he also played the toad in the first x-men.

blame it on my youth but i find myself getting more and more excited about this movie. can't wait to see who else signs aboard. some suggestions:

vin diesel as destro.

sean penn as cobra commander. (gotta get that voice right)

lindsay lohan as scarlett (or maybe scarlett johansen for the joke of it).

the dude from desperate housewives as hawk.

hacksaw jim dugan as snowjob.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

andy kaufman hilarious performance on midnight special

step into my time machine and come back 30 years to a 1977 andy kaufman performance on midnight special that i had never seen before.

(thanks, glenn.)

more pretty toney genius

we posted some of ghostface killah aka pretty toney's a while ago. a treasure trove of has popped up. it's some of the funniest stuff i've ever heard. stuff that mtv couldn't put on the air. advice on how to live!

"when you step out your crib, just make sure you match, man. don't come out like you're rainbow man with mad different colors."
too many other great quotes to even start.
(via, gorilla vs. bear)

update: ok, it's an excerpt from ghost's book which comes with an audio cd. click to cop it.

old folks singing sonic youth

here's a hard-to-believe vid. old folks singing the sonic youth classic "schizophrenia".

(via, .)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

faves of '07

so what if there are several ipod or zune commerical-type songs on this list? i've always liked stuff that tugs at the heart strings a bit and this year that happens to be in vogue. or maybe i've gotten old and lame? check some songs and tell me what you think.

25. rogue wave "lake michigan"
the clapping makes it pretty irresistible. get the asleep at heaven's gate lp .
24. the clientele "somebody changed"
more elegant pop from this trio. they're so reliable! get the god save the clientele lp .
23. the shins "sleeping lessons"
great lyrics. "collect your novel petals for the stem". get the wincing the night away lp .
22. spoon "you got yr. cherry bomb"
like a motown song with rock vocals. get the ga ga ga ga ga lp .
21. cool kids "88"
these dudes have a smart formula. keep the beats simple and just let their humor and style shine.
20. jens lekman "and i remember every kiss"
so damn romantic! over huge horns he sings, "i swear i'll never kiss anyone/ who doesn't burn me like the sun". get the night falls over kortedala lp .
19. feist "past in present"
the rare song where the chorus is less raucous than the verse. the chorus is more of a breakdown that builds. kinda gives me chills. get the reminder lp .
18. percee p feat. madlib "legendary lyricist"
madlib has probably made beats for 1000 tracks. this is one of my faves. get the perserverence lp .
17. mirage "lake of dreams (demo)"
goes seamlessly from triumphant and happy to mysterious. a great synthy disco track. you can get the italians do it better comp feat. mirage .
16. julie doiron "yer kids"
has my fave guitar solo from recent memory. so beautiful. get the woke myself up lp .
15. roman ruins "100 million reasons why"
this track from our pal roman ruins builds from an orchestral piece into an ultra-inspirational rock anthem. you can get roman ruins music at .
14. sleeping states "september, maybe"
solid, pretty indie rock. love it. get the there the open spaces lp .
13. baby panda "sods on sods"
the singing is so nice on this one. paul from . get a copy of his enforcer lp .
12. john maus "do your best"
a beautiful, plodding, ethereal jam. "someone's alone in the city tonight". you may at some point be able to buy his love is real lp .
11. andrew bird "plasticities"
skillful and intricate, but sounds natural and effortless. get the armchair apocrypha lp .
10. dan rossen of grizzly bear "deep blue sea"
just guitar and voice is more than enough on this folk standard. get bomarr's grizzly bear remix .
9. richard hawley "lady's bridge"
delicate crooning that sounds like it could be from the 50's. get the lady's bridge lp .
8. lavender diamond "open your heart"
probably the best melody on this list. almost no lyrics. i want to hear it again and again. get the imagine our love lp .
7. first novels "weaverville"
acoustic guitar sorcery. pretty darn perfect.
6. thurston moore "fri/emd"
straightup acoustic guitar pop, straightup lyrical nonsense. "decode the sizzle softly/prehistoric love electric catacomb". get the trees outside the academy lp .
5. thee more shallows "oh yes, another mother"
great drumming and the genius idea to not add bass until the big finish. get the book of bad breaks lp .
4. shocking pinks "this aching deal"
i'm complete sucker for an emotive danceable rock song. get the shocking pinks lp .
3. animal collective "fireworks"
i finally "get" this band. kinda. amazing rock vox and mysterious instrumentation. get the strawberry jam lp .
2. st. vincent "marry me"
stunning piano-based song about a fickle yet needy lover and the fool she's after. the song is as sickly seductive as its narrator. the lyrics seem to say "let's fall in love for a few weeks, i promise it won't hurt that much". get the marry me lp .
1. lcd soundsystem "someone great"
dance and cry with this classic. "the coffee isn't even bitter... because what's the difference?" get the sound of silver lp .

brazilian illustrator mauricio ricardo has me laffin'

(thanks, weisy.)

Monday, December 03, 2007

another clever amazon product

on amazon. how do they get stuff like this listed?

the comments that play along are real good...
Great product, lousy packaging.
I bought a can of this about 4.5 billion years ago, give or take a few million years, but when I went to use it today I noticed only half of it was still in the can. I swear I put the lid on tight. I'd give it more stars if it came in a better package.
but the ones that don't are what really take the cake.
WHAT THE H E L L!!!!????!!???!?!?!?
uhm hello people this is a serious item!!!!... let's see portable nukes the size of oh i don't know, say you're lap top or maybe the new kindle where you can get "how to be a terrorist" as a download....WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

dave mustaine brand coffee

weird, but true.
I have personally selected this coffee from thousands available worldwide. It is by far the best tasting coffee I have ever come across. This is the coffee that gets me up in the morning and keeps me shreddin’ all day long.
- Dave Mustaine
get some .

one-star reviews of 'dark side of the moon'

hilarious to both those who completely agree and disagree - there are on amazon...

(get it cheap and easy via )