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Monday, October 31, 2005

infuse your online videos with ad content

interesting piece on cnet today about a new company that , allowing you to track and collect payment no matter how the videos are played through embedded tags. could become scary huge, opening the doors for the copyright-holding associations to free up a flood of online video content.

Big Box Boom & Bust

The Spam Museum, renovated K-Mart, Austin, Minn.

Do you ever think about what happens to the space that is left behind when Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or Target skip town? Well you may be interested to know that early this afternoon I was delighted to find in my inbox an invitation to attend a . To my dismay I will most likely miss the discussion because of prior committments. However, I must suggest that you check out the and if you are in NYC on November 1, 2005 check out the discussion.

mommy's little cutie-pie rapper! explains how to make an for your kid. oh yeah, happy halloween.

nyt walks its readers through setting up their own podcast studio

"that's a wrap!" - another slammin' podcast up and running.

from $10 to $30,000, you can have your own podcast studio, . all that money spent does no good if your content is crummy, so make sure to save some energy aside for your killer ideas. (reg. req'd)


pete yellin

mainstream records put out countless great records in the early 70s. lots of funky and just plain good jazz and soul music. one example is doing a really nice version of . from it's the right thing. 1973. mainstream records.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

totally still got it

fresh from his smash success in the movie domino (he played himself).

brian austin green co-stars as chris, in the new sitcom .
(thanks, sizod.)

sushi making robots

robots and sushi - a heavenly combination. makes all sorts of sushi robots, from simple little hat boxes that squirt out slices of rice ready for toppings and eating, to industrially huge machines that make the full shebang for selling in japanese fast food sushi joints. if they could make it smile and say hello they'd be bigger than google.


the boondocks comes to tv

there's a swell article in today's ny times about aaron mcgruder bringing to adult swim. some nuggets: 1) regina king took over as the voice of both riley and huey after alicia keys dropped out. 2) it's the most expensive show ever produced by the cartoon network. 3) jayson blair was the first person to put the boondocks in print, back when he was the editor of the campus paper where he and mcgruder went to college.
Years later, Mr. Blair … would be lampooned in the strip he help[ed] put on the map. "You can actually look at Jayson Blair and say, 'Wow, you set black people back,' " Mr. McGruder said, shaking his head. "A lot of people are accused of that, but he actually did it."

Friday, October 28, 2005

bubblegum artist

check out artist jason kronenwald's - he does portraits of famous blonds made out of chewing gum. and they're good!
Each Gum Blonde is 100% chewed bubblegum on a plywood backing. No paint or dye is used. The colour is inherent to the gum - the mixing of colour takes place inside the mouth during chewing using an endless variety of flavours made by an endless variety of companies.
he's got paris, britney, avril, pam anderson and a lot more.

goblin cock - rock video

the mix: slowly steamrolling, heavy rock (with melodic undertones). ghoulish guys in haunting robes. softball playing macho girls. and if you wait long enough, maybe even a robot cameo. what is it? goblin cock's . two other things you might want to know: these guys opened for the wrens at cmj in nyc this past september (with jypu), and the singer also sings for pinback.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

yoda dances like a big dumb girl!

if only this were an official "deleted scene" from star wars, then i could really rip into george lucas about losing his marbles. it's not, but it will still make you shake your head. maybe i'm just oversensitive, but it actually gave me the shivers. .
(thanks to glenn, i think.)

stream some spoon

also, mess with the drop down menu to great songs by quarby favorites american music club, polvo and more.

goths vs b-boys: breakdance showdown

it might sound like the lamest concept imaginable, but it wasn't too lame for skinny puppy: for their song "pro-test." the gist: some street dancin' b-boy style dudes are happened upon by a serious group of hardcore goths. what happens? they breakdance, of course. make sure to watch the very last part as the song wraps up, for a good chuckle.
musically, it's good in a way that reminds me of being 16 again. the moves are actually pretty impressive too.



is counting down their top 100 iconic film moments, film music and awards fashion, for you divas and divos.

