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Friday, December 12, 2008

friday means rap music

so much in the world today to talk about, and when you are in washington dc, aka dodge city, and the nationals aren’t in town guess what the topic is? you got it, the presidential election. i’m not talking about two , nas and jay-z, i’m talking about hillary rodham “i’ve still got $12mil in the war chest from the senate race, and i just want to start a conversation with the people” clinton. despite the $$ and her attempt at launching a , it’s about the last name. i’m not sold on her blog and pod route, but at this point, she has a better awarness amongst the older black population, and arguably younger, as well, but senator obama is the great light hype, and there are 21 months until the big day in November. as for backhandedly launching a campaign, senator hagel this week , and that will stand as a much better buzz tool than hillary’s cheesy pleas. tucker carlson was literally spooging spasmodically on msnbc. so february will be interesting. shortest month of the year, it is dedicated to black history, and you wonder if obama’s camp has something up their sleeves. maybe blasting syl johnson’s “is it because i’m black.” johnson’s daughter shares many of the same letters in her name, syleena, and you know her from “all falls down”, by kanye, where she is heard belting out the hook. anyway, anyone want to make a bet on how november ‘08 is going to pan out?

by syl johnson. amazing song. listen for the, “if you’re half-white, light brown skinned, or a high yellow, you’re still black!” the record was a 1970 movement towards black unity.

by the wu tang clan. also an amazing song, for all together different reasons.

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  • Jon Sublet said,

    jack bauer in ‘08!

  • Anonymous said,

    I don’t know about ‘08, but I saw some Rage Against The Machine video by Michael Moore from the 2000 election time, and it’s like this cheesy, facile comparison of Bush and Gore (they both eat pizza at rallies, they both say “God Bless You”) and ended on this shot of Ralph Nader… kind of made me throw up in my mouth a little. That sane people believed Bush and Gore were the same thing–can we make sure not to go that route again?

  • floodwatch said,

    Loving the Sly Johnson cut at the moment - it’s exactly what I needed this morning. Nice post.

  • sly said,

    thanks for posting the sly johnson cut!

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