everyone having fun

Friday, November 10, 2006

friday means rap music

(thanks, r dot scurry.)

mr. spears impersonates hip hop legends. it is pretty amazing, actually. he probably is a pretty great rapper when all is said and done, but his is being able to spit like all these other fellas. he did make it into the booth with big tig, on bet, however. i think big tig is a fun rapper to listen to, and sometimes way better in the freestyle booth than his guests. big tig's shark jump? track with r. kelly. i still think he is good and don't mind his nasaly delivery. there are some clips on youtube of tig and ludacris in the booth that looks like one of the funnest hip hop since sessions since

i'm not just being negative here, since it is a beautiful day in san francisco. therefore, check out by K.Hill, produced by khrysis. khrysis sounds like 9th wonder, but it makes sense since both are justus league members out of north carolina. khrysis is the production half of the away team, with sean boog being the half that raps. do it. do it good, and have a fun weekend. happy bday kelly.

(thanks, shitson pollack.)


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