(thanks, banner ad.)

halloween pumpkin stencil radness update

you might remember the post about the buffy halloween pumpkin stencils. well check this out -- official dark lord of the office nerds.

bruce ditmas

way, way out there in the jazz spectrum is the yellow lp by . it's experimental jazz with ditmas on arp, moog, and drums. there's also trumpet and a little bit of vocals. it's spacey and intense at the same time. really original stuff. ditmas has played with paul bley and jaco pastorius and is known primarily as a drummer. check out . 1977. wizard records.

shredder guitar king michael angelo releases new album

yeah, that's a real guitar. the hair, not so sure.

holding steady to his roots, superfast guitarist michael angelo batio has a new album and song sample available on his website, . you might know him as the guy who did the guitar work on the hilariously bad 80's slasher b-movie shock 'em dead. what you might not know is he and his former band nitro appeared in the hulk hogan movie suburban commandos. among his other accolades:
Guitar One Magazine voted Michael the no. 1 Shredder of ALL TIME in their April 2003 issue. Other notable guitarists that made the top 10 were John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Buckethead, (the late, great) Shawn Lane and Yngwie Malmsteen.

and make sure to listen to his while on his site. also, a clip from his instructional video that will definitely blow your eardrums and your eyeballs and maybe even your nuts if you watch up to the 2 minute point.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

henry rollins and the ifc bring you: rollins ringtones

if you've got a phone that lets you do fancy-style, full-audio ringtones, but you don't want to be like everyone else in the office with "lose yourself" playing whenever you get a call, .
"Hey, this is Henry Rollins. Answer your fucking phone."

someone needs to make an iYad

is a kitschy-cool cross-shaped lanyard for your iPod shuffle. it's just $13 and lets you rep christ while you rock jars of clay! sweet.
(thanks, li'l c.)

how to make your own robot car

if you want to emulate the darpa challenge but don't have the multi-million dollar budget, here are some steps to show you . the video link is broken but you can watch it by .

dude races his lamborghini against a flying jet

watch some rich clown . and his mom calls him on the phone during the whole thing.

ny times profile: japanese sneaker style

it's hard to say who's emulating whom anymore, with our fascination at oversea sneaker cultures that tend to focus on the outrageous nike and new balance styles found there. the new york times posted an article from its travel section a couple weeks ago about .
The most expensive shoes were a vintage pair of Nike's Supreme Dunk, a low-rise basketball shoe, in white with accents of beige leather striated in black: 58,590 yen including tax for a limited edition from several years back.
not a very long article (too short, in fact), and registration is required.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

indie film soundtrack by dntel

got a note alerting me that the soundtrack to broken machine films' new indie release is provided by none other than . check out the vidclip on their site, it plays like a music video.
(thanks, joshua.)

how to set up your own silkscreen shop

a set of pretty clear on how to make your own silkscreens. described to be a setup for mass production of your designs, for retail or other purposes. their "on a budget" equiptment list won't set you back too far either.

does boards of canada have a david koresh fascination?

thinks so - check out all the information he's compiled to prove his point. you know how those scots love american cult leaders.

he's also got some other awesome b.o.c. info posted:
Dandelion: That's Leslie Nielsen speaking. He did voice-overs for the National Film Board of Canada's nature films in the late '70s.

Monday, October 24, 2005

we will become silhouettes

to the splendid "we will become silhouettes" video and the the two best songs of 2003 on the postal service's myspace page.

play a game with yourself, im this page to ANYONE and see if they don't like the songs.

frank lowe

i really like the strange off-kilter melody that got going on . it's "free jazz" like most of the stuff on , but a little more straightforward. from fresh. 1975. arista/freedom.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

dancin' hilarity for a rainy day

save for the next time you're feeling down. there's no way you can avoid smiling when you see the dance magic (with a hip-hop hindi twist!) from these fellas. the secret with these google videos is sizing the browser window way smaller so it streams smoother.

at the least, it's good for halloween

gorilla mask offers a called "rubber johnny" that starts off quite confusingly, and then turns to a music segment that isn't too far off from those aphex twin videos. made me laugh out loud a few times.

big joe

say a prayer for . he was shot this weekend, but he and his car that costs more than your house are safe according to his representation.
The artist, who was recovering at Howard University Hospital, had stopped at a traffic light shortly after midnight when a man attempted to steal his Lamborghini, said his manager, Big Joe.

why does every detail in this story seem like it was cut from the shooting script of cb4? except his sweater, which is very mid-way point in rocky 4ish.

get the wheel, let's go for a ride

according to the lore, greg dulli, alt legend of the afghan whigs and the twilight singers, was almost finished with his album “amber headlights” when his dear friend ted demme, the director, passed away. he shelved the album and evolved some of the songs into tracks on the album “blackberry belle.” now dulli has finally released the album to assuage his fanatics. the surprise of it all is that the song ‘cigarettes’ is the rock song of the decade and could become dulli’s first hit in years (or ever?). click here to check it out on the twilight singer’s click add to include it on your pretty, little profile.

also, check out the to st. gregory. is that dulli's dad saying hello to his boy in heaven?

celebrities don’t wear condoms

boy from scrubs spotted with shiska from the oc, both looking marginally sexually satisfied. a bitter blogger responds:
The only person who reads this site sent me in a story about Zach Braff and Summer from the O.C. fucking.

