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Sunday, June 28, 2009

quarterbar messes with motown

sneakmove super buddy has remixed . these are not hip-hop beats. they’re more on the melancholy folk rock tip. acoustic guitar, synth, and sampler. the lyrics in these great old songs are incredibly sad, so this style of background track feels oddly appropriate.

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  • Jon Sublet said,

    holy smokes these are firey! you’ve out done yourself.

  • Turncoat Politician said,

    these are so awesome. way better than the game’s cd…

  • Jon Sublet said,

    ok. the supremes remix might be my favorite song of 2006! you are rounding out the year with some serious fourth quarter(bar) profits!

  • doublejan said,

    qb. the soul provider!
    nice nice work.

  • Clampants said,

    These are absolutely stunning…! Wow. Ahem.

  • g-tard said,

    wow. holy crap.

  • A-Town said,

    I guess I’m the only one who thought these were awful?

    I was really excited when I heard about these remixes, but blaaaaahhh

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