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  • mini-comp update! these puppies should be arriving just before the end of the month. it's true, and it's something special. the details:

    it's limited edition 7inch vinyl compilation featuring nine eclectic tracks by:
    odd nosdam, dat politics, languis, casiotone for the painfully alone, baby dayliner, restiform bodies, blevin blectum and more! read more here.

    take a sneak listen if you just can't wait:
    side a.mp3 / side b.mp3

    take a peek at our record release catalog page.

    the holidays are here and your help can make a big difference for someone effected by the hurricane devastation this past year. please and help the recovery efforts.

    party pics:
    busdriver/postcoitus photos rickshaw stop sept 10 '05

    get posted: how to submit a link to sneakmove. maybe we'll give you a present.

    join the sneakmovement.
    at weapon-shaped
    dot com

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by the jim yoshii pile up

by sufjan stevens

by scott walker

by busdriver

by caribou

hounds of love
by kate bush


by jonathan lethem

by steven johnson

by steven d. levitt and stephen j. dubner

by andrew soloman

edited by david sedaris

sneakmove record release catalog

sneakmove is a third generation record label/social experiment designed to touch your ears, hearts, lives. starting with rocketship records and transforming into weapon-shaped records, the lineups and quality of work have been nothing short of spectacular. some of these previous releases are still available. some aren't. some can be found on ebay but only if you're ready to pay top dollar (its crazy isn't it).

the jim yoshii pile-up / meanest man contest split 7inch (wesh10)

restiform bodies - "i want what you want" b/w "recycle america" 7inch (wesh9)

the forest fires collective - "fresh air" 12inch ep (wesh8)

the forest fires collective - "you can't see" cd (wesh7)

substance abuse "can't call it" b/w "no guarantees" (wesh6)

the forest fires collective - self-tited 12inch ep (wesh5)

meanest man contest - "contaminated dance step" b/w "feelin' pretty psyched (about love)" 7inch (wesh4)

emanon - "the price" b/w "emanon" 7inch (wesh3)

object beings - "cannibalism of the object beings" b/w "attack of the postmodern pat boones" 7inch (wesh2)

the shapeshifters - "word 2 your mothership" b/w "nimrod it's your birthday" 7inch (wesh1)

quarterbar - "me and my mpc2000" cd-r and cassette (rsr007)

emanon / styles of beyond - "atomic zen" 12inch $5 (rsr006)

various artists - "live from the launchpad" lp (rsr005)

mic.edu / substance abuse - "brand new crime" cassette (rsr004)

emanon - "psi" and "iambland" b/w "outside looking in" 12inch (rsr003)

cheapshot - "sucka breaks" (rsr002)

various artists - "blastoff!" (rsr001)