And then the blogedero behind drunken stepfather launches into a rant about how the good-looking nerd on the oc, handsome guy, could never really get summer. in the post, he also delivers the most quotable line of the year and and a blessed fact: celebrities don't wear condoms.

bu seriously, branf tags summer? not quite post-sinatra mia farrow, but he has to be our new hero. gentlejews, this is our generation’s woody allen.


Saturday, October 22, 2005

now they're doing a "space elevator" competition

nasa has taken a lesson from darpa and the x-prize foundation. this weekend they're sponsoring the , offering $50,000 to the group who's robot climbs a 50 meter tether fastest. there's a second competition for the group that can come up with the strongest tether, with a goal of increasing its strength by 50% in each year's contest. say hello to the freaky future.

list of everyone's salaries

just in case you were having a good day, and then go worry about your credit card debt. i'll be drunk at the bar all weekend, in case the frustration gets too unbearable for you too.

elliott smith b-sides and demos for downloading

that you maybe never heard before. mp3 format.
While many of these songs were most likely recorded before the "Basement" era, the leak includes a variety of unreleased songs
(& one live song "Another Standard Folk Song").

Friday, October 21, 2005

video of the week

a lo-res version of a video to a song that i like a lot, and since they close their shows with it, i guess others do too. it looks like it was made by fans but someone on the antville page said they think its adam horowitz, could be cuz he dates one of the le tigre gals. either way i'll memorize these moves and dance like this for hours straight later tonight at delirium. mark my words.

get your search on

put us on to , a pretty great audio and video search engine. i found loads of cool mp3s and video clips. try it out for yourself!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

the simpsons arrive to arab television

interesting piece for simpsons fans in the about . quite a few changes in fact, from their names (homer is now omar) to their diets (soft drinks instead of duff) to their vocations (moe no longer owns a bar). one viewer isn't so happy, a professor at cal state stanislaus who runs the website personally, i'll pay $20 for a subtitled copy to the first person that can get me one.

bacharach speaks

the album features vocals by elvis costello, rufus wainwright and some loops by dr. dre.
"It's very streety, as streety as I can make it," Bacharach said about the hip-hop influence.

village voice writer recounts acting in gondry's new white stripes video

tom breihan, who writes the status ain't hood column in the v.v. (and stands 6'11") writes about the shoot he did for . described as an overstylized "day in the life" that rotates around a 2003 w.s. conan appearance, where everything is either freakishly over- or undersized. its gondry, so yeah it will be awesome.

my bloody valentine - only shallow video

saw a video i hadn't seen before over at pleaj's house last night - . one of their best songs; the video is different than how i used to visualize it.

in case you too have been "singing" the mumbled lyrics with made up sounds, . go ahead and learn how to while you're at it.

waste two minutes looking at this fun illusion

one of those "my eyes are playing tricks on me" pages. surprising results. and its not one of those lame ones where the screen flashes and screams at you. .

jon lucien

records from the 70s are great. he's a soul singer for sure, but there is a caribbean tone to some of his stuff too. has nice, familiar drum break intro and strong vocals. from mind's eye. 1974. rca records.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

geekiest boardgame ever

i still harbor nerd resentment, from since a java programming class i took. the t.a. had weird pepperoni-smelling b.o., and i swear i caught him mocking me from behind. the casual conversations were unbearable, like the time one guy told his nerd-circle that he went to a metallica concert the night before and then went into detail about what a "mosh pit" is, as if he were an early exploring returning with stories of exotic natives from overseas. it was terrible!

my advice: don't let this happen to your children. teach them programming from an early age using . by applying the basics of c++ and java to the "cool" world of skateboarding and snowboarding, you'll quickly transform your stylish little baby into a salami-armpitted, anti-social, computer programming grouch.
(thanks, sizod.)

ashton kutcher: still a stupid fuck-ass

ashton kutcher is developing a new sitcom about "a young club owner whose marriage to a fortysomething businesswoman makes him stepfather to kids who are almost as old as he is." it's called . crap, derivative premise and crap, derivative title. am i wrong?

In the show both the new bride and her 22-year-old daughter both become pregnant at the same time. We can only hope that life does not imitate this "art."

nice writing, boston herald! very clever, indeed.

malted malk

's download page has a by stephen malkmus, starring this lady:

mine's "midnight fantasy"

hey, all you scarred princes of darkness -- head over to and get your internet goth name.
(thanks, li'l c.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

coming in 2007 - transformers live action film

still very little announced regarding the upcoming live-action (siiiiiiick) film featuring the timeless tale of the autobots vs. the deceptacons. with a messageboard full of info.

sf'ers: no more gang of four show - be careful going home tonight

tonight's show at the warfield has been cancelled, so please keep your eyes open for angry aging punkers as you head down market street.

side by side pics of the new and old ipod

i've been waiting a week now for some comparison photos of the new and old ipod. mr. diclerico just received his and posted a for us to see the difference. gotta say, that new one looks real nice - i assumed they increased the width of it but its still the same. looking forward to more user reviews of the sound and video quality.

halloween pumpkin stencil radness

i'm surprised i never heard of this before. stencils to get professional carved pumpkin results. to be ordered today: . this will sit right on my desk at work where i will be coronated "geek king."

update: check out my very own rendition of this awesome stencil. worked great!

