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Friday, December 5, 2008

more favs of 2007

this year was a pretty big music year for me. i discovered many new gems and also dusted off some old nuggets. here is a list of my most favoritest songz from this year in no particular order. let me know if there are any glaring errors.
1. here comes the phantom - the clientele: this song is pure heaven. like taking a stroll down a winter street.
2. carve our world - bellavista: prolly the best guitar tone this year. great san francisco band that needs more attention.
3. the way the lazy do - dr. dog: great farty bass tone mixed with a lazy 70’s piano from this philadelphia band.
4. what we had - handsome furs: dan boeckner from wolf parade and his wife, i think, concoct a great song with a melodic graveyard twang.
5. 2080 - yeasayer: this is an incredible jammer. insane vocal harmonies and guitarmonies with a world beat vibe that is not embarrassing.
6. impossible germany - wilco: great song. the guitars are jazzy and gorgeous. nels cline brings wilco back from the dead.
7. bros - panda bear: first heard this song in a record store in london and it was raining outside. that sounds snotty but it was a great day. this is an epic psychedelic canoe ride for your ears.
8. scotchguard the credit card - les savy fav: i love this band. this song has everything i want in a song. pounding bass and drums, ridiculous vocals, and with that little inxs guitar part in there? hot damn!
9. no pussy blues - grinderman: holy moses the bass in this song kick ass. i saw these guys live over the summer and it was the best show i’ve seen in 10 years. this studio version is no less ferocious. nick cave’s vocals are wonderful/terrible.
10. dummy in trouble - the parish: this track just makes it under the wire for best songs of 2007. the ep comes out tomorrow! this stuff sounds like the byrds and the birthday party mixed together. superb vocals and guitar work, and that rhythm section, jeeeeeeeeez.

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  • Sir Harold Winthorpe III said,

    A fine post indeed, Good Sir! Cheers to you.

  • lil c said,

    thanks for the new playlist!

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