Friday, November 23, 2007

basketball breakdown: gilbert's new shoes, kevin durant, michael beasely, and a couple great hoops mp3s

• adidas and gilbert arenas have developed a line of limited edition shoes (based off his gil II zero's) that are to be debuted throughout the season, starting tonight game against golden state. "cust0mize," tonight's shoe, comes with a dry erase marker that you can use to customize them as much as you please. each edition will range from just 100 to 3000 pairs and feature styles inspired by halo, tweety bird, and a presidential tuxedo. has a and the story behind them. sadly, gilbert busted his knee again a couple days ago and is out for the next three months, so we'll have to see how they alter the release plan...

• the fan site (not a blog name with longevity) posted some information about calling in to talk with kevin on a recent edition of nike hoopstalk. the list of guidelines reads like an snl parody:
No high school/college/pro/league team names

Try to refer to teams by city instead of team names. Call the pro league"the league" instead of the _ _ _.

No amateur/pro player names

Try to use player's first names only because we may not be able to useall pro player names.

No brand names

You could mention Nike, of course, but we're really here to talk about hoops and your game.

No inappropriate or disrespectful language. This one is obvious, but we have to say it anyway, because it would lead to removing your segment from the show and could result in restriction from participation in any/all future Nike events.

• kansas state's freshman forward michael beasley is averaging 30 points and 20 rebounds. he's a beast--watch (34pts and 22 boards).

• has there been any announcer better than pistons? listen to the pregame introductions and tell me you don't wish you were at the game (mp3 audio).

• our pal is on a quest to find the classic video that accompanied this hilariously great ode to manute bol. in the meantime, check out tabron's block the ball (mp3)


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