(thanks, steve.)

amazing star wars wikipedia page of the day

looking to get caught up in all the obscure points of the star wars universe? well look no further than wikipedia. its possible to spend and entire sunday reading through link after link, and still be only a novice in the vast amount of over-the-top star wars information. believe me, i've done it a few times.

today's example: - the stormtrooper squad leaders that appeared in revenge of the sith.

for secondary reading, check out
Poltur Virus: This virus was first contracted by the Wookiees of the Myyydril tribe, after they began living in the caverns beneath the Mysess Glade to avoid persecution.

could this be the best diy usb project ever?

it is definitely the most vulgar. bust out your soldering iron and that fake poop you've been saving for a slow day at the office and put together your very own .
(thanks, sizod.)

Monday, October 17, 2005

free shows in nyc

classic nintendo medly performed accapella

nerd alert: accepella choir group does its rendition of classic nintendo theme songs. combined with their onstage reinactments, we've got a 3.0 on the geek scale.


--even better if you have that so you can skip windows media player altogether.

the ventures

remember that one song that was played incessantly on truck commercials a couple years ago? well, that song sampled . the original song is called and it's good. the lp is wild things. 1966. dolton records.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

build your own boba fett

a halloween link for most of us, an anytime link for the diehard star wars conventioneers: . lots of fantastic diagrams and a nice gallery of various people's completed costumes.

whats up with you weird rod stewart fans?


can someone please explain how rod stewart has four of the sales? his releases (part iv in the annual series' release date: tomorrow) are placed 2, 47, 66 and 78. that's a lot of rod, guys.

also a mystery: every other album on their list.

myspace: home of the micro-phenomenon

is the home of over 30,000,000 little phenoms. every profile gives you more character development than you can expect from an episode of the gilmore girls.

basically the magic is this: give hot people the ability to do the stuff that nerds always have been able to do on the web: post pictures, exchange useless LOLs, create comments, which basically utilize the technology of a 1994 guestbook, and make them as easy to figure out as nick and jessica’s marriage being a sham.

the formula of hot, real girl plus internet has created the newest internet sensation. it’s almost like millions of attractive people realized that the net can be used for more than gay porn and driving directions at one time. do all those fake chat hos in the yahoo! chatrooms really have legs and digital cameras? well, think about it: there was a ho at your school. now they can hook up with a band that played at the whiskey last june instead of you.

amazing shit is going on every second on myspace. i’m not talking or the over .

3 fascinating myspace only happenings:

1. less friends is the new lots of friends. real life fixation with myspace let’s you know what kind ofcelebrity, asian-o-phile you might meet by lurking around someone’s blog late at night.
2. . she’ll review every band on myspace if she doesn’t get fired from her desk job first.
3. myspace drawing project. my pal jeff has been in touch with in exchange for revealing the patterns in their most intimate relations. this meta-narrative project is a light-hearted mix between silence of the lambs, pump up the volume and that caricaturist who tortured the kids with big noses at bar mitzvahs and six flags everywhere.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

feist - mushaboom video

this goes out as a three-month anniversary treat to two very beautiful people.
(instructions: click the link--you'll get an error message. then select the url in the browser and hit enter. or, just copy the location and paste it in manually--it will work either way).

shapeshifters' circuit city video: still amazing

released this phenomenal video back in january, and as you probably remember, it's catchy, hilarious, and full of overboard vignettes. i couldn't find it online anymore so i put up a lo-res version in case you'd like to watch it one more time. i'll leave this for a few days.

Friday, October 14, 2005

give this man his own nightly show

the virtual fact that bush administration crises, like a high ranking official perhaps being indicted for outing our own secret operatives for slight political gain, are almost always followed up by terror "threats." david cross has been talking about this for years.

many are fans of mr. show's absurdist sketechery, but david cross' astute commentary on this country's current political shitscape make him one of the best and most important stand-ups ever.

run for your smurfing lives!

