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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

aol: worst tech product of all time

magazine recently rated their . aol comes out on top (bottom). i love it. i wonder if they'll ever stop mailing those discs.
nice going, pc world.


Anonymous RC22Fires said...

No doubt. AOL is no doubt the worst ISP in the world. With even ruder reps than AOL with their discs in the mail, their non user friendly software(which by the way everything about all AOL software sucks), over charged prices for dialup, their pretator and pervert infested chat rooms(which are useless, boring and very dangerous if your niave. I wonder why everybody wastes their lives in them). AOL installs more then they should on your computer, not just their crap software that you use to browse the "Internet"(Internet is put into quotes because you don't have direct access to the Internet when using AOL, you are directed to their servers), but also the extra crap they install on your computer, excess AOL software you don't need, extra Icons you have to clean up, and even RealPlayer you get without asking for(I once was unable to uninstall RealPlayer, AOL would not allow it). All the proccesses they have running for all that extra AOL software. Using up you CPU and hogging your memory. Their anti-spyware only protects you when using AOL, their "Spyware Zapper" never find anything(probably because it "scans" in less than 10 seconds), and when scanning with a real Spyware&Adware scanner it finds over 200 things that the AOL "Spyware Zapper" doesn't.

The AOL representatives are the worst people you want to be stuck on the phone with. Most of them can be very rude and nasty to you the customer(By the way if your an AOL customer you are very foolish). The AOL reps when you try to cancel will sit you on the phone and try to get you not to, they will always throw free minutes at you(which you should not accept, I don't konw why so many people give into that), and they will also talk about how "great" AOL is and how it's "better" than everything else. They will sit there and list off all the stupid crap they call features just so they don't lose a customer. Alot of the AOL reps give you the run-around and do alot of double talking. Listen to this scam AOL practices, when somebody is stupid enough to accept their free minutes they will trick you. They will tell you that you need to call by a certain time so you don't get charged, well the scam is the time they say you can call by is actually the first day of the new billing cycle. Example. If they give you free minutes and say you can call by the 29th to cancel so you don't get charged, that means you have to call the 28th. The day they say you can call by is actually not the last day of the trial but really the first day of the billing cycle. If you call to cancel on the 29th like they told you to you will be charged, and they almost never give you your money back. This trick is practiced by just about all of the AOL reps. You would not believe all the fraud claims that have been agains AOL. AOL has done many scams and have stolen alot of money from people. Once particular case I remember AOL robbed a guy of greater than $2,500 and got away with it.

AOL is the company you should stay away from. No reason to ask for their services because their services completely suck anyway.

6/26/2006 03:43:00 PM

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