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Thursday, August 27, 2009

brazilian songs

i posted about the fantastic blog a few weeks back. they post full albums of brazilian music. just to prove how serious i am about it, here are some fave tracks i’ve grabbed. i’m partial to late ’60s and early 70’s stuff.

“primitivo” hareton savanini from s.p./73 1973.
“nome sagrado” cristina buarque from cristina 1974.
get her prato e faca lp .
“de frente pro crime” from mpb-4 10 anos depois 1976.
get their i love mpb collection .
“lingua do p” gal costa from legal 1970.
get legal .
“quem me dera” gal costa & caetano veloso from domingo 1967.
get domingo .

“o leaozinho” caetano veloso from bicho 1977.
get his sem lenco sem documento collection .
“samba do aviao” baden powell from serie autografos de sucesso nr. 2 1973.
get the o universo musical de baden powell collection .
“samba do malandrinho” dom salvador e a abolicao from som, sangue e raca 1971.
“abertura” the youngsters from veu de noiva ost 1969.
“infelizmente” nara leao from nara leao 1968.
get her nara collection .
“sinal fechado” paulinho da viola from 7bd 1190 ep 1969.
get his eu sou o samba album .

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  • e said,

    on a scale between 1-10, this post gets an onze.

  • Chris said,

    Seriously one of the greatest posts EVER

  • said,

    [...] is a great post up over on the Sneakmove Records blog featuring a bunch of killer cuts from old Brazilian albums found [...]

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