The Belgian arm of UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, is launching a controversial new commerical in which the Smurf Village is attacked by warplanes.
The short film pulls no punches. It opens with the Smurfs dancing, hand-in-hand, around a campfire and singing the Smurf song. Bluebirds flutter past and rabbits gambol around their familiar village of mushroom- shaped houses until, without warning, bombs begin to rain from the sky.
Click or that appears to be some kind of commerical or news story about the commerical. (It's not in English.)

(thanks, will.)

comic genius

the always-great av club interviews . imo, get a life is one of the funniest tv shows of all time.
Maybe there's something in a guy that's never grown up, and he's living in a Leave It To Beaver sort of world, but he's an adult. What's funny is that what I pitched to Fox was essentially that. At the time, that movie Big was out. I sort of said it was like Big: a guy with a kid's heart, a kid's mind. What they really got was a retarded adult, who, you know, lives with his retarded parents.

redefining "indie"


make friends with snakes on a plane!

become snakes on a plane's .
About Snakes on a Plane
who let all these mothafuckin' snakes on a god-damn plane? speak up, mothafucka!

a free future?

super-music-video blog site is going to continue the battle for free music videos now that apple is planning them to sell them. check out the link and download their videos while you can.

that new ipod: secret stereo recording capabilities

reports are surfacing that one of the features of the new video-enabled ipod is a , at a very respectable 44.1khz. coupled with a decent mic and preamp (sure to be released shortly by 3rd party vendors), you've got yourself a nice pocket-sized field recording system. you guys who love live wilco bootlegs will have a lot more to listen to soon.

in the comments section of the above link, some readers comment that by on older ipods, you can . responded to with some criticisms of that recording setup, recommending other players that have built in mics, etc. one of those pages that is full of interesting info.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

more snakes on a plane radness!

"step aside, ma'am -- snake police. and there are snakes on this plane."

holy shit, there's an devoted to snakes on a plane (previously discussed here).

as if that wasn't wonderful enough, someone's designed a heavenly .

also see some amazing . and don't forget this .

battling internet addiction in china

bbc reports on the . poor fellas--they just can't get enough. judging from the photo, i think i'll stay clear of their rehab centers.

jim yoshii pile up 2005 tour, part 2 - starts fri 10/14

for the second national tour of this year for our faves jypu. they're going all the way again, and coming all the way back, so if you missed out in august, this is your lucky chance. and then so you can stand right up front, singing along with your eyes closed.

elliott smith: live in 1998

largehearted boy never fails with the great daily downloads. check out this by the late great in hoboken, new jersey.

can you make money blogging?

picaresque days at the ashram

as one of those weezer fans who still enjoys what they are doing, i am certainly wrong when i say that anyone who ever liked weezer will be facinated by rivers cuomo's .

today's shocking revelations: he went to an "ashram" school on the east coast with liev schreiber and the bass player from the dave matthews band. yesterdays? he'd rather have hot, eastern european room service waitresses talk to him than rabid, american man fans.

bangin' headgear

Move over Newsie-caps, here's the latest trend in fashionable feminine dome-toppers. The apparently-serious folks over at are offering this answer to "hat hair" and/or "popularity" that promises to be...
...the curiously comfortable cap
for those who don't like to wear a hat...
but know they should
(thanks, michelle.)

toy factory

on the wimpier side of late-sixties crooning-for-girls, is a highly obscure band called toy factory. the singer has this overwrought routine where he needs his girl so bad that he's just gonna die. in he breaks down into fake crying during the song! they just happened to catch it on tape! reminiscent of . the cover a has a pic of the band posing with an orangutan and a various stuffed animals. still, there are some pretty good songs. s/t. no date on the record. avco-embassy.

sneakmove online

i love seeing sneakmove getting linked on different sites--the diy ipod nano cover page got picked up by both gizmodo and lifehacker yesterday. although they only linked the pdf and not the orginal page, i still love seeing it squeezed right between announcements of the new ipods and imacs.

(go ahead and click it)

and while at it, gotta give some love back to catchdubbs, mudd up! and everyone else who's been so sweet to us. you guys rule.

(thanks, matt.)

i'm vegetarian bitch, i don't need the beef

although, as a partially music-oriented blog, sneakmove is WAY lagging on the daily diplomats and/or houston posts, i feel like we should at least join in on the clipse revival. check malice givin it up for his back in 2002 on this .

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


y'all on the wagon yet? had a good post about her last weekend with sweet sounds.

well, ok, if we really have to

Among the illicit chat rooms removed were those with labels such as "girls 13 & up for much older men," "8-12 yo girls for older men," and "teen girls for older fat men."

gmail as an online hard drive

there's this pretty cool new free software called that lets you use a gmail account as a portable hard drive. could be really useful. definitely really cool.

