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Saturday, November 10, 2007

billionaire ex-disney ceo michael eisner blames steve jobs for writer's strike

cnet posted a report a few days ago that , in a keynote discussion for the media and money conference, called the current writer's strike "stupid." his rationale is that the writers want a larger slice of the digital profits (including dvd box sets), and that the studios currently aren't making a profit on these digital releases. the reason being? steve jobs has the studio's hands tied with the itunes contracts... nothing like billionaires whining to the masses about the how each makes life hard for the others. read it all .

two more very interesting post about the strike from earlier this week:
• to help spread their message--watch the cast and crew from lost and the office on the front lines
• rob long of kcrw writes a fascinating editorial about his --a very interesting piece from someone affected by both factions.
(thanks, stevers, trav.)


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