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Thursday, March 01, 2007

oakland beatmaker plugs record label while house burns down

most people would be in tears to see their house on fire, but lance klatt goofily declares that he "does music for rehab entertainment."

i could only find two websites (, ) with any relevance to that label. could've been a great opportunity to get some exposure.

(thanks, qb.)


Anonymous said...

dick! shame the fire did burn of your stoopid beard.

3/01/2007 03:57:00 PM

he should have said "i make beats for 'i wish like i looked more like scott storch entertainment'"

3/02/2007 01:07:00 AM
Fodder said...

you'd think he would be freaked out that all of his... "beats ya know, for rehab entertainment"... went up in smoke?

My house? Catches on fire? Beats, archives, work. I'm on the curbside like a baby crying my eyes out with a bottle of whiskey and you better go and get me another bottle with another pack of smokes. Did I say wailing like a little schoolgirl? Damn you bet... and with Gusto Damn you bet.

Ah, tis' life.

3/05/2007 07:54:00 AM
lance said...

it was just my garage whitch is seperated from the house none of my house caught fire plus i was high as fuck on X so nothing really would have botherd me that night. even my stoopid beard,lol!!check me at myspace.com/lannybo

11/08/2007 04:26:00 PM

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