Apple unveils new iPod Video

The new iPod has 16x9 screen, 320x340 pixels and 260,000 colors and does realtime decoding of MPEG4 and H.264 at 30fps. It has video out. The 30GB for $299 and 60GB for $399 will be out next week. The 60GB model is thinner than the current 20GB. The 30GB holds 75 hours of video. They come in white and black. They go on sale late next week—the new tagline is “watch your music.” The new ad has Eminem in silhouette campaign.

(thanks, King of Hoagies.)

mitch ryder and the detroit wheels

the kickassness of is just undeniable. mitch sings all tough and showy. makin all the girls scream with that rough but lovin' style. all of this on top of some great dancey beats by the wheels. this is what bands like the make-up have been imitating for lo these many years. the real gold is the lyrics. mitch says he would really rather get thrown in jail than be without his girl. hilarilous teen genius. . from sock it to me. 1967. new voice.

wilco live in washington dc mp3 set

here's a good one to download asap. from the 9:30 club in washington dc, in mp3 format. it's not their upcoming double disc live release, but it is very high quality and has all that fun on-stage banter that makes live shows great.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

teeny-tiny rc helicopter

if you've got $500 to burn, . if you don't have a spare $500, and they'll still think you're pretty cool, but not as cool as if you bought it. (sucky wmv format)
(thanks, sizod.)

president johnson orders a new pair of pants

like most u.s. presidents, lbj probably thought he would go down in history for his wonderous achievements. i'll always remember him for his telephone call to order some new slacks.

(via )

secret new google domains discovered

there have been rumors of a google payment system that will compete with paypal, but no evidence has surfaced until now. . what does it mean? more ways to spend your hard earned cash are coming soon.

also of note is the mentioned page by tony ruscoe that shows off the . mostly redirects and other boring terms, which sucks because i'm still waiting for the google "personal jetpack" to be found.

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holy wow!

lil' markie: one awesome jesus freak

bomarr has posted video of doing his unbelievably weird/great shtick. religious nut or musical god? you decide.

soul: sandy cohen-style

peter gallagher/sandy cohen: so fucking soulful!

of r&b standards hit stores next month. it's called 7 days in memphis, although sandy in memphis would have been sooooo much more hilarious. (btw, first person to photomash a pic of ol' brow eyes onto dusty springfield's dusty in memphis record cover wins a sneakmove iron-on, designed by the williamsburg hipster-fucks at couture house sepurb and king of hoagies.)
Produced by Mike Mangini (Joss Stone), 7 Days in Memphis seeps in authenticity with performances from ... the drummer, keyboardist, and bassist from Joss Stone's band.

seeps in authenticity? joss stone's band? um, ok, dad.

harold ousley

you don't see copies of the kid by around ever. too bad because it's a really fun record. i guess you'd call it dancefloor jazz or something similar. it's along the lines of rusty bryant or houston person. sounds like it should have been reissued on one of those great comps. cobblestone records, 1972. check out . it's got a nice little drum break in the beginning.

stylus magazine's top 50 movies of the new millenium

to be honest, i don't know much about stylus mag, but i do find it peculiar that crouching tiger is #47, and anchorman is a shocking #32. .

decline and fall of captain fantastic

popmatters runs a great feature about (recently re-released).
It was also, significantly, the last great album of John's early career, and some would probably say his last great album, period.

sigur ros live, full set mp3

my new favorite friend bradley graciously posted . page includes a nice writeup and some photos.

Monday, October 10, 2005

its here! the future with its space robots, that is

on cnet about the space robots that nasa is designing to help with future space missions. the upcoming robots include a one-legged humanoid, a snakey thing, and a 600lb spiderbot that will crawl around the outside of our space ships, fixing things. they'll be in production in about a year and a half.


the freesound project

i think this *sounds* great... " aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under the sampling plus license." i guess i'll never need to buy records again!

the family of mann

true to form, comes through with another terrible wordplay on this album. i guess "family of mann" is the name of the band. other puns on mann's name include latin mann, mann alone, a mann and a woman, and big boss mann. family of mann's first light is definitely worth picking up. has a classic drum break in the intro and is a really fun song on the whole. a good DJer, imo.

robert rodriguez' 10-minute film school

one of just a few hollywood superstars doing things the right way, sharing his wisdom in a way that inspires and empowers. for all curious or aspiring young filmmakers.
Start writing your way. That makes you unique. You can take writing classes, that's good, but don't bother to go to film school or you'll be making films like everybody else. We want to see your film.

r.r. kicks ass in front of the titty twister

design your dream bug

that lets you choose between a variety of classic vw bug shapes, styles, rims, suspensions, and colors. then you finish, kick back, and well that's it. one of those sites that makes you realize that someday, maybe soon, someone will come up with a productive use for a flash-based website. it is fun though.

