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Sunday, October 16, 2005

myspace: home of the micro-phenomenon

is the home of over 30,000,000 little phenoms. every profile gives you more character development than you can expect from an episode of the gilmore girls.

basically the magic is this: give hot people the ability to do the stuff that nerds always have been able to do on the web: post pictures, exchange useless LOLs, create comments, which basically utilize the technology of a 1994 guestbook, and make them as easy to figure out as nick and jessica’s marriage being a sham.

the formula of hot, real girl plus internet has created the newest internet sensation. it’s almost like millions of attractive people realized that the net can be used for more than gay porn and driving directions at one time. do all those fake chat hos in the yahoo! chatrooms really have legs and digital cameras? well, think about it: there was a ho at your school. now they can hook up with a band that played at the whiskey last june instead of you.

amazing shit is going on every second on myspace. i’m not talking or the over .

3 fascinating myspace only happenings:

1. less friends is the new lots of friends. real life fixation with myspace let’s you know what kind ofcelebrity, asian-o-phile you might meet by lurking around someone’s blog late at night.
2. . she’ll review every band on myspace if she doesn’t get fired from her desk job first.
3. myspace drawing project. my pal jeff has been in touch with in exchange for revealing the patterns in their most intimate relations. this meta-narrative project is a light-hearted mix between silence of the lambs, pump up the volume and that caricaturist who tortured the kids with big noses at bar mitzvahs and six flags everywhere.


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