ultimate avengers: animated movie coming to dvd

based on the "ultimate" marvel comic series, is in production, release date feb 2006. the action is supposed to be fast and intense, pitting capt. america, iron man, giant man and thor against a the hulk. i'd love to see the sample that includes giant man trying to pin the hulk against a skyscraper. childhood dreams come to life.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

yacht rock

i saw a link to a show called on the incomparable website. the show pokes fun at 80s rock. upon watching the footage, i was immediately sent to the moon in a laff craft.

hard 'n phirm has a great video

the video for is the new official best thing ever. absolute giggletown.

npr fans can now take their morning edition along on the ipod

this new seems kinda cool. lets you grab streaming media (internet radio) and suck it right onto your ipod. now i can start listening to kcrw's metropolis again. $20 isn't half bad either.
With iFill, you can go to bed while charging your iPod, and wake up to an iPod full of new music

sugarcane harris

i grabbed this record because i saw that it produced by johnny and shuggie otis. it's got a pretty unique soul sound and several of the songs have a country influence. plays fiddle. good stuff for sure. peep . this record is just called sugarcane. 1970. harris also did a bunch of records for which look really great.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

search for old records

is a good place to look for that one record you just can't find. it lets you search 3500 stores. good stuff.

bill nelson's red noise

has solo records and records with his other band , but sound on sound is the only one with his band red noise. sound on sound has an artsy pop/punk sound that borders on new wave and this record is from 1979! it pre-dates most other new wave stuff. anyway, check out . this one is put out by which did tons of other great british stuff from the 70s.

Friday, October 07, 2005

get your odetta on!

you have to admit, she's sooooodetta!

i love odetta's "hit or miss." it's the track that dj shadow grabbed drums from for lateef and lyrics born's "latryx." it's got a hot flavor that makes your ears go yay!

dane cook's celeb itunes playlist

will open itunes, into the itunes store, and display the celebrity playlist for comedian dane cook. he likes rock, and his song descriptions bring the funny funny.
"Shout at the Devil" (Track 3): "You have not lived if you haven't driven to Vegas at 3:30 in the morning doing 138 mph down a dark desert highway with the top down covered in bison blood. Or maybe you have. Nevermind. Cool tune."

google's new rss reader

. its pretty fucking good.

two great old röyksopp videos

a few years back i caught a couple röyksopp videos on european mtv. geniusly combining great music with great visual conceptualization, which is what music videos should be all about. from their album melody am, all the way from norway.
(should open a new aol tab).
(the design on this rocks, which makes the 84mb size worth the wait. and, it won best video for mtv europe in '02).

and if you want to use your realplayer software for something, check out from the same album.


was a detroit rock/soul band from the late sixties. enjoy the track from their s/t album on the always-reliable label.

zero 7 "in the waiting line" music vid

the music has all the sonic flourishes that made me fall in love with air's moon safari.
the singer has a sultry, comforting tone through her melacholy melodies.
the video features animated robots.
zero 7 - - its one of the good ones.

who is your daddy?

(thanks, nathan.)

yahoo maps driving directions onto your ipod

for the few that have a color screen ipod (regular or nano) allows you to quickly export yahoo's driving directions into nicely dissected shots, to then be imported onto your ipod.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

ultraconservative anti-gay sales tactics

hilariously written article from the village voice about the super-right using homophobia to sell their wares, in this case . good for some chuckles--then listen to the accompanying of the author on the phone with one such group. it's a real belly grabber.
UAT is a phone company. But unlike other phone companies they answer to God. And do you know who God dislikes? Their competitors. Do you know why? They support ills of all kinds—homosexuality, The ACLU, pornography, child pornography, and super-porn (a disgusting form of porn that degrades all kinds of heroes, from teachers to magic crime-fighters.)

(thanks, jon k.)

diggin' in the halloween crates

this little guy likes to beat his bitches!

you know it's almost halloween when this link starts making the rounds again. OMG soooooo funny LOL LOL LOL! lame-o shit like this always reminds me of sneakmove superpal lafura jackson (r.i.p.) and a hilarious column he wrote for the uc santa barbara newspaper about "bloods and crips" parties in isla vista, ca (population: white). i wish that shit was archived online somewhere. if any of the iv posse-squad has it lying around somewhere, maybe you could make me a copy? that'd be swell.

la: ok thursday night

join if your wife will let you out.

dumbest premise ever?

has actually been made and seems to actually be called snakes on a plane.

benji madden + blog + kelly clarkson + retraction =

bull vs. dogs

along the lines of the genius python vs. alligator post, here is another unholy animal combo. a russian livejournal entry has some scary pics of a . the dogs didn't fare too well.

google to push openoffice

microsoft has gotta be super duper pissed right now. it looks like google is going to be making sun's freely available to users . openoffice does pretty much what microsoft's excel and word do. this is such a buuuurn on ms!!

hilarious dangerdoom commercial

matthew lesko loves underground hip-hop

haha, you know matthew lesko, that wild dude in the question mark suit that stars in late-night tv commercials, telling you how to get free government grants? well, adult swim hired him to do a and it's frickin' awesome.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

curved air: riyl rad prog

curved air -- totally progged out

i've been rocking curved air's "sarah's concern" lots lately, so i thought i'd share.

some fun facts about curved air, stolen str8 from
1. curved air originally came together to provide accompaniment for a galt mcdermott musical.
2. curved air's first album, air conditioning, was released as rock & roll's first-ever picture disc.
3. stewart copeland of the police used to play drums for curved air.


the l.a. duo languis (pronounced "lawn-geese") makes great, simple electronic music. , from the unithematic lp, is a real breath-taker. it's gauranteed goosebumps when the lyrics "you could make it easy/ but you'd rather make it hard" fly by. the excellent record label has put out stuff by languis. so has .

snake eats alligator, explodes

sf gate posted an amazing picture of a python that ate an alligator in the florida everglades. not exciting enough for you? what if i told you that . sure we made the atom bomb, but it looks like we haven't solved all of mother nature's secrets yet.
(thanks, cris-t.)


in 1994, i picked up this 7" single by the great san francisco band pee. they wrote great songs and with stop-starty parts. they were loose and tight all at once. here's a song from the single called . if you like this, i highly recommend the roaring mechanism which is available .

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"hack" to make your computer monitor transmit am signals

maybe not the clearest written explanation but the concept is cool. you can transmit songs to your am radio from your monitor. i think you need a pc to test it out yourself with their files, but the has a pretty cool sound to it.

biggest skatepark is in china

there is a new that's supposed to be the biggest ever. it looks amazing. tunnels and all sorts of other goodness.

webpage ranking ranker

for all you website owners out there: and see where you rank on google and alexa. basically, if your site is in the top 50,000, you're kicking ass. is ranked #3. is #8. myspace is #16. drudge is #264. stereogum is 19,615. (hason's official site) is 92,619.

la: at the echo tonight

. it may be sold out, but I may have one or two tickets won't use.


don't let the ugliness fool you!
i was looking for good records on the cheap a while ago and got lucky. despite having a really, really unappealing cover, the white lady lp by badger has some great songs on it. it looks a disco record from 1980, but it's really a funky rock record from 1974. is fresh selection from the lp. turns out badger and prog supergroup yes share some members.

Monday, October 03, 2005

torrent site lister webpage

not to condone illegal file sharing, but... here's a page that --the hardest part of using torrents is often just finding the pages people use.

make your own photo/video studio, cheaply

amateur photogs will find a wealth of info in this article: . plus lots of info on camera settings and usage to get the most out of it.

l.a. to ny in 4 minutes

is from some guy who filmed his drive from l.a. to new york and deftly edited the drive footage into a 4-minute clip. there's a fun housey song on in the background to keep things fresh.

hot "soft hard rock" double header tour

just caught a sweet announcing that def leppard and bryan adams are ramping up their small spring and summer co-headlined tour to hit major arenas this fall. its called the "double shot of rock tour" but i think a better name would have been the "grown up's guilty pleasures tour."
Two of the most popular rock acts to ever take the stage teamed up this past spring and summer, to perform at minor league baseball stadiums across the country. This fall they will rock the masses in major arenas from coast to coast.

new coltrane and monk recordings

ladytron - destroy everything you touch - music vid

this vid debuted a couple months ago but seems more appropriate for the upcoming winter season. ladytron's .


great blog mp3 aggregator

i been using like crazy! it automatically compiles lists of posted mp3s and lets you search the archives. you can then go to the post on whichever blog wrote about the song and grab it. i've gotten tons of greats stuff already! another nutsy feature lets you instantly create .m3u playlists from searches you've done. for instance a playlist of the results of the search "ghostface". it just pops up in itunes and starts playing. again, this is nutsy.

insane video game action

you can watch some at google video search. this person appears to be working two joysticks and 6 buttons simultaneously. he/she kicks much ass on bad spaceships.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

a break for some REAL news

it's pretty insane that this scandal hasn't reached the intensity of the lewinsky thing. bush testified for an hour and half about this shit. where's the video of that?

in the future

we will all be wearing google tennis shoes that get free wifi to feed our google sunglasses/virtual desktop.

this is theorectically their entree into telecommunications and will give new meaning to social networking.

listen here

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